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Werewolf Life

Book By: blondie411

Rayleigh is a girl who was transformed into a werewolf by her ex-boyfriend. As she progresses into her life, things badly change. Diseases quickly spread around killing everything in its path. Everyone she knew is dying. She and Jason, her current boyfriend, travel day and night to get to the land where you could get C.O.W or Cure of Werewolves. During the journey Jason dies. Rayleigh is devastated. Days later, she is arriving at the town with other werewolves who decided to join her. They get the cure and Rayleigh thinks life is going to be better. Until she meets a familiar wolf.

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CHAPTER 1- The Beginning

"My life is awesome now. I am a werewolf and I look outstanding. When I first moved here from Hawaii, I was a nerd with short hair, rusted braces, bent glasses, and all that nerdy stuff. Now I am no nerd. I have straight hair, contacts, shiny black braces, and am a talented track runner. I am lucky to have a boyfriend, especially since he is a werewolf also. He says i attract a lot of attention, but in my opinion I think he is jealous. You see he never had as much attention as what I have been getting.

Before you ask how I became a werewolf, I was just getting there. I was out walking, following the trails in the woods. That was a full moon, but who believes in fairy tales? I should have. Anyways, while walking a sudden repulsive smell floated around, but there was no evidence. Soon I heard and realized a growl. It was my boyfriend. He turned around with his back to me and growled at the bush. Out came another werewolf, this one growling also. He charged as I took off running. I never knew how he got passed Jason, but somehow he did. The next thing I knew, I was lying on ground. His weight was soon knocked off me. Howls of pain hurt my eardrums.

Jason came over to me and lay beside me. I figured he knew that it was too late for me to be saved. A few years past, and I gave birth to Elijah and Christine. Oh what beauties the two were. We both knew that they would never grow up because of the diseases going around. Sure enough, a few weeks after birth, they passed away. It is getting late. I need to go and find my wolf," Rayleigh told Elizabeth. Elizabeth was Rayleigh's first friend. She had introduced Jason to her at her "Birthday Party."

The two girls said good bye and Rayleigh took off running towards the woods. On her way to find her "Wolf" Rayleigh encountered another werewolf. Growls ripped both of their throats open. Then Rayleigh howled a warning that only her boyfriend could understand. For a while, Rayleigh would have to keep this wolf off her back...



The two wolves circled around each other for a long time. Just then, the wolf attacked. As it did, Rayleigh managed to move out of the way. The attacker turned and ran back to Rayleigh. Rayleigh growled and lunged toward her opponent. They collided and hit the ground with a thud. Then a yelp came from the brush. Rayleigh jumped back, her fur standing straight up. When the pup came out, Rayleigh noticed how the mother reacted. Then Rayleigh realized she had trespassed onto the attacker's land. She growled an apology. As Rayleigh turned to leave, Jason hit her head on.

The female growled again and Rayleigh growled back another apology. The female's puppies bounded toward Jason. Then the mother joined rubbing her side body against his. Rayleigh looked from Jason, then to the pup's, and then to the female. Out of nowhere, a few growls ripped from Rayleigh's throat. The female stopped and the pups ran to hide behind Jason. Rayleigh kept looking and fiercer growls ripped from her throat.

Then she understood it. Jason got this girl pregnant after or before he had gotten her pregnant. How did he get this wolf's pup to stay alive when diseases were still going around killing every pup because they were not strong enough to fight it away? Rayleigh was furious. The anger inside her was stronger than she had been since was changed to a werewolf. Jason looked from his current girlfriend to the female werewolf rubbing up against him.

Rayleigh knew to never trust him. She should have stopped dating him when his previous girlfriend's told her to. She fell under his ''I will never quit loving you" spells. Rayleigh's eyes grew wet, but she knew she had to hold in the tears. She decided it was over and she turned and left...





Rayleigh ran all the way back to Elizabeth's house. While knocking, she saw Jason come running towards her. He was in his human form. Elizabeth answered the door. In went Rayleigh. She shut the door and bolted all seven locks. "Please do not freak out but I am going to change," Rayleigh told her. As she said this she changed to werewolf. Quite a few growls ripped from her throat. She received some back, this time from Jason. He tried to explain about how it was a mistake, that he was so sorry, and that he was not going to ruin a three years of dating. Rayleigh growled back and told him that when they adopted their child, she was not going to live with a father who likes to date multiple people when he wants.

Jason whimpered then turned and left. Not even five minutes later, Jason sent out a distress howl. Rayleigh knew he was then in trouble. He may have only been a few miles away, but it would still be awhile until she got to where he was. She knew she would apologize alot when she rescued him. Finally, the howling got closer. When she turned the corner, the howling stopped. Then she saw it...





