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Message to My Fans(who are not very many at this moment so to anyone listening)

Article By: SuperLoveMonkey12

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WHA WHA WHA WHAT????? hehe

Submitted:Oct 27, 2010    Reads: 38    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

I just want to tell all my fans thanks so much for supporting me and reading my works. I appreciate all your comments whether good or bad because i like criticism. It helps me build character and make things better. But don't just tell me "Your writing sucks!" Tell me why because otherwise i can't make it better for your enjoyment. I am also always open to suggestions. Now i may not use them, but i will take them into consideration. I am very open minded.

Some things about me: I write almost anything, but right now i suck at romance so i am working on that. My specialty is Science Fiction/Fantasy and Realistic Fiction. I also really llike to write poems. I started writing 3 years ago. I wasn't very good back then, but i have gotten better, i promise you that. My baby right now is T.E.O.T.L.A.D. I've been working on her since late last year and she is coming along well. I've never been too good at english but i know grammar okay so i am a writer strictly because i like to write, not because i like English. Math and Science are more my forte. I take Latin at my school, but again, i love it, but am not a [strictly speaking] pro.

Quotes: I love love love love love and love quotes. The way they speak to me is like they tell the story of my life and explain to me how i feel or what i am trying to say or explain sometimes. So feel free to make up your own quotes and share them with me or to tell me some of your favorite quotes by other people. Heck i've even made up a few quotes on my own but i won't share any with you because i'm pending approval on their publication....Just kidding! But i do make up my own quotes sometimes.

Drawing: Ok one thing you should know about me is i can draw if i look at something to give me ideas of proportion and other things, but if i just come up with something to draw, i;m not very good. Actually i'm more of a doodler. Yep. Doodles. My forte. I've made collages of doodles because i get bored in school or because i think up some really strange doodles.

Short stories: I am really good at short nonsense funny stories. I've written a few for my derivatives homework in my Latin class at my school and my class loves them. Mainly they're about a certain someone in my class who won't be named here because it's too dangerous. He may murder me. Not seriously because i don't think he knows about this site, but i think i should be on the safe side just in case. My short story "Death of a Head" is about him. Yep...

Abuse: I am against abuse whether it be child abuse, sexual abuse, animal abuse, verbal abuse, or any other kind of abuse. I am just not okay with it. If any abuse happens to my friends or my family, i would be the first to take that sucker down. Bash him/her with a shovel or something. As for animals, i love them and hate to see any hurt. A guy hits his dog, i may be scared, but i will chew him out. NOONEHITSAPOORDEFENSELESSPUPPY! NOONE!

Music: I love and adore music. I'm more a fan of older music because i grew up with so much of it from my parents. We have a whole library of music; Aerosmith, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Toby Keith, and other people. I did not plan for those to be in alphabetical order. Weird. Ok anyways. I recently got into singing. I don't think i'm too bad, but that is what the people are for. To make decisions about who can sing well and who sings terribly. I've been singing for awhile but it took another while to get good at sounding good and hitting the notes. I have a guitar, but i don't know how to play songs yet. I can play part of Dust In The Wind, but i'm still working on it because i love the guitar.

Movies: AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am a total total total Movie buff. I got into this like in 2008 when Batman the Dark Knight came out. I love Heath Ledger(R.I.P.). He is definently one of my favs or was, but still is. After that movie i had to know everything about films and actors. I have watched so many movies since then and i can answer any questions about them. I don't know too much about older films though from like the 1950s and back. If you want to know some of my fav actors go check out the list i made. Those are by far now not all of my top actors and actresses, but they are some of them.

Stuffed Animals: I have so many of these it is funny. I collect monkeys because they are my favorite animal. Like my favorite favorite because i love other animals too but i especially love monkeys. Okay so to give a bit of background on this, I was like 4 or 5 when i was out shopping with my mother and my two sisters. We were at Ross. For those of you who live in Coeur d' Alene, you know what i'm talking about, but if you don't it's a store for clothing and other household items. So i was shopping well tagging along with my mother who was shopping and we were at the back of the store and there were some stuffed tiny Chimps(chimps because they have no tails). THere were three different colors: black, brown, and light tanish brown. I fell in love with the brown one and picked her up and of course little kids are hard to persuade otherwise of something and i convinced my mother to let me get her. I named her Jasmine after my favorite Disney princess and i still have her to this day along with many other monkeys and horses and things.

Comics: I am a true believer in comics. I know i'm not the only girl out there, but there are few of us. SHout out to all my girls! COMICBOOKSRULE! I love superheros like spiderman, iron man, daredevil, captain america, the fantastic four, hulk, and wolvereen! THey are Ah-Mazing! Yeah i just made that two words.Now to tell the truth i haven't read all the comic books in the world, but i still love them.

Books: I have no way to comment without this paragraph you are reading becoming an essay. So let's just say i love them and i haven't read the Harry Potter books, BUT i am reading them NOW. I'm on the second one....yeah i haven't gotten very far, but i must say i love them. Now some of you may hate me, but i am a firm believer in Loving both the Harry Potter Books and the Twilight Series. BOTHare good books and i would recommend them to anyone. Although i do like the movie for Harry Potter a lot better than the ones for Twilight. And sadly yes i did watch the Harry Potter movies before i read the series. SHAMEFUL yes, but they are AH-MAZING! My favorite book right now at this very moment is...dun dun dun...yes it's "IAM NUMBER FOUR!" yes we do have a winner.

Appearance: I uh...well...tall, dark, and mysterious. Nope not really. I am tall and i am definently a female. I don't really like this question so i am going to move on.

THanks for reading this insanely long description about me and please read my writing and comment comment comment. :)


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