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Her Butler, The beggining...

Book By: Lillianblood

I DO NOT OWN BLACK BUTLER OR SEBASTIAN, OR MEIN CHARACTER...Wait...I own this story and my character....THE LITTLE 4 YEAR..Oh forget it (_ _|| )

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The demon tapped his fingers on the wooden table, waiting for a reply... Was this worth it? "She will get the full protection?" The man in the dark coat had glossy and worried eyes.
"Yes, I will not lay a finger on her….until the deal is, well, fulfilled." The butler's pink demon eyes were the only thing seen in the pitch black room. The demon slid the glowing contract across the table. The man looked at it for a while. He sighed, he knew it would take her daughter's soul, but only when she was very, very old, and she would get the protection she needed. He turned his head the other way and signed the contract. The demon grinned, satisfaction written all over his face. "Very well, my dear man, take me to the girl, and our contract……will be in place………"
The man rushed through the snow and into the house. The demon butler looked around, a big, nice home for royalty…..why was it given to this second class man? "Daddy! Daddy!" A little girl rushed into the man's arms. She had ponytails with giant pink bows. Her big, round eyes full of glee, all because her father was home. The man hugged her back and quickly let go. The little girl stood staring at the butler, "Who is this, daddy?" The butler stared back down at the little girl with curiosity filling in her eyes. "He….He's……He's your butler Sweetie, he is going to...protect you while … I'm gone…" The father hugged his daughter tightly and gave her (a) teddy. "W-why are you leaving, daddy?" The girl's eyes started filling with tears, "Did I do something wrong? I promise, I'll clean my room, and, and, take care of…" The man quickly cut her off and held her in his arms "No, dear, you didn't do anything wrong…I just," He looked at the demon, "I have to do some work, take care of Teddy, okay?" He gave her a kiss on the head and walked out of the doors. The girl cradled her teddy in her arms and stared at the door. She walked up to the demon, staring closely and observing his every move. "What's your name?" She held on to a baggy part of his dark black pants. The butler looked down at her and took a knee. "My name is Sebastian, my dear girl." He stared at the girl, there was something strange about her, she was full of curiosity, and he had noticed that. She nodded, considering his name. "Okay, Sebastian, I'm Isabel, and I'm……uhh….four!" She tapped her chin, "I'll just call you Sebby, Okay?" Sebastian frowned, "I do not think that," Isabel quickly put a finger to his mouth, signaling him to hush. She ran upstairs and signaled him, again, to follow. Sebastian raised his eye brows and obeyed. He walked upstairs and followed her into a medium sized room. "This is your room," she spread her arms out wide and twirled around, "you get to sleep on the comfiest bed in the house." She smiled, exposing her missing teeth and baby teeth. Sebastian sat on the bed. "Miss Isabel, I do not sleep." She stared at him raising her mini eyebrows. She nodded. "Oh, so you, like party all day?" She giggled, "Sebby, you party ani," Sebastian chuckled. What an odd child, He thought. "No, I do not (Finger quote) Party (Finger quote)," She stared at him, confused written all over her face like a Sharpie marker. He sighed, "Listen, dear, I'm not just a butler I'm," he looked at her, her eyes filled with excitement, and worry, he started up again, "I am a demon dearest," he waited for her reaction. She stared for a moment and gawked, then shrugged. "Cool, but that doesn't mean you can't sleep," she pointed her finger in his face. He chuckled. He was a bit surprised she hadn't freaked out. He looked at the time, nine o'clock. He picked her up. "It's your bed time, my dear." She crossed her arms. "But, I don't have a bed time..." Sebastian slightly smiled. "Well, now you do." He laid her on her blue silk sheets, bowed, and began to walk away. "Wait," Sebastian stopped before shutting the door. She quickly got up and walked to him. She then hugged his leg, "thank you for being here…….."Sebastian stared down at the little creature, smiled and patted her head. "You're welcome...."


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