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The Governments Released

Novel By: carcinoGeneticistfemkat

A girl tells the story of what she see after a bunch of the governments test subjects get loose turning people into monsters that always hunger for meat. That's not all. There have always been government test subjects for human-animal hybrids and super-humans too. Its the story of her group of survivors and how they have managed to survive this disaster.

Submitted:Mar 13, 2013    Reads: 7    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Dear Survivor,

You should know a few things about what's been going on. The government would deny this but their scientists have been playing with a few viruses along with some genetic combinations. the dead things you see walking around are, or were, experiments for immortality that went wrong and somehow got loose. And that was just recently. There are the people with unexplained abilities. They were experiments for creating super-humans. They have an extra chromosome in their genetic make up that allows them to do what they do. Finally there are people who can change their shape, or form if you want, either at will or by the phases of the moon, who were successful lab results for human-animal hybrids. I am one such person. the term "half-breed" gets kind of old from the few to call me that but everyone else is fine with it.

My group has been surviving this blight for three or four months now, it's hard to keep track after a while. We've had to shoot, burn, or explode a lot friends and loved ones. I had to shoot a brother and the father of my two year old son due to them being flesh-eating monsters. My younger brother had to shoot his girlfriend, our birth-mother who tried to make our step-mom's head explode, and our grandmother on our birth-mothers side. My Step-mom, step-sister, and real dad had to shoot a lot of friends and relatives, too many to list. I could probably go on but I think you get the picture.

Many of us are thinner then were due to malnutrition. The children get fed first and what is left is what the adults eat. We are alive though and so are they and in the end, that is all that really matters. Almost everyone, except maybe the assholes, give me every reason to be alive. We have run into survivors that are both caring and cruel. We normally tell the "bad apples," or ones that may just decide to stab us in the back, to keep on walking. We don't need that kind of influence around the children.

I figure you could stand to hear that there are other survivors of this crisis so I plan on dropping a letter and a journal for you so that you have an idea of the kind of people we are. I really hope you aren't one of the bad kind. If you are and you find us you will be given a choice; either go and leave us alone or choose the hard way and you will find out just how much we are willing to sacrifice for each other and our families. So please don't be messed up fuck-tards The last group that was were torn apart by angry werewolves. Sean and Henry almost felt bad until we told them what they intended.

We don't have long before we have to leave but I thought someone should know. Maybe it will spread hope in this desperate, desolate world. Remember to strive for life and love your companions like family because there aren't many people left in this world.

Forever Alive,



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