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Funny How Everything Can Change So Quickly.

By: Makenna101

Page 1, “I am 14 years old stop treating me like a child!”...... Ray was a normal teenage girl at 14 years old. until the night she ran away. She was caught by some...... Will they succeed or will she finally escape...... Read on to experience Rays story. I only just started it so comment if i should right more!!!!


“I am 14 years old stop treating me like a child!”
            Those were the very last words i said to her. the last thing i said to here before storming out of my house into the dark, sleeping world. Slamming the door behind me. Without anything but the clothes on my back. I walked along that same highway for hours. Having no destination except away. All i wanted was to get away, yet know one could have predicted what happened next.
That was three years ago. I am now 17 years old. My life is no longer the hell-hole that it was. No, now its much, much worse.....
I'm sorry i thought i would have more time to write, but I must go. If you like it so far PLEASE comment and tell me so, or tell me what to do different! If you want more comment and tell me so! Thanks! ~M.J.Rapien

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