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Life Of Drew

By: DemiHayleyLovato

Page 1, This is only the first page of the first chapter. Enjoy!


Chapter 1: New School
       It was exactly 6:25 a.m. and I was laying in bed. It’s my 1st day to ever go to this school and I’m getting butterflies in my stomach because I started thinking about the school and if the students and my teachers if they are nice or…..not. I screamed, “NO!!” my mom came running in and asked, “Is everything okay!?”
    “Yes mom. I’m just nervous about school and the people there by the way what time is it?”
    “It’s 6:30. Why?”
    My eyes grew big as I screamed, “WHAT IT’S 6:30! I have 10 minutes till the bus gets here! Oh mom leave so I can get ready.” My mom left and I got ready. 5 minutes later I came down in an Aeropostale shirt, a leather jacket, and some skinny jeans. I ate a Poptart for breakfast, said bye to my mom, and went to the bus stop to find my best friend in the whole world Madisyn Jefferson as soon as I noticed her I screamed and Madi jumped as soon as she heard me scream. They then started screaming.
    “OMG!! I can’t believe we are going to the same school. EEPP!!”. The bus soon arrived then Madi and I got on then a couple minutes later they arrived at school. The school was so big that I almost fainted because of it’s size. Madi caught me in the knick of time. 2 kids noticed what just happened and walked over with worried looks on their faces. “Are you okay?” One of them asked.
    “Yeah… by the way I’m Drew.”
    "Nice to meet you Drew. I'm Denise and this is Madeliene."
    "We're Seniors, you must be a freshman."
     "Yeah how's you know?"

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