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Writing for Writing attempt 2

Book By: DragonsSong

Shapeshifter, probably vampire eventually, religion.... sort of anyway, trying to stay away from Fae for awhile, so yell at me if I do.

Submitted:Oct 3, 2010    Reads: 45    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Aisling stumbled as she came to a sudden stop against Jessie. The blonde had stopped moving to gawk at a male in line. He returned the gesture full bore, eyes trailing down her skimpy outfit.
Damn that chick has a tight ass, love to get me a piece of that.
Aisling glared at him and pushed her friend forward, glad that Jessie couldn't hear the boy's thoughts. The bouncer had similar thoughts but, oddly, they were directed at her.
Sleek, beautiful, mmmmm.
She kept moving, confused by his interest, even if mental. She glanced down at her scrounged outfit of cargos and a ragged t-shirt. There was nothing there that would draw his attention. When she looked up the male's eyes were locked onto hers. She ducked her head and slipped through the doorway.
Jessie smiled at her, a knowing look on her face as they headed to the bar. Aisling's head immediately began to pound. The din this rowdy crowd created an off-beat tempo in her head. A stuttered reply brought Aisling back to the present, and Jessie. The female was arguing with a male who had just taken the table she'd set their drinks down on. His friends soon joined him. She reached forward to grab her friend just as the male pulled her into his lap.
"You can always sit with us." He smiled wickedly. Aisling pulled her friend back and glared at the male.
"Or you can just move on like the gentleman you aren't and go bother someone else. You are rude barbarians." The male's expression darkened. When her stare didn't falter his expression became confused. He motioned to his buddies and they vacated the seats, moving back into the crowd. Jessie sighed.
"Can you try not to ruin the vibe Ash? We came here to have fun. You're only twenty-one for a year. After that the drinking is boring." Aisling gave her the look she deserved. Jessie only rolled her eyes and sat down in one of the seats. Aisling sat across from her. She hadn't come for the novelty, she'd come to watch out for Jessie.
Jessie had been working for weeks to get the passes to come here. This was the opening night for The Channeling Chalice. The local celebrities had already taken over part of the upper floors, at least for the time being. Speaking of celebrities, everyone was wondering who the owner of the club was. He had to have plenty of money.
The building was completely paid for, as well as the land it sat on. The audio systems were state of the art, some not even on the open market yet. It was a staggering five stories, most of the second being open space above the first. The third was a set of several private rooms, used for meetings, small groups, or anything else for that matter. The fourth was storage and the offices for the workers, as well as the workers break room. She'd heard that the fifth was off limits, probably a loft for the owner and his/her friends.
Jessie had managed to catch the attention of a well dressed male and had wandered off. Aisling didn't bother following, knowing where they would end up. With a streak of curiosity Ash headed up the staircase to the second floor. She wove her way between the tables, managing to snag an unopened bottle of liquor from a table without being seen. She didn't recognize the name but the small was enticing. She hid the bottle in her cargos and flashed her pass to a guard who let her up to the third floor. Jessie had gotten lucky and snagged a room to sleep off her buzz, or for other purposes if the sounds coming through the door said anything. Ash kept walking.
Not knowing why she found a secluded staircase and made her way to the roof. She propped the door with a brick and sat down on a vent. It was oddly quiet on the roof, testimony to the club's soundproofing. She sighed and sipped from the bottle. It was sweetly flavored with a tang on the end. She set it down and walked to the edge, crouching down to peer unnoticed over the lip of the building. The people below seemed small from this height. She settled down with the bottle, leaning against the lip of the building.
--- Ash's eyes flicked open as she heard someone come onto the roof. The strongly built male had stopped to stair at her.
How did she get up here? Damn it, she shouldn't have been able to.
"It's 'cause yer gourds suck, sor-ry guards. Gourds id be funnier though." Her speech was slurred, the alcohol having taken it's affect. She stared at the bottle, chastising it. "You made me make a boo-boo. Stupid bo'le." The male had tilted his head to the side as he studied her. She slowly realized that he hadn't said anything and had answered a thought. "Oopsy…"
Can you hear me?
"Well, duh." She glared at him through bleary eyes. "Cheater." He smiled at her. With a mental tap he blocked his thoughts from reaching her. He stepped forward and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling one of her arms over his shoulders. She leaned heavily against him, tilting closer to smell his shirt. "You smell nice." With a bleary cough she passed out.
Ash woke with a sharp headache. She squinted as sunlight seeped under her lids. She stretched, wondering why her alarm didn't go off. The fur cover she'd been under slid to the floor and she paused. She didn't own any fur covers. A calloused hand touched her cheek and she looked up to see a white-haired male. The night before flooded into her head. "Shit." The word slipped unbidden from her lips.

"I wouldn't say that." She glanced away from the male beside her to see the one from the night before. He was sitting at a table, drinking coffee while reading the paper.


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