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Angel Love
There once was a girl and boy angel up above in heaven as being the very best of friends. They were always together! The angels names being Anna and Isaiah.
One day the Arc Angel, Michael came to Anna and said: "Anna; It's your time to go to earth as a baby." Anna leaped with Joy. Isaiah spoke; " Michael; What about me?" Michael replied "Sorry Isaiah, It's not your time yet" Anna's joy lessen to a slight sadness. Going back to earth would mean she would have to leave her very best friend behind. Isaiah and Anna decided to make the best of the time they had left together because what thy father says goes. They knew everything thy father plans always works out for good and they would be together again someday.
Anna and Isaiah both had plans to make each other a special gift to remind each other of their special friendship. They made plans to be apart for a short time to work on their gifts so that the gifts would be a surprise. Planning to meet at their special tree tomorrow after praise and worship, they would exchange gifts.
Anna decided she would make Isaiah a necklace with gemstones of his favorite color blue. Using topaz and turquoise, Anna went to working on Isaiah's necklace. The necklace was made up of twenty-four turquoise beads with one huge topaz stone for the heart.
Isaiah decided to make Anna a crown with many flowers with an assortment of colors being Anna liked many colors. In heaven the flowers never die or lose their beauty with life. Isaiah went to his favorite field where the flowers were the most beautiful and began picking the ones for Anna's crown. He picked all the ones he found most appealing then hurried home to string them together in a crown. He always felt like Anna was his princess. He was gonna make her feel like his princess the time they had left together. Isaiah had made his mind up when it was his time to return to earth he would search for Anna even if it took his whole life. He knew he would never forget her eyes. He spent many hours looking into her eyes adoring the color of them.
Anna and Isaiah steadily worked on their gifts until they were finished. They both were very excited about their choices. They couldn't wait to surprise each other with what they had made from their hearts.
It was now morning; time for praise and worship. Anna and Isaiah had spent many hours away from each other working on their gifts and missed each other terribly. They both were filled with excitement to see each other at praise and worship. They hurried into their robes and ran down the gold path to the throne of the Father. They ran the whole way with the anticipation of seeing each other. They took their places in line next to each other. All the angels of heaven began to sing Holy , Holy, Holy is the one who sits on the throne. All the angels sang in a tongue that was a perfect harmony all in one. Thy father was very fond of music. As the sounds vibrated thru the heavens you could feel the joy and warmth in the air of love for the Father. Praise and worship lasted for hours until dusk. Praise and worship ended. Anna and Isaiah agreed they would meet at their tree after they went home to get their gifts for one another. They both ran the whole way to their houses. They hurried, grabbed their gifts and headed to their tree.
Anna arrived at the tree with the necklace in the pocket of her robe. She sat down thinking how Isaiah is going to love his gift. She looked off into the field seeing Isaiah running towards her. As Isaiah glimpsed at Anna he slowed his run to a very slow walk. It finally hit him hard his best friend is going to be leaving him soon. Isaiah had never experienced this feeling for their was no feelings of loss in heaven. He was happy for Anna for it is a privilege to go to Earth. He didn't like this feeling so he replaced it with the thought they would see each other again someday. He picked up his walk for he was excited to give Anna her gift. He held the crown of flowers behind his back. Isaiah approached Anna; he pulled the crown from behind his back and placed it on her head. His words were heart filled" Anna; you will always be my princess" Then he placed a simple kiss on her forehead. Anna was so touched she had almost forgotten to give him the gift she made for him. Anna reached in her pocket and pulled the necklace out and placed it around Isaiah's neck. Isaiah was amazed at the beauty of the necklace. The topaz sparkled in the sunlight. Anna spoke with the words " The heart represents the place that will always be in my heart for you as the most special friend in the heavens besides thy father" Anna returned his kiss with her placing a kiss on his forehead. Anna and Isaiah's hearts were so filled with the love of their friendship that they locked hands and just started to dance and spin in circles. As they were dancing they seen out the corner of their eyes Arc Angel Michael approaching.
Michael approached and said"Anna it is time; come my child; it is time; we must not keep thy father waiting. You know how thy father has the perfect timing for everything" Anna and Isaiah embraced in one last hug looking into each others eyes to place a memory that they would cherish forever. Anna took Michaels hand and as they flew off she watched Isaiah until he was in her sight no more.
Anna was gonna be the girl of the Harr's. Her parents names were Russell and Joe Ann. After Anna's birth; the doctor detected a heart condition. A serious heart condition but nothing that couldn't be takened care of thru medical science and prayer. The Harr's prayed for their daughter as they saw her lay in the incubator. They gave their daughter the name Kim for her skin glowed as gold. The doctor came in and told the Harr's that Kim would have to stay in the hospital now and time would help her heart grow strong as a normal baby. The Harr's were relieved with the doctor's words.
In the meanwhile Isaiah was at Anna's and his favorite tree. He could not stop thinking of Anna. He missed her so. He was remenissing about all the happy times they shared at their tree. Arch Angel approached Isaiah. He said "Isaiah thy father wishes to see you" Isaiah took Michael's hand to go see thy father. Isaiah and Michael approached thy Father's thrown. They bowed down before thy father. Thy fathers words rang thru the heavens as he spoke"Isaiah; I see how much you miss Anna so I've decided to let you be her guardian angel but her name is no longer Anna. Her family gave her the name Kim." Isaiah was filled with an indescribeable joy at the thought he would get to see Anna again. Thy father spoke again "Michael take him to earth to see Kim; Isaiah you may visit Kim three times a week in earthly time" Isaiah said " We can go now; Father?" Thy father bounced with laughter with Isaiah's impatience and said" Yes Isaiah; Michael will take you now."
