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Book By: rashada anu


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Kim seeped down into the hot bath and a relaxing sensation hit her. Kim freed her mind of all thoughts with her body enjoying the warmth of the bath. Kim got out of the bath with a rejuvenation and exhilaration to explore Germany a little bit. Kim got dressed with anticipation of seeing a new culture.
Kim headed out the door of her hotel just strolling through the streets exploring. Kim could smell the fresh German food throughout the streets. Kim was not fond of bratwurst but it did put off a good aroma. Kim was taking everything in the sounds of German language; the dress of people and just all her surroundings. Kim passed a Chinese restaurant with the thoughts that is what is for dinner. Kim entered the restaurant with the fear what if they speak no English and only German. Well Kim was sure going try because she was hungry. To her surprise the person working the counter spoke fluent English. She ordered her food and waited as they prepared it. Sitting waiting for her food; Kim thanked God for leading her to a restaurant where the people spoke English. Kim decided to grab her food and take it back to the hotel. Kim walked back to the hotel.
While enjoying her Chinese food; Kim's thoughts were just invading her: How is Micah going to react when he sees her; is he even going notice her; is her questions going be answered about these strange feelings; is the trip going be a waste of time and energy and how crazy am I to come all the way to Germany over some strange feelings. Kim finished with the plans of a good night's rest. Micah's concert was tomorrow. Kim was wandering how she was going to give Micah the copy of her book. She thought if it's God's will; he will make a way.
Morning came quickly. The time difference had Kim a little off. Kim had everything planned out to go to Micah's concert. The limo would pick her up at 6pm and take her directly to the concert. Kim had purchased her tickets online. Everything was set. Time was Kim's enemy at the moment; for the closer the time came closer that Kim would see Micah the more the fears would creep in. Kim thought to herself this man is going to think I'm absolutely off my rocker. Kim then thought life is a chance and if you don't take chances you will never know.
It was now 4pm; Kim hopped in the shower preparing to go to the concert. Kim went through all the girl stuff of doing her hair, make- up, nails and so on. By the time Kim finished everything the hotel clerk was calling Kim's room to let her know her limo was waiting.
As Kim climbed into the limo the nervousness really kicked in. Kim had to take a moment and pray. She prayed father please let me know I'm doing the right thing; please take all these fears and nervousness away. The limo pulled up and Kim got out. Kim took a deep breath with the thought okay I'm going to do this. Kim went into the concert. Micah would be on stage in ten minutes. Kim took every bit of her strength left to relax. She so enjoyed music so she would let the music relax her. Micah took his place on stage. He started to sing Kim's eyes were locked on Micah. Micah caught the glimpse of Kim in the audience. Micah thoughts were Why does this woman seem so familiar to me? Micah tried not to think about it for he had his performance to do. Micah was singing his last song.
This strange man came and tapped Kim on the shoulder. It startled Kim at first. The man spoke into Kim's ear since the music was loud" Miss please follow me; Micah wishes to see you." Kim's heart dropped down into her chest with the thoughts here goes. Kim followed the man backstage. Kim had her book in hand along with her bag. Kim's thoughts were I'll just give him the book and let it do the talking for me.
Micah finished his song. Micah was walking towards Kim. Kim could see Micah and her legs began to feel like spaghetti; not because he was a singer or but the thoughts were what am I going to say to this man. She was thinking God just speak for me cause I have no idea what to say. Micah reached out his hand towards Kim and said " Haven't I seen you somewhere before? You just seem so familiar to me. By the way What's your name?" Kim answered" Well I was one of your friends on one the internet sites. My name is Kim" When Kim spoke her name it sounded so like Micah had heard it from somewhere before. Kim spoke " Oh here's a copy of my book, I would like for you to read it and tell me what you think" Micah took the book and looked at the title; replying "Angel Love Huh? Sounds interesting" Kim answered playing back with his joking manner " Oh I think you are going to find it quite interesting." Micah laughed. " I can see you have some humor in you" Kim laughed back. Micah asked "What are your plans for this evening? You have caught my attention now. Maybe you can take some time and read this book of yours to me" Kim spoke" I guess I can hang with you this evening as long as you promise to be a gentleman" Micah was surprised at Kim's comment. Here he was use to women falling at his feet and this woman has the gull to make request of him. He found this quite intriguing. Micah asked Kim "Where do you wish to go Miss?" In a joking manner. Kim replied " I guess you can pick" Micah said" Come on; let's grab a pizza. I know just the place." Micah took Kim by the hand and said "Let's go" Kim followed Micah. Micah said "Watch out we might get mobbed by my fans but I'm going to take the back way hoping no one is waiting out there" Off they went.
They arrived at this Real Italian Restaurant. Micah said "Wait till you taste this pizza. It's so gut." They got out the car and went in. Micah chose a booth to sit at. Instead of sitting across from Kim; he scooted right in next to her close. Kim said "You sure are friendly" laughing with her words. Micah playing with Kim in a joking way responded , "Well I was a little chilly: I was hoping you would keep me warm." The waitress came to the table; Micah ordered the pizza. Micah said" Well Kim; give me a run down on this book you wrote." Kim replying,"I wouldn't want to ruin the story. You're gonna have to read it for yourself." Micah"Well if you're not gonna tell me about your book; tell me a little about you then." Kim proceeded to tell Micah a little about herself. Then Micah tol her a little about him and his life. They talked for quite awhile losing all track of time. Kim happened to look down at her watch saying to Micah"Boy time has flown; It''s already 12:30am." Micah joking "You're not trying to get rid of me already are you? Laughing I better get you to your hotel so you can get your beauty rest" Micah paid the bill and they left. Kim let Micah know what hotel she was staying at. They pulled up in front of Kim's hotel. Micah said"You wouldn't want me to come up to your hotel room would you? I don't want to go back to my flat; It's lonely there." Kim replied"Boy aren't we forward? I will let you come up on one condition; That you promise to be a gentleman keeping the thoughts in your mind I'm a woman of God and expect the respect in that way" Micah said "Deal" Micah parked the car.
