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We All Have Our Quirks...

Article By: Sambelini

This is a list of quirks!

Submitted:Mar 3, 2010    Reads: 172    Comments: 7    Likes: 3   

We all have our quirks. I personally think it's fantastic when a character in a book has similar quirks to me. So, in an effort to improve my and anyone-else-who-reads-this's writing, I'd like you to jot down any strange or mysterious quirks you have :)

These are my own:

-I sing whenever I think no one is listening
-I hardly ever walk on the sidewalk during the winter (I walk on the snow beside. I even have a reason, if you're interested...)
-I end everything I write with a dot, whether there should be a period or not (ie: if I were doing a math problem, I would involuntarily add a dot to the end when I finished)
-If I'm in the back seat of a car, I sit on the left-hand side so that I can make faces at myself in the rear-view mirror (I guess then, if I were in England, I'd sit on the right?)
-I eat pizza upside-down
-I eat the cake part of cake before I eat the icing
-I tasted the "pizza flavour" scooby-snacks and they don't taste like pizza!
-You know that "confused" face, when you put one eyebrow up and then squint with the other eye? Yeah, that one you've been making this whole time! Well, I can only make that face one way: I can only raise my left eyebrow while squinting my right eye. I am incapable of squinting my left eye while raising my right eyebrow.
-I cannot sleep without a blanket over me. If I am too warm to have a blanket, I use one anyway and turn on a fan.

Here is the list so far!

-I always try to do something before the timer for the microwave runs out (as in put the peanut butter away ;)
-Dont you hate it when you jerk in your sleep, then wake up? (I do!)
-Sleep like there is no tomorrow. (and if you do, there won't be ;)
- I eat hamburgers upside down
- I tasted dog food to see what it was like (very salty!)
- I never drink water before I've brushed my teeth
- I have a rule about drinking coffee at work. It's very complicated. Here's a summary: I do not permit myself to drink coffee at work until I have been working at least two hours, unless the work day begins before 8:30, in which case the first cup of coffee may be consumed at 9. All subsequent cups of coffee must be consumed at three hour intervals
- If there are more than two people in a party, and there are insufficient chairs to seat all people in that party, at least one chair must be left vacant, therefore indicating that all individuals who are standing are standing voluntarily
- Whenever I hear the word "wrinkle," I think of the prune song:

No matter how young a prune may be
He's always getting wrinkles
A baby prune is like his dad
But he's got wrinkles twice as bad
We've got wrinkles on our face
A little bit of wrinkles every place
Same song! Second verse!
A little bit louder and a little bit worse!

-Before attempting to write something, I always play Bubble Spinner. It loosens up my brain.
-I drink exactly 2 cups of coffee every morning.
-I always sleep wearing ear plugs. Whether there is any noise in the room or not.
-I too eat the cake part of the cake first, and the icing last.
-I only eat one thing at a time. Starting at "one o'clock" on my plate, I slowly work my way clockwise. (This drives my husband crazy, because when he did this as a kid, his parents yelled at him.)
-I belly dance whenever I hear Middle Eastern music. (This drives my husband crazy, because he is afraid somebody will see.)
-I translate for the dog.

-I can't study or function well without music. I have to be listening to something so that I can focus on what I'm doing.

-Some of my character from my stories personify my thoughts. I get into arguments with them (losing half the time) and for some reason I tell them more than I should.
-I cannot sleep without ear plugs, period.
-I eat one thing at a time. No order, just whatever I like most first. I try to keep foods separate on the plate, not touching. I know this is weird.
-I cannot have a conversation without being a Smart-Alec, even if only once. I even joke at funerals.
-I will not go outside unless fully dressed. I can't stand just wearing a t-shirt. I have to put on a shirt.
-I never wear a shirt or pants in the house unless I have company, go figure.
-I talk to myself whenever I'm working on something. I know I'm talking to myself so I'm not crazy. Well, not in this I'm not at least. haha
-I like to take things apart. I'd rather figure out how a video game works then play it.
-I must have several blankets to sleep. I will run the A/C till the house is freezing if I have to, because I cannot sleep at night if it's too hot. Oddly, I can sleep during the day when hot as hell.
-I cannot stand to be barefoot. I always have to have socks on, and they have to be knee high. I can't stand short socks.
-I always wear a hat when I go out. I don't care that I'm going bald, but I hate not wearing a hat.


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