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It is important to check the Hot Tub Heater and ensure that it is in good shape for a more enjoyable hot tub experience

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One component that makes a hot tub what it is would be the Hot Tub Heater. Thus, you can say that the heater has a pivotal role to the functionality and the actual use of the tub.

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One component that makes a hot tub what it is would be the Hot Tub Heater. Thus, you can say that the heater has a pivotal role to the functionality and the actual use of the tub. You want to soak in warm streams of water to rejuvenate your body and feel good about the whole experience. All spa heater mechanisms work in a similar fashion. Current is driven to a unique mechanism that generates the heat and when the current gets cut or diverted, then no heat is produced. If you are having spa heater problems, it pays to understand its unique mechanism, failure symptoms and ways to prevent this from ever happening again.

Most Hot Tubs have heater assemblies that are housed within, and efficiently transfers the heat to the water as it flows through the tube. The assembly may also contain numerous components like thermostats and sensors to regulate the temperature. The heater is a layered mechanism in which the coil is covered with filler and insulating materials as well as heating coils at the surface delivering the heat to the water. If the Hot Tub Heater starts to show signs of wear and tear, it is necessary to get a new heater. It is advised to talk to a professional regarding the installation but if you know exactly how to do the replacement, then proceed.

There are common symptoms in which the Hot Tub Heater should be replaced already. An obvious sign is that no heat is being produced even when the hot tub is powered. The spa heater can be compared to a light bulb that contains several sensitive components inside. In time, the heating coil inside the Hot Tub Heater will become inefficient and get busted. If the terminals are in good condition and other components seem to be showing normal stats, a busted coil creates an open circuit. It is ideal not to operate the heater or the tub without water. The water takes much of the heat from the coil and if the heat remains in the Hot Tub Heater, the coil can actually melt, causing fires and other risks.

Another symptom to consider would be heat reduction. While it is a possibility that the Hot Tub Heater is damaged, most of the time, it is caused by poor water flow so the heat is not delivered evenly. This could be due to a clog along the filter or there are obstructions along the pipe. Also, if the water is not well balanced and has numerous components, this could lead to scaling along the heater, reducing functionality and efficiency. If the water is actually high in minerals and other components, it pays to use solutions that can wash the calcium deposits, reducing the risks of scaling.

Before you replace the Hot Tub Heater, you need to test the heating element to make sure that this is the one causing the said problems or symptoms that we have established. The safest way to do it is to remove the spa heater by removing both of the power leads and using an ohm meter. You can use the ohm meter to check for resistance, shorts, and other aspects. If the heater element needs to be replaced, it is vital to use the right tools and not be too hasty so as to prevent terminal damage.


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