Michael took Isaiah's hand and off they went. Michael and Isaiah approached the hospital where Kim was. They went into the room and the sweet baby was asleep in her incubator. Isaiah just stared at her with admiration. With his spirit he held her hand. He felt in his heart the life of Kim and her peacefulness of her sleep. He just stood their adoring her anticipating the moments ahead they would be able to share together. The Harr's came into the room to check on their daughter. Isaiah seen the parents of Kim. He saw thy father had blessed her with two loving parents. Michael spoke to Isaiah, "Isaiah; It is time to leave now. You will be able to return soon." They embraced hands and left the hospital. On the way back to heaven Isaiah had the vision of baby Kim in his mind. He planned to go to his and Annas tree and just focus on his memory of the sweet baby.
The Harr's prayed over their daughter and spent time holding her thru the gloves in the incubator. They adored their beautiful baby girl. They spent a few hours and decided to go home.
The Harr's were at home preparing their dinner when the phone rang. Russell went to answer the phone. It was the doctor on the other line explaining he had just checked on Kim and her condition was unexplainable. Her heart was now strong as a normal baby and they would be able to come and pick her up. The Harr's were excited. They could finally bring their new baby to their home. The Harr's packed their car with the stuff they would need to bring Kim home. They were off to the hospital to bring their baby girl home. The Harr's arrived at the hospital. Excitement filled their hearts as they dressed their baby girl to take her home. Kim was ready to go now and off they went to start loving their new baby.
The days passed quickly and baby Kim was growing like a weed. Isaiah would come his three times a week earthly time to spend his cherished time with Kim.
Kim was now four and playing with her toys in the livingroom. It was Isaiah's day to come. He appeared and Kim began to smile. She could see Isaiah and spent many hours with him playing with her toys with him. Isaiah would teach Kim with her blocks enhancing her intelligence. Isaiah and Kim were playing with her blocks when Kim's parents entered the room to check on her. Kim say her mommy and was excited to let her know her friend was playing with her. Kim spoke"Mama angel Mama angel" Kim's mother found Kim's words peculiar for the Harr's seen no one in the room with them. Kim's mom was wandering how Kim learned the word angel. She thought to herself anyways she learned a word so what does it matter what word it was. Kim was just sitting there playing with contently with her block so her mother left her to play. Isaiah was trying to teach Kim to say his name but all Kim was able to say was Angel Isa. He was satisfied with that for now. He knew someday he would hear her say his name again as he heard it in heaven. Isaiah told Kim a story that thy father had told them and Kim just sat there and listened. Kim loved the stories Isaiah would tell her. After Isaiah finished his story it would be time for him to return to heaven. After Isaiah left; Kim missed him so she picked up her favorite doll and named it Angel Isa.
The Harr's loved their daughter dearly. They were very thankful to the Heavenly Father for blessing them with such a precious gift . The Harr's would go to Church every week and not miss one for they felt it important to give thy Father thanks for their gift. They also found it important to raise their daughter in the church with values and morals of thy heavenly Father's word.
Kim was now seven. She understood the concept of Isaiah coming to see her and spending time with her. Since Kim was older thy father had cut Isaiah's visits to once a week. Isaiah would stay as long as he could for that one day. He always made the best of his time with his sweet Kim. Kim now kept him as her secret. Once again they were best friends as like it was in heaven. Isaiah and Kim would spend time up in her treehouse playing and talking about what happened throughout the week while they were apart. Isaiah would always share thy father's stories with Kim and stories of the times they shared together in heaven. Isaiah would teach Kim thy fahter's word. Isaiah would always return to heaven and go to their favorite tree. He would spend hours remembering the time Kim and him spent together. Patiently Isaiah awaited his time to return to Earth as a baby and vowed he would somehow find Kim when he was old enough; hoping he would remember all their times together.
The time steadily passed and Kim was now seventeen. Sadly Kim's child like heart was fading and she was into meeting guys that she could no longer see Isaiah anymore. Kim's choices at this age were of poor choice. She was hanging out with people and going to night clubs with a fake ID. Kim and her friends like going to this place called the Butterfield Stage. They would have Happy Hour starting at 7p.m. with ten cent drinks then at 8pm twenty-five cent and 9pm fifty-cent drinks.
One Friday night Kim and her friend planned to go to the Butterfield. Kim and Annette arrived at the Butterfield around eight o'clock. They filled their table with drinks. Kim and Annette were out on the dance floor ; when Kim spotted a tall handsome dark haired guy. Kim got Annette to go up and ask him to dance with Kim. The guy came to the table and asked Kim to dance. The guy asked Kim what her name was and told her that his name was Jimmy. Kim and Jimmy danced a few songs; then went to the table to sit down. Jimmy joined Kim and Annette at their table. They all sat talking and getting to know eachother. The time went by fast and it was 1:30am and the club was getting ready to close in 30 minutes. Jimmy walked Kim and Annette to Annette's car. Jimmy asked them did they want to go to the beach. They said yeah. Jimmy followed Annette and Kim to Annette's house to drop off her car. Jimmy drove a nice blaced comaro with white pin stripes going down it. Kim and Annette got into his car and headed off to the beach. They arrived at the beach and would cruise the strip. The strip was packed with cars. It was crazy people hollering at people to get to know them and passing beers into car windows. Jimmy cruised the strip for awhile and then asked Kim and Annette if they wanted to take a walk on the beach. Jimmy was the perfect gentleman. They walked on the beach enjoying the sounds of the ocean in the moon lit sky. Jimmy was getting tired so he asked Kim and Annette if they were ready to go. They all agreed it had been along night and to call it a night. They headed back to the car as Kim and Jimmy were holding hands; Jimmy asked" Can I get your number Kim? I would like to take you on a date. I really like you." Kim said "Yeah" Kim gave Jimmy her number. They arrived at Jimmy's car , piled in and headed home.