Kim opened the door to her hotel room and they went in. Kim turned on the television for Micah. She told him she would be back in a minute; she was going to put some sweats on to be comfy. Kim put her sweats on. She went back to see Micah had got all comfy on her bed. Kim jokingly said "I thought you promised to behave. You know I'm playing with you. Would you like for me to read some of my book for you?" Micah replied" Yeah; that sounds good." Kim got her book and sat up on the bed. Micah said" You know if you're going to read to me; you got to hold me while you're reading to me." Kim replied"I see no harm in that" Kim began reading her story to Micah. The story had Micah's full attention; closing his eyes imaging the story as Kim read. As Kim was reading the story had a real familiarity to it; like Micah had heard it before. It began to jog his memory in some kind of sense. The more Kim read the more intrigued Micah became. Kim read about two hours to find Micah had fallen asleep. It had been a very long day; Kim placed the book on the end table and fell off to sleep herself.
It was now morning; Micah waking up saw Kim asleep holding him. The story of her book was still as fresh in his head as if she were still reading it. Micah picked the book off the end table and began to read to himself where Kim had left off. The book had Micah's full attention. He was so engrossed in the story. Every few pages Micah would take a second to check if Kim was still sleep and to admire her. He thought to himself; she looked like an angel as she slept. Micah was so into the story; he had already read two-thirds of the book when he discovered Kim had awakened. Kim and Micah said Good morning to each other. Micah said, "Kim your story has me so enticed and the familiarity of it is so strange but I just can't stop reading." Kim replied, "It's funny you say that cause this story just came out of nowhere a few months after you added me as a friend on a website. It was so very strange. I started to write and the words just flowed and flowed. It only took me about a week to write it." Micah asked, "What are you planning today? How about we get some breakfast and I show you a little bit of Germany?" Kim said "Okay that sounds great. I got to get a shower and you can read while I'm getting ready." Micah said," Sounds like a plan to me." Kim gathered everything she needed to get ready and headed to the bathroom. Micah picked the book back up again to read some more. Micah looked at his watch about an hour had gone by when he thought boy does Kim take along time to get ready; laughing to himself thinking "Women" His stomach was beginning to growl and hunger started to kick in. Kim finally came out ready to go. Micah teased Kim, "Good thing there wasn't a fire who might have burned up. All the time you spent in the bathroom you might not have heard the alarm." Kim laughed replying "You're funny" Micah said, "Come on; let's go: my stomach is growling"
They headed out the door. Micah and Kim had breakfast. Micah wanted to go to his place get a quick shower and change. They went to his place Micah took no time at all to get ready. When he was ready Kim teased him saying "Well as long as it took you; you would have beat the fire department and the alarm" They both laugh. They headed out the door of Micah's when he said, "I'm going to take you somewhere but not going to tell you where. You will just have to see when we get there."
They arrived at the dock where Micah's boat was at. Micah was going to take Kim out in his boat. Micah and Kim got out the car. Micah opened his trunk with he kept his fishing rods and tackle. He grabbed them; Kim and Micah headed up the dock. Micah said, "I'm going to buy some bait for fishing at the store on the dock with some drinks." Kim said "Kool ! I love to fish. Laughing Wouldn't be funny if I out fished you?" Micah laughing said "Wait a minute you're messing with the master fisherman here." They both were laughing. Micah bought the bait , drinks and snacks. They headed towards Micah's boat. Micah helped Kim on the boat, passed her the rods and stuff and then climbed on himself. Micah got everything placed and situated in the boat. Kim had a seat. Micah started the boat and they were off. When they were aways off from shore Micah said to Kim "You know I'm not going to bite; you can come sit on my lap." Kim laughed. Micah always had a playful funny side to him. Kim went to sit on Micah's lap but Micah pulled her down and surprised her with a kiss. After the Kim said laughing" You know you just gave me all your fishing power; You're not going to catch any fish now." They laughed. They arrived where Micah wanted to fish. Micah grabbed the poles and supplies. Kim surprised Micah baiting her hook with her own worm. Kim seen his surprise and said" I see that surprised look on your face; You thought I was one of them ewey girls scared to get her hands dirty." Micah laughed. They cast their lines into the water. No longer did Kim's hit the water she had a tug on the line. She reeled the fish in. Joking with Micah" One for Kim Zero for Micah" Micah laughed Kim cast her line back in the water; five minutes later another fish was on the line. Kim pulled it in and casted again. Here Micah was still with no fish. This went on Kim had caught about ten fish and Micah still hadn't caught anything. Kim would giggle under her breath. Then Micah said "Maybe I did give you all my luck catching fish by giving you that kiss. Laughing" Kim said"Naw that wasn't it; I said a prayer before I casted my reel. There's power in prayer Baby. If you don't ask you don't receive. You would be surpised a little faith goes along ways." After Kim had caught about twenty fish Micah decided he would rather spend time talking to Kim. They stopped fishing. Kim sat close on the bench seat talking enjoying the sounds of the ocean and getting in a few kisses here and there. The sun was going down and Micah was getting hungry for some real food. Micah said, "Let's go in and get some dinner" Kim agreed. They headed in. They reached the shore. They took all the stuff out the boat, cleaned it up and Micah tied it up to the dock. Kim said "What if I cook ya a homecooked meal?" Micah said,"Homecooked sounds like a long wait. How about we get something quick tonight and you can cook tomorrow?" Kim said "Deal" Micah replied" I was thinking we could grab something to eat, a movie and take it back to my place. Kim replied" Can you drop me off at the hotel first? I can take a shower and fresh clothes while you're grabbing the food and movie" Micah said"Sounds like a plan to me" Micah dropped Kim off at the hotel . He was off to get some food and a movie. Kim hopped in the shower hoping she could be done by the time Micah got back. While Micah was looking for a movie he picked Kim up a rose for their new found friendship. Micah thought to himself this woman was special . Micah was beginning to believe God had brought this woman into his life. He took a moment to thank him. Micah picked up a movie. A thought came across; he still had Kim's book to finish to. Micah finished all the tasks he had set out to complete. He headed back to the hotel to pick Kim up.
