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Book By: rashada anu


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Kim said,"If you wish for me to be in your presence; I guess I can stay in here to write." They worked for a couple of hours on their stuff when Micah said"You tired baby?" Kim said laughing "Yeah I'm really tired think I'm gonna have a headache night." Micah said,"What you talking about baby? You aren't aloud to have them kind of nights." They laughed.
Kim and Micah got up to go to bed. Micah said to,"Let's take a shower baby girl." Kim laughed"A shower with you hmmm that sounds dangerous." Micah laughed replying"Come on now I need somebody to wash my back" Kim said"Okay you twisted my arm" They laughed. Micah took Kim by the hand and led her into the bathroom. As Micah reached in and turned on the shower he started to kiss Kim and started to lift her tee over head. His hand found their way to her breast caressing as his lips made their way then sliding his hand s down to unzip her jeans. His lips made their way to the peaks of her breast kissing and gentle biting. Kim pulled his tee off as her hands were caressing his upper body. Kim unzipped Micah's jeans and slid them to the floor. Micah led Kim into the shower. As the water flowed down on them Micah sat on the seat in the shower guiding Kim down to his manhood. Kim began to rock on him with him guiding her in a dance of love with of grinding and bumping. As their bodies were molding together in the midst of their own world. Kim and Micah had their form of lovemaking down of pleasing eachother and learning to climax together. After they had pleased one another they softly washed one another exploring every curve in eachothers bodies.
When they were finished they got out the shower, put on their robes and headed to the kitchen for a snack. Kim sat on the counter while Micah dug in the refrigerator for something to eat. Micah found some pizza and threw it in the microwave to heat it up. As the bell dinged on the microwave Micah pulled his pizza out and walked over to Kim. Micah said"You want a bit?" Kim said"Naw you enjoy ur pizza baby." Micah said" You better eat something you need your energy for round two." Kim laughed replying "I got my enery; Question is can you hang?" Micah laughed. Micah said"If I didn't know any better I would think you were challenging me" Kim teasing said"Oh challenges; Bring it baby." Micah said"You better behave. I'm bring it and get you right on that counter if you don't be quiet." Kim said "Hmmm counter action sounds interesting." Micah laughed saying "If the kids won't here I would show some counter action you sitting there playing." Kim laughed saying "That's okay I'll remind you of that promise when the kids aren't here." They laughed. Micah said "Let's go to bed. Your dad wants me to go do something with him tomorrow." Kim and Micah went off to bed. Kim was planning in her head what she had to do tomorrow while Micah was with her dad. She would have to pack their bags and get everything set for the trip. Micah had no idea of it just the way she like to keep surprises. Micah and Kim said their prayers together and read some scripture. Kim and Micah learned things went great keeping God in the middle of their relationship. After reading they fell asleep in eachothers arms.
The next morning Kim cooked some omelettes filled with turkey bacon, steak, ham, green peppers,onions, potatos and a variety of cheeses with fruit on the side. She got everyone their breakfast. Micah got his shower to go with her dad while Kim was cleaning up the breakfast dishes. Micah came him saying,"I'm out Baby gurl to hang with your daddy. " Kim said, "Watch my dad; He likes to fart in public and blame it on you so if I was you I would be thinking of a comeback right now." Micah said"Are you serious?" Kim said"For real serious that's why I'm warning you. He did it to me all my life." Micah laughed saying"No wander you're such a mess." They laughed. Micah said"I love you Baby Girl and I'll be back in a little while." Micah kissed Kim and was out the door. Kim's dad and Micah were gonna go to a sports bar and hang out watching some sports. As soon as Kim saw that Micah left; she had a lot to do in a short time to get their stuff ready for their trip.
Grabbing two suitcases Kim went into the bedroom to pack their things for the trip. While packing Kim thought she would take a trip to the mall to buy a few things for the trip and a few surprises for Micah. She had to put the roast in the oven. She was gonna make a dinner to take with them as a surprise. After packing the bags Kim put the roast in and grabbed Missy along with Jade to go to the mall. It was gonna be girls day out shopping. Kim gave the boys some money to hang out and do what they wanted. Kim and the girls headed to the mall.
At the mall Kim wanted to get her and Micah new swimsuits. She was looking for some specific lingerie to fit in her plan. She let the girls go their way with some money as she set out to get the things she needed. She made sure the girls had their cell phones before she set them free in the mall. Kim's cell phone rang and it was Micah asking what she was up to. Kim let him know she was at the mall with the girls shopping. Micah let her know that her dad and him would be a few more hours. Kim said kool and let him go. As time was growing short for everything Kim found the things she needed and called the girls to leave. The girls and Kim piled into the car and headed home.
