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Lone Stallion

Book By: Horsecrazylover

I hope you like this book, I just have dreams and write about them, then I add more. I got this story, not from a dream, but a friend on a rp on Horse Isle.

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Chapter 1
It was a long 4 months with out Star. Without an answer, I became somewhat fragile and sickly but tried to get some class, but I was a colt at heart, a love struck yearling. I didn't know much about love, I had only loved one other mare, my mother and in a different way than Star.
Sunset had more experience but, the good guys always get the girl, so I just stood in the pond for a while knowing, that Sunset was the good guy.
I knew from the beginning I had little to no chance, but I started to hope. That's why I won't make that mistake again. Hopes only turns to crushed dreams, just live life at the moment, don't look forward or back. It's about right here, right now.
I fell asleep; I started thinking about Star, Razz, and Sunset. I thought about the people, and my old herd. If I could have cried I would have. I wanted my mom, then it hit me, I had to escape, for my own hearts sake.
I started to dream about the foal running around Star, with Sunset, at least she would be happy. Razz, I might take her with me, but the only problem was her owner, he didn't want to hurt either of us.
I decided to run that night, try to escape, stay clear of Star and Razz. I might be able to see my mom again.
I saw Star and just galloped away. If I tried to say goodbye, it could be painful, painful enough to hurt the foal, Star, and myself. I galloped on.
Chapter 2
As I reached my old herd, I realized there were only 2 mares, and they had been taken over by another Stallion. The stallion had killed the rest, and my mother was among the dead ones. I, heartbroken, galloped back and waited outside the ranch, hoping to die.
The people took me inside and put me into the pasture, and I just kept out of site and went to where I had lain. I lay there once more. I heard something in the distance, Razz? Star? I wanted to cry out, but just lied there.
I just lay there. I wondered about Star's foal. I couldn't bear to see it, as I knew that when I did, I would realize I wasn't a colt. I had lost, and I had known where to turn. That it wasn't just a bad dream.
I soon went to my favorite spot, under the pine trees covered with branches. It was hidden, but I knew that when Razz saw I wasn't there she would know something was up, but I didn't care what she thought.
I needed someone to help me recover from my terrible fate. I was hidden away; Razz could find me eventually, if she wanted to anyway.

