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Living On The Edge-In The Sky Again...

Book By: gwenlover123

Tags: Valtori, Girl, Birth

When Talia and Charlie finally make it to the Valtori,they find out something supriseing!!

Submitted:Apr 10, 2010    Reads: 44    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Charlie's POV. We finally make it to Augusta,Maine.When we start flying over to the Valtori,we didn't know it was gonna take so long. "Ughhh,how many hours is this fly"?She nods her head like she'll never understand me and starts to speak."Well,it's been 3 hours.Sooooo......4 more hours to go".I moan the loudest moan ever 'cause you could see birds fly out of a tree in a distance. The wind catches up to my hair and starts making knots.It's been an hour and we fly down to stop and eat some food."You go out and get some food and stuff while i'll go 'rent' a home kk"?She was to old to be saying that."Ok".She hands me 50$ and starts moving away.I stop at the nearest TacoBell and get some Tacos.Then I go to a little park and hang out on the swings for a while.I swing from side to side 'cause it makes my skin tingle.It starts getting darker and darker.The street lights turn on and I find myself alone.I then find some eyes in the distant.They come closer and closer.I scan the girl.Blue eyes and is a brunette.Good,she's not a vampire.She walks over and sits on the swing across from me.She looks about maybe 12 or 13."Hi there.My name is Aylessa Hart.What's your name"?It takes a couple of minutes but I decide to speak up."My name is Charalotte Lahrou.But people call me Charlie".She nods."How old are you"?She ask."10"."Oh,I'm 13".I look down at my phone,8:30.We talk for what seems like hours when my phone starts buzzing,"Blah Blah Blah".After the pfone call I gather my stuff and put my coat on."Gotta go.Aunt's ready for me".We say our good-byes and I walk into the forest so I can fly up. The next day we continue to travel.When we finally reach the Valtori,it takes us time to actully get up all the way to the Castle.Talia does all the work by killing the guards while I lurk them into our traps.When we get up there,we jam open the doors and look up."I want to see my mom".I see with demand. "I would let you see your parent's but,your mom is giving birth" To be continued.....


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