When they got home Kim let the girls know papa was coming to stay and watch them while her and Micah went on a trip. Kim promised the girls they would go on the next trip with them and she would plan a good one for them to enjoy. The boys came home while Kim was getting last minute stuff for the trip and Kim let them know what was going on. Kim let the kids know papa and grandma were coming to stay with them as soon as they dropped Micah off at the airport. As the boys put everything in the car for Kim she did a last minute check that she didn't forget anything. She went down her list and had everything. Kim kissed all the kids by, gave them some money and reminded them to call mommy everyday for she would miss them. Kim headed out to the car and left.
Kim arrived at the private jet and loaded everything and got ready for Micah. Kim had bought this Indian looking lingerie with beads on it made out of leather with some high moccasins. She had Missy braid her hair before she left the house. She put her trench coat over the suit for the pilot wasn't in the cockpit yet and Micah hadn't got there. Kim called her dad to bring Micah to the airport. Kim's dad said they were on their way. Kim's dad was gonna drive her car back to the house.
As Kim's dad was going to the airport Micah was wandering what he was up to. Kim's dad pulled up to the private jet. Micah asked, "Pops; What's going on? Why are here? Kim's dad said, "You'll have to wait and see." Micah laughed saying "Boy have I heard that before. Now I know where it comes from." They laughed. Kim's dad said "I think you're suppose to go on that plane right there in front of you." Micah said,"Okay; looks like your daughters has one of her adventures planned again. Boy is she slick. Thanks pops for the day; I had fun." Kim's dad said,"Anytime son I had a great time to." Getting out of the car Micah headed to board the plane.
The pilot was in the cockpit ready to take off. Micah entered the plane to find Kim sitting back in her lingerie laid back on the couch of the plane in a seductive position. Micah was like surprised; really surprised. He headed over to Kim saying"Boy did you really have something up sleeve this time." Kim said,"You don't like your surprise Baby?" Micah replied" You surprised me in a way that I'm lost for words." Kim said,"What you gonna give me for surprising you so well?" Micah said" I love your Indian suit, Are we gonna play Chief and squaw?" Kim said,"We can play anything you want." Kim picked the phone to the pilot to let him know they ready to take off. Micah said in a teasing way,"Are you ready for take off?" Kim said"I'm all for it baby." Micah and Kim stood up as after the plane was in the air. As Kim and Micah were kissing; Kim removed Micah's clothes. Micah removed Kim's lingerie as she removed his clothing. As Micah pushed Kim against the wall of the plane Kim hopped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. Micah and Kim had finally found their air love of motion. They were soaring through the clouds literally and physically. As Micah leaned into Kim with his rhythm they both were in tune together with movement as their bodies were molded together. Exploring their hands and lips were sending sensations through one another arising them to a heightened ectasy never experienced. Kim and Micah had found their heaven. Micah moved Kim onto the couch where they found it way more comfortable to complete what they had started. After Kim and Micah had reached their point again together they just layed on the couch talking and holding eachother. They got dressed and fell asleep. By the time they woke up the pilot was calling on the plane fone they would be landing soon. Micah said,"Can't wait to get off the plane; I'm hungry." Kim laughed"Just like a man always thinking of his belly and to fill it." They laughed. As the plane landed Kim got the passports out because they were gonna need them. Micah stepped off the plane and went into the airport to go through customs.
