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By: Nicole Everheart

Page 1, A girl, named Sally Maverick only the age of ten has to try to survive with her achoholic, smoking, and abusive father along with her older brother and younger set of twin sister and brother. The Oldest, Andrew, seemed to be the toughest the one who could be hit by their father and not shed a tear. Than the twins, Hannah and Jason were the most sensitive and seemed to be the target of the father\'s tormenting. Will they survive? Will they stay sane or will their father push them over the edge? You will find out in this treacherous, yet beautiful, Gray Book.

She sat by the window watching the dark, gray clouds. They were beautiful yet depressing. She knew she should just stop watching them, they would only make her sadder. Her father yelled at her youngest brother, Jason in the other room. Then there was a loud smack! And she heard her brother fall and start to cry. "YOU SCUM OF A SON! DON'T YOU DARE EVER TALK BACK TO ME AGAIN! DO YOU HEAR ME?" 

Tears rolled down her face, she so badly wanted to help her brother but she knew she would get hurt trying. That's how it always was. Nobody could help, the kids that is, sense no adults knew, the children were forced to wear long sleeves and wear makeup to cover their facial scars so nobody would become suspicious the ones that they couldn't hide or forgot to, they would make excuses. Like, "I fell." Or "I tripped." or something like that. Nobody seemed to ask any questions. Though soemtimes people took second look.         




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