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How To Role Play (In curren story book fasion)

Book By: Iason Tonyaka

Chapter One: Creating a character or Who are you??

Submitted:Mar 19, 2008    Reads: 1,514    Comments: 8    Likes: 5   

This is usually the hardest part of a person learning to role play. "What do I make?" "How do I know what to make?" And although at first it can be intimidating the fact is, if you have an imagination it's actually simple!
First thing you need to decide is what sex you are comfortable playing with? Do you like imagining a boy or a girl when you see yourself in another world? Most times the player enjoys the thought of playing the opposite sex, it lets them escape from what is going on in real life, or they just always have wanted to be the opposite sex and it gives them the chance to live out that fantasy. I usually play a male so that's what I will create here for you as an example.
Alright, I know I want to play a male, what next? Well.. what age do you want to play? For every age group comes different possibilities of a situation, but keep in mind that playing a character too young has an impact on the level of intelligence or ability you can have. For instance anything under five is not likely to have a high vocabulary or a whole lot they can do. They aren't in school; all they know is cartoons and playing. If you go extremely young they cannot speak and can't do much walking.. they require help even to change clothing and such. If you go to old and intend to play realistically you might run into the same problems.
Most players stick to the mid age group which is between 15 and 30. This allows for the maximum experience in r/p regardless of how high or low the fantasy level is. I prefer to play males around about 16 or 17 so I'll stick to midway, 16 and a half.
Next thing tells you if your fantasy or realistic. What race do you want to play your character as and how will it look? This can be as simple as a Japanese or White or African American. Then again it can be more difficult when you add the fantasy element. For now I'll stick to a realistic build. I like playing Japanese males.
Then there is the Appearance. How will the character look? Is he tall, fat, thin, short? Does he have long hair or short hair? What color are his hair and eyes? I like to make this simple on myself with a little run down for mental back up. Keep in mind that what race you choose can limit these features in a realistic situation.
Sex: Age: Hair: Eyes: Skin Tone:
Height: Weight: Build: Race:
Distinguishing features:
With this map-out it can make creating the characters looks easier for some. I'll continue to give my character for the example.
Sex: Male Age:16&1/2 Hair: black Eyes: emerald Skin Tone: Light bronze
Height: 5'2" Weight: 125lbs Build: average/ slightly toned Race: Japanese
Distinguishing features: eyes seem to glow slightly when stressed, peicings on both nipples, tongue, belly one at the head of his dick one at the base and four on each ear
Now I have all my features. You can choose to seek out a picture that closely matches it if you want or even draw one yourself. You don't have to have a picture, but it does help others better picture your character.
The next thing is clothing. Do you want a rough and tumble looking character or a character with more class? The clothing can give a definite feel to the character. It helps also to decide the personality. Is he secretive? Does he use deception in his looks to pull off a maneuver into places in higher standing or lower standing than he is or is he out front about the kind of person he is? I usually prefer to give the character a look of class with a mixture of humbleness that tells of a rough life under the deception of his society levels standing.
Clothing: Green silk blouse with black Japanese dragons woven in around the cuff sleeves and trim, blouse is loose fitting with big sleeves and worn open over a white tank top. His pants are a dark brown expensive leather and he wears military style boots with large silver buckle loops sewn into the sides.
Now with clothing chosen you can even begin to see your character developing a personality. The best idea is to let the imagination go. See where the character can take you. Is he a snob? A bully? A loser? A winner? A risk taker? Is he maybe something he thinks he isn't or doesn't present himself as?
With that firmly in mind it's a good idea to pick a name. Keep your characters race in mind, some names are not so good tacked onto a a nationality or race outside their own. For instance it isn't very likely you'll find a Japanese male named John Doe. There are MANY name generators you can use, or you can choose one of your own making if you like.
I took a name I liked, Jason, and looked for an equivalent in other languages. I discovered "Iason" which is commonly used in Japanese books, movies and Manga's. Then out of pure laziness I took an oriental car company name and played with it to get a last name, Tonyaka. Now he has a name: Iason Tonyaka.

With the basics of your character now created you can now begin to work out the rough edges


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