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life through the eyes of a 14yr old part 1

Book By: jessgirl22

this is the story of my life at the minute and why you really shouldn't just a judge a teenager who looks stressed because you have no idea what's going on in there life

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Life through the eyes of a 14yr old

Life,for a fourteen year old is thought to be easy. When older one might look back and think that the idea of it being hard at that age is such a joke but currently being 14 i know i'm definately struggling. There's so much pressure on us and i'm starting to go down underneath it. I have so much to do like instead of writing this i should be doing a handmade book for an exam i have in november which i haven't started because i feel so unmotivated. The exam is clearly something my school made up but still i stress out because i want good grades so i can when i become older i can do my dream job which is working with children. I also have other problems like my friends are currently spilting and its hard to choose who to hang out with because one half of them i always have a laugh with and they make me feel good but i don't want to lose the others but from what i've heard from other people i trust alot they've been talking smack about the other half which makes me think i shouldn't hang out with them but i don't want to lose friends but in this unfortunate situation i know the time is going to come where i have to make up my mind.

Then there's the problem of a love life. You see i do currently have a crush on this guy who i've known for ages but i don't think he likes me back but i don't actually know which is annoying me because i'm the type of person who has to know everything!! There's also the problem of i think i've led this guy on which i didn't intentionally do. I love there stories and stuff but we are from two different places, he's american and i'm british so it wouldn't really work out properly. I am beyond stressed at the minute and i need some stress relief but i can't get any at the minute because i have to prepare for that wretched exam which i'm positive is fake. The thing with that is there only letting some people take the exam and forcing the rest to do work even a fool could do and unfortunately two of my friends have ended up in that class but i think they should have been allowed to take the exam because i am absolutely certain they both could pass it if they tried. For the exam there's 3 parts one part you could have worked together but i chose to work alone and got a grade C and now there's the part i'm currently at which is you have to work you alone and do something creative again but based on work we had been doing in class. I have chosen to write a book but the problem is i lack the inspiration and energy to do it and now i'm extremely worried i'm going to fail it. The third part you can either work together or alone again and you have to create an ultimate piece which is in the next year but i only just came up with an idea of what to do so i have not a hope in hell in passing that one.

There's also the stress of school teachers. They make my blood boil like take today for example in my re lesson we were meant to be visiting this church but the teacher was running late so we all walked in and sat and talked until the teacher came but he was running late. When he did finally arrive we all stopped talking. We all noticed he had a pile of books and it looked like he wanted the books in so we all handed them in like a good class. After about 5 minutes he goes well we won't be going on the trip after all as your behaviour is simply shocking,you let yourselves in and then handed in your book when i didn't want them and now there's no possible way of getting there on time so you can't go now. Now maybe it's just me but is it only me that thinks thats bad teaching skills. You don't even want me to get started on my re teacher properly because this would never end. Then there's also my maths which i'm fiinding easy which is good but the teacher really hasn't got a clue what she's doing. Then again thats like every teacher in my school.

They all think they are right but i myself have corrected teachers mistakes and then they have been like oh well i'm only human but if you make one mistake it's you haven't studied properly have you? To me i would never become a secondary school teacher. We have this one teacher called Miss Johal and oh my god you couldn't get a more sorry excuse for a teacher!!!!! Once when i was in year eight she took my english class and we were all just teaching and she flipped out so bad she walked out the classroom then these group of teachers called on call came and asked us where our teacher had gone? We all replied honestly and went we had no idea then the on call lady said ok i'll take your class until they locate your teacher and the funny thing is she hasn't taken any of my years classes since. Hmmm, i wonder why? She is just one of the rubbish teachers there. There's my science teacher called Mr Best and no word of a lie he is th exact opposite to his name.

One example of his horrible teaching is i was set a homework tasks with alot of questions on and i didn't understand all of the questions so when the day came for collection i explained how i had done the ones i understood but i didn't understand some of them and he goes oh thats not a good enough excuse get it to me completely finished by tomorrow so i told my friends and one of them bailed me out by doing most of them for me and i had to guess the rest. I did get it all done eventually so i handed it in and got one of the highest grades in the class and he didn't even wonder how a student who didn't understand most of the questions get the highest grade in the class. He is super mean and if you have her on this DreamRain can back up my story if you ask her. Teachers wonder why my year is such a bad year and they do stuff like this and they wonder why loads of people walk out their classes or don't show up at all.

My life at the moment is so stressful and hard and then you bring my family into the equation and people wonder why i explode sometimes when i have a sister who's constantly nagging at me and a brother who can't stand me and is constantly causing fights which i get in trouble for. Then there's my dad who i'm concerned is becoming an acholic because every sunday he stumbles through the door drunk and he wonders why my mum yells at him like the sunday just gone he came home at ten which is when i'm forced to go to bed and he goes you can't leave me to deal with your mother and i was like i'm sorry but its ten and you guys say i have to be in bed by now and he just turned around and called me a biatch. That was the first time my dad had swore at me and i was deeply offended but i couldn't tell him that he was drunk and probably wouldn't remember in the morning which turned out to be true as usual! Then there's my mum who one minute is really proud of me and then the next she's disappointed and with the pressure i already have with school in general is so bad. I hate it when my mum'sdisappointed in me because everything i do is to make her proud. Recently i have had to take on more pressure because my mum's ill so needs me to go shop and stuff for her constantly which i don't mind but i'm just struggling to find the time to help her which obvisiously i want to. You know she's my mum who wouldn't?

In conclusion whoever said a 14yr olds life isn't stressful is lying and needs to be proven wrong. It's also the image for teenagers in general at the moment it's like i saw this old lady who had one leg and was struggling to carry her shopping and hop along so like a decent person i offer to help and she refuses and then this random man crossed the road who really looked dodgey offered to 'help' and she says yes. I just kept walking but it was just like is that what this worlds really come down to. The stereotypical image of us has caused this and its only a minority that are actual the way we are all describe as and it really isn't fair. So if you were one of those people i hope i've proven you wrong on either a stereotypical teenager or that a 14yr olds life isn't stressful or hopefully both!! So next time you see a stressed out teen don't judge them you don't know what there going through. If you saw me for example you wouldn't expect me to have these problems so don't judge just leave them alone and don't spread the stereotypical image either.


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