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The Other Side Of This World-2

Book By: gwenlover123

When the sun unrivals at dusk,a new day begins and a flower blossoms.

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~The Other Side Of This World~ Samantha Tomphson's POV. "Well,I haven't been able to carry on with the rent and it turns out,your dad moved all the way to California".My mom says."B..but what about grandma"?I ask trying to keep the tears in."She has to go on a trip all the way to Europe.And if you stay with me,there's no chances of you living a good life".That's when I let the tears fall."Mom,I don't want you to die"! I hug her as tight as I can and let go."I'll call you every week and never let you go".She starts crying to as we hug and kiss eachother.Minutes pass as we let go of eachother."I promiss you,i'll try to visit you every two monthes".I nod as we hug one more time.{Play song I will be-Leona Lewis}"I'm going to walk down the beach",I say running up the stairs.I put my hair into a bun and walk out the door.I put on my flip-flops and go out the gate.The waves crash against the shore as I walk right by the water.The pebbles make flopping sound as I pick up my paste.I run up to the sand and run super quick all the way to the other side of the beach.I fall down and crash against the hard cold sand.I sob and sob as it grows from bright to dark outside.The owls hoot from a mile away as I gently fall to sleep. I arrive at a place with tons of kids following eachother.The driver kicks me out of the car and drives away.I stand up and look at a boy.His features are incredible,his skin sparkles in the light and his prenium blonde hair lights up the whole universe.He has tender blue eyes the color of the ocean and a cute little nose with freckles the size of crums.He looks like he could be the son of Jesus in a way.Then the room turns black and windy as a red head comes up to me with an evil grin plastered against her face.Her features are brightly imanginable.Her hair is down to her waist and curls like the waves in motion.She's got bloody red eyes the size of pebbles.And the excact same skin as the boy.She looks like she could be Hades daughter.She then walks up to the boy and kisses his cheek.He dissapears with a scream and the whole world turns around.Volcanos grow out of the ground and smoke forms in the sky.She laughs evily as everything becomes blurry....................................................... I wake up scrambled in my bed.There's a sweat pond and i'm not even put in the covers.My mom probably found me and took me inside.After a nice shower,I put on some khaki shorts and a areopostal shirt.I walk down the stairs to find my mother sitting at the table with her head in her hands."Mom?What's wrong"?? She sighs as she raises her head.There are tears all over her face."It's been decided.You have to pack your things after school.Your leaving at 8 at night".She cries and I start to too."O...ok".We stay there for a couple of minutes untill I decide it's time to go."i'll see you after school" I say for the last time untill walking out the front door.I walk alone all the way to the school with silence.The cars zooming past fills up the silence as I slouch in my back-pack.The whole day of school was boring.When I told Isabelle about me going to a bording school she said she would call me everyday.After school,I went to my grandmas and got my clothes.Then I packed at my moms house.At 7:57,I cried one last time with my mom and left.That was the last of Washington. It's been two days and I finally made it to Oregon.The bording school was full of people;Emo's,goths,scenes,populars,regulars,sporties,and all of the others.When I got out of the car,I made my way to a guy who looks about my age.Wait a minute,that's the same excact guy in my dreams. To Be Continued.......


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