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The Series

By: Braydon Friar

Page 1, About zombies

Chapter One “Good Morning America,” said the news caster. “We have some bad news for you guys, Iraq is still threatening the United States with their weapons they said they’ve made but reports have been they’re lying to scare us. The reason of this is not known but all we know is if you are in the states bordering the Atlantic Ocean we would recommend that you follow the evacuation routes towards the center of the United States. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.” When the news ended the sky lit up in one area. “Mom what was that” said a boy. His mom stood with her mouth wide open breathing hard. “Get in the cellar” she said. The boy replied in a calm voice, “We got rid of the cellar.” Then his mom silently swore to herself and said to him, “Go pack, we’re going on a trip and hurry!” The mom was already packed for her child and herself but then she forgot under the moment. “Alex, I forgot I already packed you.” Then Alex ran to his mom and nodded. His mom was glad he finally knew what was happening. His mom peaked outside and saw the mushroom cloud slowly growing. She thought it was about 20 miles off the coast of the Carolinas. When she look back where Alex was standing, he was gone. “Alex, where are you.” Alex ran back and said, “I got the guns.” His mom replied, “Okay get in the car now!” Alex and his mom went to the car and drove to the west. Chapter 2 “Mr. President, what was the light that people just saw off the coast of North Carolina,” said a reporter. Barack Obama, the current president thought for a second. Then he lied suddenly, “We were firing at Iraq but we think one of the missiles exploded some after takeoff.” The reporter rolled his eyes and said, “Is that so.” Barack Obama knew he couldn’t lie no more today. Then he whispered to his official. Then the official said very loudly, “Barack Obama will not take any more questions today,” The crowd must of been looking for a lot of answers but when Barack Obama left that just got them P.O. The crowd began to run to try to get to Barack Obama. The guards got ready with their tasers but the tasers couldn’t hold off the crowd. The crowd outmatched them 3 to 1. Most of the guards ran away trying not to get trampled. Barack Obama, who knew this was going to happen, ran to his family and got them into the safe house. His wife and daughters went down to the last floor of the safe house. The last floor was about 1 mile underground. While they went down there Barack Obama stayed on the very top floor to make calls. The crowd was just getting into the control room which controlled most of the doors but when they tried to open them the system wouldn’t respond. The crowd yelled at the other people in the crowd to get all the doors open but the people running the controls couldn’t get the open. Chapter 3 Alex and his mom were in Kentucky when they stopped to get food. They’ve been driving all day and they were all worn out. They stopped at a McDonalds. When they got in they saw a guy in a McDonalds suit fighting with some fat guys. One of guys were saying something like “Give may some.” Just then the guy in the suit punched that guy in the mouth, knocking him out. The other fat guys looked at the knocked out one and at the guy in the suit and ran as fast as they could past Alex and his mom. Then Alex and his mom stepped up to the guy running the cash register. Just then the guy said, “Are you infected!” Alex’s mom said, “I think I misunderstood you.” The guy just screamed again, “Did you get bitten!” Then Alex’s mom started to laugh. “This is not a joke,” the guy had a stern face. Alex guessed he was around 25 and he was skinny. Alex then said, “No we just came from the South Eastern North Carolina.” The guy just stood there and said, “Get you and your mom out of this Mcdonalds!” Alex’s mom just stood there confused and said,”You’ve got the wrong person. My My name is Mary, Mary Smith.” The guy must of been pretty convinced that Alex and Mary were not infected because he just said, “Okay I believe you but do you notice that this place is deserted.” Mary then replied, “Yes I did but why.” The guy then looked at them and said, “They went to Wisconsin. Chapter 4 Mary just sat there for a second and then blurted out, “Why Wisconsin?!” The guy just stood there and looked at them like where the hell have you been and then he said, “Wisconsin is a safe zone for the uninfected. They say they have a big force field over Wisconsin but that’s just crap. All it is a 30 foot wall protecting them from the infection but now they’re not letting anyone in Wisconsin or out of it.” Mary itched her head and said, “Well we better get going. Thanks for the help.” The guy waved and said, “No problem.” Alex started to run out of the door ahead of his mom and then he saw one of those fat guys. His mom saw the guy too and she pushed Alex towards the car. They got in the car and backed up and hit the fat guy. Sarah then said, “Sorry!” Then they headed down the road toward Wisconsin. While they were driving they talked about what they saw and then they saw another fat guy. “Jeez, what is up with all this obesity now a days?” Alex said. His mom Sarah just nodded. Along the way they saw another light behind them. That caused Sarah to step on the pedal, so they were going 110 mph down the road. When they were driving for about 7 hours, they ran