After Kim and Micah went through customs they went to get their bags. Grabbing their bags they headed to the exit of tha airport. They caught a cab to the cottage stopping at the store along the way for food and drinks. The driver pulled up in in front of the cottage. Kim and Micah got the groceries as the driver got their bags out of the trunk. Kim knew where to find the key and got it. After opening the door Kim and Micah took everything inside. Kim said to Micah"You know what I want to check out first?" Micah jokingly said "The bed?" Kim said "What am I gonna do with you?" Micah said" I know lets go down on the beach. I know that's what you were thinking. I just had to throw some wishful thinking in there." They laughed
Micah took Kim's hand and said "Lets go and check out the beach." They went out through the back to the shore. Sitting down they began to enjoy the peace and sound of the ocean. They sat there for a bit and then went into the cottage. Kim and Micah went into the kitchen to cook. Kim was gonna make them some homemade nachos. After they finished the nachos which were loaded with taco meat, ranch dressing, lettuce, tomatos, chese and green onion; Kim and Micah went to sent down to eat them. Kim teasing Micah said"Now that I cooked ya some good food; What ya gonna do for me?" Micah laughed replying"That's my baby girl always on my wave length." Kim Said,"Let's put our swimsuits on and go down to the beach." Micah Joking Said"How about an afternoon nap?" Kim said "After we go for a swim" Micah said,"You got a deal." They got their bathingsuits, grabbed their towels, a few drinks and went down to the beach. The decided to take a walk. Walking down the beach holding hands Kim and Micah just looked around enjoying the beauty that surrounded them. After about of an hour of walking down the beach, They headed back to the towels to soak up some sun. Kim and Micah just laid on the beach chilling and chatting. After spending a couple hours on the beach Micah said,"Where's that afternoon nap you promised?" Kim laughed saying" Oh I know ya all to well and I think sleep is the furtherest thing from your mind." They laughed. Micah said" That's not entirely true a nap will be on my mind after I get me an afternoon snack." Kim laughed at Micah then replied," I think you get to many snacks. All that sugar is not good for you." Micah said"Ya better never cut my sugar off." Kim laughed. Kim and Micah headed to the cottage. When they got to the cottage Kim said,"I'm gonna grab me a shower first; then you can grab one so I can come up with something while you in the shower." Kim got her shower and got ready with her robe on. Micah teasingly said,"Baby ya better be ready when I get out the shower" Kim replied"Oh ya know I will be ready with something up my sleeve" Micah replied,"That's what I like my baby girl always got a plan." Kim said,"Take your time so I can prepare everything."
Kim came up with a plan to give Micah his very own version of pretty woman. Kim went into the kitchen to cook dinner for a canlelite dinner. She made a shrimp with wine sauce over linguini. Kim had the table all set with candles, wine in the glasses and tunes in the background. Kim's lingerie consist on just a bikini bottom with one of Micah's ties. In his robe Micah wandered into the dining room to see Kim sitting at the table with the candlelite dinner in her robe. As Micah sat down to eat his food Kim stood up removed her robe and sat back down. Micah jokingly said, "I like your dinner attire." Kim said,"Oh if you like the attire wait till you get complete dinner." They laughed. After Micah had taken a couple bites of his dinner Kim dropped her napkin and crawled under the table to where Micah was sitting to find herself going up inside of his robe. Before Micah could figure out what was going on Kim's mouth had found it's way to his manhood. Arousing his manhood with her mouth Micah found himself not interested in eating anymore. Micah found himself enjoying the pleasures of intimacy. Kim worked her way up to Micah's lips kissing him. Micah pulled his robe off with Kim sitting on him in the chair facing him with his manhood finding the opening to the gate of the garden. Kim and Micah had found the chair was very useful for exploration of positions leading them into a new ectasy of their lovemaking. After exploring the positions of the chair Kim and Micah found themselves on the diningroom floor rug where they would reach their peak together. After of hours of lovemaking Micah found himself wanting to finish the dinner Kim had cooked. Kim told Micah because shrimp was in it; it was a good idea to eat but she would make him some fresh dinner and allow him to eat it this time.
Kim Went into the kitchen to prepare a new batch of shrimp linguini in wine sauce. As Kim was in the kitchen Micah was in there with her helping her with anticipation of eating. When the food was done Kim and Micah went to sit down again and eat. After finishing dinner Kim and Micah did the dishes together. When they were finished with the dinner dishes Micah suggested they go out on the back deck and enjoy the weather. Kim and Micah threw on some sweats and went out to the deck to sit together.
Micah and Kim sat on a lounge chair together holding eachother. Enjoying their surroundings of the the stars and the sounds of the ocean Kim and Micah just sat there peacefully together. As the breeze blew off the ocean Kim and Micah just sat there cuddling. Feeling such a peaceful atmosphere they fell asleep in eachothers arms.
Morning came with the sun shining awakening Kim and Micah. As Micah kissed Kim goodmorning she suggested they go check out the sights of Jamaica and take a homeless person to lunch. When Micah took his shower Kim called and checked on her babies telling them she loved them very much. Kim got her shower and they headed out to see the sights of Jamaica . Kim and Micah went walking around checking out the shops and just meeting people. Amazingly checking out a new culture of wonderful people was so pleasing just seeing their love they had to offer. Kim and Micah found a man named Jerrick to take to lunch. They had such a pleasant lunch getting to know Jerrick. As they were leaving the restaurant Micah handed Jerrick fifty dollars as Kim and Micah hugged him goodbye. Kim and Micah continued to walk around exploring the the sights. As they were walking they were lost in a new culture. They went into a couple of shops buying souvenirs to take home for the kids and themselves. After spending a few hours walking around Kim and Micah decided to go back to the cottage and rest a bit. When they got back to the cottage they took a nap.
