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Neko Slave

Book By: JoyJoy

Tags: Neko, Slave, Sold

Anya has been a slave ever since she can remember...When Joff buys her...At first he is curious about her submissive nature...Then he starts to grow more and more interested in his cute little neko pet...

Submitted:Apr 5, 2013    Reads: 157    Comments: 3    Likes: 5   

I stood on the platform, my small form shaking slightly. Many men were in the audience tonight...over a thousand.

The auctioneer started shouting loudly. "A Neko! A young Neko! That last of her kind!"

Bids started flying...50,000...100,000...

But one was more alarming than the others, called out by a man in the shadows. "5 billion."

Everyone stopped and gasped, turning to look at him...But all you could see was the outline of him. He was clearly over 6 feet...and obviously in shape. He stood; ignoring the eyes on him and started walking to the platform, having two of the butlers carry 2 large briefcases.

When they arrived at the stage, they opened the suitcases. God, I had never seen so much money...The auctioneer shoved me to the ground at the man's feet and smirked at me.

A large hand gripped my shoulder and lifted me up...almost lovingly...It was a strong grip...one that one would receive from a parent...or someone they trust. The man escorted me outside, where a long black limousine was waiting for us. My cat ears twitched a bit as I listened to the outside surrounding noises.

"Get in," He said to me.

I quickly got in and tucked my tail under me...closing my eyes, as my body shook from nerves. I could feel his eyes on me..Roaming up and down. Slowly...ever so slowly I opened my eyes to look at his chin. I never met men's eyes...that was something I had learned never to do.

His chin lifted so I knew he was either smiling or smirking. "Look up," He said in a commanding tone.

My body started to shake more as I swallowed nervously and slowly looked up to meet his eyes. They were a deep blue...like the color of the sky before a rainstorm. They had a gentle look in them, one that you would think you could trust...But I knew different.


"Obey men. Never look them in the eye," The man who had kidnapped me 3 years ago had taught me. "You are not worthy to look them in the eye." He said with a slight scoff. "Because they do not care what color your eyes are, or how scared you are."

To prove his point he ordered me to look him in the eye. I trembled as I slowly did as told, gasping when he backhanded me. "That is what will happen when you do not obey...or worse."

I nodded, reaching up to touch my cheek tenderly then dropping my hand to my side. "Yes Sir," I said in the soft tone that I had used since the first day of my capture.



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