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Get it Right (Rotten to the Core)

Book By: Mark Quay

Based on true events it tells and reports on a so far unrecognized discrimination that blights society.

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Copyright © 2010 Kevin Markey

Married or people in relationships are selfish & greedy. They expect to go to parties more often and with partner when other single people are asked to go with a friend, on there own or not to have a partner. They complain single people are envious and do nothing or resolve the situation even though they have the experience and knowledge

WORKING TITLE - Rotten to the Core

Human Rights Act


The enjoyment of the rights and freedoms set forth in this Convention shall be secured without discrimination on any ground such as sex, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property, birth or other status

The problem with people and this applies especially to my mother is they have a problem for every solution Why!? Because they always want to make things difficult especially something they do not want!

In March 2009 Sean Hodgson was released from Prison after serving 20+ years for a crime he did not commit. His denial eventually proved correct although the Legal system did not intend to imprison him for a crime he did not commit. How will he be compensated for 20+ STOLEN years!?

The following is about an injustice committed by Lloyds TSB staff, relatives and "alleged" friends of the victim. Fairness is a basic human right that can be given there is no excuse for the deliberate behaviour of the villains. The law should protect and prevent discrimination in all circumstances Ignorance is not an excuse the culprits can use. We are often faced with a culture of closed ranks & cover up to protect the unjust status quo!

The story is written partly (initially) in past tense and then excitingly in present tense as it happens or delayed.

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you.
Then you win."

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 16.

· (1) Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.

A Partner is a Right

Unless everyone is asked to attend alone No work colleague/Friend or relative should be treated any different


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"Goodnight" "Have a good Christmas"

"And you too"

"Brr it's chilly" remarked one young lad

"That was a good night "

All three men reached the car a Datsun with hardly a scratch on it there was easily room for all three and more in the spacious back.

"Coming in for a night cap" the driver asked his two companions who looked at each before redirecting their vision too the driver who was opening his own door

Almost in unison they nodded "OK then" remarked one.

The driver leaned over to unlock the passenger door easily the passenger who already had his hand on the handle pulled this up to open and enter. In those says pre central locking and magic keys! The driver meanwhile stretched to reach the back passenger's door followed a short while later by the entrance of the final passenger.

It was a fine December evening; well at least it wasn't as cold as it could be. Ivan signalled to go right and stopped at the top of the junction. One solitary car drove by Ivan could see the coast was clear so he manoeuvred into the left-hand lane of his estate.

Only one hundred yards further down he signalled again. This time he was turning left into the drive of his house. The car stopped in front of his blue garage. Ian pulled the hand brake up and switched off the engine. Out of the back door on the drivers' side came a young lad of seventeen dressed in jeans and wearing a thick jumper. From the passenger side a man in his early thirties emerged wearing a zip up anorak. Ivan hurriedly got out quickly and asked them to be quiet as his wife and family were in the house sleeping. Obediently they closed the car doors silently and moved towards the front door.

The Christmas tree could be clearly seen through the window of the lounge and the decorations greeted them all as the entered into the hallway. Across the road Christmas lights were every where to be seen.

The three males turned right into the front room were a chessboard and pieces were already set up waiting for play to commence.

"Drink anyone" Ivan said

The two men readily agreed, one accepting a can of Larger the other a Bacardi and Coke.

Ivan poured himself a glass of Whisky before sitting in between the two others over the chessboard.

To his left Ken was seated behind the white pieces, opposite was Kevin staring down at the black men. Head in hand it was as if he was playing an important game.

"Now Kevin "Ken the older of the two said "How does the Narjdorf line go?"

Kevin proceeded to show him "After the normal Sicilian moves black plays five Pawn to Queens Rook three."

"I see" said Ken

"But Ivan's plays a move to avoid this" "Don't you "turning towards him

"Yes" he replied and proceeded to explain his move.

One pawn to king four was followed by the normal reply Pawn to Queen's bishop four. After Night to Kings Bishop three and pawn to queen three, Ivan demonstrated pawn to queen's bishop three.

"The idea is White seeks to conquer the centre with his own pawn"

"And black can't trade of as he normally does" pointed out Kevin

"Mmm" murmured an interested Ken

"Nor can he try his normal ideas" he added.

They continued to discuss the initial merits of this idea, arguing in great detail with what about this?

