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The British Grave

Book By: ariagoth

Clare is a shadowhunter. she is devastated when her brother Will dies and doesn`t know if she can cope with loosing everything and everyone she loves. When new shadowhunter James arives everything changes.

Submitted:Dec 26, 2012    Reads: 8    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

PROGLUE-- Water splashed at my feet soaking my dress and sending chills up my spine.I was nearing the tunnel when I heard loud splashes and footsteps echoing in the cavern .Drawing the knife out of my boot I hid in the shadows.The person skidded to a halt and looked around.I stepped on a twig and it broke with a SNAP.I sucked in a breath and watched as the figure swivled around and called "Who`s there" the familiar accent of the figure startled me."Will !" what are you doing here I seethed."Clare? is that you" "yes it`s me you idiot" "why are you down here!!!!" "looking for James" he replied."you scared me!!! and Louse told me to find James not you""yes but..." Will stopped short."what" "what is it"Will pointed behind me. I turned around just in time to a huge demon land it`s forepaws on Will,smashing him into the ground.With a sickening snap. Will lay still."WILL" I screamed.the creature turned to me and aimed it`s hoove for another blow.I stuck my blade into stomach and the creature screeched and ran away."Will" Will wake up" I cried.I felt for a pulse but felt nothing."Willlllllllllllll" I sobbed tucking my head in the crook of his neck.after a few moments I stood up and then sunk to my feet again. "Clare!" I turned around James was standing behind me with a surprised look on his face."whats wrong" he asked.I looked at him and broke into another sob.James now noticeing Wills body crouched beside me and tried to comfort me but whatever he was saying i couldn`t hear. Will was gone and so was everything and everyone I cared about. Everything had been taken from me, now even my brother was gone.

"Clare wake up, wake up" I slowly opened my eyes to see James leening over me .I smiled ."Clare are you alright?" asked James who was standing over me .I nodded and sat up. we were still in the cavern but Will`s body was gone James probably got rid of him so I woudn`t be upset. Only that didn`t help it only made me sadder.James helped me up as I tried to stand up on wobbly legs.I looked at him and sighed he was very grimy "my brothers dead...because of you"I said."what, oh" "I...I'm sorry" he mumbled looking away from me. sharply he turned and mumured more to himself than to me "lets go, it`s getting late and I want to tell Louse and Kyle that Will won`t be back any time soon"

Chapter 2

Clare, Meet me in the back of the institute tommorow, We need to talk... said the note that was posted on the back of my door.I looked at it and almost instantly knew it was from James.I ripped it to shreds and tossed it in the trashcan next to my door.I opened the door to my room to find a big fat purple present sitting on my bed " AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed to no one in particular and slammed the door so hard the pictures on the walls raddled.I stomped my feet and fell to my knees sobbing and laughing at the same time.Why does everything happen so quickly.Why can`t it go back to the way it was with Will,No James,and no important stuff to worry about I thought.I layed down on the floor and curled up in a ball for a few minutes before I heard knocking on the door. "leave me alone" I cried kicking the door."What`s wrong, are you allright' said Louses worried voice who had now walked in."yes perfectly fine, now go away" No I'm not alright can't anyone see that..`alright Clare have it your way I won't bother you` said Louse gently shutting the door behind her .I kicked the door again for good measure before crawling into my bed and knocking the stupid present off.

I woke and found it was the middle of the day. Rays of sunshine poured through the curtainless windows showering me with unearthly light. I smiled at the warm sun and I wondered if it had feelings. Was it sad when the moon came up or was it happy to take a break from shining so darn bright. I stretched my toes and yawned loudly reaching to the sky curling and uncurling my fingers again and again. When I saw the purple wrapped present lying verticaly on the floor by my feet. Memories came flooding back. Wills death, my kiss with James, and the of course the purple present. I felt tears prickle at the back of my eyes. I stood up and walked downstairs for breakfast. "As soon as I walked in everyone shutup giving me my well deserved dose of sympathetic looks. James stood up grabbed a muffin and quickly exited the dining room. No one said a word as I moved to sit down pulling out the chair with an unatural SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH. "Happy Birthday" said Kyle handing me a small wrapped gift with an oversized bow on it. "Thanks" I sighed sinking into my chair. "Love the muffins Louse" I said biting into the sweet pastry. Louse glanced at me "James made them, for you...as a birthday gift..."tell him there great" I muttered getting up and marching back upstairs


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