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My Life: Roadtrip To Hell

Book By: PegaMegaWaffleMigSaurus

Zylietalika (Zye-Lee-Tuh-Leeka) Cassie (Ca-See) Madison (Muh-Dee-Son) Wilkins wants to live a normal life. Her parents Kieralysta and Bullfrog are famous radio hosts of the radio station: The Kill Sessions. When Zye is forced to leave behind her best friend Yaeleen Jaden Skitter and her boyfriend of three years, Meek Ollistan and her NYC apartment complex for a mini mansion house in California. Upon arrival she meets Aiden Tamihaukiue a famous skateboarder along with Jodi Limbizkie, Zane Artinute, Cody norbit and Devan Kylar, his skater emo/scene friends. At first Zylie despised them because they took their fame for granted. But as she gets to know the real them she learns something about herself that she never thought she would. (Story is better than it sounds please give it a try and comment so I can see if I should continue it or not)

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Chapter 1. Kill That Radio Station It Made My Life A Living Hell __________________________ Zylie's P.O.V __________________________ My mom and dad were making me move all the way out to California. I loved NYC and my best friend Yaeleen Jaden Skitter lives there. She had promised to visit when I settled into my new house but that wasn't enough. Not only had I had to leave Yae behind, but my boyfriend Meek Ollisan of two years. I was devastated and angry with them. No, not Meek and Leena, but my parents. My mom Kieralysta and my dad Bullfrog were famous radio hosts of the radio station; The Kill Sessions. So we had to relocate for the tenth time in the last three years. (A year before she met Meek and Yaeleen). First we lived in Nevada, my hometown where I grew up. Then we moved to Paris, France, the Montana, then Massachussetts, Boston, then Barcelona, Spain, then Montreal, Canada, then Denmark, then Tokyo, Japan, then NYC and now finally California. So pretty much I've been around the world. Anyway, let me tell you about myself. __________________________ My full name is Zylietalika Cassie Madison Wilkins. People call me Zylie, Talia (Tuh-Lya), Zee, or simply Leah. I'm sixteen years old and very childish for my age. I can be mature and stubborn at times. My favorite colors were neon purple, neon green and black. I love the bands; The twisted Sidewalks, Deathly Hallows and NSN. I love wearing skinny jeans, skirts, All-Star converse, Vans, Hello Kitty, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Invader Zim, Gir, Barney and Band tees. I have an Invader Zim plush doll and a neon green and purple T-rex named Rig Rawr Diamond. I'm random and hyper if I get a hold of a lot of sugar. I do have some anger issues and a sweet tooth for revenge. My favorite hobbies are playing guitar, singing, drawing, writing, B-balling, skateboarding and photography. I'm 5'6 and 102 pounds. I have two spider bites and a black diamond belly button ring. My favorite foods are m&m cupcakes and oreo mint chocolate chip shakes. __________________________Chapter 1. Meeting The Assholes I was sitting in my parents 1987 Vintage hearse named Death Angel. Yeah that's right, I was sitting in a dead body carrying death mobile. Luckily, I had my black Ipod and was blasting HereGoesNothing by NSN. "Zylietalika Cassie Madison turn that pop crap down" my mom yelled and I cringed at my full name. "It's not pop" "Well it sucks either way" (Authors note: My rentz hate Christofer Drew they say his singing sucks, well they suck lol anyway back to the story.) "Fine! so now I have to move somewhere I don't want to, and! turn MY music off because you don't like it?" "Zee, just listen to your mother please" I huffed and turned my Ipod off, I pocketed it and took my Droid XL phone out. There were some messages from my other half and one from my boo. Meek: I love yew babe <333 ZeeStar: I love yew tew babe <33 <33 I sent the message and looked at the other ones. YaeVanne: Zylie Coyote answer ur phone YaeVanne: Girr when I see you, I'ma bite your head off ;) ZeeStar: Love yew tew Yae xD I then pocketed my phone and rested my head against the window. This is going to be a long five hour drive to California.


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