Whimpers echoed around mostly from the attackers. Rayleigh walked around, sniffing the air. There was no scent of Jason, only unknown scents. A scent of blood was floating around, making it impossible for the female to concentrate. Suddenly, out of nowhere, another werewolf came out of the bushes. Rayleigh recognized this one. It was the pup mother whom Jason had gotten pregnant. She looked at Rayleigh and whimpered. Out of the bushes came her last pup. The mother looked pleadingly at Rayleigh.

She understood what this meant. Finally, Rayleigh was going to be a mother. She looked at the other wolf and nodded. The bloody barren smiled and let death take over her body. The motherless pup looked at Rayleigh then came over to rub against her legs. The next day, when it was light, Rayleigh woke. She looked at her new pup laying beside her. It was a reddish brown, almost the color of scarlet. She rolled it over to its other side. Little scars were on this side.

Rayleigh looked at it to make sure it was what she thought it was. Turned out it was female. Seeing this Rayleigh decided to name it Scarlet. Now she knew she was a mother. Years past and Scarlet's scars have been covered by her fur and her color darkened. She was only a few inches smaller than Rayleigh. Scarlet looked at Rayleigh. Then she whimpered. They both were thinking the same thing.

Rayleigh knew a lot of things about Scarlet. She knew she could hunt and live. How Rayleigh was going to convince Scarlet she had to live on her own, Rayleigh did know it was going to be hard. She looked at Scarlet and growled.. Startled Scarlet started to back up. Another few growls ripped Rayleigh's throat. This time though it was a warning. Scarlet looked at Rayleigh and started to walk towards her. The two werewolves started to circle...






The two wolves fought. Blood was flying everywhere. Only a few minutes past and Scarlet now lay on the ground whimpering. Rayleigh howled to show that she had beaten yet another werewolf. When all was quiet, she turned and looked at Scarlet. By now, the wolf was too weak to even move her paw. Rayleigh watched her thinking. Finally the choice was made, Scarlet would have to die. From all the commotion that had gone on, Rayleigh was hungry.

She left the dying werewolf lay there. While out looking for food, a smell triggered her senses. It was Jason. She sniffed the air to find the path. Then she found it. Hunger did not stop her as she took off running. Rayleigh ran three days and was now going into her fourth. The smell was getting stronger than ever. Rayleigh was so excited she howled. Then she got a howl back. She shot forward through the dense undergrowth of the forest. She howled again. This time the bushes to the right of her rustled and out came Jason. The two rejoiced. Weeks of being separated had now finally paid off.

Now they were together. Rayleigh's stomach growled. Jason turned and with his head beckoned her to follow. They came to an open field. There in the center was deer. Rayleigh waited, being patient for Jason. He was a slow hunter but this time he was hasty. He crouched down blending in with the brown grass. Rayleigh blinked than lost sight. Seconds past. Then a deer fell and then another.

Two days past. The werewolves were back on their journey. Diseases were spreading quickly. They knew it was time to go. The human race was becoming extinct and food was decreasing in large amounts each day. Their soon to be adopted child was dead. By night fall already more than forty thousand plants and animals would be dead. The two wolves ran and ran never stopping. Now they had ran a total of eight miles and death's territory had approached...




They kept traveling. Rayleigh had gotten stronger, but Jason had gotten weaker. He had just enough energy to walk. Rarely, he would be able to run. One day while walking, Jason fell. Rayleigh sensed and ran to him. He looked at her. Their eyes met and for the first time, a tear came and escaped Rayleigh's eye. The tear ran down her face and dropped onto Jason's cheek. He smiled than closed his eyes.

Rayleigh knew he died peacefully, but it was too much for her. Since it was nightfall, she decided to sleep there. When morning came, she knew Jason would have wanted her to move on. Rayleigh got up, took one last look at her "Wolf" and then bounded into the forest. She lost her family, her boyfriend, her soon to be adopted child, and who she thought had died, Scarlet.

When she attacked Scarlet, she thought she had died. (Scarlet never did.) Nothing was perfect anymore. Her friend, Elizabeth, had come down with the disease and was lying on her deathbed. Rayleigh kept going and thinking. She felt bad for everyone. While walking and thinking, she heard a pup yelp. It came out of the bushes.

Seeing how it walked, she knew it had the sickness. Rayleigh could not leave it and it would not die. Rayleigh walked over and picked it up by the scruff of its neck. She and the pup went a few days without an ounce to eat. One day, Rayleigh noticed the pup did not move. She put it down and nudged it. The pup yelped than died.

Rayleigh felt bad. She always figured she would let down someone or another. Everyone she was around died. Then again why would she blame herself? She could not tell the nature what she wanted when she wanted. Bad luck was a myth as she always knew but what about right now? Was this bad luck? No. She knew it was bad luck, it was karma.




