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The Other Side Of This World-1

Book By: gwenlover123

The only way to save this world,is to find the masters of it.The dark,world of hell and the bright side of heaven.Where you can meet all the people you can find.

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~The other side of this world~ ~Samantha Tompson's POV.~ I watch as the two worlds throw bombs at eachother.They scream in justice as if they win,or they scream in fear as one of them get hurt.The only way to stop this is to get in between.But would I risk my life?No.The war between Heaven and Hell is the worst war that ever happened to Earth.I watch as the girl with the curly red hair cheers for someone who looks like her dad on the side of Hell,and on the other,a boy with heavenly blonde hair sits back and watch as the fight goes on.After awhile,the two both stare at me."Come to my side" the red head said."No,come to my side" the boy says.A second later they are both grabbing either arm and trying to take me to their side."No!Stop it all of you".I try to say but they don't listen.I close my eyes as I hear a crack........ I wake up screaming as the sun blazes in my eyes."Ugh.Another bad dream".I reach out of bed and walk over to the bathroom.Since I was all muggy,and hot,I took a nice shower to make myself smooth and clear not sticky and muggy.After the shower I put my hair into a nice little pony tail and apply some makeup.I then put on a t-shirt and some skinny jeans as I walk out of my bedroom."Samantha dear,your oatmeal is ready",I hear my grandma hollar down the stairs as I scramble down.I look into the kitchen to see my best friend,Isabelle Wilson scattered in her seat and my grandma making some orange juice.I have to live with my grandma for a while untill she and my dad make it up in court.My parents are divorced so once again I have to stay with my grandma."Hey Sammy" Isabelle says as I sit down.She's sipping on some orange juice in a straw so that she can be annoying."Sam,your mother just called telling me that after school she's gonna pick you up ok"?I moan as I say 'ok' back."Where's grampa"?I ask as she walks into the pantry."Oh,grampa went over to the farmers market to get some more milk and other stuff".I nod as I look over at Isabelle.She's looking out at the ocean.I can see the tips of her hair in the sunlight,blue.Isabelle has black hair with blue tips.She lives by my grandma so she comes here often."Well you two better get to school,or your gonna be late.Isabelle nods and walks out the door."I'll wait by the bridge" she says before walking out."Well,i'll be going now"I say as I grab my backpack and put it around my shoulder.We both hug as I walk out and follow Isabelle.We walk across the bridge to town in silence as we take a right to Jefferson St.."I had that dream again".I say breaking the ice.She stops and looks at me."What's up with you and these war dreams"?I shrug as we walk into the highschool.We walk all the way down the hall and take a left to our lockers."Maybe your seeing things in the future"?Issy says as she grabs chemistry books out of her locker.I look over at her locker to see dozen of things cut out of harry potter books and some pictures of her and her mom and dad.I then compare my locker; pictures of my old neighboorhood,or me and my dad.And some things ripped out of magazines.I grab my math books and walk to math."See ya in science".I make out a peace sign as we walk away. ~Samantha's mom's house~ I walk into the living room and set my backpack down."Mom I'm home" I say as I walk into the kitchen to find a note on the fridge.Sam,went out to get some groceries.Love,Mom.That meant I was alone for two whole hours.I run up to my room and change into a tanktop with some black jeans.I pull my hair into a one side ponytail and go out to the backyard.I listen to the pebbles banging against the water as the make a clash sound.Our dog,Cream,runs over to me as I pick her up and put on her collar.We were gonna go on a walk.After a long one hour,we go inside and I put some food and water into her bowl.I grab a water out of the garage and flop onto the couch.I flick on the tv as it turns on to Mtv.The lady on the television talks about her fat and how she dosen't like it.I grab the phone and call Issy."Hey it's Issy,I'm out doing something!Leave a message after the beep".I sigh as the beep anwsers."Hey it's Sammy.Just calling to say that I'm at my mom's house so bye".I put down the phone to hear the door open and close."Mom".I run up to her and hug her."Sweety,I need to tell you something.You have to go to a bording school".I pause as she smiles. Cliff Hanger!!! Bye.


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