I let out an ear piercing whinny, then laid back down. Finally Razz found me, I followed her to Star's foal, but once I saw the foal, I just stood there for a while, and then I turned and went back to my hidden spot.
I just didn't know what to do. I wasn't ever going to be able to have one of my own, so I feared I might try to take Sunset's place, but I knew it was wrong, I would see the foal when I was ready.
Chapter 3
Star followed me back told me that she made a bad mistake.
"No, I was the one who made the mistake, I left my herd, and I left you. I'm just not loyal enough for you. I shouldn't have even tried. It hurts; I have no herd any more. These people took me away from everything I knew, and made me love something else, and then I betrayed it. How could anyone as beautiful as you, care about someone like me?" I said.
"Well you may not have class but I now know that you care about me more than anything in the world and you would risk your live to save mine" Star says
"Your all I have left, how could I not try to save you? You're the only thing that is worth living for." I said.
"Well, I just want to say that, I should have not chose Sunset to be the lead stallion, I should have chosen, chosen you." Star says.
I just could believe it. I thought he could never have a mare. I almost fell over, was it to much for me to handle? I was shocked. I still couldn't believe I won Star over.
I knew Razz liked me, she would be heart broken, but unfortunately, and I could only have one mare. There would always be someone hurt on the inside, I couldn't change that, but how I wanted to.
I realizing my responsibility, decided to go see if anyone was coming, several humans were, I recognized one, not from this place, but where I was before I was captured.
He was a bad man. He sold horses to slaughter for no more than a penny; horses that were with him were starved and worked to death. I had to keep him from my herd.
Star looked up and saw the men too; they where in her friends stall looking at her. I saw a check in the man's hand; someone had been sold to him. I worried for Sunset, Sunny, Razz and the foal. Star was to amazing to be sold to him. She was the master's pride and joy. Finally the man left, he would be back, but at least for know my herd was safe.
Chapter 4
"What have I done wrong?" I said as I was being loaded into the trailer, I fought, trying to get to Star, to make a promise, a promise to always return, and how we will meet again.
I was taken on a long journey. When we finally stopped, it was not to let me out, but for those selfish humans to eat. I waited and waited, and finally, what seemed like hours, they came back. They got in the truck and we were off, again.
The next time we stopped, they opened the door. The sun was so bright! I was blinded. One man came next to me and led me out; three other horses were led out too. I think I recognized one of them but I was not sure. Then I got, it was one of the horses from my mother old herd, she had a foal with her. What man would buy a mare with a foal I thought?
I was led into a stall, a very, very, very small stall. I could barley turn around it. There in the dark corner filled with cobwebs was some water, very little water, and I knew he would not refill it. I turned around and looked in the other dark corner, hay. Dusty, old, dry hay!
I was so hungry I bent down and picked up a couple of pieces of hay. It crumbled in my mouth, so I spat it out. I walked over to the water and stuck my nose in, spider webs got all over my mouth and nostrils, but I lapped at the water, it tasted like dust.
I walked to the door and let out a whinny, I hated being here, I wanted to be with Star and Razz and Sunset. I knew Star missed me, I missed her too, but I guess that was the way it was suppose to be.
Chapter 5
I was lead out of my stall by a very nice man, or what I thought was a nice man. He put a saddle and bridle on me. Then he led me up to some type of block that he stood on. He put his foot in the stirrup and swung his leg over me.
He was so heavy, I bucked him off. Then, I thought, I could run away! I could just run away and see Star and Razz and Sunset again! I started to back away, I was going to run. But before I could run he grabbed my reins and pulled me toward him.
I walked up to him, feeling sorry for myself and him. He turned me around and started to walk up to the block again, I walked with him. He put his foot in the stirrup and swung his leg over. This time I did not buck, I did not want to get hurt.
He walked me out into the area. There were other horses in there too, so I did not want to spook them by bucking him off.
He squeezed me sides, from previous training I knew this meant to go in to a trot or jog. I picked up a steady jog, and around and around the arena we went, at a steady jog.
Then he squeezed my sides harder, I started to trot fast and faster. He reached back and smacked me with a stick. I bucked a little and then cantered, around the arena.
I looked inside, and there were horses jumping. He made me go in a circle and I then I saw it, a jump, well a cross-rail.
I knew I was suppose to jump it, but it was so scary. He squeezed my sides more, and kicked me. In front of the jump I stopped, put my head down, and snorted at it.
Then he fell on my neck! I swung my head up and he went fly behind me. When he hit the ground, he made a big thump sound. It was so scary, the only way to get away from it, was to jump over the jump.
I picked up my front legs and kicked with my back legs so I would clear it. I went flying over it, and galloped out. People all around me were waving their hands and yelling. I was so scarred; right then and there I wanted my old home, my mother, Star, Razz, and even Sunset.
I heard a whinny, it sounded like Star's whinny. I lifted my head to see if I can hear it again. I kept looking everywhere, but I guess it was only my imagination.
I looked down and saw a human running toward me. I bolted toward the gate, the gate was open! Ha! I thought who would leave a gate open, I thought as I galloped out of it toward the drive way gate.
I was going to run, I was destined to, and I wanted, no needed Star and Razz with me. I wonder how happy Star and Razz will be when they see me, I thought.
As I came out of my daydream, I saw that the gate to my freedom was closed. It was only about knee high and I knew I could jump that, at least for my freedom.
As I came up to it, I picked up my front feet. One second later my front feet cleared it, now for my back feet. I kicked them up high, so I won't hit the gate. When I got to the other side, I realized I made it! I made it to my freedom, and no one can stop me!
Then I felt something grab my reins. No! I have to be free I thought, I have to get to Star and tell her everything is alright. He unlatched the gate and lead me back in. He took off bridled and put my halter on. Then he took off my saddle and led me to the wash rack.
He turned on the water once he tied me, and hosed me down. The water felt so good on my sweaty back. He ran his hands down my legs and put ice on them. Then he put a blanket on my back and led me to my stall.
It was more than a month since I was taken from Star. My eyes lost their shine, my coat turned into a rag, and my tail, my tail lost it shine and was down most of the time. I kept thinking about Star, was she alright? Will I ever get to see her again?
The next day I was put in a pen with 4 other horses looking like they were all dirt and mud. At least my man took care of my and groomed and bathed me everyday, I thought.
Then I was taken away from the horses and put into a bigger area. I ran around like a lost scarred colt. Then I heard someone shout at me. I looked up and I was him! He was my other owner!
I ran toward the stand that he was standing on. I looked up at him and met his eyes. I saw the sadness in his eyes. I think he saw the sadness in my eyes too, because he turned his head away. Then about a second later he turned his head again to face me.
About a minute after that, I was lead out of the arena and put into a corral. Then at the end of the day, no one came to pick me up like some other horses got to. I wanted to home and see Star and Razz and Sunny and the colt. I was homesick and I was not afraid to say it.
The horses that weren't sold at the action got put back into their stalls, including me. I fell asleep thinking about Star.
I was woken up by smoke in my nose. Then I heard banging and shouting. I walked over to my stall door and stuck my head over it. I could barely see, but I could make out some people opening the stall doors of horses. Since I was the last one in my row, I whinnied hoping they heard me. A man came to my stall door and opened it up.
He ran away and the door flung open. Starring me right in the face was my freedom, and I took the chance. I galloped out of the door and up the driveway. I jumped over the gate, that they were opening, and I ran as fast as I could.
Everything went so fast, but I galloped on. I galloped past the blaze and smoke. I ran like I was running for my life, and I was. I ran past other horses, they looked like they were forgotten, but I just galloped on. I did care about them, but I wanted to get home.
I ran on for 3 days, stopping to only drink and eat. When I finally stopped, I was lost. I did not know where I was. I turned around and around trying to find something that reminded me of home.
I took a deep breath and I smelt salt. I was near a sea! I remember that my home was near a sea! I galloped toward the smell, and stopped just above a cliff. I looked out and there it was the blue, salty sea. I walked down the cliff and into the shore. If I just would follow this down, maybe I could find my home.
I started on going south. I walked on the shore, water soaking my hooves. I walked up a cliff to see where I was.


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