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pokemon black bile

Book By: collierider12

why i no longer play pokemon

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I was never much of a pokemon fan; I did however play some pokemon if a friend had a spare ds game or something. I just never really got it. What was so fun about trapping animals and using them for battle or entertainment?

One day I went from somewhat pokemon fan to hating it entirely. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

It had started when I was talking to some of my friends. My friends were pokemon ecstatic's; they loved it every single way. They were talking about game secrets. I mainly just sat and listened as I knew nothing about pokemon secrets. Then one of my friends brought up that there was supposed to be a pokemon game for GameCube that was just like any other pokemon on a Gameboy or ds, but it never came out for some reason. It was supposed to be for the GameCube platform. I just waved this off taking it he was telling some crappy story.

It was dark before my friends finally stopped talking about it and I was at my house. I just threw my stuff to the ground and turned on the TV, my parents had left a note that said they were on a date; this was nothing new considering that my parents were always doing stuff for each other to keep their marriage "Spicy" as they put it. I had watched TV for about an hour before the doorbell rang. I felt comfy were I was and decided not to move. Then the doorbell started ringing rapidly. "Geez, if it's that important go to another house." I thought. I got up and went to the door. A package had been left on the front door. I bent down and picked it up.

I felt that something wasn't right about this, was this some kind of trap, a prank maybe. I took the box inside and set it on the table. There was no label from some packaging company and the tape looked crudely put on. I grabbed a knife from the drawers and cut the tape.

Inside seemed to be just Styrofoam, after some time I found what seemed to e a game case. There was no label anything, just duct tape that said: Pokemon: black bile.

"What a weird name for a game" I thought. I opened up the case and couldn't believe what I saw. It was a GameCube disc. I thought back to what my friends said about there being an abandoned GameCube game. I also remembered I had an old GameCube up in the attic. It took me a while before I found it along with all of its components. I even found my old memory card with all the data still there in perfect condition. I also found some of the old games but I decided to wait on those later. I hooked the GameCube up to my TV and turned it on. The little cube did its little roll around the cube then the cube spun around showing the error screen. "At least I know it still works." I thought. "I took the black bile game and put it in the GameCube and started it up again. The little cube did its opening, but when it jumped on the cube the last sound sounded lower than how it should have been. Fear rippled up my back. The game started up. I skipped the intro as I never really was interested. The game went to where there was a black figure standing in front of a white background. The title screen came down over it and the words black bile were oozing. "What the fudge" I thought. Note I didn't say fudge. I pressed the start button and the figure hopped on one leg. It seemed kind of cute. The figure then faded into a black screen. The screen then went blue and 3 options were given. New game, continue, and options. What was weird was that the new game option was greyed out while the others were white. I pressed the a button and It told me both files were being used and that I couldn't start another game. "That's weird." I though. "I just got the game, and there is no pokemon memory on my memory card." I then went to continue and the screen went black for about 30 seconds. This time a green screen came up that said: pick your death. I stared at the words with a weird look on my face. Why did it say death, shouldn't it say pick your save game. The screen went black and came back with a blue screen that had 2 files on it. I'm no pokemon expert but there should be only one save file if I'm correct. I just shrugged it off thinking it was just something new the programmers wanted to try. There were 2 files. Hatred and anger. I stared at these names for a couple minutes. I didn't know if there were any combinations to delete the files so I picked anger. The game started up and was in a room. The sprite wore a white jacket with blue jeans. There was a bed next to me so I thought I just woke up or something. I decided to check my stats. After messing around a little I found that the b button opened the menu. I went to the stats bar and opened it. There seemed to be 3 empty boxes well not entirely. One of the boxes showed the sprite in full human form. He had a white hoody and his hands were in the pockets. I exited the screen and went downstairs. There was a woman lying on the couch which I guessed was my mother. I walked up to her and pressed a. a dialog box came up and letters started to pop up on the screen in a type writer type way. "Son as you know, my time is near." She started, I pressed a and continued on. "We both know that the virus has spread across the region, you must not let them fool you, and only one speaks the truth." She finished. What was she talking about? "Do not let the liar infect you, he had me fooled and now I….. Have….. It, the……………… black………………………… bile." I hit a again to see if she said anything else but then black stuff spewed across the floor from her mouth. Even though it was pixilated. I was still pretty nauseas. Suddenly another box popped up. "Your stats have changed." The screen went black and came to the stats screen. Only something changed. The character was standing up and looking down; there was a blue puddle around his feet. Had he been crying? There was also a word in the box next to his. A word that said misery. Was this what the character was feeling? I exited out of the stats screen. I decided I couldn't look anymore at the mess and went outside. the outside looked horrible. Nearby houses looked Broken and abandoned, grass plants looked like piles of ash. The sky was entirely grey. To my right was the ocean below a cliff. A text box suddenly appeared. Why didn't you save her? It asked. I pressed a. nothing happened. I decided to go left. I only walked a couple steps before another box appeared. You just watched it. I pressed a and walked more before another box opened. Don't you care? It asked then a yes or no option appeared. I hit yes. LIAR!!!!!!! It screamed in caps lock. Then it went away. A box came up saying; your stats have changed, again. It went black then came to the menu. The kid was still looking down and the puddle was still around his feet, but is arms were curled up into a fist. Another word appeared below misery. Anger. I hit the a button and it came back to the city I was in. I took a look around. All the houses looked like they were the same. Smashed up and abandoned. I then came to a part of the city that appeared to be a route. Next t it was a sign. I went up to the sign and pressed a, it responded with, your death, and an arrow pointing to the left. I decided this must have been some sort of scribble put down by some insane guy in the game. I kept walking down the path for what felt like 5 minutes, it might have been 30 seconds but it felt longer than that. I came across a fork in the road, each one with a pokemon in front. The top road had a buizel in front of it; the bottom one had a bulbasaur. What were 2 entirely different generation of pokemon doing in the same game like this.