Micah was exicted to be with Kim again. He grabbed the rose to surprise Kim. As Kim getting ready she heard the knock on her door. Kim knew it was Micah. Kim thought finished in the lick of time. She answered her door ; Micah had his hands behind his back. Micah placed a simple kiss on Kim's lips. Micah handed Kim the rose with these words" To my special new found friend" Kim felt a great joy. She replied with a playful manner "Well thank you kind sir; such beautiful words from a love filled heart" She gave him a kiss for the rose. Kim placed the rose in a glass of water. Micah was sure to grab his book off the nightstand by the bed. Micah spoke, "Ready Kim; let's go." Kim said "Yeah; I'm ready. I see you grabbed your book; Are you gonna read to me this time?" Micah replied,"I guess I can return the favor."
They pulled up in front of Micah's as Micah cut the engine to the car Kim said," Micah; I just wanted you to know I cherish these past two days with you. You know how to make a woman feel real special. You have been quite the gentleman to." Kim's words touched Micah's heart. Kim placed a kiss on Micah's forehead as a token of her words. They got out the car and went into Micah's.
Micah walked into the kitchen to get some plates for the food. Micah had grabbed some Chinese food. He carried everything into the living room; placed the movie in the DVD player. Kim and Micah sat on the couch. Micah was so sweet; he fixed Kim's plate for her. He even opened her pop for her. Kim said "Thank you for fixing my plate. You're so sweet Micah." She gave him a kiss. They ate talking in between finding out a little more what each other 's interest were along with their goals. After eating Kim and Micah cleaned up the dishes and mess up together. It was quite touching how Kim and Micah just worked together. Kim and Micah had hardly paid attention to the movie. Micah and Kim returned to the living room to snuggle up together on the couch. Kim asked Micah "Since we're so cozy are you gonna read to me now?" Micah replied,"Good idea baby." Micah picked the book up off the coffee table. He snuggled up close to Kim again and started to read. As Micah was reading Kim thought he has such a sweet sounding voice almost as if it was mesmerizing. Micah was so entrapped within the story; he just kept reading. Micah would grab a few kisses from Kim in between pages. Kim had fell asleep in Micah's arms. Micah attention was fully in the book; he just kept reading. Micah finished the book. His thoughts were on why did this story sound so familiar as if it was a part of his life. Micah fell asleep.
Kim awoke before Micah. She was care not to wake him when she slid out from underneath his arms. Kim figured she would go out and get some stuff to make Micah breakfast and surprise him. She had seen a little store within walking distance. Kim was quiet as she crept out the door. As Kim was walking she was thanking God for bringing this sweet special man into her life. She was enjoying the warmth of the sun on her face along with the beauty of the early morning sounds of birds. Kim went into the store. She picked up some bagels, steak, cheese, eggs, coffee and creamer. She paid for her items leaving the store with the bag in her arms. Kim walked back to Micah's be all so quiet as she opened the door not to wake him. Kim proceded to the kitchen to cook Micah breakfast. She made the coffee first for Kim had to have her morning cup of coffee to get her day started. As Kim was making breakfast Micah snuck in behind her startling her placing his arms around placing a kiss on her cheek. Kim left the stove to make Micah a cup of coffee. Kim asked "You want cream and sugar in your coffee? Micah said, "Cream and a kiss of sugar from you" Micah kissed Kim as he took the cup of coffee from her. Kim walked back over to the stove to finish cooking. She fixed Micah a plate. Micah was watching T.V in the living room as Kim walked in with his plate. Kim placed his plate in front of him saying"Enjoy; made with love especially for you. Micah smiled. He enjoyed his breakfast. As Micah ate Kim was cleaning up the mess she had made cooking. Micah came into the kitchen asking Kim what she would like to do for the day. Still the thoughts of Kim's book was in his head. He wanted to ask Kim a few questions about her book. Micah asked,"Kim; Why does your story in your book sound so familiar to me?" Kim said "Funny you should say that. You know when you added me as a friend to the website we met on; the story just came to me out of nowhere. It was actually pretty freaky at first. I just sat down to write and the words would just flow. I had no idea where this story was coming from but I just wrote it all down." Micah said," You were probably tripping out as I did when I read it. Do you think there is some truth to it?" Kim said," For the story to come out of nowhere and so precise there may be. It was Like God was telling me the story as I wrote." Micah agreed. Micah changed the subject saying,"I've decided where to take you today but being the person as you have discovered you will just have to wait to see where when we get there." Micah had decided to take Kim to an Amusement park. Micah left Kim watching T.V as he showered and got ready. Micah had let Kim know he would take her back to her room to get cleaned up. Micah came out fresh and clean ready to go.
