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Green eyes and freckles

By: oreoeatinbunneh

Page 1, CREATED BY:ME! Preview: Izabella has one terrible life. Her step family\'s worse and her best friend has left her. One day all of that changes when she finds her

Chapter 1: The Awakening

I awoke to the horrible sound of my step mother, Rita shouting my name. I slowly stepped down the stairs to my doom. Rita was an ugly woman. Even she knew it.

Her dirty brown hair was always in a bun. Her face was covered in makeup to (try) to hide her freakishly huge mole. She always wore short skirts that show her hairy legs.

“Izabella!” she shouted once again. I rushed down trying not to get a replay of yesterday. “Get down here and clear the table” she ordered. I rolled my eyes and sighed

Then she gave me, “the look”. “The look” is when Rita raises her “eyebrows” really high

up and opens her mouth a hint to reveal her yellow teeth. Her crusty, chapped lips also

made it worse.

"As usual, no good morning" I mumbled.

"I should go, I'll be late for school." I said

She scoffed, "AS IF, for what?" I stacked the plates. "For...erm....CLEANING PRACTICE!" I sputtered. Her grin dissapeared. "Go, you need it." she replied.

I swung my bookbag onto my shoulder and started for the door.

Chapter 2: Green eyes and freckles

As the bell rung I took my stuff and headed for class. Before I knew it, me and my books were sprawled across the floor. I opened my eyes to see a boy with shaggy brown hair scrambling for his books. "Thanks a lot clumsy." I mumbled. He looked up to reveal his green eyes and freckles. "Heh, sorry" he said. I nodded and stood up. "Mmmhmm." I walked slowly towards my classroom and glanced back at him. He was staring at me with a smirk. My face reddened.

I sat down next to my best friend, Cienna. "Hey" I smiled. Cienna looked at her lap and smiled. "Um..." she looked over to the "popular table". "Hey Iz, ya mind if I sit with Miranda Cresto?" she asked. I furrowed my brow .Miranda Cresto?? But why!?"Sh-sh- sure" I replied. She smiled and grabbed her stuff. Replacing her seat, Clumsy came over.Ugh not him! He's cute but, Ill embaress myself."Hey, I bumped into you, but we never got to talk, my names Tyler." he said. I blushed. "My names Izabella, but you can call me Izzy." He chuckled. "I like your, its a nice color." He smiled.

"Hey, follow me." he grabbed my hand and led me out.

Chapter 2: Wait...what?

"Where are you taking me?" I questioned. He didn't answer, he just led me out of the school and to the parking lot.Where the heck are we going!?! I can't just leave!...but hes so cute....Before I knew it we were streets away from school. I furrowed my brow. "This is it." he smiled. I stared at the blank brick wall. "Erm..what's this for?' I asked. He pulled out spray paint from his bookbag.Does he want me to spray paint the wall!?He took the red and started. "What'd you bring me here for?" He smiled, "You'll see."

I finally noticed the resemblence. He had spray painted me! "So what do you think?" he asked happily. "Its beautiful.., but is should head home." He grabbed my hands. "Listen, I think your cute" he started. My face turned completely red. "Wanna hangout after school tomorow?" I looked up to find him looking directly at me. "Ok..". All of a sudden, I heard sirens from around the corner. "Oh crap" he mumbled. He grabbed my hand and ran.Oh god! We might get caught. Wait, what do I mean WE? it was all HIM. The police cars raced after us. He cut through the corners and led me to yet another alley. We both breathed heavily as the police drove past us. He gave one last heavy sigh, "See ya at school" and he dissapeared into the darkness. I ran all the way home and into my backyard. Well, that was fun. I threw my bookbag into my room and climbed inside. Then I locked the door.