Sometimes these discussions can become heated but in the festive spirit all were to joy full to argue.

They talked and discussed many ideas each trying to improve or refute new ideas. No one noticed the time or heard the sound coming from the television set in an adjacent room.

Often the response was "well I think the following idea refutes this"

A demonstration of the refutation would follow.

In an adjacent room was a dark haired girl curled up watching the credits at the end of a film. She rose from her chair and stretched towards the television set, pressed the on/off switch. The picture soon changed to an all black screen. Turning round she headed for the door and hallway.

She could clearly hear the conversation going on in the room. As she passed by she was drawn by the presence, into the next room.

Thoughtlessly the door had been left wide open encouraging her to enter through the open door.

Quietly she stood in the corner leaning against the door gazing at the three heads bowed over the chessboard, not wanting to disturb their concentration she said nothing.

None of the men noticed Ivan's eldest daughter enter the room they were all to engross. Focussed on the 64 squares littered with chess pieces.

At an appropriate moment when they appeared to pause from the deliberations

"Hello" she announced her arrival in the room to the surprise of the three individuals.

All of whom looked up Kevin was the first to reply recognising the voice straight away. The other two followed

"I didn't realise any one was still up said Ivan"

"I've just been watching the film but it's over now" she replied "I'm just going to make a coffee before going to bed" she added.

"Would you make us all one Diane?" Ivan enquired

"Certainly" she agreed before taking the orders smiling at Kevin who returned the compliment.

She was a very attractive girl. Her straight dark hair was only shoulder length but she had an attractive slim figure. At a little over five feet four she was on the short side much like baby spice from that famous spice girls (but more attractive in the view of Kevin)

Diane was the apple of her father's eye and Kevin was among her many admirers.

She was fond of the spectacled admirer and would willingly have gone out with him had he the courage to ask her.

The three proceeded with the analysis of Ivan's idea often reaching no conclusion and returning back and forth to the starting point,

Kevin's mind was not on the board in front of him his mind began to wonder. Looking round the room his eye caught sight of a picture of Ivan and family.

Diane returned with a tray full of coffees and hands them individually to each recipient.

Thank you they all replied

Kevin looked up from the board with every intention of speaking to add

"You'll make someone a good wife one day"

Diane blushed as she left the room "Thank you "she said looking in Kevin's direction as she departed the room.

"Goodnight" she added to which all three men replied in unison.

Kevin couldn't concentrate as they returned to their discussion on further variations. It seemed to go on and on and he was bored the two elders were enthusiastic, continuing to prolong their ideas.

The clock struck two o'clock as they finally reached no conclusion

"Is that the time" said Ken

"It's time I was off, I didn't mean to stay this long"

Kevin took a final sip from his glass and made his excuses.

"Interesting idea I must look at it further" Ken suggested to Ivan as they all departed from the room.

"Mmm" Kevin remarked

Ivan suggested they could study it again together in the future as he opened the door to let the pair out into the cold dark December morning.

He watched as they departed only closing the door when they were no longer visible.

"Its parky tonight " remarked Ken

Kevin was zipping up his coat for although he didn't have far to walk the cold air was not to his liking

"I'm glad I haven't got college tomorrow" "or today" he corrected himself as it was now gone midnight!

They both walked a little way together before stopping at the corner of top drive. From here they would head in different directions, Ken continuing to walk down to his own abode. Kevin would cross the road as the second house on the right was where he, his parents and two younger siblings lived.

They paused to chat and say good night.

"You fancy Ivan's daughter " Ken said to Kevin

"Yes!" was the only reply he could offer.

"Are you coming for a drink tonight" Anne called out to Kevin as he rushed down the stairs

"Yes " "I'm looking forward to it" he replied

"Can't stop I've got a bus to catch see you tonight" looking up and down

"Happy Birthday by the way" he added

The other members of the party were inside when Kevin arrived. He entered the Pelican pub and headed for the bar. Glancing around the room he could just make out the table his friends were on.

A disco was in full swing with a couple of girls on the dance floor

"A pint of cider" he ordered from the bar man. Patiently he waited as the barman opened a bottle and poured into a mug. The bottle top was screwed tightly on the bottle which was returned to its position on the shelf.

