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Cecelia's New Puppy

Book By: jenny2801

Cecelia is a young girl who lives in the village of Liddisville. When she finds a stry dog who is apparently pregnant, They take her in. Once the puppies are born, Cecelia gets to keep one of them. Once Liddia,(her puppy) Dies of being attacked by a fox, Cecelia and her family are filled wit grief.

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Cecelia's New Puppy

Long ago, in a land far far away,there lived a young girl named Cecelia. Her mother and father were the king and queen of the small village. Cecelia's parents had bought the land to use for farming and realized how much money was left over. So they created a community which became the land of royalty, Queen Maryem and King John were their names.

Cecelia lived a very exotic lifestyle. She had her breakfast in bed, lunch in the meadows, and dinner served on a long and narrow dining table. The people of the village were happy and helpful. The King and Queen said that Cecelia could name the village. She named it Liddysville, after her dog who had died 3 weeks after they bought the land. It was a sad reminder for all of the villagers. they new how much Liddia ment to them.

They had found a stray dog who looked abandoned and starving. So they took her in. Weeks later, they had new puppies. Each of the 6 pups had a white spot on their right ear and a star the color of the moon when its full on their foreheads. But one of the dogs had a pink diamond on its side and a white ring around its left eye.

Cecelia had to sell the puppies but she hated to see the one go. So the King had an idea. He would have one of the villagers buy the puppy from Cecelia, hand her over to the King, and he would pay him back. Once the King had the dog, he would give it to Cecelia for a present at her 16th birthday.

"Cece!" The Queen called to her daughter."Yes, mother?" She came running in. "You know that one puppy?" Asked the King. "Yes, I do. Mr.Reynolds bought her. Why?" Cecelia was confused. Why would her father want to know what happened with the pup? It was gone. Sold." Because I have a small present for you,"he said, grinning. "Ta Da!" Hepicked up the small puppy from a box behind his large chair. "Aaaahhhh! Thank you so much daddy!" She grabbed the puppy and hugged it. Then, she bent down and gave her father a kiss on the cheek. He blushed. "I shall name her, Liddia. Liddia the puppy."

Cecelia loved Liddia. They had breakfast together, they ran through the meadows, and even wathed the sunset together. They were meant to be together. It's like Liddias mom wanted Cecelia specifically to take her home. But when Liddia died, everything changed.

"Mom! Come quick! Liddia's been terribly hurt."Cecelia cried. "What happened?" The Queen asked, running to the meadows, where all 4 of them were having a picnic."It ran by and grabbed her with it's mouth. That monster,"Cecelia managed to keep herself from crying. Liddia had been hurt. She didn't know what to do.

"What grabbed Liddia, Cece?"

"It was Red, Had a bushy tail, and a pointy nose. It just, it just took her. I managed to scare it away but it bit Liddia."Cecelia had started to cry. She didn't understand. What did Liddia ever do to make the anmal grab her? "Dear, I think we may be dealing with a fox. The villagers have claimed to see a sly red fox stealing their chickens. I guess that it's time to try and trap it."

"Trap it?! No! You know I won't let you do that. It may have hurt my dog and stolen the villagers livestock, but it's still an inoscent animal. What gives you the right to just TRAP it? And where would you take it? Would you have to put it down?" Cecelia hated when animals were trapped or killed. She doesn't even believe that hunting season should go on in Liddisville."I'm afraid we may have to put it down, sweetie. Unless the other villages don't care if theres a thief on the loose. Besides, it hurt your dog. Don't you think it's gone too far?" The Queen didn't want some carnivore animal going around and stealing peoples food and hardwork.

Cecelia ingnored what her mother had said. She looked down at her dog and burst out in tears. Liddia was dead. Gone. She couldn't believe it. A fox had killed her precious, inoscent puppy. I guess my mom's right, she thought. It does deserve to be put down. all it's doing is killing our livestock and pets.Cecelia held her dog tight in her arms as she looked for a place to burry her. She found a nice, shady spot in the meadows that would be perfect. She her mom down who immediatly started to dig. Once Liddia had been burried, Cecelia didn't know what to do. She would just have to live life as it was, and hope that everything would be okay.

To Be Continued


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