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Our Internal Struggle

Book By: Invisible Art

This is the story of a humans Internal struggle, from my point of view.
New chapters every other week at least!!

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A single rush of emotion can change your life forever. Emotions have more power when it comes to controlling people then they realize. Everything we as humans do on a daily basis depend on our emotions, for without them, we would all be doing the same exact thing. Each and every one of us humans would look different but act yet the same as everyone around us. Without emotions we would be like robots, doing everything we are told or "programmed" to and never question it.

If someone asked you to jump off a cliff, would you do it? Most of us would walk up to the edge of the cliff, look down and back out because our emotions would kick in and try to stop us from jumping. What if you did something wrong and never told anyone. Your emotions would probably kick in and constantly bother you to the point where you tell someone and try to fix whatever action you have done. In most cases human emotions are there to help us as humans make the right decisions and not be like everyone else, but that isn't always the case. When people think of emotions they think of the simple ones, like happy, sad, scared, angry, etc., but what about every other emotion? Most of the time humans aren't just one emotion, but a mix of at least two. When more than one emotion is involved in a situation, the right decision becomes blurry or there becomes more than one right thing to do. That is what leads people to make the wrong decision. They chose the best path for their situation based on the greater emotion or what would satisfy their emotion, in hopes of getting rid of that emotion, and go back to their regular state of emotion. Sadly, not many people are in their normal state of being for very long, thanks to emotions.

Imagine what it would feel like to be in the middle of a huge fight. Not a physical fight but more of an "emotional fight", like the ones that occur when rumors spread, or someone says something about someone else behind their back. When you're in that type of situation, you tend to feel like there is nothing you can do to win. One side of the fight will always win and your future after the fight will be based off the outcome of that fight. Sometimes both sides of the argument win and things go back to being the way there were in the past but that rarely happens over anything that isn't minor situation. The worst thing is that no matter how hard we try to satisfy everyone, we never can. If everyone but you had no emotion then one could basically do anything and no one would care, simply because they wouldn't feel anything and just go along with it. Emotions are hard to understand but without them, we can die, or come close to it in a sense, and with emotions we can die. Having emotions is never simple and sometimes they can be hard to understand but we as humans can't live with them or without them.

Who knew that something that no one can put a price on, explain, or touch could have such a huge impact on everything in our lives. When thought about, emotions can be something that us as humans take for granted and don't really notice the ways that they change us as people.


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