Rayleigh dug a hole to bury the pup. Instead of putting the pup into the hole, she left it where it was. While walking, a piece of paper caught Rayleigh's eye. She walked to it and read-

To anyone reading this:

The werewolf committee has purchased land and we found a cure for the disease. If you are reading this, just go out and find a town by the name of CARTHRIDGE. Once there, you will go three miles south to another town known as SMOKETOWN. Once you get there, just go two miles west. At the end of the two miles, there is a forest. Follow the trail indented into it. It will take a few days for you to get through it. DO NOT LEAVE THE TRAIL! If you do you will be lost in the forest. Throughout the days of you traveling here to PAX VALLEY, you will be able to stay at the hotels in the two towns. All werewolves such as yourself will be able to eat, sleep, and take time to plan what you and your family will do. You have a certain time to stay in the two towns. You time total will be two days of relaxation. When you reach PAX VALLEY, you will automatically get the cure. I hope to see you here. There is limited space and medicine so make sure you know what and where to go.

Thank you,




Rayleigh wished her family and friends were with her. She prayed to Jason. Afterwards, she took off running. She knew where the first town was. Elizabeth, Jason, and Rayleigh all went there on a vacation. That was during the time where there were no diseases spreading and no one was dying. A time when people would live peacefully, when she did not know Jason was a werewolf.

Nights past. Finally, Rayleigh made it to CARHTRIDGE. She was tired and hungry. There was very little time so Rayleigh decided to grab a bite to eat and then head back on her journey. Instead of eating a heavy meal, she decided to take it easy and eat lightly. If Rayleigh had eatten heavy, by the time she went half a mile, she would have been worn out.

Rayleigh took off running. She felt every eye watch her. "What is that girl doing?" they would ask. "Running to PAX VALLEY. The paper even said limited space and medicine," she told them. A few of the wolves took off following Rayleigh. She would not stop or quit. She had a job to do and that was to take herself and the other wolves to freedom. No one would die this time. They ran on, only stopping for a light meal at the next town.

All of the werewolves followed Rayleigh through the forest not stepping off it. Finally, they made it to a gate with a sign that read-

You have made it to your freedom. Here you will live with the cure running through your system keeping you safe from every known disease. Just howl and we will let you in. Welcome to CARTHRIDGE.

The wolves howled and the iron gates opened. Once in, the werewolves got the cure. Finally they were free living with a cure and living, just plainly, freely.





Rayleigh did not know two things. One referring to the fact that Scarlet was alive and living with her everyday having the cure run through her. Another was that Rayleigh's end was coming. Everywhere around her was the sounds of happy werewolves talking with one another about how bad it must be for the wolves that would never make it. Rayleigh walked around wishing that Jason was with her wishing that everyone was with her at that moment.

Suddenly Rayleigh came across a very familiar wolf. A wolf, dear reader, whom she attacked and thought, was dead. Scarlet was the first thing that popped to her head. Growls ripped through her throat like a million firecrackers sizzling together. Everyone turned to look at Rayleigh. More growls pierced the quietness. Scarlet looked at Rayleigh with fury in her eyes.

She charged at Rayleigh. Rayleigh turned and ran. She ran out of the gate. For many days and never stopping, Rayleigh pushed onward. Running the trail in the denser forest, through the towns, and back to the woods where she had once lived. Still she fled until finally, she reached the house where she once lived as human. Her muscles were aching as she slowed down.

Finally, she collapsed. Everywhere on her body she ached. Her head hurt. She was too tired to eat. She was too tired to do anything. Rayleigh thought she would have to die. Many days of running without anything to eat had made her really weak. In the background, Rayleigh watched a rabbit.

She lifted her paw, but decided not to kill it. There she lay, wanting to do nothing but die. Rayleigh wanted to be in Heaven. She smiled at this thought. She would be with friends and family. Rayleigh fell asleep. She slept and slept. Days changed to weeks and weeks went into months. She never moved and she never took a breath.

Years went by. News of Rayleigh's death past around quickly. Scarlet knew Rayleigh was hundreds of years old. She also knew that Rayleigh was in Heaven looking down upon her. Rayleigh was in peace. Then again, Scarlet blamed herself. She wished she could take back what she did. Scarlet grew older and took a journey through thick and thin where she met Mark. She and Mark set out to live a nice, peaceful life where later they would make their own family. Afterwards, the wolves were never seen again.


about the author-

I was twelve when I wrote this book. I would like to thank Stephanie Meyer because she is the whole reason why I really wanted to write it. Hopefully, it will be published and sold in stores by the time I get into college. I would like to dedicate to my friend, Shanice Atkinson, because she encouraged me to keep writing it when I wanted to quit. Now, I am glad I listened.


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