In the meanwhile Isaiah was sitting at Anna's and his tree missing Kim so badly. Isaiah couldn't figure out how Kim had gone into the ways of the world and forgotten him. While Isaiah was at the tree Arc Angel Michael approached. Michael said"Isaiah I have some great news for you." Isaiah asked, "What is it Michael?" Michael replied,"It's time Isaiah; It's your time now to go back to earth as a baby." Isaiah jumped for joy. Michael said,"Come Isaiah; We must go see thy Father first." Isaiah took Michael's hand and they headed off to thy Father's throne. Thy father was filled with so much joy because he knew this was the moment Isaiah had been waiting for. His belly was full of laughter and joy. I think thy father was more happy then Isaiah about him going back. Thy father spoke "Okay Isaiah; I know how you miss Anna so I've decided to let you go back now" Isaiah bowed at thy Father's feet with much gratitude saying " Thank you so much Father; Praise his Holy name" Thy Father spoke,"Okay Michael take him back now." Michael took Isaiah's hand and they headed off to Earth. Isaiah was gonna be born into the Jones family. His mother's name was Marie and his dad's name was Leroy. Marie lived in Germany where she had met Leroy which was in the military. Marie was getting ready to give birth to her son. Sad to say Leroy wasn't in the picture. He had left Marie to fend for herself having a child alone. Marie went into the hospital to give birth to her child. Marie knew she was having a boy. Marie had chosen the name Micah for her son. Micah was born. Marie looked at Micah with such admiration. She didn't know how she was gonna raise this child on her own but she knew Thy heavenly Father would make away.
Kim and Jimmy had now become an item. They had been dating for a few months. Kim was getting ready to graduate from high school. It was Kim's graduation night and Jimmy attended. Kim ditched Jimmy after graduation to go off with some friends. Kim was starting to think this guy is to nice. So Kim and her friends got really drunk. Jimmy showed up at where Kim was. Kim was hanging over the toilet throwing up from drinking so much alcohol. Instead of being mad at Kim; Jimmy grabbed a washcloth; wetted it and began to wipe her face. This was the moment Kim began to think; boy this guy really loves me. Kim was thinking here he should be mad at me but he's taking care of me. Kim and Jimmy's relationship grew. The only problem Kim had with Jimmy is that he smoked weed but she dismissed it hoping someday he would give it up. Kim and Jimmy had moved together with one of Jimmy's friends Tommy.
Marie was raising Micah on her own. Her family helped her out a lot. Marie was raising Micah up in the church Micah had the gift of music. As a child of five Micah would sing and dance along with music on the radio and television. Marie discovered her son had a special gift. Micah had a tradegy in his childhood that he would hold on to and didn't understand why him? Marie started to enter Micah into local talent shows and broadcastings. Micah's career in music took off at the early age of seven. Micah enjoyed singing and performing for people. He loved all types of music. Micah especially loved dance, R N B, gospel and contemporary Christian music.
Kim and Jimmy lived together for two years before they had any sexual contact. Kim was raised old fashioned to wait until she was married to have sex for it was a way of expressing extreme love for a person. Kim finally gave into Jimmy and had sex with him even though it went against Kim was hoping Jimmy would marry her. One day Kim was 25 and Jimmy was 30. Kim decided it was time to be an adult and grow up. Kim and Jimmy had been dating for ten years. Jimmy still smoked weed. One day Kim sat Jimmy down to talk. Kim explained they were older and it's time to grow up. Kim gave Jimmy a choice either it's me or the weed. Jimmy chose the weed over Kim. Jimmy moved out. Kim went through a terrible time because Jimmy was her first love. Kim realized only time would heal this wound that had bestowed upon her. Kim always had faith in Yahshua but didn't exactly live the life she was suppose to live. She prayed all the time and went to church. Kim finally moved on and forgot about Jimmy. He had made his choice.
Kim got a new job working at the shipyard . She loved her job working with parts and entering all inventory in the computer. Kim got to meet lots of new people working in the storeroom at the shipyard. Kim was living a very worldly life. Her life became a daily routime of work, working out at the gym and then all nite party life. Kim had found a favorite night club called the Heart Break Café. When Kim wasn't working or working out; she was in the club drinking and having a good time. Her friends at work had given her the nickname the Heart Break Queen because she spent so much time there. Kim always had her rules never to leave a club with a man learning from her past with Jimmy. Kim had discovered a club wasn't a place to meet a man. She would just go dance and drink to have a good time.
One day at work she met this guy named Joseph. Kim found Joseph very attracative. Kim wanted to meet him. One of the guys in the storeroom always talked to Joseph introduced Kim to him. At the time Joseph had a girlfriend so he didn't pay Kim much attention. The weeks pasted by. Joseph and his girlfriend broke up. Joseph knew of Kim's attraction to him. Joseph came to storeroom counter one day and Kim was getting his parts for him. When Kim brought his parts back to him; Joseph asked Kim to go on a date. Kim was very excited it was like a dream come true. Joseph gave Kim his number. He told Kim to call him that night so they could make some plans for a date. Kim called Joseph. They planned to go out Friday night. Kim would drive to his house after he got off work and they would go from there. Kim could hardly wait for Friday night to get there. She was so excited. Friday night had finally arrived. Kim had took her daily trip to the mall to buy an outfit to wear out. Working at the shipyard was good money for Kim. Kim still lived at home with her Dad. Kim was truly blessed with a good daddy. She thanked thy heavenly Father for him every day. Kim was daddy's little girl. He was always there for her through the good times and bad. Kim was very anxious for her date. She took her time getting ready. Kim was happy with the blue romper she had chosen for her date. Kim finished getting ready for her date and was off. She arrived at Joseph's and he answered the door. Joseph was a buff and very nice looking guy with dark hair. He was a little taller than Kim. When he came to the door he had on a tight white t-shirt with tight fitting jeans. Kim was thinking boy did I hit the jackpot this time. Joseph offered to take Kim to this club and then they were gonna go to an after hours club to shoot pool. It was late since Joseph worked second shift it was about 11pm now. Off to the club they went. They went to a small bar close to Joseph's house. They drank a few beers. Shocked by Joseph almost getting into a fight at the bar; Kim asked could they leave and go shoot pool. Joseph agreet where they were wasn't such a good place to be. They went to the After hours club and shot pool. Kim and Joseph had a good time. They would dance a bit and then shoot a game of pool. It was about 5am and Joseph asked Kim to go for a walk on the beach before their date ended. So they watched the sun come up on the beach and enjoying the ocean. Kim always loved being near the ocean. The sounds of the waves crashing upon the shore always gave her a sense of peace. It was about 7am and Kim asked Joseph could they go home. They both had a very busy night and were tired. Kim and Joseph began to date. Kim spent a lot a time a Joseph's fixing his place up and spending time with his son Alan. Kim loved Joseph's son. He was so cute and well behaved three year old. Thru dating Joseph; Kim had discovered Joseph had been married before and was divorced. Joseph seemed like the perfect man. He was very kind, very responsible and always put his family first. Kim had grown very fond of him. The only thing was Joseph was a very smooth talker. By the time Kim and Joseph had dated three months; Joseph had talked her panties right off her. Boy was Kim surprised she had even lowered values to have sex with a man this early in a relationship.