As they were driving to the hotel Micah wanted to ask Kim if she would check out of the hotel and just bring her stuff over to his place to stay with him until it was time for her to return home. He thought it would be earsier and they wouldn't have to keep driving back and forth. Micah decided to just come and ask"Kim; Would you like to check out the hotel; bring your stuff to my place and stay with me until you go home? I promise to continue to be a gentleman." Kim said"Let me think about it, playing with Micah pausing I guess I can do that. Can we do it tonight?" Micah was surprised at her answer. All he could say was sure. Micah smiled reached over to hold Kim's hand while he was driving. He felt so comfortable around Kim and had become really fond of her. She just had this peace and joy in her that made him feel at peace himself. They arrived at the amusement park. Kim loved roller coasters and was hoping Micah was a daring person to. It was if Micah knew Kim's thoughts. As they were getting out the car Micah said,"Hope you like roller coasters because I love riding them." Kim replied " We have to much in common; It's scary" Micah and Kim laughed. They went into the park, Micah took Kim to this big roller coaster. They stood in line to get on the ride. Micah and Kim teased each other about the ride. Micah was teasing Kim saying maybe this ride will scare you to where you hold on me tight. Kim would tease back I'm a daring person not a chance. They rode the roller coaster enjoying the thrills of every loop and twist. Kim and Micah went throughout the park riding every ride. When they were grabbing some lunch Micah said they would leave around 4pm so they could get Kim's stuff from the hotel. On the way back to Micah's they would pick up something for dinner and teasing Kim said ,"I will give you the privilege of cooking me dinner." Kim loved Micah's playful and teasing spirit. They would laugh and play. They both shared in the philosophy laughter was good for the soul. Quickly time passed : before Micah and Kim realized it was time to leave the park. Leaving the park they headed for Micah's car. As they reached the car Micah pulled him close looking into her eyes saying "I enjoyed being with you. I think I'm falling in love with you. I have so much fun with you" Kim was lost for words but replied,"Ditto" A kiss took place between them that either one of them had experienced with a passion that was indescribable. Shaken by the passion of the kiss they got into the car. Micah and Kim were quiet on the drive back to the hotel. To break the silence as they pulled up in front of the hotel Micah spoke" Did you feel what I felt in that kiss; Kim?" Kim said "Yeah; freaky huh since we both become quiet as a mouse. I think we both felt something we both never experienced before." Micah agreed. Getting out of the car Micah grabbed Kim's hand to hold on to as they entered the hotel. They went to Kim's room getting all her stuff and then to the front desk to check out. They put Kim's belongings in the trunk of the car then got into the car. They picked up some groceries at the store. As they were in the store Kim and Micah played around like two little kids hiding from each other and laughing down the aisles.
Pulling up in front of Micah's as Micah cut the engine to the car he reached over and gave Kim a sweet kiss. They carried the groceries along with Kim's belongings into Micah's. Preparing dinner was quite an experience for Kim and Micah for both of them were filled with this playful child like behavior. Micah had romance on his mind so he sat his table with candles along with the dinner place settings as Kim finished up with the cooking. Before they sat down to eat Micah dimmed the dining room lights and lit the candles. Love was definitely in the air for Micah and Kim. They cleaned up together. After they finished their task in the kitchen Kim and Micah went into the living room to sit together in some quality time.
Kim and Micah laid on the couch holding each other, chatting and sharing their affection for one another. It was evident they just enjoyed the company of one another. Kim and Micah shared some very passionate kisses. Both of them had a lot of emotions that they had never felt or experienced before. Micah and Kim faded off into their own little world embracing every feeling each kiss gave them. Micah looked at his watch to discover it was 5am. He got up took Kim's hand and said"I want to make this moment special and memorable. Let's go watch the sun come up on the beach just listening to the peaceful sounds of the ocean." Micah didn't give Kim a chance to respond. Before Kim could even gather her thoughts Micah had Kim in the car and headed for the beach.
Getting out of the car at the ocean both Kim and Micah sensed the peaceful bliss of quietness of the early morning. They walked hand and hand towards the shore taking every breath of the brisk fresh morning air. They found a place by the water where they could sit safely without getting wet by the waves crashing upon the shore but enjoy the vision and sounds of the ocean. Micah sat behind Kim holding her with his chin on her shoulder just staring off into the ocean. They both just sat quiet enjoying their surroundings. As the sun started to peak from the horizon as it was becoming high tide Kim and Micah found themselves laying on the shore in a passionate kiss as the water sprung from the shore drenching them. Being drenched within the water brought them back into reality with a spirit of laughter. It was a bit chilly being drenched in water within the mornings brisk air. Micah pooled Kim up from the shore and they proceeded to the car. The air had chilled their flesh to where they sought to get to Micah's to slip into some dry clothes.
They ran into Micah's seeking the warmth of the inside of his place. Micah was a gentleman and offered Kim to shower first giving her the privacy as a token of his respect for her. Kim hurried with her shower with the thoughts of consideration Micah was still wet and cold. Kim got dressed. Micah had just poured him a cup of coffee to warm his insides. Kim said "Bathroom is yours now, I know you have to be chilled to the bone" she placed a simple kiss on his lips with thoughtfulness. Micah grabbed his change of clothes and headed towards the bathroom craving the warmth of a hot shower. Micah came into the living room where Kim had fallen fast to sleep on the couch looking at her thinking the peacefulness of her sleep. Micah laid down next to Kim wrapped his arms around her and fell off to sleep himself.
As Kim awoke she realized she only had a few days left to spend in Germany before she was to return home. She hadn't really thought about it but this morning it had come to mind. How was she gonna tell Micah. The past days of the week almost felt as if Kim was living within a dream and suddenly she awoke to reality again. Thoughts began to invade her mind. Kim thought I'm not gonna worry about it at the moment. She closed her eyes to fall back to sleep to enjoy the security of being in Micah's arms.