Chapter 3: The kiss

My eyes fluttered open slowly. "AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed. Rita gave me "the look". "What the hell is wrong with you!?" she shouted."You act like you've seen a ghost.""I did'nt see a ghost but I sure saw something scary." I mumbled. She raised her eyebrows. "Get out of bed abd downstairs, everyones hungry!" I slumped downstairs. "I want pancakes ASAP!" shouted Rita's annoying son, Richard. "Sure doofus." "MOMMA!!" he threatend. I rolled my eyes. After making the pancakes I rushed out the door before Rita could make me do anything else.Today is going to be a great day.I rushed to school. As I was heading to my locker I bumped into Cienna and Miranda. Miranda scoffed. "Dork alert." Cienna laughed nervously.Why was she she acting like that!? "Oh uhh hey Izabella" Cienna said. Izabella!? What has gotten into Cienna!? She NEVER calls me Izabella! I furrowed my brow. Miranda coughed, "Ugh..listen Cece, I'll see ya at lunch." She walked away in her heels. Cienna and I stared at each other in silence. "Since when were you Cece!?" Cienna shrugged and rubbed her neck. "I don't know". "Well its not cool." She narrowed her eyes. "Your just jealous!" she sputtered. I scoffed. She slammed her locker and stormed away. "Buh bi, Cece" I said sarcasticly.

The bell for the end of school rang. I rushed out with the crowd of students. A hand grabbed form behind. Luckily it was Tyler. "Come on lets hit the movie theater." The movie was awesome. We sawJack the giant slayer.At some parts we laughed and others I hung onto his arm. We slowly exited the movie theater. "That was fun" I smirked. "That was intended." For a moment we just stood there, staring at each other. Then it happened. He grabbed my waist and kissed me. I blushed a dark shade of red. I wasn't sure if I should've pulled away or not, but it felt...good. He pulled away as I gazed into his eyes. "I'll walk you home" he said while grabbing my hand.

We stopped at my front door. This time I leaned in for a kiss and put my hands on his shoulders. For once, I didn't blush. He pulled away and smirked. I giggled. "See ya tomorow!" he shouted. He shoved his hands into his pockets and winked. I watched as he slowly walked away.Best. Night. Ever.

Chapter 4: Boyfriend?

I woke up at 6:00 o' clock. I snuck downstairs and made breakfast for my "family". After, I went back upstairs to put on the usual, my slightly messed up boots, black skinny jeans, a black "U MAD BRO?" t-shirt, and a dark green jacket. I pulled my straight red hair into a ponytail and grabbed my backpack. Soon I was out the door.

When I got to school they were serving breakfast in the cafeteria.Why not?When I got to the cafeteria I noticed someone sitting on the floor in the corner reading a book. It was Tyler! I walked up to him. "Hey clumsy" I said. He looked up, smiled, and patted the floor next to him. I sat down. We just sat there looking at each other. He ended the silence and said, "So....are we dating now?". My smirk dissapeared and my face turned SO red. "I-I-I-I guess" I sputtered. He laughed and kissed me on the cheek.

I entered the forth stall in the girls bathroom. Then I heard the familiar clicking of heels.Oh God."Omg Cece, have you seen that cute new kid, I've never noticed him." Miranda said.

Cienna: Oh yeah, but he's not my type

Miranda: Well, he's totes my type *puts on cherry berry lipgloss*

Cienna: Yup, and if you want it-

Miranda: I've got it

Cienna: You just gotta get him away from Izzy the Iguana

Miranda: *scoffs* AS IF!

Miranda clicked out the bathroom. I opened the stall to find Cienna fixing her hair in the mirror. She dropped her jaw and mouth the words oh my gosh. "So, Iguana....I guess that makes you the cameleon" I said blankly. She rolled her eyes and clicked after Miranda.

Chapter 5: The end

I rushed to school waiting for Tyler. He came up to me with a frown. "Whats wrong?" I asked. Tyler stood in silence. He sighed heavily, "My mom just told me yesterday that we were moving to California." My eyes practicly bugged out. "What!?" He hugged me and rubbed my neck. "When are you leaving??" He stared at the ground. "Right now.." My eyes became watery. I kissed him. "I should go, my moms waiting for me." He gave me one last hug and ran away.I couldn't belive he was gone, we had so much fun. He reminded me of my parents....slowly dissapearing before my eyes. I wasn't gonna let that happen. Even if hes gone....I'll always keep his

Green Eyes and Freckles,in my heart.


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