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Doctor Who 2 Another Story

Book By: KenniiWove

After The Doctor and River Song got married they had a little girl, Kenzie. She isn't just any normal girl, she's part timelord. She hasn't told anyone but she's about to tell one person who can't tell anyone.
** Based on the British TV show Doctor Who**

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Chapter 1-

Finding Out

Kenzie grabbed her lunch and sat down at a table by herself. Again. She was a timelord so she had to have at least one friend. She was getting her TARDIS today. At least one good thing about her birthday. Suddenly,someone sat down beside her. Ashley is in high school. She wears a dark jeans, a white cami, leather jacket, and combat boots. She is the daughter of River and the Doctor and no one knows shes a time lord. She has long straight blonde hair and blue eyes. Kenzie is one of the ''non-popular'' girls a school. Ashley, A friend of Kenzies', sits beside her. Ashley has long dark brown hair wih blonde tips and green eyes. Ashley has gotten up to he point where she's one of the ''mid-popular'' girls in school. She always has her hair either curled or straight, she always matched her outfits and if you looked at her there wasn't one thing out of place. ''Hey Kenzie.'' Ashley said to Kenzie. ''Hi Ashley, How are yo-'' Kenzie was saying but then she got interupted by a burning passion in her hand. ''Uhm. I'm so sorry, Ashley I gotta go.'' Kenzie was saying when she suddenly ran out of the cafeteria and left her purse at the table where she was just sitting with her friend.''Kenz! You left your purse!'' Ashley then picked up Kenzie's purse and started walking to next period when Kenzie's phone went off. ''Hmm.. It won't hurt to answer her phone. She won't get mad at me. I am her really good friend.'' Ashley then finds Kenzie's phone, opens it up and reads the name. ''Tardis? What in the world is a Tardis?

"Hey Kenz! Did it come? Did your Tardis come?" A guys voice said. Ashleythen answerd Kenzie's phone. ''Hello? .. Anyone there?''"Who are you? Where's Kenzie?" The guy said as Kenzie tapped Ashley's on the shoulder, grabbed her purse and shoved it under her arm. She grabbed Ashley's wrist and dragged her to a blue box "Hey daddy yes I got it I gotta go." She said and hung up the phone. She looked at Ashley and said "Check my heartbeats." ''Why? What's wrong, Kenz?'' Ashley asked while checking her heartbeat. Kenzie then moved her hand to the other side. ''Kenzie what's wrong? I'm serious.'' Ashley asked Kenzie.Ashleylooked at Kenzie then looked at the other side of her chest then back at Kenzie. ''Kenzie.. What is going on? Please tell me you can tell me anything. I promise I will be by your side no matter what the reason is. And what is this blue box?''"How many heartbeats, Ashley. Tell me." Kenzie asked. She had to show her. Ashleythen checks the other side and steps back in shock. ''Four. Two on each... side.''"Yes. Dont freak out, but i need you to punch me. As hard as you can." Kenzie said. ''But.. Okay.'' Ashley then punches Kenzie as hard as she can without trying to hurt Kenzie. Kenzie doubles over holding her stomach. She looks up and opens her mouth, regeneration energy coming out. She stands back up perfectly fine. Ashley stares in amazment.


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