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Book By: rashada anu


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Micah spoke"Deal on one condition; I don't wear them guy thong things." Kim laughed"Awh you're no fun" Kim and Micah walked hand and hand into the mall. Kim said "Well Boo bear this is where we have to leave eachother for a bit so our gifts can be a surprise" Micah looked and said,"Okay but don't pull the usual woman thing on me and take hours to pick out one thing." They both laughed. They went their separate ways.
Micah headed off to Victoria secrets. Micah walked into the store looking. Several outfits had caught his eye. He figured he would buy Kim seven outfits. He thought a weeks worth is a start. He picked out a blue one, a red one, a white one, a black one, a teal one, a light blue one and a pink one. The lady looked a Micah funny at the register . Micah commented"I just got married and my wife is letting me pick out the goodies." The lady laughed. She commented back "Enjoy your purchases. I know you will." Micah laughed "I plan on it"
On the other side Kim had found her way into Links. She thought she would buy a thong for Micah as a joke. She had only intended to buy one but she saw three she really liked. She got them. She then found her way into Calvin Klein's and purchased seven pairs of silk boxers. Kim knew they had to have some sexy boxers. Kim thought like Micah would like what she had bought. She bought a multi-colored pair, a purple pair, a black pair, a dark blue pair, a red pair, a green pair, a light blue pair. For a joke Kim bought a fluorescent pink pair. Kim had went into a music shop to buy some love mood music. She got some KC and Joe Joe and definitely had to get some Chris Brown with the song Take my time. Kim seen Micah walking as she was in the store. Her cell phone rang as she was in the store. It was Micah asking her where she was at. Kim paid for her items. Kim followed behind Micah slowly to see where he was going. He hadn't noticed she was behind him. Her cell phone rang again with him asking her where she was again. Unfortunately the Micah knew Kim's ringtone on her phone and turned around to see her behind. Micah walked towards Kim laughing. When he reached her he said,"I see you were hiding from me; You know how to make a man wallow in his misery of waiting for something." Kim laughed with a sorrowful sexy reply"Was that what I was doing baby, I'm sorry" Micah said "Let's go, I'm ready." Kim and Micah left the mall. They were playing around all the way to the car. Micah would walk slow and Micah would tug on her hand. They made it to the car. Micah wrapped his arms around Kim placing one of them hot kisses on her. Micah said as he opened the door we got to make one more stop on the way home. They pulled up in front of the grocery store. They got out and went in. Kim stopped Micah at the fresh fruits and picked up some tangerines, bananas, cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwi,apples and grapes. Micah looked her strange saying"Are you having fruit craving attack?" Kim replied " Well baby you know how I like to play with my food and just you wait and see what I like to do with fruit." Now Kim had Micah lost for words and his thoughts going wild. They walked through the store. Micah grabbed a six pack of beer. Kim didn't like wine or champagne. Kim wasn't a drinker but agreed she would have a beer to celebrate their marriage. They walked by the dairy section and Kim place three cans of whipped cream in the basket trying not to catch Micah's attention. Micah seen it though. Micah said in a teasing voice," Whip Cream My sweet wife please tell What you plan to do with that?" Kim laughing "It's a surprise" Micah smiled"I can't wait" They went to the checkout line and paid for the stuff. Micah was walking fast to the car leaving Kim behind. Kim said,"Micah hold up you're walking to fast." Micah said"Well you're walking to slow." They laughed. Micah got to the car before Kim opened the trunk and put the groceries in there. Kim in a teasing voice said"Now I see why you hurried to car so you could put the stuff in the car and by the time I got here to get in the car we could be on our way home" Micah said in a teasing voice"You know me to well Baby" They got into the car and headed home.
They pulled up at home and Micah got out before Kim. He opened the trunk and piled everything he could in two hand. Kim laughed out him saying "If I didn't know any better I think you were trying to carry everything in the house at one time to save on time" Micah just winked at her. Kim grabbed the rest of the bags and followed in behind Micah. Kim went into the kitchen to put the food stuff up. She took each of the fruits and cut them up and put them all in a bowl. She covered the bowl and put it in the refrigerator. Micah was putting the other bags in the bedroom. Kim yelled so Micah could hear her,"No peaking in my bags." Micah heard her and laughed. Kim poured the two beers in wine glasses. She packed a wine holder with ice and a few other beers. She placed it all on tray and carried it into the bedroom. Micah looked up at her with a super grin like a baby about to get some candy. He had already took a shower and had a towel wrapped around him. Kim looked at him surprised"You took a shower that quick? Boy your fast." He smiled out her replying "So where's my boxers you want me to where?" Kim with a tedious grin pulled out one of the thongs in the bag laughing. Micah laughed"I know you bought that for a joke right?" Kim said "Awh you know me to well." She reached in the other bag and pulled out the dark blue silk boxers. Micah said"Now that's more like it." They laughed Micah pulled out the baby blue two piece lingerie with garter and stockings and handed to Kim saying "Now go get your shower and please don't keep me waiting forever." Joking " I would have to get up the next day thinking I fell asleep on my wedding night" Kim just laughed. She picked the stuff up along with her glass of beer and took it to the bathroom. She said on her way" You can get the C.D's out the music bag if you want." Micah looked in the bag and got the C.D's out. He went and got a few out his own C.D's. He loaded the C.D. player up with enough music to last through the night. He went and got candles and placed them all around the room. He picked up his glass of beer and was sipping on it thinking Kim is taking way to long. He lit all the candles and put the music. He figured if Kim could hear the music she would hurry up.