Note the thick words are the buizels and the italics are the bulbasaurs

One of us you must believe.

For you can go no farther

One of us will kill you

The other will save you.

Will your mother's words remain vain?

Or will she have been right to not put you out of your misery early.

Trust me and you will live.

Trust him and you will die.

I mainly stood there as they walked off. The dialogue box popped up with, your stats have changed. Once more. It went to black and showed the status screen. This time the sprite had his head lifted up. His eyes were filled with tears but his eyes showed no sorrow, he just looked blankly ahead. Another word appeared below anger, confusion. I exited out of the screen and decided to go up the top road. I walked for a few feet then my sprite stopped.

He looked at the screen and a dialogue box appeared. Do you think you've made the right choice? It asked then yes or no appeared. I picked yes. The box disappeared and the character kept walking then the screen went black and a loud scream was heard. I covered my ears and closed my eyes. I don't remember if I was screaming to or not. I looked up and a text box was on the screen. You have made a grave mistake. I pressed a and another box popped up. Why didn't you listen to me? The box then exited then the soft sound of thunder could be heard. Which was weird considering that there was no sign of ran outside. Then the screen came back up to where the character had left off, except he was lying on the ground. He got up and there were a couple of black dots on the ground where he had been lying down at. A box popped up and it said my stats had changed. It once again came to the stats screen. My character once again looked blankly ahead, but this time there was some black ooze on his lips. And the words nauseas and weak came up. I exited out of the screen and despite my best efforts to move him he just stayed there. Then he suddenly puked black onto the ground. My character had been infected. But how? I was then able to move again. I kept going left but my character seemed slow. And a trail of black dots seemed to follow him. My sprite then stopped again. He looked at the screen and said, I can't continue, I feel it engulfing me, it shall contain me any minute. I am scared. I hit a and a box came up. Are you scared? It asked, and then the yes and no boxes came up. What would happen if I picked no, I wondered. I decided to be truthful and hit yes. The box went away for a couple seconds and said, I know a way out, do you want to see? It asked. I hit yes. I don't remember why. He screen went black and then I was back at my house. The character was staring at the ocean.

Why didn't you trust him? The sprite asked. I couldn't respond, not even thinking could I respond. The character walked closer to the ridge. It's because of you that I have to pay this price. He said. He took one more step and feel off the edge. The screen went dark and the there was a splat sound. I hope your happy. Were the last words. Suddenly a grinding sound was heard and the lights blew out. I sat there. The only light was the light from the kitchen. I finally got up and tried turning on the lights again. No avail. I finally was able to get a light bulb and replaced the other one. I turned back on the lights to find that my GameCube had been completely destroyed. It looked like it had exploded. The disc inside was also ruined. I threw them both away. I told no one of my experience until now, and I leave you with these words. Don't believe everyone.


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