She was very disappointed in herself. Kim and Joseph continued to date. A couple of weeks had went by. Kim began to get very sick in the morning and stayed sick the most of the day. She decided to go to the doctor to see what was going on. Kim went to the doctor. She was not happy with the news of what was causing her sickness. The doctor had told her she was gonna be a mommy. The doctor ordered an ultra-sound because he found it peculiar that Kim was getting so sick this early in a pregnancy. Kim was having her ultra sound done. The ultra-sound tech said " Oh your baby is fine. Wait a minute there's another baby in there; You're gonna have twins." Kim was not happy at all to hear that. The thought was running thru her head: don't tell me there is another one in there or I won't be able to get off this table. Before Kim knew it she was speaking her thoughts to the ultra sound technician. The ultra-sound techniclian laughed saying"No; I only see two in there" Kim was very relieved to hear those words. The ultra-sound technician told Kim to get dressed and the doctor would be with her in a few minutes. The doctor came in saying "Congratulations; You're gonna be a mother of twins" Kim tried to smile but her thoughts were the total opposite with somewhat a fear; twins was the only words going over and over in her head. The doctor handed Kim a prescription for her nausiness and prenatal vitamins. Walking out the doctor's office all that was running thru Kim's mind was how is she gonna tell Joseph. She decided to call him on the phone and tell him. When Kim called Joseph about the news he was gonna be a daddy; he didn't sound to thrilled at the news. Kim was suppose to see him that night. That night when they spent time together; everything somewhat felt different between them and in a bad way. They both won't to happy with the situation they had put themselves in. The next week Joseph didn't show up at work. Kim was wandering what was going on. To Kim's discovery; Joseph had quit his job and moved away. Kim had no idea where Joseph had moved to. All Kim could think about was great I'm gonna be a single mom and on top of that with two babies instead of one.
Micah was becoming big. Everybody was starting to know his name throughout United States and some in the other countries. He had joined a Christian band called the Wise Seven. Gabriel had found it was a very wise choice to join this band. His career was taking off and fast. Before he knew it; he was touring all over Germany and even going to other countries such as Europe and Poland. The Wise 7 was becoming a well known band. Micah was going away from his Christian life he had been brought up into. His career had opened up the worldly ways to him. He was drinking a lot of alcohol from going to parties and needed cocaine to keep him going when he needed to be awake. At first Micah found all the attention from fans great. He really felt loved. But as all other famous people find the attention gets old after awhile. Their life seems to invaded where they have no privacy. It seems if people are just waiting for you to make a mistake so they can put it in all the top gossip columns. The feeling becomes as if your whole life has been put on blast for the whole world to know. A person then begins to feel lost and wandering if they made a mistake in becoming famous. They end up feeling as if anyone is truly love them for just them not who they are in their famous life. Besides having these feelings haunting him; Micah also had the past haunting him of the tradey he had experienced as a child. Micah had met a woman that caught his attention. She was a model and her name was Jeanette. Micah was quite fascinated with Jeanette. She was everything he wanted in a woman. She was beautiful, intelligent, loving and had faith in God. Even though she was a lingerie model; she still had faith in god. Sometimes people are so quick to judge others instead of looking at that maybe sometimes God positions people in places so that they may be a testimony for others. You know what I find sad is everyday people make mistakes everyday and are forgiven but let a famous person make a mistake their life is put on blast and they are not so easy to be forgiven. So Jeanette and Gabriel began to date and grow very fond of eachother. They fell in love. As Jeanette became to known as Micah's girlfriend her career began to grow thru all the publicity. Thru the press on their relationship had really put a strain on their relationship and most of all Micah career. Their relationship began to deteriorate the more Jeanette's career expanded . Micah career started to take a fall because of type model he was dating. The publicity was not good for a person in the Christian profession. As Jeanette's career started to flourish so did the attraction of men with it. Micah and her parted ways. Micah was terribly heartbroken. This woman had wounded his heart so bad he didn't ever think he was gonna get over it. He had found True Love with Jeanette. She was really his first True Love. He liked everything about her. The heart break had caused Micah to go into a depression and was really takened his career for a downfall. This is when Micah came back to his relationship with Yahshua. He was so broken; he started to search him out again. The heavely Father began to put people in Micah life to encourage and lift him up again.