When Kim came out the bathroom Micah was chilled on the bed waiting. Micah said"About time I was getting cold out here." Kim winked at him saying "Baby good things comes to those who wait" Kim refilled their glasses with another beer. Micah said"Come here Baby and Kiss me." Then Micah slipped two rings on Kim's fingers a diamond and a wedding band. Kim said "Oh great minds think alike " She pulled out his wedding ring she had bought at the mall. She added" I'm make sure everybody know My man is takened." Kim crawled onto the bed with Micah. She grabbed her immediately Kissing her. Their hands began to explore eachother's bodies feeling every crevice. Micah was removing the pieces of Kim's lingerie all so carefully. Kim begin kissing Micah's neck whispering in his ear"I love you so very much baby" then placing kisses working down his chest. Kim and Micah ahd become in their own little world of passion expressing their love for one another. In this world they had lost all track of time and their surroundings. It was just the two of them becoming one. The night had become morning and they were still in their own world of love making. They finally fell asleep the next afternoon.
Micah woke up early evening. Micah woke up hungry. He called and ordered a pizza. He was quiet not to wake Kim. Kim woke about thrity minutes later. She went into the livingroom to find Micah chowing down on pizza. Micah looked at Kim innocently "Well Baby I was hungry. You took all my energy." Kim laughed at him. Kim sat down next to Micah grabbing a slice of pizza. Kim went to the kitchen to get the fruit and whip cream. She brought it into the livingroom and sat it on the table. Micah looked at Kim when she sat it down on the table. The thought went through his head I'm trying to get my energy up from round one and here she is already planning round two. She picked her pizza up and began to eat off of it. She started to play with her pizza swirling her tongue around it. Micah just shook his head with the thought this woman is gonna wear me out. Kim said to Micah"You want me to get you some more drink to wash that pizza down with." Micah teasing Kim said"You aren't trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me; Are you?" Kim laughed "You're to funny. I'll let you get your rest baby cause you gonna need it" Micah laughed He reached over and kissed Kim. Kim said,"Let watch some T.V." Micah turned on the T.V. They cuddled up on the couch. They were talking about Micah would have to start packing because they only had a day left before their trip. They talked and cuddled for a few hours enjoying eachother's company.
Micah whispered in Kim's ear "Ready for round two baby?" He started to kiss Kim. Kim said"Let's go take a shower." Kim and Micah got of the couch and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Micah and Kim climbed into the shower. Kim and Micah were kissing as the water ran down them. The hands of Micah and Kim were exploring every inch of one another as they washed eachother. Their eyes were filled with hunger for one another. Micah said,"Let's get out now" They got out the shower drying one another off with towels. Micah and Kim went to the Kitchen to get a drink and then headed to the bedroom. Kim stopped along the way to pick the fruit and whip cream up off the table. They placed their drinks on the night stand. Kim placed the bowl of fruit with whip cream next to the drinks. Micah said "Baby I see you grabbed the fruit and whip cream" Micah curiousity and thoughts ran away with him. Kim said,"Let me just show what I'm gonna do. I got to blind fold you first. I gonna get you in touch with your senses." Micah couldn't say anything. Kim picked up the whip cream first making a heart on Micah's chest with it then made to long lines down his legs. Micah said"That's cold" Kim picked up a piece of banana and outline Micah's lips with it teasing them with the texture of the banana. Kim softly whipserped to Micah"Can you guess what piece of fruit this is?" She kept teasing his lips with it. Kim then whispered "Maybe be need to taste to see." Kim placed the banana in his mouth. Kim then picked up a piece of cantaloupe swirling it in the whip cream on Micah's chest in a tantalizing way proceeding to run it up his chest to his neck and around his neck to his lips teasing his lips once more with the fruit. She ran it under his nose whispering "Perhaps by smell you can tell what fruit this is." Kim was opening up Micah's senses in a new way. Then she touched his tongue with the fruit whispering "Perhaps with a taste you may be able to tell" Kim then kissed Micah as she went to the bowl to pick up another piece of fruit grabbing a grape this time. Kim took the grape running down through the whip cream on Micah's legs zig zagging the grape through the whip cream teasing his legs with the texture of the grape moving the grape up onto his chest in the whip cream moving the grape all around his chest up onto his face on his cheek moving the grape towards his lips. Kim took the grape teasing his lips once more with the fruit then placing it in his mouth. Kim kissed Micah with a passionate kiss with him returning the passion Kim pulled away then began to run her tongue down to his check swirling her tongue through the whip cream and teasing his nipples with her tongue. Micah groaned in ecstacy as Kim was opening his sense to touch. Kim was running her tongue through out his body and his groins teasing his male parts within him. Kim worked her way back up to his mouth to kiss him while yet she picked up another piece of tangerine. She took the tangerine outlining his arm with the fruit barely touching it. She placed the tangerine in his mouth. Micah's body was awakened with sensation; he grabbed kim with such anticipation of feeling himself inside her. Their lovemaking was so heightened with such a passion either one of them have never experienced before. After they finished they layed with eachother's arms. Micah kissed Kim gently whispering in her ear "I love you. That was awesome like heaven" Kim whispered" I love you more and that was an out of this world experience. Ready for round three." Micah laughed,"Woman you're gonna kill me" They laughed. Micah got up and pulled Kim up saying "Let's go find a snack in the kitchen" Kim teasing said"You just had your snack; are ready for the main course?" They laughed.
Kim grabbed a banana and hopped up on the counter. Micah pulled out some chips with sodas. He walked over to Kim facing her saying "You gonna give me a bite of that banana?" Teasing Micah as she ate the banana she said"My nanna and it taste all so gut" Micah reached over and took a bite of her banana teasing"Well I got me a bite" Kim laughed saying "I'll give you another bit of my nanna if you give me a kiss" Micah said "Deal" He bit Kim's banana taking a third of the banana. Kim said"Hey wait a minute you got paid before I got my kiss and you took a bite." Laughing Micah said"Make sure I get mines first" They laughed. Kim wrapped her legs around Micah pulling him close to her giving him a kiss.
