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dissecting the brawnman -part 1

Article By: sachin achrekar

here,i've tried to dissect what makes the brawny guy tick...

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i'm sure he hurt,even his die-hard fans when he decided to support a lecherous creep of a third rate tv actor when the latter was caught red-handed trying to lure a woman on the pre-text of offering a role in tv serials.or the time when his 'golden-heart" image took a serious hit when he,for some cryptic reason let his police appointed guard waste away to an almost grisly,slow and horribly painful death,outside gt hospital,his feigned ignorance of the former being tuberculosis affected,a thinly veiled disguise,even a fifth grader could see through.
his fake accent actually grates your nerves.so does his very gothic sense of fashion(mesh shirts over khakis and not-so-subtly hidden 5 inch built up heels,with that dumb stone embedded into a bracelet that droops halfway over his palm.)
the time a former(now late)i&b minister had a beef with him over a transaparent underwear(snicker) the latter wore or how the fact that he beat up a then very successful producer is even now the stuff of legendary gossip.
yet,when he was jailed for first,mowing a few people with his landcruiser outside a bandra bakery,and much later for the shooting of a few blackbucks,his fans stood steadfastly by his side when lambasting him was one short of becoming the next fashionable thing around town and when every two-bit shrink riding that wave tried dissecting his persona and pinned the blame on various factors,ranging from the vaguely logical ,to the downright ridiculous.in fact so loyal have his fans been that they've given certified duds of his,humongous openings,letting the distributors ring in cash,and in the process,earning him the title of the most bankable star in b-town.which really brings us to another aspect of his film career.throughout the nineties,and the 2000s,save for rajshri and bhansali,he hasn't really worked with a-list film-makers,preferring instead to star in movies made either by friends or some up-and comers he decided to honour,constituting possibly the most unprofessionally,and carelessly built-up repertoire of movies,two thirds of which,probably also make his fans cringe with embarassment at any mention of them.
a long while back,before hollywood had woken up to the lure of b-town,he was listed seventh best looking man in the world by people's magazine.
but try peering a layer behind the overt machismo,rewind back to the time that a now dutiful daughter-in-law of yesteryear's biggest superstar was his arm-candy and after a break-up with whom,on-lookers christened his alarming self-destruction a modern day version of devdas,and you'd slowly start seeing his very human,almost childlike inoocent side.at an award function post the break-up fans would remember him,a pale shadow of him wearing a loose shirt to hide the layer of fat that'd accumulated around his waist since he'd shunned gymming,bags under his eyes,a sordid proof of an already caustic alcoholic problem degenerating even more,trying desperately to make something of the performance,while the ex-beauty queen,now on the rebound,and her new beau(a guttersnip still masquerading as an actor,trying to con the world,and kid them the way he probably kids himself every night that he actually has some iota of histrionic ability left in him),made faces at him.it was heartbreaking to watch a man,so sure of himself,and so in-your-face,to let himself,go,and spiral downwards into such a horrendous freefall ,turn into the butt of every rejected comedian's joke,towards an obvious nadir that none,save his hardcore fans and family thought he'd up himself from.

if u try dissecting him physically ,a 42'chest and 17' biceps are stats any gymmer can match or even top.and to really lace into him,before the transplant his hair was thinning and he sported a mane only he could carry off.yet,his following never waned.for every two blokes that would diss him there was one that stood by him.

to be continued--


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