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Pages Of My Life

Book By: apparition

This is a short chapter of my life.

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My mother disgusts me sometimes. She is a welfare queen. She had 10 of us. My father didn't care too much about our well being. He raised chickens and butchered them for us to eat. But there was never enough to go around and some of us would always end up being hungry. We were so poor I always had to wear clothes that were handed down. My clothes would never cover me completely. I played in the dirt outside until dark with my brothers and sisters usually. Some of them had school and I would not see them all day until 2:00 p.m.

We have a gate that is made up of a sheet of metal with wood stakes. I would climb on the wooden fence and get splinters on my hands and my face. Perhaps that is how i got my moles on my face. My mother did not notice them until they had gone in and turned black. Needless to say she did not bother to take me to the doctor to get them pulled out. Even though we have free medi-cal she does not believe in medi-cal. They believe that the doctor is using our medi-cal to make extra money for themselves. My parents only take us to the doctors when we are so sick that we are almost dead, or if someone catches the flu and gets everyone in our house sick.

We live in a condo with two bed rooms. There are twelve of us altogether. All the youngest kids sleep in my parent's bed room while all the oldest sleep in the room next door. There are two beds in my parent's room and two beds in the room next door. The bedrooms are so small they barely fit two beds in one room. Our kitchen is not very big nor is our living room. We have a small TV that we watch cartoon on sometimes. Our backyard has a chicken-coop where my father raises chickens and a garden where my mother plants vegetables sometimes. There is a tree that grows berries on it. We pick them sometimes in the summer and eat them. But we are cautious not to eat too much because it will make us poop black or give us diarrhea.

We have a dog in the back yard. His name is killer. He is a German Shepard and he is violent. He will attack anyone that gets near him. We beat him sometimes and throw stones at him to make him scared of us. He eats berries from the tree. He is very skinny because we feed him only scraps of our food. Killer is tied up to a pole and he cannot move freely in the yard. The dog house Killer lives in is made of wood and the roof is the hood of an old car. He gets shade in the summer when the heat is blazing hot.

In our front yard there are two pine trees. They are gray all year round. I don't now if they are like that or maybe they are dying because they do not get enough water. I like to climb the taller tree. The trees are near the road and next to the tree is our mail box. Our neighbors mailboxes and ours are lined up next to each other. The road that is next to our mail boxes is broken down and has lots of pot holes in it. In the winter these pot holes fill up with lots of water and cars passing by make big splashes. I am scared sometimes because the potholes fill up with so much water I think it is going to flood our house. The water goes up so high our whole front yard is cover in 1 foot of water.

There is a small house behind our house. It is smaller than our house. People have moved in and out of the house, perhaps because it is very small. It has one very small bed room, smaller than ours, and 1 very small bathroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom with shower and not a bathtub. Behind that house lies another house I have never been in. It is bigger than our house. And behind that house is another house. It is very small too. Next to the third house down is another house. It has lots of shade and a very big tree with a tree house. This house is bigger than our house too and has a back yard and front yard about as big as our yard. There are no paved roads to get to these houses. It is all dirt.

We are not far away from the cemetery. I am not scared of the cemetery and I do not know why. My brothers and sisters are scared of it at night. They say they see people digging graves and moving. We drive pass by the grave yard sometimes at night when we are in our van. It is a blue Chevy Van. We never walk there at night or during dusk. I only remember one time when I saw something at the cemetery. It was white and it was doing what my brother said. It looked like it was digging something. It glowed white. When I saw it I was scared and I wished for my father to drive faster. That was the only time I remember seeing anything there.


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