Micah picked up with her wrapped around him and carried her off into the livingroom. They layed on the couch cuddling watching T.V. Kim reminded Micah he needed to pack his bag to go on the trip. Micah teasing Kim said"I'm just bringing tha boxers you bought that's all I need." Kim laughed "You're to funny" Kim said,"Seriously we need to pack our stuff and be ready" Micah teasing said"If I pack What you gonna do for me baby? I'm sure you can use your imagination and come up with something." Kim laughing said"Isn't if funny how life goes; you always gotta give something to get something. Let's see I'm sure I can come up with something but you have to pay up first; when I see your bags packed then I'll pay up." Micah said" I'm on it then" He got up and went to the room to pack his bags. Kim sat there thinking what could she do that was unique and she came up with the perfect plan. Kim called hotels near the oceanfront with balconies and hot tubs. She found the perfect room. Now to carry out her plan in the perfect precision. Micah came out rolling his bags into the living room to show Kim he had done his part. Kim was grinning from ear to ear with a devious laugh. Micah said"By that grin; I can tell you have come up with something and I'm almost scared." Kim chuckling"Oh I have come up with something but I'm gonna have to leave you a few hours and I'll call you with where to meet me when everything is set" Micah said"Mystery; Hmmm Sounds interesting. Well get on it don't keep your man waiting." Kim said,"Okay! I'll call you when I'm ready"
Kim packed her bag with some stuff for Micah and she was off along with grabbing a portable CD player and CDs for some tunes. Kim stopped at the store to pick up a six pack of beer, candles, snacks and drinks. She went to the hotel setting everything up. She took a shower and put on her sexy lingerie. She called Micah and told him where to meet her and to let her know when he was in the lobby and she would come down for him. Kim surely had Micah's curiousity with what she was up to.
It seemed it was no time and Kim's cell phone was going off with Micah on the other side saying "I'm hear and waiting baby; Come get me. You really have my curiousity." Kim through the trench coat over her lingerie and went down to get Micah. Micah seen Kim walking towards him in the trench coat wandering what was underneath it. They went into the elevator and had it all to themselves. Kim slid the trenchcoat off in the elevator. Micah liked what he saw. Micah said in a teasing voice"Are you trying get us in trouble with the hotel holding up the elevator" Micah layed a kiss on kim and the elevator dinged to the let them know it was the floor of their room. Kim jumped on Micah's back and he carried her to the room. Micah was laughing "You're to much my woman" They entered the room and Micah through Kim on the bed. Kim said "Naw come with me and led him to the bathroom with the hot tub full of bubbles with the lit candles and KC and Joe Joe playing. Kim crawled in the hot tub with her lingerie and pulled Micah in clothes and all. Micah laughed with Kim removing each piece of his wet clothing throwing it to the floor of the bathroom. Micah removed Kim's wet lingerie piece by piece. The mystery of the encounter had brought their love making to an heightened experience. Micah and Kim spent awhile in the hot tube after their love making just relaxing letting the heat and massagers relax their body. Kim teasing said "This is not all wait till you see what I planned for later." Micah teasing said"Can hardly wait"
Kim and Micah order room service for dinner. They ate heartily. They relaxed watching T.V a bit. Micah suggested they take a walk on the beach. Kim was all for that. She loved being near the ocean as well as Micah. They went for a walk on the beach and sat down awhile listening to the peace of the ocen until sundown. They went back to their room. Micah and Kim had a happiness and joy about them they never experienced in life before. Kim had the happiness with yahshua but Micah added to her joy. Micah said on the way to the room"So what you have planned for me tonight?" Kim said"I'm not telling you will just have to wait and see." They went to the room and watched T.V. Kim and Micah were chill laxing in their robes. They fell asleep a bit. It was around 12:00am and Kim woke up. She took the cd player out on the balcony with a blanket. She was gonna surprise Micah. She stood over the balcony watching the waves crashing upon the shore talking to God. She was thanking him for Micah. Micah seen Kim on the balcony and snuck behind her kissing her on the neck. The music was on already and Kim pulled Micah towards the lawn chair. They wrapped up in the blanket facing eachother. They were kissing very passionate. Micah said"Baby you're the woman I've dreamed of my whole life adventurous, funny and very appealing" Kim whispered in his ear"It's you that brings out the best in me" Kim and Micah made love under the stars on the balcony. Once again Kim and Micah were in their own little world under the stars. Kim's and Micah's love was growing by every moment they shared. When things are done within God's word he blesses everything. Kim just layed in eachother's arms on the balcony listening to the ocean and looking at the stars talking to one another. They fell asleep in eachother's arms on the balcony.
They awoke the next morning. Micah's clothes were still wet . Luckily Kim had the trench coat. Micah had to just wear his boxers under the trench coat. They packed everything else to go home. Kim had her clothes she had worn to the hotel to wear home. Kim said in a teasing voice to Micah"Baby I'm not gonna have to worry about you flashing me am I?" Micah said "If it wasn't for somebody pulling me into the hot tub in my clothes I wouldn't have to wear this." They laughed Micah said"You're checking out while I'm waiting in the car" Kim laughed saying" Just promise you don't flash any women on the way out; You know how I hate to share." Micah replied"You're funny; believe me I'll get you back for this one" Kim said"Oh baby, I promise to make it up to you if you forgive me" Kim said "Instead of calling you Boo Bear; I'll call you Flashy." Micah shaking his head said"God help me, What am I gonna do with this woman?" They laughed. They walked to the elevator with their things and got on. When they got to the lobby Micah took their things and went straight to the car. Kim did the checking out. Kim went to the car and got in laughing saying to Micah"I though you were Superman the way went through that lobby like a speeding bullet" Micah chuckeled said "I got your speeding bullet right here" Kim opened the trench coat teasing Micah saying "Purple Silk boxers Baby How nice! Wouldn't have prince C.D Purple rain to go with them boxers. You could sing for me" Micah replied"You keep playing I'm pull this car over and give you something and you'll be the one singing purple rain" Kim said"Okay baby I'll behave and let you drive" Kim said "On a serious note we have a lot to do today since we leave tomorrow" Micah say's "I know" They pulled up in front of the house. Kim was gonna be funny to get a reaction out of Micah so she climbed over the seat to sit on him facing him saying"Oh baby them purple boxers are so sexy you gonna show me how to work that gear shift?" Micah knew by the way Kim put it she was playing. He laughed saying"As long as you promise to grind the gears" They laughed. Kim kissed Micah then said"You're to funny" They got out the car to go in Kim was teasing Micah pulling up the back of the trench coat saying "New singing sensation Mr. Flashy" Micah said"You better behave or I'm have to put you on restriction" They laughed.
