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Lifetime of a Generation

Book By: KJHweir

My life in a story. A 13 year old girl so far (me) making her hard way in the world.

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My life, in the hands of 1 and a half. I stand before this giant planet but only little me sees the beauty and secrets.

Hi, my name is Kaitlyn Weir! I'm 13 and I English but my Dad is scottish and my Mum is Welsh. Oh what a wonderful yet tragic ride my life is so far, its forever before I can control myself and do my own thing but for now thats just a lifetime of a genertaion away.

See, my mum Victoria Weir, had a hard life as a child, she had a best friend who commit suiside and her grandad is hospital (I found this out in a note I dound not to long ago) she had 4 misscarages and was just used in school for sex or money so it was a brutal childhood. But on the other hand my dad Simon Robinson, had a twin sister and an older brother untill his parents split up and his older bother wasn't there so much, later after his farther had found a partner and had a little baby boy called Micheal Robinson (The Robinson is because it was his fathers last name so they had to change it to Robinson when the divorce was settled). And so that leaves the one I have missed out...

My sister Brooke Weir! a complicated story for her. See, my mum was having a baby with a man named Phil (but now we call him dad Phil) but when Phil found out about this he asked my mum for her to be aborted and my mum said no, so he left her to raise the child alone. After many years of friends of looking after Brooke, my mum met Simon robinson (my dad) and they had me! so we lived in Macclesfeild (In England) to get away from it all and it went perfectly and we all had the last name 'Weir)!

Mums dad Richard Weir died.

Now, what I didn't know is my mum drank from a young age so she had started early, my dad only found out when she started acting strange, going puffy and fainting so he told Brooke and they tried it from my for abit (It actually worked aswell!) When I found out, my dad requested a divore (Poor man, it must of bin so awful for him). We took my mum to wales to live with her parents but she luckily found a man named Paul there and he lived right around the corner from us! My mum moved in with Paul and I visited her everyday!

By this time I was 12 and Brooke was 14 (she was born 2 years older than me) and she was getting all the attension from family and my family always ignored me, at the same time my family were ignoring my mum because she drank alcahol. I saw my mum every night and it felt like she was the only one who understood the youngest in the family and she always knew what to say (at the same time my friends weren't so good either).

Mums mum Margret Weir died.

One day I looked at my mums legs when she was getting me an ice lolly from the freezer, and she was as skinny as a twigg and I knew something was going to happen soon but I ignored it and snuggled up to her on the sofa (we called it snuggles, I would get a pillow and place it on her lap and she would do french plats in my hair!) Then, she got moved to hospital from yellow skin and it turned out to be a liver problem (Jaundice) but I would still visit her no matter what! She was explaining to me how she wanted her home that day.

Later that week, I got told that she got moved to Intensive care (where people go when they are to sick to handle themselfs) my mum had lots of tubes. I stood next to her and right that second I burst into tears. I got taken out and spoke to one of the nurses and asked if she will be ok, she kept replying how they almost never get these situations wrong! and I was happy to hear such good news.

I walked home everyday from school and phoned up my dad to see if everything was ok and he got sick of it! But it wasn't my fault, I wanted to keep my mum more than anything, it felt like we had this bond that nobody else can get in through. Then one night my dad got a phonecall from the hospital saying that she was on 100% oxygen and was struggling. My dad took me in to Intensive Care and I sat down next to her, not even a tear fell from my eye that time, I just took her hand and looked at the breathing moniter next to her slowly beating. While my dad was talking to the nurse I slowely wispered words in her ear and then let a tear drop on her cheek, then my dad turned around and took me out. Just for a second I looked at her for the last time ever (I knew it was time to be nice to my dad)

I had my sister here with me tonight as it was a terrible night, I went into my room and went to bed to forget the pain that was deep inside. I cried a river and thought of our times together, my mum was the only one that understood me, I could never see her again!

It was now 4am in the morning and I heard my dad come through the door, I sat up in my bed as he came in to my room...

Mum has passed away.

After my mums death I got lots of sympathy, lots of hugs and lots of care but nothing out of that could bring my mum back. Nothing could bring back my friend.

Mums funeral.

Now I'm 13, ive developed some traits now! I'm more artistic, I'm more of a pushover (not really that good) and more friendly. Although some are bad aswell, I'm family orientated, home sick and have developed slight anger issues! They're not a good combination because everytime I go on holiday to see family I always get home sick (although we go for 2 weeks so I am not surprised!) we have also just got new kittens, Spot and Misty!

Spot and Misty were gave to us by Brookes friend. Spot was the runt of the litter but loves cuddles but Misty is the scaredy cat who is more intelligent so this makes it harder from my to go on holiday because they are so cute!

Times are rough in school, its almost been a year and I think I am falling for someone who doesn't like me back, I'm in my 3rd year of high school (year 9) and everyone has got partners. Its making me feel very sad because all my friends are choosing their new boyfriends over my because I haven't got one (not my fault mine doesn't like me!) I wish my mum was still here so she could cheer me up, I just feel like leaving home! but I'm holding on to my pride untill my teen years are over (HURRY UP!)

I'm finished with this story now, I have done my life so far in one short story (well, kind of short) we have just had christmas in Scottland with my dads dad and his partner. And then new years in Ireland with my dads sister and my nan! I'm back home with my kittens writing this and hoping you like it, maybe you will love your life better now.

I will love you forever mum. see you on the other side my friend. (thats what I wispered to my mum)

This book was writen on the date 05/01/2013


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