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Blood Stains The Soul

Book By: KCNiemi

After her mothers suicide, Alexis Davis was tormented for years by her abusive father.In the prologue, she has already killed her father. The story is told through Alexis' eyes four years before the murder takes place, and her fight to move on from her nightmares afterwards.

Submitted:Oct 8, 2012    Reads: 39    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

"Alexis, we need to know why you killed your father. I can't help you if you don't tell the truth." Officer Grade started off this little conversation of ours. "I've already told you that it was an accident, Mr. Grade." I replied calmly; but he knew as well as I that this was no accident.

I know what you must be thinking, 'How could a child kill their own parent?' The same could be asked of how a parent could kill their child; the question goes either way. But in order to fully understand my story we would have to start four years from now.

[Four Years Ago]

"Get ready for school you ungrateful little bitch!" my father, Trevor, yelled from the living room; most likely in his favorite brown chair drunk while watching the news. I ignored him and focused instead on my mom who was gingerly holding a bag of frozen peas to the most recent bruise on her face.

She must have noticed my concerned stare as she smiled reassuringly while telling me she was fine. I hate that she lies to herself like this; holding on to the ridiculous notion that my father will change his ways. He will never be more than an abusive drunk, and deep down I think my mom knows too.

I reach out tenderly to touch her face but change my mind. While giving her a tender kiss on the forehead, I grabbed my backpack from the bedroom. "Be careful mom." I whisper to her, than I rush out the front door to catch the bus. It only takes a few minutes of waiting before I'm greeted by my best friend Jaden Walker.

"Hey Alexis! Your here early, did your dad do something to you?" she asked, concern overtaking her delicate features. "Hey Jaden. No, he didn't do anything to me." I replied quietly, willing her to hear my thoughts and drop it; judging by the narrowing of her green eyes, I'll take that as a no.

"Don't you try and dismiss this Alexis! Your dad's an ass! You should call him in to the police; if not for yourself, than do it for your mom." I sighed tiredly but I knew she was right. She wouldn't break her promise to me and do it herself but I secretly appreciate her concern.

"We'll be fine Jaden. Thank you." I didn't have to explain my words; she got the real message behind the words of casualness. Emotional breakdowns were never really my style anyways. "Your welcome. Oh crap! The bus is leaving! HEY! STOP! " I roll my eyes at her antics but I still run to catch up to her.

AN: I only wrote a little of the story to see how people respond to it. Is it good? What can I improve to make it better? Should I scrap the idea and focus on a new story instead? Thanks for your replies!


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