They went into the house. Micah said"Since you've given your man such a hard time don't you think you need to make it up to him and cook nim a nice breakfast?" Kim in a teasing manner said"If I cook ya breakfast What you gonna do for me?" Micah said "Just like a woman always bargaining for something" Kim said "On a more serious note to get your mind off of love; What do you have to do before we leave tomorrow? Don't you have to make arrangements with your manager and take care of your business aspects of things?" Micah said"Oh that. Back to reality." Kim said"You get to work on your stuff. In the meanwhile I will find something to fill your belly with to make you happy." Kim cooked Micah a hearty breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, omelette filled with fried oinions, green peppers, pototoes ononions,chicken, steak, garlic, salsa and a mixture of cheeses mexican, chedder and monteray jack with sliced fruit on the side to top it off with orange juice to drink and coffee. Kim put it all on a tray and took it into Micah saying"What does this breakfast get me?" Micah said" Let me eat it and see what it's worthy of?" Kim said in a teasing voice"There you go again getting paid before work" Kim left Micah to eat and take care of his stuff. She figured she wouled pack up some of her stuff. Micah had the cell phone glued to his ear. Kim packed her stuff up and came out saying"I'm going shoppin" Micah said "Hold up a minute I know when a woman says she going shopping that means hours gone." Kim laughed,"You know me all to well. I was gonna get out your hair so you can take care of all your stuff. Micah teasing said "You gonna leave me here to get cold while you stay gone for hours shopping? Honeymoon over all ready?" Kim replied," I was gonna give you time take care of things but if you done I'll stay here; I'm sure we could find something to pass the time but we got to go to bed early tonight cause our flight leaves early." Micah said,"Or we could stay up all night and sleep the whole flight" Kim" said"We could do that but we would have to stay up until it was time to go to the airport." Micah said"That's What I'm Talking about Baby! Now how you gonna keep me up?" Kim said"Hmmmmm I sure I can think of something." Kim said "We could grab some blankets and goe spend the night on the beach." Micah"I'm gamed" Micah said, "We'll just rent a hotel room on the shore close to the airport and leave from there. How about that? Then we can get a wake up call in case we fall asleep" Kim said,"Sounds like a plan to me" Micah said, "Let's go Get all your stuff together and I'll get mine together. We'll stop for dinner on the way" As Kim was getting the last bit of her stuff to the car Micah was making hotel arrangements. After one last check around the house to make sure everything was off and they didn't forget anything they were off.
They stopped get some lasagna at an Italian Restaurant . Micah and Kim only took an overnight bag into the hotel and let their other bags in the car. Up in their room they sat and ate dinner. Kim was sitting on Micah's lap feeding him putting dabs of sauce on his nose, lips and neck kissing it off. Finishing dinner Micah said,"Come on lets go sit on tha beach.
" Picking up a few blankets Kim said,"Lets go. What you waiting for?" Kim and Micah headed for the shore. Micah spread the blanket out on the sand and they sat down looking out into the ocean. Micah pushed Kim down on the blanket kissing Kim with his hands once more exploring the outer most parts of his wifes body. Kim lips placing gentle kisses on his neck working her way down to his chest. Kim and Micah were once again lost in there own little world as one under the stars with a gentle night breeze along with the soothing sounds of the ocean. Within in their world was no track time or even surroundings just two of them expressing their love intimacy. The sun began to appear amongst the early dawn of morning before Kim and Micah realized that it was morning. As they saw the sun to arise then they were worried about time. Finding themselves one hour to get to the airport and check their bags. The hurried to the room to gather their things, checked out and headed to the airport. Kim teasing Micah said" You made sure you got enough love to last an eight hour flight" Micah teasing Kim "Time the flights over I'll be ready for another round baby" They pulled up at airport and Micah let Kim out with bags then left to park the car. While Micah was parking the car Kim checked the bags in. She waited for Micah at the entrance. Micah came up and they went into the airport going to the gate of their flight. They found a seat by their gate and snuggled up together waiting for their flight. The attendant called for them to board their flight. As they made their way to their seats Micah put their carryon's up in compartments. Ready for sleep they sat down in their seats. By the plane was in the air Kim and Micah were fast asleep. The pilot announcing prepare for landing awakened them eight hours later. They were in New York. Kim and Micah exited the plane having only ten minutes to catch their connecting flight. As they running to the gate making it just in time they entered the plane. Luckily this flight was only about forty-five minutes. No longer were they in the air it seemed the pilot was announcing the plane will be landing. In New York; Kim had called her Dad to pick them up.
He was waiting for the as the exited the flight. Kim introduced Micah and her dad to Micah. Kim joking Micah said, "Okay for the real test; You ready to meet BeBe's Kids?" Micah laughed. Kim and Micah planned to go stay at the beach for a few days and take the kids. As they pulled up at the house everybody was outside to greet them. Kim's step mother had a dinner prepared for them. Everybody was rather fond of Micah. Kim's dad even made the comment it seems My daughter has finally found a good one. After dinner they were headed for the beach. Micah got two rooms; one for the kids, one for Kim and him. They were in there rooms. The boys went walking down on the boardwalk. The girls came in Kim's and Micah's room watching T.V. with them. The two rooms connected like a sweet so Kim and Micah could keep an eye on the kids. Around 11pm the boys came back and the girls went to their room along with the boys.
