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A Mindless Behavior True Love Story Chapter 6

Book By: mindlessbehaviorlover15

sorry i didn't finish this book but i almost finished it on wattpad but imma finish it on here to

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ok maybe everyone except for roc and prod was happy for u kitana said PRODIGY PLEASE DON'T KILL HIM FOR IT ME AND HIM WANTED TO HAVE A KID shali said then ray got up and wrapped his arms around my waist and layed his head on my shoulder yeah prodigy me and her wanted a kid we talked about it yesturday ray said u did prodigy said.

yes ray and shali said together well ok then im happy for u guys prodigy said awwwww thanks bro shali said ur welcome sis prodigy said then shali hugged and he hugged back i love u bro shali said i love u to sis prodigy said then they all went back to there hotels.

shali sat down and ray sat down next to her i love u baby ray said i love u to babe shali said ray kissed her and she kissed back Mmm baby im about to tear u up again ray said oh really shali said happy yeah ray said then he took off his clothes he locked the door.

he shut off the lights then shali took off her clothes an went under the covers you ready ray said yes shali said then ray got under the covers and went on top of shali then he started kissing her neck then he kissed her body.

shali was moaning then ray banged her real good and hard and she started moaning louder whats my name babe ray said RAYRAY shali screamed thats right baby ray said then he banged her harder and he kissed her then she kissed back.

then after they got dress and they went outside for a walk ray and shali were holding hands and walking then ray's phone ranged and he answered it hello ray said hey ray where are u at the caller said who is this ray said its prodigy man prodigy said.

oh and me and my girl went for a walk ray said and u didn't even tell us prodigy said well we didn't tell u cuz we wanted to walk alone we will be back soon ight ray said ight man ok bye prodigy said bye ray said then ray puts his arms around shali.

who was on the phone babe shali said it was prodigy ray said what did he want shali said he just wanted to know where we were at ray said oh ok shali said then they walked back to the hotel and ray and shali sat down then shali shivers real bad.

oh baby ur cold oh come here ray said ok shali said then shali sat next to ray and ray took off his shirt and cuddled shali so she can get warm ray u are so warm shali said im always warm for u baby ray said ithen he kissed her and she kissed back.

i love u babe ray said i love u to baby shali said then ray and shali got in the shower then they put on there pjs and they went to bed ok now lets see whats going on with kitana and prodigy shall we.

kitana prodigy said yes prodigy kitana said i love u girl prodigy said i love u to boo boo kitana said then prodigy kissed her and she kissed back then they got tired and they went to bed kitana fell asleep on prodigy's chest and prodigy is holding her in his sleep.

ok lets go back to shali and ray for a minute ok shali's head is on ray's shoulder and she's sleeping like an angel and ray is holding her real tight in his sleep ok now lets go to nevaeh and roc shall we ok roc i hate u u know that right nevaeh said why roc said cuz i do nevaeh said well i love u roc said i love u to nevaeh said.

then roc kissed her and she kissed him back then she fell asleep on him and roc holds her in his sleep ok and finally lets go to alex and princeton and see what they are doing shall we.

hey princeton i was wondering do u want to have a kid alex said oh baby of course i want a kid i thought u never ask princeton said then he kissed her she kissed him back we will start tomorrow ok alex said ok princeton said.

i love u alex said i love u to princeton said then princeton fell asleep and alex layed on his chest and she falls asleep in his warm arms and princeton holds her in his sleep then all of them went fast asleep for another bright day.


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