Kim went through the whole pregnancy by herself and had the twins. Kim had suffered a lot with the twins. During birth a main artery had been torn and Kim lost a lot of blood. Kim had to be rushed into emergency surgery and be given a blood transfusion. The babies were very healthy. Kim had twin boys in which she named them Russell after her daddy and Ryan. The twins were six weeks early but very big for their age; Russell was 5lbs10oz and Ryan was 5lsb6oz. Kim made it thru her surgery and was able to go home three days after having the babies under the condition she would get plenty of rest. When Kim took the babies home her family tried to help but it was a bit much. Kim loved her babies and took good care of them. Unfortunately after a week of staying up day and night with the twins: Kim fell sick. Kim had to go to the hospital cause she knew something was wrong for she was small from the waist up and from the waist down she looked 300lbs. She knew something was wrong. She called her daddy to take her to the hospital. Her daddy came and picked her up and took her to the hospital.
They arrived at the hospital and Kim was embarrassed with her situation; not only did she look terribly overweight from the waist down ; she had a terrible case of gas from just having babies. When they took Kim's blood pressure it was like 200 over 120. They rushed her into the back immediately. Kim's gas was inferior and very embarrassing for the smell was not to good for one's nose. Kim's gas had reminded Kim of this game her dad would play on her when she was younger. Her daddy would always wait until they were out in public with a lot of people around and he would pass gas. Then he would talk real loud in his voice and says "Kim Harr ; Why did you fart? You could atleast excuse yourself and go to the bathroom." Kim's daddy use to get a kick out of that. At the time when I was young I didn't find it funny but I find it funny now and I'm going explain why. The doctor came into the room and Kim had just passed gas. Kim could see the doctor's nose twitch up at the smell. Kim said "Daddy Why did you fart? You could atleast went into the bathroom where it's proper" Kim looked at her daddy and his jaw dropped. Kim's dad was lost for words. He couldn't believe his daughter had returned the favor to him after all these years. After the doctor left the room Kim couldn't wait to say "Daddy: I finally got to pay you back for all them embarrassing moments as a child" Kim's dad was still lost for words for he never expected that out of her. The doctor came in to tell Kim she would have to stay in the hospital a few days; get a potassium feeding and blood transfusion. He had told her the reason she looked so overweight from the waist down was because her blood was so low it wasn't circulating. Kim's family would take care of the twins while she was in the hospital. After three days in the hospital Kim was ready to go home. Kim knew though her work was gonna be cut out for her taking care of the boys alone but with the strength god gave her as a mother she would be able to do it. Kim managed just fine.
Kim remembered one of the moments in her life was the most scariest. The boys were about six months old and she had finally got them down to sleep. Kim was sterilizing their bottles and nipples on the stove. At this point Kim didn't know how drained she was. She fell asleep. Kim was awakened by a funny smell. She ran into the kitchen to see where the smell was coming from. The kitchen curtains had caught on fire and the pan with the nipples and bottles in it was melted to the stove. The oder was terrible for it was of metal and plastic. Kim grabbed the boys wrapped them up well and put them outside in the dead cold of winter. Kim called her dad and told him what happened and ask if he could come over to check things out. Kim was so scared the toxins in the air from the pan and bottles burning could poison the babies. Kim's dad came over to make sure nothing was on fire in the insulation. Kim was so scared because the attic was close by to the stove and the curtains had caught on fire that it didn't go up into the insulation. Kim's dad checked everything out and they opened all the doors, and window to get the toxin smell out of the house.
Kim was thanking God and it was a miracle that the house didn't burn down. It was like something put the fire out after the curtains burned. After the toxin smell had vanished Kim brought the boys back inside. Kim's dad said she was very lucky the house didn't burn down. Kim was relieved and decided at that moment it was time to hunt Joseph down. She needed help with those babies. He wasn't paying child support or she had no help from him in their care. Kim hunted Joseph's dad down in PA. She gave him a call and talked to him. Joseph's dad knew exactly where he was at. He said he would get him a message and get him to call Kim. About a week later Joseph called Kim. They talked a bit. Joseph wanted to see his sons. Kim said she would bring them to PA so he could see them.
Kim drove the babies down to see their daddy. He loved them. Joseph asked Kim would she be willing to move to PA so he could be with his sons. Joseph said he still loved Kim. Kim agreed. She went home discussed the situation with her daddy. Her daddy didn't like the idea at all but Kim was a big girl now and he let her make her own decisions. Kim decided she was gonna go for it for her son's sake to know their daddy. Kim quit her job; packed her car up and headed off to PA.