Micah joking said,"Finally my time" Kim joking said "Not tonight Babe; I got a headache" Micah replied, "That's okay Baby girl I'll make that headache go away. Come over here and give your man some loving." Kim said,"Let's go take a hot bath to relax a bit" Kim went to draw a bath for her and Micah adding some liquid soap for bubbles. Micah came into the bathroom kissing Kim as he was unbuttoning her blouse saying, "What's under here; Baby? Let's see" His kisses made their way down to Kim's chest caressing her breast with his hands. Kim removed his shirt and started towards his jeans unbuckling his belt sliding his jeans to the floor running her hands around his hips and squeezing his buttocks in passion. Micah picked Kim up as he lowered her along with him down into the bath tub. KIm and Micah began making their own rhythm to their tune of love. As Micah and Kim peaked to the top of their mountain together with a climax that had heighted them as if soaring through clouds. The passion each of them were experiencing was of a relationship between a man and wife as thy heavenly father had made intimacy to be. As they were relaxing they added some more hot water to their bath. Micah and Kim were making plans for the next few days along with some plans for the next week of seeing some of his family that he hadn't seen for awhile. After being for awhile they figure they better get out.
Micah and Kim crawled into the bed. They cuddled up together feeling the heat from one another's flesh. Micah and Kim began with an intimate kiss as their hands began to caress one another sending tingling sensations within their most inner parts. Once again they had found their entrance into paradise where the sense of time was lost. As the morning hours came they fell asleep in each other's arms after Micah saying, "I love you so much baby" Kim said ,"Ditto"
They awakened the next morning to the kids knocking on the door asking for breakfast. Micah and Kim were going to take the kids out to breakfast then they would head down to the beach. They had their breakfast at a pancake house at the beach. On the way back to the hotel they stopped and picked up some stuff for the beach. The boys were go walk the boardwalk for awhile as the girls went with Micah and Kim. Kim and Micah were talking what they were going to do. Micah said they could get married on beach here with her family. Kim had something up her sleeve with a limo ride. Their next few weeks were very planned and busy.
The following week Micah and Kim planned to go see his grandparents that he had never seen on his dad's side. His grandparents have been praying to see him. They loved the grandson they had never seen had faith with that thy heavenly father heard their prayers and he would come see them. The problem was Micah's mother had cut his ties with his dad's family through her pain and hurt. Micah was going to just show up and surprise them. It was the day Kim and him were to go. They decided to buy some gifts for them from the Christian book store.
Micah was a little nervous but Kim assured him everything was gonna be great. Kim and Micah arrived at his granny's. After ringing the doorbell a woman came to the door. She literally fell to her knees thanking god for an answered prayer. She got up and gave the biggest hug of love that he could ever dream of getting. His granny said,"Well yall come on in" Kim said to granny"God is good all the time" Kim was amazed at how God just works for his glory. Kim and Micah had a great day spending time with his grandparents. This woman was filled with some love. It was pleasant just being around her because of the radiance of joy she put off. Micah promised his nana he would be back to see her and soon. He promised he would give her a call several times a week. Micah and Kim had invited her to the wedding they were planning on beach.
Micah and Kim were very busy for two weeks finding a house, planning a wedding and getting his career going in U.S. Time passed quickly and it was the day for their wedding on the beach. They kept it small with just family and a few friends.
Even though they were already married they wanted something to remember their marriage. It was the day they were to be married on the beach. Micah and Kim had everything planned out and they would have a reception at their house with a limo ride for Micah with some surprises. Their wedding would be at 11:00a.m. As the time was 9:00am; Kim and Micah were checking last minute things, getting ready and making sure everything was ready. They were so excited to share this moment with their family and glad they also shared it alone to.
At 11:00am the ceremony started with Micah and Kim standing in the water along with the pastor. It was a beautiful ceremony and very personal to them with them writing their own vowels. After the ceremony they headed up to the house for the reception. The reception was wanderful . It was almost time for the limo to pick Kim and Micah up. Kim was going to get in limo first and get everything ready then call Micah to come out.
The limo driver called Kim to let her know he was out front. Kim hurried and changed into her lingerie throwing a long coat over it. On the way to the limo; Kim grabbed some CD's for music along with a few coronas to celebrate. She put the window up between her and the driver. After she took her coat off she poured the two beers in the wine glasses and putting on some KC and JoJo love music. Picking up her cell phone she gave Micah a call. Micah answered the cell to hear Kim say," Baby meet me out front. I have a surprise for you." The limo driver got out of the car to open the door and Micah stopped him saying, "Knowing my wife; I better open the door but thank you for your efforts." He crawled in on the seat next to Kim saying, " Aye blue my favorite color. It looks real good on you." Kim passed Micah his drink to say," Shall we drink to us and forever." Micah took the glass laughing and poured the beer all down the front of Kim. Micah said," Now I'm ready to drink. Shame on you to sit there like that and expect me to want to drink a beer." Taking her beer; Kim dumped in on Micah saying,"Okay two can play that game." Micah said,"Okay Baby; It's on." Micah began placing sweet kisses on Kim's neck as he worked his way up to her lips. The passion of their kiss began to take them into their own little world. Micah began to remove Kim's lingerie as she was removing his shirt kissing his chest. As Micah and Kim were once again exploring the curves of their flesh they were sending vibes through one another that was enhancing their ecstasy. As the limo was traveling the plains they were climbing them in their own little world. As Kim and Micah reached the top of the mountain together they were making a new song. The feelings they were experiencing were the feelings of true love for one another. The more they are intimate with one another the stronger the feelings grew along with their friendship. The limo driver called on the passenger phone to let them know of the and Micah got themselves together to return home. As the limo driver was pulling up at their house Kim and Micah were just holding each other savoring the time just spent together. With words of such feeling Kim said" I love you. I'm so glad thy father put you in my life to show me what love truly is." Micah was touched by Kim's words. He kissed her showing his feelings. They got out the limo and went into the house.
