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running low running high

Book By: becca12345

Tags: Love, Lust, Drugs

a girll falls in love with a nother girl and ends up getting in to some hard core drugs

Submitted:Feb 6, 2013    Reads: 23    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

every one wants tobe beautifull but for thoes like me it dosent come. Days will pass years to where i fell like im stuck in a dream or a show ment for someone elces amusement not my own. I sit and wat for the end of my days but it dosent seem to come i tryed to make it come a little faster freshman year by slitting both of my wrists, my mom found me bleading on my bed and thats when i really wished i was dead. i wasent always like this tho if it wernt for the kids at school id probly still be the stuck up cheerleader girl that went to church and thought she was a gift to all girls, yes girls i was the only lesbin cheerleader I knew.
I joyend the squad in the first place for the same reason the guys did so i could get a little glimps of the other girls. most of them tho were to skinny but that because they spent most of there time in the bath room with there finger down their throughts, but hey i wasent perfect either and thats what this story is about. as i mention befor i was the "good girl" that went to chirch, but what i neglected to tell you was i was also a pill head. hell to be in the school i went to you had to have some sort of high or you lost your fucking mind. pills were just apart of it tho the other things just added to my one way ticket to hell. my life consisted of three main parts, sex, drugs, and achohol.
I was the middle school druggy i never once went to school sober and my girl friend was just as bad. we would make it through maby first peirod then skip out and go behind the school for a little fun. this cycle started about sixth grade we were togather for about a year now and she invited me over her house, and if i knew what she had planed i would have ended it right then and there. when i got over to her house she brought me up stares i thought we were just going to her room to make out like normal.
when we finaly got up to her room she kissed me a kiss that was more passionet then most then she looked at me and said "wann have some fun baby girl" and of corse i replyed "any thing you want love." that was my mistake she pulled out a bottle of perks took out four and crushed them up useing the bottle then she pulled out a straw and asked "you ready" i looked at her with disbelif not knowing what to say i dident wanna look like a chicken in front of my girlfriend so i said "ofcorse but you go first" she took the straw held it to her nose and sucked real hard and before i knew it the wight pouder was gone. "your turn baby" i walked over slowly and then picked up the straw held it to my noes and did the same, let me tell you my nose never hurt so bad in my liife.

after we fifa few pirks she kissed me agen only this time i could really feel the want in mollys kiss and at that very moment I wanted her too, BAD. Her kisses wentfrom my lips to my neck, then she reached for my shirt and started to take it off when I pushed her hands away. She looked at me and said "becca why are you so nurvas we have been togather for over a year now and i want to show you howmutch you mean to me." I was shy iv never done any thing more than kiss a girl or boy and iv never been seen naked befor eather so i replyed "im sorry baby im just shy but i want to show you how mutch i care about you to" so then she looked at me and i could tell that she loved me and wanted me all to her self, all of me "then make love to me baby." with that said i couldent say no "ok baby but take it slow ok?" "ok any way you want it baby girl."

She reached for my shirt agen and this time i dident stop her, her perfect lips moved from my neck to my chest, cupping each on of my brests in to her hands. with every kiss and toutch to my bare chest i let a small moan excape from my lips.


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