Kim and Joseph's life was good for a bit. Joseph seemed like the perfect man he provided for his family, was romantic and loving towards Kim. As Kim lived with Joseph she began to see the real man she was living with her. Joseph would get mad at her take her cigarettes, the house phones and her car keys to work. It was his way of controlling her. Kim was stronger than that. She would put the boys in their stroller; walk to town and call her daddy to western union her some money. The abuse started out mental at first where he would take everything from her and leave her stranded. She couldn't go anywhere without him. He was very controlling. Kim was not knews to this at all. Then the abuse became physical. Joseph began to shove Kim and hit her. The abuse got worse. Kim was pregnant again. One time Joseph head butted Kim and knocked her out. He rushed her to the E.R. The abuse stopped alittle while Kim was pregnant; it was mostly verbal then. Kim had the baby. It was a girl. Kim let Joseph name her and he chose the name Melissa. They broght Melissa home. Kim thought everything was gonna be alright because Joseph had always wanted a daughter and to name her Melissa. He named her Melissa after the song Sweet Melissa. Kim had the scare of her life. One day Kim took the boys and Melissa to the Giant Eagle. Melissa was only a week old. Kim had Melissa in the front section of the basket and the boys in the big part. She had promised the boys she would rent them a movie. They were in the movie section looking at the movies. Ruseell was standing up and went to reach for the movie; the basket flipped over and Melissa went flying in the air about six feet. Melissa landed on the basket which was now flipped over on it's side. Kim grabbed Melissa up quickly. I think the whole incident scared Kim and the baby more than it hurt Melissa. Melissa was okay. It was a good thing she was newborn and still her bones and joints were flexible. The whole situation scared everybody more than it hurt anyone. Well the days went by. Melissa was growing and the boys to. Joseph's anger grew to. The abuse grew more. One time Joseph dragged Kim up the drive way by her hair. Kim wasn't only dealing with physical abuse but mental to. Joseph use to say to Kim I can bury you in the woods and nobody would never find you. Kim use to reply with: If it gets me away from you; you're doing me a favor. Kim would always get the same story after the abuse. Joseph would always say I'm sorry, I didn't mean it and it won't happen again. Joseph then began to beat on the boys and leave bruises. Kim took the abuse but when it came to her babies; she realized it was time to go. Kim gave Joseph one last chance. She said she would stay if he went to counseling. He agreed. By this time it was to late Kim was on a verge of a nervous break down from all the abuse. He agreed to go to counseling. They went and do you know Joseph was such a smooth talker the counselor thought Kim was the problem. Kim was fed up at this point. She called her dad and said I want to come home. She explained to her dad she had enough abuse for a lifetime. Kim's dad agreed to help Kim. Kim would rent a uhaul while Joseph was working. The day Kim's dad came up; she would meet him in town and give him the key to the Uhaul. Kim and her dad had it all planned out. Kim felt if Joseph knew she was leaving; it would put the kids and her in great danger. So the day came for Kim's dad to be in PA. Everything went according to plan. Kim met her dad in town. Kim had given Joseph the excuse she was going to buy their favorite wings at the Quaker State. Kim picked the wings up and met her dad with the key. Kim's dad would get the Uhaul and be at the house thirty minutes after Joseph went to work. Kim's dad had brought Kim's little brother with him to help them drive the cars home. The kids loved their uncle and knew his name well. That was the very thing that almost made the plan go sour. Kim went as things were normal. She walked in the house with the wings and the kids. They all sat down to eat. The twins said I want to see uncle again. Kim was about to die. Joseph said "What are the boys talking about" I think at that time Kim was so scared that God himself put the words in Kims mouth with calmness. Kim replied"Oh the boys talked to my brother on the phone today because they missed him" Joseph seemed to accept the answer. Kim was relieved. They finished dinner . Joseph got ready for work. Kim was thinking to herself I can't wait until he leaves work; I will finally be free after tonight. Joseph went to work. Kim called her dad. Thirty minutes later Kim's dad was in the driveway with the truck. I don't think three people ever packed a Uhaul so quick. It began to snow. Kim was so scared Joseph was gonna come home to check on her because of the snow. God must have been watching over them that night. I never thought three people could pack a Uhaul so quick. Kim only took her things she brought into the relationship. She wanted nothing of Joseph's or memories of him. Finally everything was packed up. They wasted no time getting on the road and out of PA. After they passed the PA state line Kim sighed with relief. The whole nightmare was finally over. Kim had enough this time. There was no going back. First ten years of her life wasted with Jimmy. Now another seven years wasted with Joseph. Kim's thoughts were I'm not dating any man for a very long time. Kim thought though the situation with Joseph had made her a stronger woman. Good did come out of a bad situation. Kim never held a grudge against Joseph because she knew his childhood had to do with his anger. Joseph had a really bad childhood. His mom would leave and his brother alone for day without food or love. Joseph's brother would beat on him because he was angry with his mother. Kim forgave Joseph but wasn't ever gonna go back.
It took Kim awhile to get her life back together. She once again was blessed with the best daddy in the world that had always been there for her. Kim and the kids stayed at her dad's old house. Kim's dad had gotten married again. He divorced Kim's mom after 25 years. He had met a very nice woman. He lived with her now. His house was vacant. He let Kim and the kids live there. Kim finally got her life back on track. She had a good job working at a Japanese company.
Things were starting to look up for Kim. Kim worked at this company for about a year. She had made many friends. One of her friends kept asking her out. His name was Ronald. He asked her out many times. He was a pretty nice guy. Kim was sort of scared to date after Joseph. Ronald kept bugging her and asking her. She finally said yes. Ronald took Kim out to dinner and a movie. He was such a gentleman. Kim enjoyed the companionship of a man again. Ronald wasn't the pretty boy Kim was use to dating. Kim and Ronald begin to date seriously. Ronald gained a place in Kim's heart for he treated her children just as his own. He played with them and took them places even when Kim was at work. Kim and Ronald dated for awhile about three years. The last night Kim and Ronald were together was on Kim's birthday. Boy did Ronald give Kim a Birthday present alright. Kim was pregnant. When Kim told Ronald it was if he didn't know her. Kim was about to go thru another pregnancy on her own again. Even worse she had to go to work everyday to face Ronald. They had become very distant as if they never knew eachother. It was hard for Kim to go to work everyday carrying Ronalds child to see him have no interest in his baby. Kim managed to keep her smile on and make it through it. It came time for Kim to leave work for maternity leave. The doctor took Kim out early because her legs were swelling real bad. Kim was relieved. Kim stayed out of work about three weeks before she went in labor. The other two times someone was with her. This time Kim went through everything by herself. Her dad had to work and couldn't get off. Ronald had no interest. Kim's friends all had to work. Kim's brother had to stay at home and watch Kim's other kids. So Kim went to the hospital by herself with her strength knowing she could do this. Kim's labor was short this time. She was only in labor about four hours. She thanked God for the short labor. Kim had a beautiful girl. She named her Jade. Jade was only 5lbs 3oz. Looking at Jade made going through the labor on her own disappear. Kim was yet blessed with another child from God. Kim's friend Marivic came to hospital to see Jade. She was the best friend Kim could ever have. Marivic worked with Kim at the Japanese company. Marivic told Ronald about his daughter. He came to see her that night. Kim was very shocked but gave him an ear full. She said how could you have the nerve to walk up into this hospital to see Jade when you had no reconlection of me or her even existing before now? Kim was angry with Ronald since he allowed her to go through this pregnancy all alone. Ronald did his usual thing of trying to buy love and bought Jade a bunch of baby stuff. Ronald was good at trying to buy one's love. Kim didn't blame him for this for he had to be taught this. Kim just prayed that he would someday truly know what love was all about. He was a good man but love scared him. He didn't know how to deal with it. Kim was taking Jade home the very next day. Everything was okay and these days they don't keep you in the hospital long. Kim was ready to go home. Kim hated hospitals. Kim got Jade ready. Kim had drove to the hospital herself so her truck was outside waiting. She didn't have to call anyone to pick her up. Kim took her daughter and heading home. When Kim got home; her brother was anxiously awaiting for Jade's arrival. He couldn't wait to hold her. He took that baby and wouldn't give her back. Kim's brother would only give her back when she needed her diaper changed. Kim knew her brother well. Kim's brother would even sleep with Jade on his chest. He got so use to Jade sleeping on his chest; he couldn't sleep without her on it. Jade was very spoiled. She always had someone to love her between Kim, her brother and the other kids. They all adored Jade. Kim once again got her life back on track.