The kids were at the door to greet Micah and Kim . With the video game on playing football the boys challenged Micah to a game. Kim and the girls decided to play a game of Uno. A few hours went by as it was time for everyone to retire to bed Kim said, "Time for us to pray together before we go bed" They prayed together as a family. The kids went off to their rooms. Cuddling together on the couch Micah and Kim spent time reading some scripture. After about spending an hour in the word Micah said, "Time for bed." Kim laughing said, " Awh I see the limo didn't quench your appetite." Micah replied, "You know me all too well"
Kim and Micah headed to the bedroom. Kim shut the door behind her locking it with a grin on her face. Kim said "While I go slip into something appealing to your eyes; I'm leaving it up to you to surprise me with something." While Kim was in the shower Micah thought he would set the romantic mood and he had a song for Kim that he wrote for her. Kim came out in her lingerie seeing Micah had put some slow jams on, some candles, some rose pedals on the bed and he was sitting on the bed. Kim scooted up next to him with a sweet chuckle saying "Waiting for me?" Micah said "I wrote a song for my baby girl" Smiling Kim replied, "Awh I have the best husband in the world" Singing from his heart Micah's words of his song so touched the heart of Kim. Micah finished his song kissing Kim saying, "I love you My baby Girl" Micah wrapped his arms around Kim removing her lingerie as he was kissing her. His hands found their way caressing her chest working their way down into her inner thighs. Kim's kisses were making their way down his chest until they found their way to his manhood. Her mouth began to send a sensation through his manhood sending vibrations to his pleasure sensors. After seeing Micah was aroused ready to be pleased Kim worked her way back up to his lips kissing him crawling onto his manhood rocking Micah into a rhythm. As the balance of their rhythm heighten their breathing begin to deepen. Losing again wat the world around them was but in tune to a world of heaven. Their lovemaking lasted throughout the night into the early morning. Kim and Micah fell asleep in eachothers arms.
The next morning Kim slipped into the kitchen to cook breakfast while everybody was still sleeping. Kim made a hearty breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon, and chocolate chip pancakes. She fixed Micah a tray and took it into him. The kids came into the kitchen to eat their breakfast. Kim began to clean up the dishes. Kim went into check on Micah to see if he needed another cup of coffee. Micah pulled Kim into bed giving her a bear squeeze saying "What would you like to do today?" Kim said,"Actually I would like to walk down along the beach strip and find some homeless people to take to lunch." Micah said,"Yeah that sounds nice to show some love to someone in need" Micah gave Kim a kiss. Kim teasing said"Ah I see what you're already thinking of." Micah said in a laughing way "Are you in the mood for love Baby?" They laughed Kim said ,"Come let's get ready go take a walk and then do something good for somebody" Micah got up to get ready as Kim took his breakfast dishes. Kim and the kids got ready.
Micah, Kim and kids come up with a plan. Each of them would find a homeless person to take to lunch and make feel special. They would all meet up at the restaurant at 12:00pm. They all set out on their mission. Kim and Micah went walking on the beach first looking for people homeless sleeping on the beach. After walking about 30 minutes they found two people. Kim and Micah talked to the homeless people and asked them to lunch. They all headed to the restaurant. The kids and their people they had found with them were standing in front of the restaurant. They all went in.
Kim, Micah and Kids learned all the names of their lunch guest and had a very pleasant lunch talking with them and spending time with them. After lunch Kim gave each of the homeless people twenty dollars. Everyone was filled with joy just spending time with others just showing some love. Micah,Kim and kids headed back to the house. As they were approaching the house the kids ask could they walk on the boardwalk. Kim said they could go as long as they stay together.
Kim and Micah went around back to sit on the deck. Micah sat behind Kim with his arms wrapped around her as they sat peacefully starring into the ocean. Kim went into the house and got some paper and pens. Kim gave Micah then pen and paper saying"I know this puts a song in your heart now write how you feel , what you see and what you hear. After that take all your thoughts on the paper and get you a song." Kim took her paper to write for her gift was poetry. They sat next to eachother writing. After writing a bit they spent more time just holding eachother and savoring the peace within their surroundings.
Kim and Micah decided to go inside. Micah was gonna work on his song and Kim was working on her plans to help the homeless. Kim had come up with a plan to get a big apartment building to house them with counselors for mental health for support and job counselors. Kim found the system they have for people today are just emergency fixes. She wanted a solution to the problem. Also she was planning going into neighborhoods with Micah to spread some love and hope. She came up with a plan to have things for a cookout and Micah could sing. Kim wanted to do her part along with Micah of making a difference in the world. Micah was working with making his song and putting some beats to it.
The kids came rolling through the door wandering what was for dinner. Kim went into the kitchen to cook dinner. She was gonna make pancit and lumpia egg rolls. While Kim was busy in the kitchen Micah and the kids were involved in playing video games. As Kim was cooking she called to girls to sit the table. As Kim was putting dinner on the table; she called to everybody to come and eat. When everybody sat down at the table; Micah asked who was gonna say the prayer. Russ said "I'll say it" After Russ said the prayer everybody dug in. Everybody was sharing on their day and feelings at the table. After dinner the girls helped Kim with the dishes. The guys worked on their music. Russ writes his own wraps and Ryan played the guitar. The girls finished up with the dishes and all went into the living room with the boys. They all were talking and playing video sports games. Kim asked Micah could they buy some stuff to cook dinner and take it to his granny's tomorrow to spend time with her. Micah liked the idea. It was getting late so everybody decided to go to bed. The Micah, Kim and kids said their nightly prayer together, kissed eachother goodnite and went off to bed.
