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my life as reina m ubillos

Book By: baby ray

Tags: Non, Friction

my book is about a girl who had a hard life as she grows up
people would jugde her on her learning disablity she had and make fun of her. its about her life.

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Mars was a beautiful young lady, She was always out with her sister July. One day she went out to a quincenara with her sister July. She was having fun. Thas where she met Ali. She wasnt paying attention to know one, so she went out to the dance floor so she can dance her but off. Ali seen her and aske her if she wanted to dance, she said,"Yes I would love to". They dance and talked fo a while till her sister july said,"we ned to leave now". Mars gave him her number for him to call her.

She was witting a kiss but thats when she said,"Here's something to remeber me bye". Mars kissed him and left with her sister. Mars got a call on a monday form Ali, they talked for a while and they started to go on dates. so time fewl by and the day before winter formal he ask her to be his girlfriend but, Mars wanted to go to winter formal first before she got with ali because she was going with a friend form work. She wanted Ali to wait after winter formal and ask her again. Ali got upset and showed up to Mars house on the day of winter formal and tryed to mess up her night with her date. Mars was really upset with Ali.

Ali came was his friends to scare Mars date, but it didnt work. she still went but. she was still upset so she really didnt have a great night but. she got over it like ali did. after that night ali and mars where now dating and they where serious but, mars found out that he was in a gang and there reletionship got hard there was people and girls trying to get in between them and mars would get drama with girls because Ali but, they loved each other very much that they wouldnt let it get to them.

Ali and Mas became high school sweet hearts. Mars was a senior in pine high school and Ali was a senior at a countiation school. they where together for a while now. Thats when Mars found out she was pergnet. she was a senior and she was becoming a young mother she was scared but she made it threw high school and graduated. after a while her daughter reina marie ubillos was born on january 14th 1992. she was a small baby but Mars named her daughter after her sisther that past away long ago. mars and ali where happy and mars moved in with ali and his family it was hard on mars because his evil sister lara didnt like her.but that was alis family. what can she do. so it was becoming hard for mars because people would come looking for ali and also starting drama with mars like it was her fault. see ali was in a gang for a while now and he just can walk out on either so it was hard for mars and ali they would fight and it was just begining for them they became young parents they both had reasablities to take care of. they had a beautiful daugter that they had to raise and be aldults at a young age.

for them it was the beging of there life it was get hard on them see ali was more into the gang never being home always out for a while mars was raising reina on her own but. she had susport form her family and she come form 4 sisters and 2 brother, Fran, Izzy,july,Tony,herry, and coco. her mom was helpful to she loved her grand dughter and reina was the first grand daughter to be born form both side of the family even though she had older cousins her love her as well eddie, chuey, and adres.

mars had a big family who help her well ali was doing who knows what.

mars was alone at ali house yea ali mom did love her grand daugter but, her daughter lara did not like mars for no reason and had her parents raped around her finger. ali was a good father there just alot of growing up to do. mars was becoming a great mother and taking good care of reina.she was young but, she had to do it for her daughter and ali was still parting and just going out he came around after a while. mars and ali went for a drive when all of a sudden cars come and shot at alis cars if mars didnt move reina on time she would of died that day thats when ali relize he need to do what was best for his family and not put them in danger. ali was in a gang but he did take care of his family and did what he had to he became a great father and took care of his family and it was the begining for mars ,ali and reina life.


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