She worked at the Japanese Company until Jade was a year old. Kim was looking for another job. It was to much for her to have to go to work everyday and look at Ronald. Kim found another job with a much better schedule working at Stihl chainsaws. Kim gave notice at her old job and went straight to work for Stihl.
At this time Kim was hanging in a little bar up the street call Nippa Hut. She made many friends there. Kim had made friends with the owner Gina. Gina was going to the Philipines for vacation. Kim decided to go with her. Gina said I really got this super nice guy for you to meet. Kim trusted Gina so she would meet him. Kim met the man in the Philipines. He was a very nice and respectable guy. His name was Awana. Awana and Kim became penpals. They would talk on the phone everyweek two or three times. Awana had never been married. He worked his whole life because life was hard in the Philipines. He helped support his family. Kim got a letter from Awana asking her would she marry him that he would take good care of her and the kids. Kim filed a fiensa visa for Awana and brought him to the United States. Kim and Awana waited three months to get married. They wanted to make sure everything worked and they got along well. Awana was a great man. He was very kind and gentle. Kim and Awana got married. Awana got a job and everything was going well. Awana was very loving with the Kids. He took good care of them and loved them as his own. Kim and Awana would have their disagreements but it was mostly due to miscommunication because Awana spoke little English. He didn't have the understanding English words had many meanings. About after Kim and Awana were married three months; Awana didn't come home. He called Kim and said he wasn't coming back. He was staying with a girl he knew from the philipines. Kim was crushed. She actually thought this man was God sent. They went to church together and got along very well. She couldn't understand why he would just pick up and leave. Well Awana was gone about two years. Oneday Kim got a phone call. Awana was on the other line begging could he have another chance. Kim had never divorced Awana because by this time and what she had been through; she became very close to Yahshua and strong in her faith. By this time she had nowhere else to turn but to God. Kim decided to give Awana another chance. Awana came home. Kim and Awana went to church as before. Awana worked for the pastor to get the money for his greencard. Kim said she wasn't paying for it because when Awana worked before he left ; Kim allowed him to keep all his money to pay for his greencard. This time she figured if he paid for it he was really willing to try and make things work. Awana got his green card. He stayed about a year this time. He took off again. He just left. Awana stayed gone about three years this time. Next thing you know he was calling Kim again for another chance. This time Kim discussed it with her pastor. She wanted to do the right thing in God's eyes. She knew God hated divorce. She had never filed for a divorce because of this. Kim decided to give Awana another chance but this would be his last chance. This time Awana stayed about two years. Off he was again. When he left this time: Kim said I'm done. I'm filing for a divorce this time. Kim filed for a divorce this time. She got her divorce on dissertion. Sure enough Awana calls her again wanting another chance. Kim said No. We're divorced now. I filed for it and got it. Kim told Awana she forgives him. She told Awana they could be friends but as far as love that chance is over. Kim lived her life. Awana lived his. Once in awhile Awana will call Kim to take the kids and her out on special occasions as Birthdays or holidays. They have friendship now. They almost act as if they are brother and sister. Kim can tell Awana still loves her but there's to much water under the bridge to go back now. Awana understands and accepts her friendship.
Kim kept on working but staying far away from men. She took this time to become strong in her faith and with her relationship with Yahshua. A man was the last thing on her mind. She had realized through reading the word; she had made a lot of wrong choices. Kim realized her mistakes were because she had sex out of marriage and went by looks to pick men. Kim started to gain wisdom from the word of God. It took her about forty years to discover her choices had caused her pain not God. When we disobey God's word there is always a price to pay. Kim also realizes good did come out of her mistakes for this has become her testimony. Kim is hoping her testimony will help others or prevent younger people from making the same mistakes. Yes Kim's life could have been totally different if she would have stuck by her principles growing up. Life would have been a lot easier for Kim if she would have stayed within God's word. Kim doesn't regret it though because if she wouldn't have made those mistakes; she wouldn't have the four beautiful children she has. Kim would do it all over again to have the children she has. God truly blessed her with good loving children.
As Kim become close to God; she started to spread the love of God on the internet. Kim had found the love of God that was more purer then any man could give her. Kim had a love for God that was indescribable. She looked at her life and how God has always provided for her somehow. Not once being a single mother did Kim have to collect welfare or get food stamps. She was always blessed with good jobs and anything else she needed her dad always provided. Kim was truly blessed by God.
One day Kim was on the internet ; Micah came across her profile and added her to his friends. Kim looked at Micah's picture. His eyes looked so familiar. Kim had a connection to this man. She was attracted to him in a different way then any other man she had been attracted to. Kim somehow felt she knew Gabriel from somewhere. The strange thing is Kim had never seen Micah in her life before.