When Kim and Micah were laying in bed; Kim said"Micah I want to share with you what I was writing the other day. I feel I need to tell you out of respect as My husband before I act on it and get your feelings." Micah didn't like how Kim put that. Micah said "What is it?" Kim said,"I've come up with a couple plans of helping kids and the homeless but I want to discuss them with you." Micah said"Oh that sounds great let me hear them" Kim told Micah of her plans. Micah teasingly said"I'll participate and help you but what you gonna do for me if I do." Kim teasing back"I'll tell you what I won't do if you don't help me." They laughed Micah said"Baby you what time it is?" Kim laughed saying"Just like a man always got the goodie on the mind" Micah said "I got your goodie right here" As he pulled Kim close to him; he began to kiss her. As the kiss was taking them up in the clouds again in the world of passion with the caressing of one another sending vibes and sensations through their bodies. When Kim and Micah's spirit become one through intimacy the feeling was if they had left the world as they know carnally and their bodies were floating in the air. Micah had found himself behind Kim holding her like he was taking his last breath with his body shaking uncontrollably. He found this feeling scary because it's like you have no control of what your body is doing but yet so pleasureable at the same time but all you can do is flow with it. As Kim reached the same feeling ; they were in tune with eachother going through a new experience neither one of them had ever felt before. As they found their pace very slow trying to make the moment and feeling last for as long as they could hold out. After they climaxed together; they found all they could do is just lay there holding eachother with not a thought or movement but just in like an amazement. Their lovemaking had put them in such a state that they fell asleep in one anothers arms.
As the Sun shined in through the window Kim was awakened. She gently slid out the arms of Micah careful not to wake him placing a gentle kiss on his forehead. Kim headed off to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for everyone. After fixing breakfast Kim woke the kids up to eat and took Micah his food into him. Kim woke Micah up and placed the tray on his lap saying"You are so spoiled" Teasing Micah said"I'm so spoiled cause I know how to work that body" They laughed Kim said teasing back"You're to much; You're definitely one of a kind." Micah said back "How about some desert after breakfast?" Kim said "I think you found a new addiction" They laughed. Kim thought to herself how great it was their relationship could have some play and laughter in it as if that was the best part of it. Kim said teasing back "Eat your breakfast because you're gonna need that energy later." Micah replied"That's what I like about my baby girl always planning ahead" Kim left Micah to eat breakfast as she was gonna go clean up the breakfast dishes. Kim told the kids of their plans to go spend the day with Micah's granny. Kim went in to get Micah's dishes saying"Don't forget to call your Granny and tell her we're coming today." Micah said"I'm on it now" When Micah's granny picked up the phone she was surprised that it was Micah. Micah told her of his plans of spending the day with her and she welcomed the idea. Micah called out to let Kim know It's a plan to go see granny. Kim, Micah and the kids got ready to go see Granny.
Everybody was ready and headed out the door to Granny's. Kim reminded Micah they had to stop and buy something to cook for dinner. They all piled into the car. They stopped at the store to buy stuff to make Chili. Finally on their way to their destination. As they pulled up at Granny's they could see she was on the porch waiting for them. They were excited to see her. The kids helped Micah and Kim carry the groceries in. After everybody was inside and put the groceries down; they gave granny a hug. Kim said"Come on granny lets go get this chili cooking so it's good and ready when it's time to eat" Granny said "Okay Kim that will give us time to have a ladies chat." Everybody went into the Kitchen with granny. The kids asked granny did she have any stories. Oh boy was granny good for telling stories. As Kim and granny worked together to prepare the chili; granny had everybody mesmerized by her story. Granny and Kim had the chili on as they all went out on the porch to enjoy the day. Granny would share her stories with everyone. Kim said"Granny; you should write books and share your stories with the world." Granny said"That's a good idea but I just keep my stories for family. Micah will have to pass them down." After Granny finished her story she suggested they all go inside and eat.
They all sat down at tha table ready to eat. Kim said "Granny you gonna say grace?" Granny said,"Sure" After Granny said Grace everybody started to eat and have a family conversation sharing with eachother. After Dinner; Kim did the dishes for Granny while everyone else went into the den to spend some time with her. When Kim finished the dishes; she joined everyone in the den. They all spent time talking for a few hours then Micah said,"Well Granny we need to get going but we will back to see you because we love you so much" Everybody gave Granny a kiss and hug goodbye. As they left the house everybody waved goodbye to Granny.` Kim ,Micah and the kids all piled into the car and headed home.
