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Article By: sblaine26

In one form or another, hot tubs have been for thousands of years for the magic healing properties hidden in the steamy turbulence of the water.

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Hot springs is probably the earliest form and were used for thousands of years by Native Americans in both North and South America, these areas were neutral zones used for healing. Hot baths were experimented with using minerals to try and heal certain diseases later on by the ancient Greeks. Today the effects of hot tubs have been studied and noted. Hot tubs can be applied to treatment for those who suffer from arthritis, stress/anxiety, sleeplessness, diabetes, high blood pressure and just for general relaxation from overworked or sore muscles.

The results of using a hot tub are fairly basic. The warm water relaxes blood vessels and muscles, causing them to expand. Expanded blood vessels means the blood traveling through them is under less pressure (hence easing those with high blood pressure) and increasing blood flow. Since blood flows easier throughout the body it carries nutrients to injure or needy parts of the body more effectively. These are important characteristics for those healing injured parts of their body or perhaps for those with diabetes since insulin is naturally produced in the body. Studies show blood sugar levels were improved by those with diabetes after using hot tubs 30 minutes a day for 10 days. The increased temperature of hot tubs, believe it or not will help you lose weight, by increasing the bodies temperature you start to sweat and burn calories. The other simple effect created simply by hot tubs spas can make quite a difference.

The hydro-static pressure or buoyancy of your body resting in the water takes pressure off your heart, muscles and internal organs, allowing them to relax and rejuvenate. Your resting heart rate is actually lowered ten beats per minute because of your body in the water, which is why those with a history of cardiovascular issues should avoid hot tub usage, this floating coupled with relaxed blood vessels be asking for a heart attack or stroke. There are some other general cautions for those taking blood pressure medication, or any medication for that matter, you should check with your doctor first, you could be putting yourself at risk. Pregnant women should not expose themselves to temperatures at or above 101 degrees because of the increased likelihood of birth defects or miscarriage. Hot tubs spas increase the bodies temperature as does alcohol, should your body overheat you could black out in the water and drown, you should avoid the use of alcohol use since it might not take as much as you think for you to become unconscious.

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