Carefully he manoeuvred the glass to the top of the bar a short distance from Kevin. A five pound note was exchanged Kevin waited as the bill was rung on the till and change was removed from it.

Accepting the change he picked the glass up with his right hand took one swig before heading towards the table.


He was greeted by a smile and warm welcome "Glad you could make it" announced the birthday girl.

Kevin manoeuvred himself into a chair took another swig before placing the pint on a beer mat.

Conversation was hard but this didn't bother Kevin who was quiet by nature as he sat at the table enjoying the flashing lights and beat of the music.

However the highlight of his evening was the disco spending over an hour dancing with the ladies in the group of six.

"Is that the time" he announced looking at his watch "I've got to go or I'll miss my last bus"

He leaned over to give a peck on the cheek returned by the Birthday girl

Before hurriedly departing for the bus.

In the cold he waited patiently his bus wasn't long and he was the only passenger to get on there. The thirty minute journey spent staring into space and wishing he had more courage or whatever it took.


"Good Morning" Kevin said to his manager who was letting Kevin through the front door

"Morning Kevin" was the reply

Kevin walked through the open door and stopped as it was closed behind him. The bolt was pushed across and the chain returned to its latch.

"Your boys won again I see" The manager said to Kevin

"Yes" abruptly but unintentionally Kevin replied continuing with "It was a great result "referring the mighty reds Liverpool to you and me. Kevin was a fanatical supporter having seen them win the league but never enjoyed a cup final

"You could go on to win the league"

"May be" modestly Kevin replied not wanting to commit himself. Inside he was confident about his team's chances but rarely admitted it. Continuing on his way to the cloakroom he greeted every colleague present with a warm welcome.

Although a shy quiet person he was eager to get on with every one.

The room in which Kevin worked was not much larger than a living room in a regular three-bed house. Still there was sufficient room for the machine he was working on. Two other girls were in the room one sat at a desk carefully recording information and making phone calls. The other was working at another machine typing away.

Kevin wasn't particularly accurate often mistyping figures as he tried to hurry through his work load. No matter how hard he tried he could never pick up much speed. There wasn't much conversation although a tall female member of staff walked in. "More work for you" she said

"How's it looking" she enquired

"O K" said the girl typing at her machine

Kevin said nothing he was concerned about the problem he was encountering

The two other girls chatted about last night's television and where they had gone to with boyfriends at the weekend.

"We went to a party in Bristol" The tall one added "it went on till two but we left before that"

"I went to my friends wedding" responded the second trying not to outdo the first girl." I was joined by my boyfriend in the evening at the wedding party."

Directly across the road was the church clock it could easily be seen through the window. "Ding dong Ding dong " it sounded followed by "Dong, Dong" it repeated this twelve times. Fifteen minutes later it went "ding Dong ding Dong" again to show it was a Quarter past twelve.

"It's your lunch time Kevin" one of the girls said "and your late" the other peeped.

Annoyed he came to a convenient point and vacated the room.

Kevin departed the room via the stair way, downstairs he spoke to none of the other staff. Departing through the door that separated the customer area from the staff he ensured the door closed behind him.

In the queue of customers waiting to be served was an old school friend he acknowledged him as he passed by.

Outside the bank the street was empty however the road was full of cars going by. Kevin went to a local newsagent to purchase a paper. After tucking it under his arm pit hurriedly he returned the way he came.

His friend had gone much to his relief. At the door he rang the bell and waited for a colleague to let him in. Up the stairs he almost turned left in to the machine room where he had earlier been working. In time he realised in time and turned right across the hall he headed to enter the rest room where he could enjoy lunch.

Entering the rest room he immediately saw three other members of staff. There were seven chairs in the room around a low coffee table. Kevin selected one, on the near side facing towards the barred windows. As he looked up and across the faces opposite he could just see the car park although as he placed his lunch box on his knee and removed the top this didn't matter to Kevin. Carefully he selected the top cheese sandwich. There were two in his box each cut in half along the middle. He was looking forward to this followed by smoky bacon crisps and a juicy apple.

The assistant manager popped his head round the door looking around for Dave an important member of staff. He asked for, and received a set of keys and left as quickly as he arrived returning the keys a short while later. The departing colleague was a short impish man while the man was tall and happy with a beaming smile when he wanted.



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