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A Search for God In Physics Laboratory

Article By: Twagirayezu Fidele

A search for God in Physics Laboratory

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Fidele Twagirayezu
High Energy Physics
The search for god particle in physics Laboratory
The human journey has always been regarded as a quest for knowledge and understanding to answer to most difficult questions concerning the origin of the universe. As humans continue to search they theoretically realized that the matter that makes up the universe might be created by Higgs field associated with Higgs boson called god particle. However, anybody can curiously ask whether it is only the particle predicted by the laws of physics which is responsible for creation of the universe, and if so is this real God creator of the universe described in the Holy Bible? But if not why do scientists call it god particle? Is there no any issue associated with this search for god by experiment instead of beliefs and prayers?
For thousand years the humans gathered both theoretical and experimental information about a lot of physical phenomena into many books than those are filled in an enormous library on Erath, they built a vast body of knowledge about the origin of the universe, and in seeking the ultimate answers, their successive researches continue to make understand progressively the origin of everything in the universe. Nowadays, experiments in Physics shows that nature is more complex that anyone cannot imagine rather than a single atom, it turns out that nature uses sixteen different fundamental particles to make everything in the universe. The theory that describes how matter is built and how particles interact for the creation or annihilation of particles at microscopic level is called the standard model of particle physics. The standard model itself is a triumph because it describes not only the interaction between particles but its mathematics gives the coherence to the world at microscopic level, it may be
the only theory that accurately describes the central constituents of the universe, it is not an exaggeration to say that the standard model is the most successful theory in history of science because it gives the perfect and beautiful image of the universe at infinitesimal scale but it also engenders the most difficult problem in the history of physics for the mathematics of the standard model suggests that no particle in our universe has mass, but it is known that some particles have mass. If the theory is right there must be something in our universe that gives mass to particles, for the best understanding it is necessary to go back in time in the beginning of the universe.
Physicists agree that there must be a time in early universe when the particles became substantial and took mass; the best theory to explain how this happened was given by the British Physicist Peter Higgs, he came out with the theoretical mechanism named Higgs mechanism that explain how some particles obtain mass. The Higgs mechanism works by filling the universe by the field called Higgs field and the particles acquire mass by interacting with Higgs field when they pass through it and the particles that do not interact with the Higgs field pass through it at the speed of light. The Higgs field may solve the problem of missing mass but it has not been detected yet, however, there is a hope depending on the laws of quantum physics that a field is always associated with a particle, as a key prediction of this Higgs field that it should be a quantum field -particle called god particle or Higgs boson associated with it. Happily this god particle has nothing to do with God creator of the universe described in Holy Bible, it has this name because it is responsible for mass presence in universe and yet its detection in Laboratory will allow scientists to know how the universe was really formed, in other words if scientists manage to find this god particle they will be one step closer to understanding how the universe came to be the way it is.
The standard model suggests that the god particles are immensely heavy as heavy particles are instable and decay ,they probably disappeared in the early universe but Physicists believe that if they produce these particles in Laboratory before they disappear they will be able to see them. There are two types of particles, Higgs boson and graviton, predicted by the standard model and have not been observed, then the scientists all over the world are working without break to find this missing particle responsible mass existence in the cosmos. However if the humanity is not far from knowing the reality it may not be far from destroying itself because the collision leading to the making of god particle produce a huge amount of energy, for example in European Center for Nuclear Research a machine called large Hadron Collider that was built to conduct such experiment is able to produce the temperature equals to that of hundred thousand suns! If its cooling systems fail during the experiment our planet will shine more than hundred thousand suns and life will cease to exist. The only hope is that this machine is highly controlled and equipped with the most sophisticated supercomputers to predict and alarm such catastrophe. If scientists find that god particle called Higgs boson does not exist, this will be tangible evidence that no genius was able to reveal theoretically that the mathematics of the standard model is wrong, now all scientists agree that its mathematics is absolutely right, but this does not implicate that Higgs exist.
In conclusion, the brains of humans never stop thinking about nature and finally look for intelligible ways to know its origin after several beliefs in myths and ancient gods, as humans continue their search for understanding they realized that studying the tinny matters may hold the key to unlock the secrecy about the origin of mass that make every material object in the universe. If they succeed they will be able to answer to the most puzzling questions of all times, where did we come from? Were we created by Intelligent Designer (God)?
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