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By: sblaine26

Page 1, If you’ve been looking to do some home renovations to your home, at one point or another you might have noticed how inconvenient it is to try and cook outdoors without sufficient space.

Average grill carts have maybe a square foot or so of working room next to the grill, and you find yourself making numerous trips indoors to get the rest of the supplies. You can greatly enhance your outdoor cooking and serving purposes with a BBQ island. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have it looking like it came straight out of a magazine either. With the proper planning and the will to do it yourself you can save considerably and have a final product that you are truly satisfied with.

It’s really not too much to try and do this yourself, there are no real special skills required than proper planning. Start out by drawing up some plans and taking some measurements for how you would like your outdoor kitchen area to look, and then decide on a material of choice. If you want to use charcoal brick would be a good choice because you can fashion a homemade charcoal pit right into it. If you’re not using brick the best way to go would probably be to build a frame from pressure treated 2x4’s making sure to put notches in vertical posts for better support for the rest of the frame. After you’ve built a frame use plywood and construction adhesive and nail the ply wood siding to the frame being sure to cut out the areas of siding that you is placing cabinets, refrigerators or any other added features.

It’s important, especially if you are using a gas grill to cut ventilation holes so that if there is a gas leak in one of the hoses or connections it won’t build up with in the structure. Depending on what kind of siding finish you want you will need to make steps to add it, probably the one with the most steps requires mortar covered here. After the plywood add builders felt and wire mesh by stapling or tacking it on. Making sure the wire mesh is rough side out add your type S mortar, score it with a mortar scoring tool and add your material of choice whether its cut rocks, tile or bottle caps. An additional clear coat thick gloss can be added to help hold the material in if you want. Wood siding can be applied directly to the plywood with adhesive and nails. After the structure is built you can add your cabinet doors, built in BBQ grills, sink granite counter tops and whatever else you have added in the design for, you’re ready to cook. A roof or some sort of shelter to help protect your grill and it’s structure from the elements would be a good idea as well.

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