As they pulled up at the house; the kids asked could they go to the arcade. Kim gave them some money and told them they had to be in by dark. Kim and Micah went inside. As Micah sat on the couch Kim put a movie in the DVD player. Kim cuddled up next to Micah. They talked about how they enjoyed themselves with Granny. Kim suggested when they go out to help people or take homeless people to lunch that they should take Granny because she would enjoy that. Micah agreed. Micah and Kim watched the movie and fell asleep in eachother's arms. The kids woke them up when they came in. Kim and Micah got up and spent time with the kids. Kim discussed a plan with everybody that they would go into a neighborhood that the people weren't so fortunate and spread some love. Kim had a plan to take some hot dogs and Hamburgers and Micah could sing some songs. Everybody liked the idea. They all decided that would be their activity tomorrow for making a difference in the world. The kids went off to bed. Kim and Micah sat up and talked a bit. They made plans of what they would need and list. Micah said"Time for bed It's been a busy day." Kim said in a joking way"I like when My man take control and play boss. My man sounds like he needs some relaxion; maybe we need to go for a ride in the car and find what we can get into." Micah said"Sounds like Adventure to me" Kim said"I'm driving; It's a surprise" Kim went in to tell the kids they would be leaving for awhile and be back later. Kim and Micah headed out to the car. Kim just started to drive to see what came to mind. Heading to North Carolina Kim had two thoughts in mind but couldn't decide which one. The first one was driving up into a corn field and the other was the beach at Nags Head at this hotel named Tanya's. She like the hotel because each room had a theme. The themes consist of the Oriental room, Orville and Wilbur Wright room, Purple room, Tuxedo room. For instance the Oriental room had beads for curtains, oriental pictures and so on. The Orville and Wilbur Wright room had airplanes and the flying theme. Kim made up her mind it would be Tanyas and the oriental room with a waterbed if it was available. Micah said,"Where we going?" Kim said" Ah, It's a surprise now just wait and seek." After driving about an hour and thrity minutes they passed a sign saying Nags Head. Micah said,"What's Nags Head?" Kim said"Just wait and see. "
They pulled up to Tanya's went into to get a room. They had the oriental room available. As Kim pulled up to the room Kim said," Before I open the door to this room you have to close your eyes" They got out the car and Kim made Micah cover his eyes. As she opened the door to the room Micah uncovered his eyes. Micah said"Kool: a waterbed to" Kim said"Let's go check out the beach; you use to see the dolphins off the shore at night." Micah grabbed Kim's hand and they headed to the shore. As they looked into the shore they saw two dolphins playing together out in the water. Micah sat behind Kim holding her as they watched the dolphins. After watching the dolphins for awhile they decided to go to the room. On the way back to the room they went to get some drinks and snacks. When they got back to the room Micah hopped on the waterbed with a smile on his face teasingly said"Baby; ready to ride some waves?" Kim laughing replied"You're a mess; What am I gonna do with you?" Micah joking back,"Well get over here and I'll show you what your gonna do with me" As Kim walked over to the bed slipping her clothing off in a seductive voice said "What you want me to do with you?" Micah said "Get over here you tease." Kim walked by the bed like she was gonna tease Micah and he pulled her down and kissed her. As Kim kissed his chest unbuttoning his shirt placing gentle kisses on his chest working her way down to his abdomen, Unbuckling his belt lowering his jeans her lips found there way to his manhood arousing his inner being. Excited Micah pulled Kim up to him to kiss her as his manhood found the entrance to paradise. Entering into their own garden of love found their bodies were in tune to a new song with the motion of the waterbed. Their intimacy was growing showing their affection for one another into a higher level of their lovemaking. As their tune rose to a higher pitch they found themselves together in perfect harmony r eaching a climax never experienced before together. After leaving their world of ectasy they could only lay there holding one another without words falling asleep together.
As morning came Kim and Micah got up to head home. They wanted to follow through with their plan of going into a poor neighborhood and showing some love. On the way home they stopped at the store to buy the supplies they would need. It was around 12:00 in the afternoon when they reached home. The kids were there ready waiting for them. The kids helped Micah get the sound equipment they would need into the car. Kim had the perfect neighborhood she had chosen in some low income apartments. Micah,Kim and Kids were ready to go. They all piled into the car.
As they arrived in the neighborhood they didn't know what to expect but they were determine to spread some love and hope to those that needed to know someone out there cares. Micah found an open area to park. After parking everyone piled out of the car to unload everything. Kim and the girls set up the grill and the food as Micah and the boys were setting up the sound equipment. After the guys got the sound system up; Russell started out with some of his wraps. People started to come out to see what was going on. As people started to come up Kim would give them a hug to show she cared. Before they knew it there was a crowd all around them. Kim fired up the grill and got the food cooking. Micah and Russ were singing having a great time. Even some guys from the neighborhood got up on the sound system to spit. The girls took care of all the food and cooking. After cooking the food Kim just walked around meeting people giving them hugs and letting people know jesus loves them and so do I. The people were so loving and kind. Everybody was just amazed and having a great time. The cookout lasted for hours. Micah and the family discovered there was a lot of talent in that neighborhood with the music gift. When it started to get dark Micah told everybody over the sound system they were going but they really enjoyed themselves meeting everyone and sharing love with fellow bros & sistas. Everybody help them pack up the car. Kim, Micah and kids said their goodbyes and gave everyone a hug with the promise they would be back in a month or two. On the way home everybody was talking about the new friends they made and what a great time they had. When they pulled up at home the boys helped Micah get the sound equipment out the car. They all went into the house.
While Micah was playing video games with the kids; Kim was planning another adventure. She was up on the internet planning a trip to Jamaica on a Private jet. Kim was plotting and planning. Since they didn't have a honeymoon Kim was gonna plan one to surprise Micah. Kim had it all planned out even the place they would stay. She found a place with a nice little cottage on the beach. They would leave on Saturday. Kim would have her dad take Micah off for a bit then bring him to the airport. As Kim was talking with her dad on the cell phone with her plans and arrangements for her dad to stay with the kids at their house Micah walked in asking what she was up to. Kim said"What makes you think I'm up to anything? I'm just talking to my daddy." Micah said," Okay you just got that look like you're up to something." Micah said,"You coming in the other room with the kids and me?" Kim said,"I guess I can do that. What you gonna do for me?" Laughing Micah replied,"You'll just have to wait and see." Chuckling to herself Kim thinking wait until he sees what she has been up to. Kim and Micah went back into the living room where the kids were joining them in a competition of football. They played the game for a few hours. After the kids went to bed: Micah was on the the internet looking for a manager for his career and Kim pulled out the notebook to work on a new book. When Kim writes she goes into her own little world of imagination. Picking up her notebook Kim headed to the bedroom as Micah said,"Where you going? Kim said ,"To write" Micah said"You can't stay in here with me and write?" Kim said,"


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