After their nap they decided to cook on the grill and spend some time on the back deck enjoying the weather. Kim got out the lap tops so Micah could work on songs and Kim could work on her writing. Kim told Micah he could be tha cheft of the grill. Micah through some steaks and fish on the grill. Kim sat enjoying the weather sitting at her lap top writing while Chef Micah was cooking. When the food on the grill was almost done Kim went inside to makes some vegetables to go with the meat. Kim and Micah enjoyed a nice dinner on the deck. When they finished eating; Kim went inside to do the dishes while Micah worked on his music. After washing all the dishes Kim joined Micah outside in a lounge chair as they both sat at their lap tops working on their music and writing. A few hours had passed when Micah said,"Enough work done Kim; time to spend with me now."
Micah took the lap top away from Kim and started to kiss her. As he was kissing her; his hands found their way to her breast caressing them sliding her tee off over her head. Micah's hands began to unfastened Kim's bra so he could feel the full flesh of her breast with his lips find their way to kiss them. Micah got up and took Kim by the hand and said,"Let's go inside." Micah led her to the bedroom. As Micah hands found their way to unsip and slide Kim's jeans off; Kim pulled Micah's shirt off over his head. Micah began to kiss Kim's breast as he worked his way down to her lower abdomen pushing her down to the bed . Micah's lips found their way down to Kim's garden where he began to send her into arousement. When Kim's flower began to come to a bloom took his manhood worked his way between her thighs into the garden. As Micah began to go to a slow rhythm of a slow jam he found that he had watered the garden many times throughout the night bringing many flowers to a bloom in Kim. As their love grew for one another so did the pasiion in their lovemaking. They were learning what pleases one another and getting to know how to arouse one another in a special way. At first there was a fear of the uncontrollable shaking; not having control over what was happening but they learned to let go of that fear and experience the true ectasy of love for one another. They had truly found their own heaven as god meant it to be between husband and wife. Unable to speak after they were finished Kim and Micah fell asleep in eachother's arms.
Kim and Micah slept until noon after along night of love. Kim woke up and went for a run on the beach. Returning from her run; Kim prepared some brunch for Micah and her. Kim took Micah his food with some coffee to wake up. Micah woke up smiling vey happy to see some food. Micah said,"Baby what do you want to do today?" Kim said,"I was thinking of something different." Micah smiled big, Kim said,"It's not what you're thinking. I was thinking of a beach party with grilled food and you singing a bit and see what other talent is in Jamaica." Micah said,"That sounds real fun." Kim said,"Well let's get a shower so we can get on it. We need to go to the store for food and rent a sound system." Micah said" Let's go then." Kim said,"While I'm in the shower you look for a sound system to rent and a car." Micah said,"What you gonna give me if I do?" Kim laughing said,"I know what I won't give you if you don't" Micah laughed replying "Just like a woman always holding something over your head." They laughed. Micah said,"I guess I can do that wouldn't want my snack time cut short." Kim went to take her shower while Micah got on the internet to get a rent a car and sound system. He made all the arrangements. After he was done went to get his shower hoping Kim was still in the shower. To his dismay Kim had already finished her shower. Micah said jokingly to Kim,"The time I want to get in the shower with you is the time you are the fastest. Any other time you take forever." They laughed. Micah hopped into the shower. While Micah was taking a shower Kim got everything ready so they could leave as soon as he was ready. Micah was ready and they left.
First they walked to the rent a car place down the street. They got their car and headed to rent the sound equipment. On the way Kim said,"Micah I miss working out at the gym. Our life has been busy and we get lots of exercise but I need that gym flow to. We need to work out to have a balance in everything. Our time together, with family, work, helping others, alone, and with God." Micah said,"I agree" Micah pulled up in front of store with sound system equipment. They got out of the car and went in. Micah filled out the paperwork and paid for the rental of the equipment along with the deposit. Kim helped Micah carry the equipment out and put in into the car. On the way back to the cottage they decided to drop the equipment off before going to pick up food and supplies for the beach party. After dropping off the sound equipment they went out to pick up the food and supplies for the party.