out of gas. “Shoot!” Sarah said. They got out of the car and got their stuff and ran towards Wisconsin going as fast as they could with as little break. Until both of them fell down and dropped dead. Dead from a bullet from the fat guys at McDonalds. Chapter 5 Barack Obama knew he was safe in the safe house but then he heard a noise. He then saw a black thing move. It was a ninja. “Hey there fellow.” said Barack, “Who are you?” The figure hid and the shadows and then with a deep voice said, “I’m IT.” Barack got a little confused and said, “What?” “Im IT!” Said the figure. Barack then said, “How did you get in here little fella,” “Im IT,” said the figure. “I never asked you that!,” said Barack. “Im It,” said the figure. “Okay, wait a minute, there's a name tag,” said Barack. The little figure started to run away when the safe door burst open. “Run!’ said Barack. “Get those people!” Said the crowd. “IM IT!” said the small figure. “To the simulation room, IT!’ said Barack. When they arrived at the simulation room they punched the random button and the whole room change into a Mario game. Then the room shut down. All the entrances closed and they were alone in a dark room. “This is awkward,” said Barack. “Sure, is Mr.President, sure is.” said the cloaked figure. Then the room started to power up again. Goombas started running at them and Barack started running for the shut off button. IT started to say insults at the Goombas cause IT was actually real. The Goombas started to hop at them when Mario went over and jumped on the Goombas. A problem was solved but then the coins from the Goombas started rolling at them. Barack hit the button. With a crash, the nightmare ended. Then with an instant, another nightmare began. IT and Barack soon escaped from the simulation room but Barack soon died from the sickness. IT got out of the White House and soon started a alliance with another person. His older brother TI. When IT was at the White House, TI was working on computer. Hacking them. He was 7 years old when IT was at the White House and IT was 4 years old. Soon after the White House was invaded, the infection involved. The infected would bite you, and then you would be infected. Soon after you would not be in control of your body. You would be bloodthirsty. People then starting setting up camps, while Iraq was laughing at the US for being so not under control but then while they were launching another missile it exploded. Right when it went off the launch pad, about 1/2 of a mile up, the whole Iraq was infected. The infection the spread across asia and europe. The only safe spot was the islands, until rebels shipped out zombies to almost all the islands except Hawaii and Madagascar because they were of many who wanted the human race to be overan. Scientist Joseph Bonde, who was 14 years old at the time, did test on the infection and figured out. He said “When i tested 100 rats, all of them turned to the infected. I think this is similar to the fantasy the world would joke about, the zombies but i think we should respect that they are still alive and call them the infected.” 5 years later the population of the infected was 300 million. Close to the population of once the US. This infected spreaded almost across the globe and no one was immune unless they came up as a anti virus. Survivors had many camps spread across the world. The largest camp was Russia’s. Russians founded it when the infection hit asia. The camp is located in Antarctica. The second largest was a moon base. They were all strong until they both had outbreaks. 1/1/22 “Winters been making our food storage go down, dude” said IT. “Well sorry, we can’t travel to Florida cause the outbreak, man I wish this would get over with” said TI. “But why did you pick Northern Minnesota.” said IT. “Why are you so short and stealthy,” said TI. “Why are you so tall and annoying” said IT. “That one is so old dude, you fail,” said TI. “You're so old dude,” said IT. “WOW! Three years older.” said TI. IT got up and put a stick in the fire and said, “Maybe I can get some food by cooking you.” “You wouldn’t have the guts!” said TI. “Why don’t you guys stop bickering and get back to, whatever you guys were doing” said a guy. “Skull, we weren't doing anything.” said IT. “Well if you’re not gonna do anything, then go to sleep and get some rest for the raid tomorrow” said Skull. “Skull, there is no raid” said TI. “Oh, yes there is, we are going to raid the cheeseheads” said Skull. “Skull, I make the decisions around here, and we don’t need any airhead causing any problems!” Said TI. “Airhead? You shouldn’t be... Well {BLEEP} you guys, i'm going.” said Skull. IT waved at him and said, “Adios, Goodbye, is there anything else?” TI just started to laugh and pulled out his P229 pistol and said, “Leave or be shot by me little friend!” Skull then look at him and made a nasty face at him and went into the tent. “Can I kill him please,” whispered IT. “C4,” whispered TI. “C4 it is.” whispered IT. IT then ran into his tent and grabbed the box that said,”Buddy” and ran to Skulls pack and stuck it in there. He then triggered it for when IT pulled the wireless switch, it would blow. “Fireworks tonight, Skull!” said IT. Skull came out and look at him frowned and said, “What are you talking about!” TI held up his pistol and pointed Skull. 1/1/22 “Now?” Said IT. TI then said “He’s been running for a minute so about now.”

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