Kim and Micah had slept the morning away. Micah and Kim woke about the same time. Micah gave Kim a kiss to express his feelings of affection of their new found relationship. Kim spoke,"You know Micah; I only have three days left and I have to go home." Micah hadn't really thought of Kim having to go home either as it hit Kim it suddenly hit him. Micah replied with honesty,"Wow until you just said something I hadn't thought about it." Kim said"Yeah it sort of hit me the same way like we we're living in a dreaming and something tapped me on the shoulder to wake me up." Micah said,"So what are your plans? What about our friendship? What is to become of it?" Kim replied,"I guess we have to discuss our feelings; see where we want to take this and what we're gonna do?" Micah knew he didn't like the thought of Kim having to leave soon for he had grown fond of their friendship and relationship. It was different from any other relationship he had with a woman before. Sex hadn't really crossed his mind he thought to himself; he just enjoyed being in the presence of Kim's company. Micah spoke his thoughts to Kim without realizing it"I don't want you to go" Kim was touched by his words. Kim replied"I really don't have a choice; I have my babies at home waiting for me to return." Micah replied"Oh, I see. I understand. What about what we have started though?" Kim thought on what she wanted to say before she spoke. Kim said"I've grown rather fond of you. This past week has been breathtaking and out of the normal. Let's see how the next few days go. Maybe I would be willing to give up my life at home in U.S. I could move here with my kids and start a new life but I would had to start with my own place. Being a woman I don't find it proper for a woman to live with a man. I would find a close by though so we could spend time together and build on what we have now." Micah like the what Kim had to say. He thought she was gonna say can't we just cherish this time we've had and be at that. Micah broke the unease of the subject saying"Well let's worry about this later. What are we to do today?" Micah said"What about a picnic lunch in the park with a good book that you can read to me?" Kim replied "That sounds kool. What I read God's word to you? Since we been spending a lot of time together this week I haven't really been able to read it and I miss it so. It's like my spiritual food for my happiness." Micah said"Deal" Kim suggested they get some subs with chips with some fruit. Micah agreed that was a good idea.
Micah grabbed a blanket they could lay on the park, a radio and the bible; he placed all the things in a backpack. As Micah was packing the bag; Kim fixed her hair, her make up and threw on some clean clothes. Micah threw some fresh clothes. Micah came out his room and said"Let's go" They grabbed the bag and headed to the car.
As soon as they got into the car they were off to the park. They stopped at a Sub shop and at a grocery store. Now on to their journey to the park for a romantic lunch. Kim and Micah found a nice place under a tree. They placed everything down on the blanket and took their shoes off. Kim sat down and Micah layed down placing his head in her lap. Kim opened the word and just began to read to Micah. Micah just sat looking up at her listening to the sounds of her voice. After a bit Micah said"Let's have lunch" Kim teasingly said"Just like a man always hungry." They laughed. Micah and Kim took the food and chips out along with the drinks. Kim and Micah were gonna save the fruit for later for a snack. They sat there eating and talking. They were laying down facing eachother talking, eating and enjoying eachother's company. After they finished eating they just layed there in eachother's arms talking about their dreams and goals in life. Micah looked into Kim's eyes with a deep passion and they kissed. After the kiss they just sast there looking into eachother's eyes. Micah pulled Kim up and said"Let's go for a walk" They went for a walk around the park. After they walked around the park a bit Micah said,"Let's go and go chill at the crib" Kim agreed. They gathered up the stuff and packed it up heading towards the car. As they approached the car Micah pushed Kim up against the car and took quite by surprise with a kiss. He left Kim speechless without words. They got into the car and headed back to Micah's. Both Kim and Micah's thoughts were running wild on the ride back to Micah's. The ride was a quiet and very silent one. Micah pulled in his usual parking spot. Kim reached for the door handle to get out the car and Micah grabbed her hand saying looking into her eyes"I know this is a new feeling for us and it somewhat unusual and scary but don't let fear get the best of you Kim. I'm so falling in love you" When you mention the word love like that Kim would get scared because of her past experiences but this time she wasn't gonna allow it to spook her. Kim was silent for a moment then she spoke"Yeah I know what you mean about unusual and scary. I have some deep feelings of love for you to and it's really scary." Micah reached over and kissed Kim. They got out the car and went inside to Micah's.
Kim and Micah sat on the couch talking about these feelings they had so they could get rid of the fear of their feelings. After their talk they both felt much better. They snuggled up on the couch watching a movie on television. Kim reached up to kiss Micah. This kiss was very hot and steamy between them and lasted for along time. Kim and Micah pulled away at the same time because they both were getting very aroused and they wanted to keep their relationship with respect. This relationship was different; They didn't want to take any chances ruining it. They laughed both saying,"Boy sure is getting HOT in here" They snuggled up again but decided to kool it on the kisses for a bit. Kim broke the silence "I bet you're hungry; you want me to fix you something to eat." Micah said in a teasing voice"What you gonna fix me? Laughing and joking You're already baking me as it is" Kim and Micah both laughed. Kim replied"You're starting smell a little well done" They just laughed.
They wandered into the kitchen to see what they could fix to eat. They found some chicken and vegatables. Kim asked Micah did he have some teriyaki and soy sauce and she could make up a stir fry to put over rice. Micah said ,"If we can't find some I sure will go to the store to buy some cause that sounds yummy." They couldn't find any of the sauce or rice. Micah said he would run to the store real quick to get what Kim needed. Kim would stay there and cut up the chicken and precook it while he was going to the store. Micah was off to the store with Kim busy in the kitchen. While Micah was at the store he grabbed some extra stuff for breakfast and lunch. He thought it's gonna be nice to have a woman in his house and a great companion at that. All he could think about was Kim. He thought speaking of Kim I better get back so she can finish cooking. He hurried through the checkout line. He put all the groceries in the car and headed home. Kim heard Micah as he opened the door; she went to help him with the groceries. They worked together to put everything away. Kim kept out the stuff she would need to complete the dinner she was preparing. Micah snuck a kiss in when he could while Kim was cooking.
They sat down to eat dinner. The spent time talking as they were eating enjoying eachother's companionship. They cleaned up the dishes together playing in the kitchen. They were having dishwashing liquid bubble fight. Kim started it putting a hand full of bubbles on Micah's nose. After they finished cleaning up: Micah spoke in a low voice not sure of his words and Kim's reaction"Can we sleep in the bed tonight instead of on the couch? I promise to be a gentleman. I just want to hold you and cuddle with you; Kim. I pinky swear I will behave." Kim laughed at his last comment"Pinky swear aay? In a teasing voice Kim added I guess it would be okay for one never goes back on a pinky swear." Micah said "I'll even read the word to you."
