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random contest!!!!!!!!!

By: The Novelist

Page 1, people have been doing contests and i\'m doing one too! but i think mine is going to be interesting...

I'm holding a writing contest for whoever's interested!

Just leave a comment below if your interested!

You'll have to make a short story and here's the catch! (drumroll) i'll give you a thing from a generator site called seventh sanctum! I'll click random generator and i'll tell you what it says. It has to be included in your short story. No erotica please. It won't be included in the contest then.

ALL ENTRIES DUE JULY 15!!!!!! Can't wait to read the stories! When your finished just tell me on here or my page! OH!! and one more thing the winner (and there will only be one) will have one of their works (their choice) promoted, commented, read, and liked by me!

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