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You're here now but where are you going?

By: jay jaysin

Page 1, my book centers around the internal aspects of why people have trouble attaining things they want. i believe that success is not reached external but internally and once you have developed a successful internal self the external will fall into place. throughout my book i will examine key internal aspects of ones self and how to strengthen these aspects, only then will your positive external circumstances come together.

here is a excerpt from one of the chapters of the rough draft of my book, this chapter is on the internal aspect of willpower and self discipline.



realistically the only way you can achieve something is by sticking with your plan and the only way you can do that is if you 
want it badly enough.  before you can achieve a challenging goal or begin the process you have to ask yourself why it is that
you want to do this and do you want it badly enough to persevere, struggle, and endure threw the hard parts long enough to ultimately 
reach your final goal.  you have to implore the mentality that no matter what happens, no matter what obstacles come your way or 
what other people say or do it wont effect your progress and you wont let it distract you from attaining your goals.  there are 
three key parts to accomplishing your goal all of which must be employed if you want to succeed.  understanding and knowing without a doubt what it is you 
are trying to achieve, knowing what steps you must take in order to ultimately reach that point, and most importantly having the 
determination and the mindset to follow threw no matter how hard it gets and no matter how far away it seems.  when attempting 
to reach a goal that seems so far that its out of reach it helps not to always be looking forward at how far you have to go but 
to look to the present and see how far you've come.  sometimes just reviewing your current progress and what steps you have achieved
so far can give you the boost it takes to keep going.  taking your goals one day at a time helps the final destination not seem as 
far and in turn makes it more of a realistic goal.  one thing you may realize during your journey is that as you progress others will 
take notice, which isn't always helpful.  many times its human nature for others to become jealous of your progress and determination 
and they will try and bring you down.  this is not even always intentional but especially if these people do not believe that they can 
persevere as hard as you can they will even subconsciously try and pull you off track.  you must be aware of this are not let it 
effect your progress.  for example; if your goal is to get into better shape and you have cut out all harmful substances (ie. bad 
food, alcohol, smoking, drugs) from your body you may find even friends will try and encourage you to indulge.  they may try and 
convince you to come out with them to a bar, or to just break your routine for a special dinner, or to just indulge in drug use for 
a weekend.  its imperative that you realize when others are trying to influence you negatively and block out their advances.  in 
today's world everything is based upon temptation.  everywhere you look people and the media are using different forms of temptation
to trick you into things that are not good for you.  they will use pictures of tempting food, attractive body images, or allures of 
wealth to try and make you do just about anything they want.  in today's society the biggest breakdown in the average person is the 
the power of will.  people today give in to easily to temptation and its not always their fault, its the way we are being brought 
up.  the most powerful asset a person can have is a strong sense of willpower.  if you are a halfway smart person and you have a 
strong sense of will then there are very little obstacles that can get in the way of you achieving your goals.  you need to think 
of your willpower like a muscle, it doesn't just start out big and pumped and ready to take on any challenge just as you wouldn't go 
to a gym and on your first day try and lift the heaviest weight but this is a problem most people face.  they try and take on 
obstacles of will that are beyond their ability and then are discouraged when they are not able to achieve what they attempted 
which in turn breaks down their willpower even further.  you have to train your willpower just as you would any other muscle, 
start off with smaller challenges and eventually work your way up to larger ones.  one of the best exercises to begin training 
your willpower is using delayed gratification.  when you want something right now tell your self you can have it but allot a certain 
amount of time you must wait before you will let your self have it.  as time goes on lengthen the times you make yourself wait 
until one day you tell your self no you want have it.  by the time you tell yourself no you may realize that your actually able 
to follow threw and not indulge yourself in whatever it is that you may once not have had the willpower to deny your self of.  
as time goes on you will notice that as you begin to train and flex your willpower the mental muscle will become stronger and 
stronger and you will begin to feel more in control.  you will begin to be able to make more of your choices based upon rational 
decision making and in depth thought rather than impulse and temptation.  once you have achieved this you will begin to see 
that it will positively effect every aspect of your life without exception.

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