On the other side the same thing was going on with Micah. Something about Kim felt so familiar to him but he had never seen her in his life. Something about Kim's eyes seemed so familiar but he couldn't put his finger on it.
Kim was scared of her feelings for Micah. She really didn't understand them. She had these feelings for this man she had never met before and it was quite mind boggling. She couldn't figure the familiarity out about his eyes. Kim began to pray. Kim had surely learned her lesson doing things her way always brings pain and sufferings. By this time Kim was very scared to step out of God's will. Kim prayed everyday for God's will to be done not hers. Kim would actually sit and pray for God to take these feelings she was having for Micah away. The more she prayed the more it seem she would have feelings for him. It was like Micah was in her head and she couldn't get him out of it.
As Kim would look at Micah pictures or watch his videos she could feel his pain and unhappiness. Kim by no means understood this connection. She could even sense when Micah was online. She would test herself. It would seem she could feel he was on line. Kim felt as if Micah could hear her thoughts. Once in Kim's thoughts she could hear someone singing to her. These supernatural happenings were new and very weird to Kim. Kim wandered if Micah was experiencing the same thing.
Kim decided she would just encourage and lift Micah up. She felt in her spirit she had to bring him closer to thy father. Kim prayed for Micah daily that his heart would be healed and that he would get even closer to thy father. Kim was letting fear stand in her way of confronting Micah about these strange feelings. She didn't even know if it was truly him for these days people hide behind many pictures. Kim would just keep praying and see what the Father will unfold.
Kim still couldn't get Micah out her head. She decided she would attend one of his concerts. She decided if she saw him in person she would get a better understanding of what was going on. Kim made arrangements to get a passport and her trip to Germany. Kim even seen it as a plus since her heritage was German. Her great grandparents had came over to America from Germany. She found out when Micah's next concert would be. She had a month to prepare for her trip.
Kim had everything prepared for her trip. When Micah had entered her life even on a friends list on the internet. This story came to her of the two angels that were best friends in heaven. Kim had no idea where this story came from. She sat down one day and began to write. The words just kept flowing and flowing. Before Kim knew it; she had written a book. Kim decided to call her book Angel love. Kim decided she would get her book publish and Micah would get the first copy since the story came to her from him somewhat. Kim knew the story also came from God but she had to find out why this story came to her when Micah entered her life. Kim decided to dedicate her book to Yahshua. Kim went on and got her book published . Kim received seven copies for herself. Micah would get the first copy and she would give her family members the other copies. Kim decided to write in Micah's book like a dedication to him and explain to him; he somewhat inspired the story. Kim left her number for Micah to call her with what he thought of her book.
The time had come it was a day before Kim was to leave for Germany. She was excited about the trip. She needed answers. Kim spent the day getting last minute things together for her trip. She was busy getting the kids packed to go to her Dads. Even though the boys were old enough to stay alone; Kim wanted her children in the safe haven of her daddy while she was gone. Kim took the kids to her dads. Kim's dad would pick her up early the next morning to take her to the airport. Kim was not looking forward to the long flight but she would get through it. Kim had all her luggage and everything for the trip in the living room by the door. Preparation for her trip was finished. Kim went to bed early to get her rest.
Morning came quickly. No longer did it seem that Kim laid down; she heard the alarm going off to get up. Kim hopped into the shower; got her clothes; did her makeup and finished just in time to hear her dad come in the front door. Kim would treat her daddy to his favorite Hardee's breakfast. Kim had a great love for her daddy. He was the dad many dream of having. Kim could always count on her daddy. They stopped at Hardee's to get breakfast and were off to the airport.
Kim arrived at the airport. She checked her bags in. Now all there was to do is wait. Kim felt so funny sitting in airport early in the morning seeming quiet. You feel like you're the only one up in the world. Kim took her laptop out to listen to some music. Her flight was not to board for another forty-five minutes. Kim was think of a new story. Her first book had really taken off. Kim just sat there meditating and talking to god. Kim had learned great wisdom in the past years about god. She realized it wasn't about religion but it was about a personal relationship with your creator. Religion only divides man is of man . God just wants you to love him as you desire love. Kim thought to herself why do people have to complicate things when the simple truth is right in front of their faces. Kim's thoughts were disrupted by the airline employee call for boarding of the flight to Germany. The thought came over Kim; I'm really doing this. Boy this really sounds crazy.
Kim placed her laptop in her carry on; grabbed her stuff and boarded the plane. Kim found her seat by the window. Kim felt a bit sleep so she closed her eyes to rest a bit. Kim said a little prayer. She asked thy father to please allow her to sleep the whole flight for father you know how I hate flights. Kim was fast asleep by the time she finished her prayer.
Kim was awakened by the plane landing. Kim had a layover in New York. Her layover was two hours. Kim figured it would be enough time to grab something to eat and walk around a bit. Before Kim knew it she was on another plane heading for Germany. This was the long flight eight hours. The thought of being on a flight for eight hours was not exciting at all. Kim thought the eight hours was going to be excruciating but the time to seem to pass quickly. Before Kim knew it the plane was landing. When the plane had landed and Kim was preparing to get off the excitement kicked in. Kim thought WOW a new country and culture to explore. Kim thought to herself boy is this going be fun since I don't speak a lick of German. Kim only knew how to count to ten in German and that was about as far as her language skill were in German. Kim exited the plane. Kim thought now the Fun and challenge begins. Kim picked her bags up and headed to the front of the airport to catch a cab. The only thoughts Kim had right now was getting to the hotel; sitting in a nice hot bath and get over jet lag.
Kim arrived at the hotel. The beauty of the hotel was breathtaking as Kim entered the doors. Kim checked in. She headed up in the elevator to her room. First thing Kim headed for was to draw a hot bath. Kim seeped down into the hot bath and a relaxing sensation hit her. Kim freed her mind of all thoughts with her body enjoying the warmth of the bath. Kim got out of the bath


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