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February's Entry

Book By: katelyn8000

Bree has a gift... a singing gift. Her talent is peculiar, but beautiful. When Talent Show comes around, her friends enter her in the contest. Bree is terrified, because her friends don't know exactly what her singing can do...What have they done now?

Submitted:Jan 27, 2012    Reads: 5    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

"Suuuuunnnnnsshhhhhhiiiiiiinnnnnneeeeeee!" Bree sang. As the sun shone down on her stronger, Bree's face lit up with a gorgeous smile. The grass poked her through her yellow t-shirt, as she fell back on the ground. Staring straight into the open sky, she opened her mouth. The words that came out were entrancing, so clear, soft, and woven with love.

"Oh sun, rain down on mee-ee, show the world your bea-uty!" she started, her clear and high voice cutting through the silence. As if on cue, the sun bared down even harder, trapping Bree in a globe of light and fire. Suddenly, little balls of fire began hitting her clothes. Screaming, and eyes burning, she batted them away. Jumping to her feet, Bree dove into the nearest thing, a bush. "What is hapenning? Stooop!" Bree cried. Her long black hair fell around her face, and Bree felt the warmth evaporate.

Opening her large, blue eyes, Bree stared at the sun. It was no longer baring down, and she felt a chill creep past her skin. Sighing, she ignored her nerves, and instinct, she just sat there. To calm herself down, she sang whatever first came to mind."It's frighting. The monster of the blue. It's coming, to haunt you! Da da diddle do!" Even singing such thoughtless words, Bree's voice was amazing. Suddenly, her mother screamed. Bree jumped to her feet. "Mom? Hang on, I'm coming!" Bree yelled. her sneakers pounded the soft dirt, as she dashed to the clothes line. Her mom had a sheet wrapped around her, after all, she had been hanging up the wet laundry.

"What hapenned mom?" Bree asked quietly, then approached Ann. Grabbing the corner of the green sheet, she yanked it off her mother. Shaking, her mother, who's name is Ann, grabbed Bree and shook her shoulders insanely. She let out a hysterical laugh, and sobbed.

"I saw a blue monster, my dear, the world has come to get me! They want me to die," her mother sobbed. Ann's brown, mid-length hair had been braided into pony-tails across her back, and her large, wide blue eyes were full of fear. She had on a short, summer green dress, with large stripes going down the side. Mom wore useless green sandles, which she stomped on the crunchy, dark green grass. Brown bangs fell onto her face, and in the state of shock, Ann ignored them.

"Mom, come on, let's get you inside. Want a nice, sweet cup of tea?" Bree asked, leading her mother to the kitchen's open doors. Bree's feet skudded the metal bar, as she pulled her mother through the opening, and stared at her reflection in the glass doors. "Moo-ootheer, you will be oka-ay. Come and sleep awa-ay, forget the hard daaa-aaa-aay!" Bree sang softly, to relax her insane mother. Her Mom's eyes snapped open, and Ann walked robot-like to the couch. With a sigh, she collapsed, her eyes snapped shut. When the blue eyes disapeared, Bree wandered over, confused; only to find that her mother was breathing steadily, fast asleep. For a minute, Bree watched the rise anf fall of her mother's side. Bree sighed deeply, and began to sing once more, in that beautiful and magical voice of hers.

"Over the rainbow, where skies are blu-u-u-ue-e. Where the people are nice, friends are a delight, and everyone loves yo-o-o-ou-u. Come with meeeee, over the rainboooooow, where skies are bluuuueeee! Ohhh-oh-oh-oooohhhh! Ahh-ooh-ohhh!" Bree's voice echoed all over the house, and made her spirit soar. Smiling, the words stung sharply in her memory, and she began to hum the toon. Sighing, she fell asleep beside her mother, and closed her eyes before she could see the little rainbow above her head.

"Honey? What am I doing here?" asked Bree's mom the next morning as her eyes fluttered open. Bree jumped awake from her slumber. Wiping her eyes, she peered at her mom.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. You spazzed out, and passed out out on the couch..." Bree said, followed by a yawn.


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