Kim went into the bathroom and put her sweats on to go to sleep. Kim came out the bathroom to see Micah had already made himself comfy in the bed. Micah smiled at Kim with a teasing grin saying"I'm not gonna bite. What's that look on your face? Teasing Kim he patted what would be her side of the bed. Well come jump in." Kim thought to herself okay I'm gonna make him laugh his butt off. Kim took a running start and jumped into the bed next to Micah. Micah busted out laughing saying "You're to funny. Boy did God put the play in playfulness when he created you. My perfect match" They just laughed. As the laughter in them calmed down Kim spoke"Well are you going to read to me as you promised?" Micah teasing again said "Well since you flashed them sweet eyes at me How can I say no? You know you're gonna have to give me a kiss for the favor cause I got to get out the bed and get the bible now. I forgot to bring it in here. Now I'm gonna get cold" Kim replied with a teasing voice batting her eyes"But isn't my sweet kisses worth getting cold just a tiny bit?" Micah just laughed at Kim. He went to get the bible shaking his head thinking to himself what am I gonna do with this woman. He came back into the room with the thought he was give back of Kim gave him earlier. He took a running start and took a nose dive into the bed landing right on Kim. As they laughed he said" Now where's that kiss you promised?" He didn't even give Kim a chance to play back he just proceeded to give Kim a kiss he was determined she would not forget. After that kiss with fire Kim and Micah just held eachother savoring the moment. They fell asleep in a peace with the arms of eachother. The night passed quickly as they slept.
Kim woke up before Micah. Making her way into the kitchen with a slow still half asleep walk Kim found her way to the cabinet that held the coffee. Kim put on a pot of joe and began to prepare breakfast. She figured she would surprise Micah with breakfast in bed.
Kim opened the door to the refrigerator pulling out the eggs,bacon, cheese bagels and some fruit. Kim made a big fat bagel sandwich for Micah. She cut up some bananas, cantaloupe, strawberries and apples placing them in a bowl. She arranged the food on a tray with a cup of java and orange juice. Walking to the bedroom with the tray in hand Kim discovered Micah was awake in bed watching the news. With a bright sunny smile Kim placed the tray on Micah's lap. She gently placed a morning kiss on his lips as she said"Goodmorning my cuddle buddy" Micah just smiled. He thought to himself now this how everyone should wake up in the morning to a great start of a new day. Micah said to Kim"Come sit next to your man" Kim teasing Micah"Now that I've spoiled you with breakfast in bed; you want me to feed you to?" They laughed. Micah picked up the bagel sandwich taking a bite out of it. Micah found the bagel rather tasty. Kim picked up a piece of cantaloupe out the bowl. She took the piece of fruit and swirled it around on Micah's lips teasing his lips with the coldness of the fruit as she said in a seductive voice,"Open up now you have to eat your fruit It's good for you" Micah played back with Kim taking a piece of banana and just barly to touching her lips with it saying "If you don't behave; I'm gonna have to eat you." Micah placed the tray aside grabbed a piece of apple, placed it in his mouth halfway and leaned towards Kim saying "You want a bite of my apple?" Kim thought she would play along with Micah but she was gonna take the whole piece of apple out his mouth. She got the whole piece to. Micah laughed saying "I said a bite not the whole thing. Just like a woman she wants it all" They laughed. Micah wasn't gonna let her get off that easy. He took her in his arms in a playful way laying one of them senuous kisses on her.
Kim looked into Micah's eyes and with a low voice"I've be wanting to ask you something for a long time but I know it may be a touchy subject but I'm gonna ask anyways. Micah why did you stop singing for the Lord. I know you had your heart broken by a woman, her professional was a part of your Christian music career going down but Why did you stop?" Micah seen Kim's concern but still the question caused him some uneasiness. He looked at her and spoke "I had a lot going on in my life at the time and I felt God had failed me." Kim said"I understand , You know though God let me that let me know what happened to you as a child. I know you still hold unforgiveness in your heart for that person. You have to learn to forgive that person so you can move on. See thy father gave us forgiveness more for ourselves so we don't allow those that wrong us to chain our hearts with hate." Micah looked at Kim strangely replying"How did you know that?" Kim said"Cause God does exist and I hear him at times when I'm not being hard headed and still enough to listen." Micah looked at her replying"I needed to hear that" Kim said"You know you have never done anything to wrong that God doesn't love you still, he's always there for you and what happened to you as a child was by no means your fault. What happened to you was the sickness of a deceiving spirit of the person that wronged you. I know this may make you feel uncomfortable to talk about so that's why I'm not coming out with I know the whole situation and what happened. You must leave the past in the past, forgive that person and place the feelings of this at the feet of Yahshua. Trust him to take care of it." Kim took Micah and held on to him tight. She could feel his pain. Kim said,"I'm here, today we're gonna put this situation in the past and leave it there. If you need me to go with you to tell this person you forgive them I will." She just held on to Micah to comfort him like she was flooding him with her love. Micah held on her just as tight as she was holding him. Micah buried his face into Kim's shoulder. Kim's tears rolled down her face because she knew what Micah had suffer as a child and she felt every bit of his pain. They just held eachother for a couple of hours then Micah spoke,"Kim ; I want you to go with me to forgive the person. I will go today and do it. I need that peace you have and speak of." Joy came to Kim's heart to see Micah was gonna let go of this thing that tore him apart for years. Kim said in a comforting voice,"I'll do anything for you. I will go with you. " She looked into his eyes and had his chin in her hand and said"Now let's see that beautiful smile you have." Kim kissed Micah with a passion. They got up. Micah said ,"You get your shower first and I'll clean up the dishes from breakfast while you're doing that." Kim said "Okay" Kim grabbed a change of clothes with everything else she would need for the shower. Micah went to the kitchen to clean the dishes. Kim hurried with her shower and got dress. She went into the kitchen where Micah was. Kim snuck up behind Micah real quiet and started to place soft wet kisses on his neck and whispered in his ear "I love you my Boo Bear" Micah turned around and Kissed Kim. Then he reached behind him and grabbed some bubbles and put them on Kim's nose playing around with her. Micah said"I better go get in the shower so we can get going" Micah headed off into the bedroom to get his shower. Kim had finished getting ready while Micah was in the shower. Micah came out to the livingroom where Kim was saying"You ready to go? I'm ready" They left.
