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More than what meets the eye

Book By: Chicmisspriss

It's a 1-try thing, so i don't know if i'll keep adding chapters or not. It's about 2 girls, Scarlet and Emerald Luna who are running away from their adoptive parents. The parents are strict and really don't like the girls.

POV means Point of View, just in case you didn't know.

Submitted:Feb 22, 2013    Reads: 8    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

Chapter 1: "Emerald's POV":

"Scarlet, have you got all the money yet?" I asked my sister Scarlet Luna impatiently. She sighed and turned to me. "Almost, okay? They spread it around in so many different places! I wish they would have just set up a stupid trust fund!" She said, then went back to searching. Scarlet's talking about the money our parents left us. When we were adopted by the Grays, they hid it all over the house so we could never spend it on foolish things. Their idea of foolish things is anything we'd pick ourselves. Even if it's food or toothpaste or something.

As Scarlet tried to find all our 1,000 dollars left behind, i packed our 2 book bags full of necessary stuff. I grabbed Scarlet's clothes, phone, her bathroom stuff and a blanket and shoved it in her bag. Then did the same to mine, only my stuff. Scarlet turned back to me. "I found it all! Plus a little more than Damien and Jillian must have added. Let's go!" She said. We were leaving in the middle of the night so Damien and Jillian couldn't stop us from leaving.

"What are you two doing? Is that our money?!" Damien demanded, slamming open our bedroom door. Scarlet and i stood up. "N-no, it's the money our parents left us!" Scarlet stuttered. Jillian joined Damien at our door. They both walked closer. "You brats! That's rightfully our money! You don't get it until you're 18! You two are only 16!" Jillian scoffed. I glared at her. She stared me down. "You forced your sister into leaving with you, didn't you, Emerald? You're the worst kid I've ever met!" Damien yelled. Jillian moved closer to us, backing Scarlet and me into a wall.

"G-get away!" Scarlet said, her voice barely a whisper. She sounded utterly terrified. I grabbed a knife from the window seal behind me. Jillian crept closer to me and i flipped her around. I took the knife and cut her ugly long black hair. "You brat! That's my hair! I'll get you for that!" She shrieked. For some reason, Jillian's hair is her pride and joy. It's not impressive. I backed up into a window. I open it and the wind blew in. It was hard and cold but i didn't flinch, even in my tank top and shorts. "Give us the money!" Damien growled. All i said was one word, but it made Damien and Jillian freeze. "No." Nobody had EVER told them no before.

I climbed out the window and onto the ledge, taking advantage of their stillness. "Hey! Get back here!" Damien shouted, coming back to life. He started to grab for me. Scarlet didn't like that. "Get. Away. From. My. Sister!" She growled and lashed out on him. When she jumped onto the ledge after me, Damien was steaming mad and his arm was broken and his shirt was bloody. "You little..." He started, but we were off the ledge and out the yard before he could finish. "I'll find you!" He bellowed, his voice carrying all the way to us. I shivered from the hatred in his words, but just sped up, pulling Scarlet along after me.


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