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My One direction life

Book By: queen twilight 1307

My life with living with one direction. There will be adventures, action and a few problems in our way. Once you have started reading it will be hard to stop. :)

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Chapter 1.

My name is Amelia i have long, brown hair and love singing so this is my story.

It started on sunday the 28th of january it was my best friend laura's birthday she had just turned 16 and that night we were going out for a birthday meal to celebrate little did i know i was in for a big suprise. It was 7pm and i started to get ready i was wearing a black dress with silver high heels and my hair was curly. I grabbed my phone and started wondering around the house a little nervous even though me and laura areout together all the time.

She finally arrived and i ran to open the door to see her wearing a skirt with a pink top and sliver flats."what do you think" Laura asked looking at me " you look amazing that top defo goes with the skirt who chose it?" I joked. Laura rolled her eyes at me and looked at my outfit " is it too much?" I asked smiling "no your the one who looks amazing" She answered back laughing at my reaction. I looked down a bit emmbaraced "so you ready to go?" Laura asked after she had finished laughing. I nodded and followed her to the car.

I got in the back and leaned my head against the head rest wondering what restarant we were going. When we arrived i looked out of the window before climbing out of the door " where are we?" I asked having know clue where we were. Laura walked from the other side of the car to my side " Well we are trying something new so welcome to Nando's" She replied grinning. "They better do great food im starving" My stomach growled in agreement.

Laura just rolled her eyes at me "Your always hungry" She turned to look towards the car park entrance "who you looking for" I asked curiously following her gaze "I forgot to tell you my cousin and his friends are joining us" Laura finally explained. Before i could reply a black car pulled into the car park and 5 boys got out. I hide behind laura as they all approched us it suddenly hit me and i realise who they all were. When they reached us they looked at each other before looking at laura "hey laura happy birthday, i missed you" Harry greeted her walking forward embracing her into a tight hug. when they parted laura smiled "Thanks hazza missed you too" She replied. I looked from harry to niall before looking at laura "oh laura let me introduce the boys" He said before turning to them "Guys this is laura and laura these are the boys louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall" Harry introduced. They all murmed a hello and a happy birthday "oh everyone this is my friend Mia" She said introducing me. I couldn't say anything so i just smiled.

Chapter 2.

As we all headed inside i started whispering to laura "you never told me you and harry styles are cousins" i whispered "I thought you would treat me diffrently so i kept it to myself" she replied looking down at the ground "You know i would never do that to you, your my best friend and sister through thick and thin we will always be together." I said with a smile on my face "thanks and maybe this is your chance to talk to Niall" She started grinning "I dont know what your talking about" I acted innocently but it didn't fool her"I know you have a crush on him" she replied and started laughing silently at my reaction.

"You wont tell anyone will you please" I pleaded before giving her the puppy face "Ok i promise only if you promise you won't tell anyone that i'm related to harry" She asked holding out her pinky "I promise" I said putting my pinky with her's linking them together. We got to the table and all sat down i was inbetween Laura and Louis with Niall opposite me. I caught him looking at me a few times but we quickly turned away and started talking to the rest of the boys.

Laura handed me a menu and i started scanning down it "what are you having" laura asked looking at my menu with me "hmm i really don't no" I admitted looking at her. "well im having what you have" she replied pointing at a fish and chip meal and making a face to look like a fish. We both started laughing "do you know who that reminds me of" Laura asked. "no who" i played along "Chantelle" she replied. I looked at her "I'm sorry i shouldn't have done that" she glanced an apologetic look at me. I nodded as a waitress came over for our orders.

When we had finished eating the boys all went to the bar for the drinks leaving me, laura and niall alone. Laura started asking Niall questions so i sighed and picked my phone up from my bag to see i had a message for laura I started smiling and waited till laura had stopped talking. Laura looked at me "what are you smiling about" She wondered trying to look at the message "it's only a message from my step-mum" I replied. "what does she want" She asked I gave her an evil look "sorry but come on she won't be like what your real mum was like" I sighed "i know but she's the closest i have to a mum even if were related or not" I replied.

Laura opened her arms and wrapped them around my shoulders for a quick hug. When she let me go everyone was looking at us so i started singing only loud enough for me to hear. Laura heared something and looked at me straight away "Mia's singing again" Laura announced. I stopped and looked at her "What do you mean again?" I asked wondering what her answer would be "Oh come on you know your always singing everytime were together and i have a feeling that you sing when your alone too" I started grinning.

"I might do" I replied "Ha i knew it so what were you singing" She asked as the boys came back to the table and sat down listening to our conversation. "non of your business" I mumbled looking down at my phone. Laura took her opportunity and grabbed the phone out of my hand to see what i was listening to "so that's what you were singing" She said replaying the song and turning the volume up so everyone could hear it. I looked down a bit embaraced "Mia please sing for me" Laura pleaded looking at me.

I shook my head and started humming "please you have a great voice don't hide it away" She started to give me the puppy eyes but i grabbed my phone off her. It started ringing and i looked to see who the caller is before looking back at laura "whose that" She asked "My dad i don't know what to do what if he blames me again for it" i replied "go answer it and then put the phone straight down if he starts" She explained. I nodded and walked outside the building to sit on a nearby bench.

Back inside laura turned to look at the boys and smiled "So what do you think of Mia?" She asked curiously. The boys glanced at each other before someone answered "well she's nice and so fun to be around, She's the kind of person that you can trust with anything" Harry spoke breaking the silence. All the boys nodded in agreement "can you tell us a bit more information about her" Liam asked and laura nodded. "Well her full name isAmelia rose Jacksonshe is 14 she was born on the 3rd of november 1997, She loves the colours of the ocean all the green's and the blue's. She likes any kind of music by any artist but her fav band is one direction" Laura smiled at the last thing she mentioned.

Chapter 3.

Laura looked at all the boys who had massive grins on their faces "Hey laura has she got a favourite member" Liam asked. Laura looked at them and smiled slightly "well you will just have to wait and see" she replied but suddenly sat down a bit worrid "Laura what's up" harry asked her looking at her face "I'm just worrid for Mia" she replied. Niall sat next to her and sighed "laura what did you mean when you said if he blames mia for it then she should put the phone down" he wondered. Laura looked up at them "Her dad blames Mia for her mother's death" she finally said as everyone froze to look at her "how did she die?" Liam asked playing with his fingers "She took laura on a shopping trip and on the way back a car crashed into them Mia was only 10. and know her dad blames her for everything." she whispered as silent tears were falling down her cheeks. "I'm going to check on her see if she's ok" Niall whispered before walking out of the door. I heard my dad yelling so i quickly put the phone down and felt my eyes watering before i felt someone sit next to me "Mia is he blaming you again?" The irish voice spoke as i turned my head to look at him and gave him a weak smile " how did you know about that" i asked as the tears started to fall from my eyes.

"It's going to be alright and Laura told us" he replied catching them with the end of his fingers. "thanks Niall you're really sweet" as i said this he looked down blushing a bit so i just started smiling to myself. "Let's go back inside i'm sure everyone will be wondering where we are" he spoke finally braking the awkward silence. He stood up and held his hand out for me i took it and stood up before we both walked back inside to the table.


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