As Micah was opening the car door Kim he placed a gentle kiss on her lips. Micah went around to the other side of the car and got in. As he got in Kim spoke,"Are you sure you want to do this? I don't want you feel forced into it." Micah replied,"Yeah but I wanted you with me when I do because you're my support and comfort." Kim replied,"I'm so proud of you. I know thy father is smiling down on you from heaven now." Kim gave Micah a sweet kiss on the forehead. He started the car, grabbed Kim's hand, kissed it then held on to it. They were chatting all the way to their destination. Micah pulled up in front of a house. Micah and Kim got out the car. Kim grabbed Micah hand and they walked together up the walkway of the house. Micah Knocked on the door and Old man came to the door. As he opened the door Micah said,"I forgive you for what you did to me when I was young." Micah took Kim and they headed towards the car. When they got to the car Kim hugged Micah tightly saying "I'm so proud of you." They got into the car and left.
Micah said,"I know where I want to go." So he drove and they ended up at the beach. Kim and Micah got out the car. Micah grabbed the blanket out of the trunk. Kim and Micah walked hand and hand towards the oceanfront. They found a sweet spot where you could feel the warmth of the sun and be close enough to the shore where they wouldn't get wet. Micah sat down behind Kim wrapping his arms around here. Micah just held Kim looking into the ocean. He was talking to God in his way and giving him the past he had let plague him for so long. As Micah was spending his time with the father Kim was also talking to thy Father as she always did at the ocean. The ocean gave her a sense of peace. It was almost as the sounds of the water crashing on the shore was Thy father's voice of a soothing calming sound. Micah turned Kim around to where she was facing him with a deep passion of love in his eyes placing his lips to hers with a kiss of great feeling within a person's soul. Micah pulled away from the kiss looked Kim in the eyes and spoke,"Kim; Since I've met you I've had this peace and happiness that I can't explain. I feel this love for you that I've never felt before with anyone. I feel a love so deep that I want to make you my wife. I have this feeling if I let you go I would never be the same." Kim was speechless but tried to find the words to say. She was trying to gather her thoughts for she had never had a man speak to her with such passion and words before. Kim spoke,"You have me lost for words. I feel the same love you speak of and it scares me. I've given my heart to men purely so many times and been hurt and I'm scared to give my heart away again. Don't take my words wrong because I'm being honest. I do love you. I know from God I can't let the past influence my future and that love is like riding a bike if you fall down you have to get back on again until you get it right. I feel the same as you do; I feel as you complete me; that you're my other half to make me complete." Micah was touched by Kim's honesty and words. He felt the same way. He spoke,"So will you be my wife? I willing to work hard at this. I feel I can spend the rest of my life with you and be happy. I know a relationship is work and two people have to work together to make it successful." Kim said in a teasing way"Since you put it that way and with those dreamy eyes how can I say No. Yes I will be your wife." They kissed. Micah spoke,"So when we gonna do this; when you gonna make the happiest man on earth?" Kim said,"I have my life and kids at home. I would to go back and situate everything to move here. Do you wish to live in Germany or would you rather live in the United States?" Micah said,"I never thought about that. I really don't care where I live as long as I'm with you. Where do you want to live?" Kim said,"There's opportunity for your career in U.S. more than then Germany. Maybe we can have houses in both places." Micah said,"How about I come back with you when it's time for you to leave; we find a house together because I want a house on the beach; then we plan a wedding; maybe one on the beach." Kim said "That sounds great. I didn't want to go home without you." Micah pulled Kim up saying "Then let's get to work; I got to get a ticket, my passport and pack. I'm ready." They headed to the car. Micah said "We'll go back to the house so I can get on the phone to make arrangements and hopefully I can get on your flight and it's not booked." They went back to Micah's.
Micah was on the phone and internet all afternoon making the arrangements. He did manage to get a space on Kim's return flight. Everything was set. Micah thought I can't wait to marry this woman because I respect her but I can't wait to express my love for her in intimacy. When Micah said marriage Kim's thoughts were running away with her; after they were married boy they could become one. Kim was plotting and planning some adventurous evenings and days in her mind. They just laid there together with the each other thinking and cuddling. Micah and Kim fell asleep together.
Kim and Micah woke up early evening. Kim suggested they go to the grocery store and get a few things to last before they were to leave. Kim wanted to cook Micah a nice dinner. Kim was gonna cook her specialty of roast. She had her own special sauce of teriyaki sauce and a variety of seasonings with baby carrots, red potatoes and onions. Kim and Micah were off to the grocery store. They got plenty to last a few days they would be in Germany. Kim and Micah returned home put away the items they had bought . Kim was teasing Micah saying he would have to leave the kitchen he couldn't know the secret ingredients of her special recipe. They were laughing and playing as they prepared dinner together. It was great how Micah and Kim alwys did things together enjoying the tasks at hand making them fun. The roast was in the oven cooking. Kim and Micah went into the living room to relax as the roast was cooking. Micah and Kim were playing video games being right competitive with each other. They had a very special bet going on. They bet the winner of the video game could request anything they wanted on their honeymoon and the loser would have confer. It was so funny Kim would win then Micah. First it would start the winner would be best out of three games and as they played the numbers kept going up. They would sit there and tease each other with who was winning. They were like two little kids. They had lost track of time playing the video games. Micah could smell the aroma of the roast cooking coming from the kitchen. Micah broke the competiveness saying"Kim : Don't you need to go check the roast?" Kim replied in a teasing way" Good strategy Micah break my concentration so you can win. Laughing as she was saying her words. I guess I better go check on the roast. We wouldn't want a video game battle to cause us to have eat a burnt dinner." They both laughed. Then Kim added as she walked out of the room"No practicing while I'm gone; that's not fair; it gives you advantage." Micah laughed then followed Kim into the kitchen saying "I thought I would come with you because I wouldn't want you to have excuse to add another game because I'm winning." They laughed. Opening the oven door Kim could smell the roast was definitely done. She grabbed a potholder and removed the roast from the oven. In a teasing manner she said"I'm gonna make sure belly is nice and full hoping that will hinder your skills at the video game." Micah replied"Oh no she found my weakness" Micah grabbed the plates and silverware to sit the table. All that video game competiveness had made me hungry. He was ready to eat. Kim put the roast with the vegetables in a serving bowl. She carried the roast into the dining room placing it on the table. Micah lit the candles and dimmed the lights. They fixed their plates and sat down to eat. They were talking as they ate. Micah dropped a piece of potato on his lap not realizing it. Kim thought she would surprise Micah. Kim pretended to drop her napkin and crawled under the table to where Micah was sitting. Micah was looking strange what was taking Kim so long to retrieve her napkin. Before he knew Kim was crawling up between him and the table sitting on his lap with these words"You dropped this piece of potato; I thought I would pick it up for you" Micah laughed at the fact as he thought he was getting to know Kim she would come up with something else about her to totally throw him off. She was in the running in with him in originality. Kim was one to play with her food with a sensuous way of playing with her food. She picked up a carrot playing with it teasing Micah saying"You want some carrot? It's very gut for you especially your vision." Micah was gonna play her game. Laughing with his words he said"My vision is quite fine. If it gets any better I'm gonna have to go take a cold shower." He added"Now behave and be a good girl because it's taking every bit of man left in me to behave myself." Kim replied,"I'm sorry, I just wanted give you a taste of what you're getting into." Micah just shakes his head Kim thinking to himself boy did god me challenge with this one. Kim gave him a sweet innocent smile and a kiss on the nose then went back to her chair. Kim was in a very playful mood. As she was eating her food playing with it Micah's thoughts would run away with him. Micah laughing said" I see your strategy now, first fill my belly then tease me so I'll lose when we go playing video games." Kim laughed replying"I wouldn't stoop that low, I love you to much Boo Bear." Micah got up from the table and walked over grabbed her hand saying " I can't take this no more come with me" He led her out the house to the car.
Micah opened the door for Kim and she got into the car. He stood outside the car for about five minutes on the phone then he got into the car. Kim said,"Now you have my curiousity; Where are we going" Micah said,"Now you know better to ask me that; you will just have to wait until we get there." Now Micah had Kim lost for words with the thoughts where in the earth could they be going. She sat quietly thinking maybe her playing had got a little out of hand. They pulled up out in front of this house. Micah got out the car and opened the door with a big smile on his face. He said,"Come on get out the car." Kim had no choice but to get out of the car. He took her by the hand and led her up the walkway to the house. Micah rang the doorbell and a man came to the door. The man said to Micah"What a surprise and what an occasion to see you Micah. Is this the lucky one Micah?" This man's words had Kim really puzzled to what Micah was up to. The man proceeded to say,"Well you two get in here" The man gave Micah and Kim a hug as they came in. Micah was just grinned from ear to ear know Kim had no idea of what was going on. Micah said to the man"Thanks pastor for going through all this trouble so late." The man answered"No problem; anything for you Micah." Now those words really had Kim's curiosity The man then said,"Well are you two ready." Now after those words Kim just had to say something and join the conversation. "Kim someone please tell me What is going on?" Micah said"Well after the torture you put me through at the dinner table; I'm gonna make it where you can no longer torture me." Kim looked at Micah puzzled. Then the thought of what he had planned had hit her like the light just came on. She replied"Oh you are sneaky" The man spoke,"Well are you two ready?" Laughing figuring Micah had kept Kim in the dark of what he was up to. Micah said,"As ready as we're ever gonna be" The man pulled out some papers and the bible. The man said,"Can you two please sign here?" Micah and Kim signed the paper. Micah stood next to Kim saying to Kim"You ready to become my wife tonight?" Kim was surprised replying"I guess I'm as ready as I'm ever gonna be" The man said,"Good now that you two got that straight; Let's get going with the ceremony." The man married Kim and Micah. Kim and Micah had a sweet short kiss at the end of the ceremony. The pastor congradulated them. Kim and Micah left and got into his car. Micah said "Got ya didn't I; Had you lost for words. We can get our rings tomorrow. You had me so hot at dinner I couldn't wait any longer and I wanted to respect you. Now you're mine to do with what I want." Laughing he said"Guess I won the video game bet" Kim replied"What can I say you just have me lost for words." They laughed. It seemed Micah was driving a little faster on the way back to his place then he was driving to their destination. Kim teasing Micah said"Driving a little bit faster are we? Are we in a hurry to get home?" Micah said"You noticed ?laughing" Kim said in a teasing voice"If I'm to be a good wife don't you think we should stop at a lingerie shop to get me something to wear on our wedding night." Micah said"Thought already crossed my mind and We're headed to the mall now." Kim with a seductive voice"Scarey how we think alike."
They pulled up in front of the mall. Kim said."Let's make things interesting; you can go shopping and pick sumthing out for me and I get to pick something out for you."


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