They returned home with supplies and started to prepare for a fun evening on the beach with food and music. Kim and Micah worked steadily getting everything ready for their party on the beach. It was around 3pm when they had everything ready. They were out on the beach Kim was cooking on the grill as Micah was singing. People started to come up and listen to Micah. Micah asked if anyone in the crowd had music talent? To his surprise many did. He gave them the mic and let them do their thing. Micah went over to Kim to help her cook. Micah reached behind Kim whispering in her ear,"I love you, baby gurl." Kim said "Ditto" Micah said,"This party turned out great everybody is having a great time and there's a lot of talent here. Let me help you cook some of that food." Micah took over the grill while Kim went into the cottage to get more food and supplies. Kim grabbed some chair for her and Micah to sit in. Micah sat down with Kim in the chair as they sat there enjoying the music. People just kept passing the mic off to others showing what they had. The sounds of reggae music was very pleasant in the air of the beach. Kim and Micah got up and walked around talking to people. Kim was giving out brother and sister hugs to everyone. Micah wasn't jealous when Kim hugged everyone for he knew her heart was only for him. They found out how great it was to meet new brothers and sisters and show love for one another. Micah got back up and sang a bit more while Kim cooked some more food. Everybody worked together so everybody could enjoy music and food. When it got really dark, they all worked together to clean up. It was nice how everybody came together to help clean up. Kim and Micah said their goodbyes to everybody. After everybody started to clear out Micah and Kim cuddled in the lawn chair enjoying the nite air with the sounds of the ocean. They had found such a peace in listening to the waves crash upon the shore as they cuddled. When a couple of hours had passed they decided to go in.
Micah said,"Since I didn't get to take a shower with my baby gurl the other day; I know she gonna take one with me now." Kim laughing replied,"What you gonna do for me if I do?" Micah said,"Guess you will just have to wait and see." Kim laughed replying,"Oh turning tables the tables on me with something I would say. I guess surprise is good." Micah said,"My turn to surprise you. Go put something on sexy for Big Daddy and I will let you know when Im ready." Kim went to find something nice to put on in the color of black and white. Micah was putting some tunes, candles and filled the bathtub with some water and bubbles. Micah called out to Kim and said,"I'm ready." Micah turned on the radio with tunes: sat Kim down on a chair in the bathroom and began to do a strip tease for her. Kim said,"Ooh baby, What brought this side out in you so I can do more of it?" Micah was awakening Kim's body as he danced on her in a teasingly way working on removing her lingerie. Micah kept dancing and removing Kim's lingerie until her body was completely revealed to him. Micah then lifted Kim up in his arms and lowered her into the bathtub as they were kissing. Their hands were once exploring awakening sensations through one another. As in the midst of exploring pure pleasure of one another; they were becoming one together in movement and ectasy. Gliding their bodies together in the water as their eyes were seeing through eachothers souls expressing their love for one another. Their heaven made thru God was coming all together because they were destined to be together. Their lovemaking went on for hours with such intensity and pleasure that one could explain. The sounds of pleasure coming from them was their song made together as one in perfect harmony. As they came to a climax together there was unexplainable body shaking. Micah and Kim then came to reality the water was cold in the tub and add some more hot water. They relaxed in the tub holding eachother and enjoying the relaxation of the hot water to their bodies. Kim said,"Let's go watch a movie or read some scripture and cuddle on the couch." Micah said,"Sounds like a plan to me." Getting out the bathtub they dried eachother off and slipped their robes on.
Walking into the living room Kim grabbed the Bible so Micah could read to her as they cuddled on the couch. Micah laid on the couch with Kim holding her in his arms as he read Isaish to her. After reading for about a hour Micah flipped the television on so they could watch a movie. They layed there watching the movie enjoying the company of one another. They fell asleep on the sofa. They only had one day left in Jamaica and they were gonna go deep sea fishing.
The next morning Kim fixed Micah breakfast. As Kim woke Micah up placing a kiss on his forehead she handed him his breakfast with coffee. After breakfast Kim and Micah got their showers and ready to go deep sea fishing. Micah and Kim were ready and heading out the door for their journey of deep sea fishing.
As Kim and Micah were on the way to the dock they stopped to get some drinks and snacks for their trip. Finally they arrived at the dock to board the boat they were gonna go deep sea fishing on. They only had to buy bait and the boat supplied the poles. Kim and Micah got on the boat. It took a couple hours to get out where they were going to fish. As the boat took off Kim and Micah just sat holding eachother enjoying the view of the ocean, They heard the captain of the boat turn on the fish finder with the beeping sound and knew they would soon be at their adventure of fishing to feel the thrill of a big jerk on the pole. There's nothing like that thrill you get to know you have a fish on your hook when you feel that tug on your pole. The boat stopped and said,"Let's give it a try here." Kim laughting said ,"Micah; I hope you get a big one. I want to see how bad you gonna want that fish sitting the fighting chair." Kim and Micah baited their hooks and casted them into the ocean. Micah's pole bent half over with a bite. Micah started reeling the fish in. He had to get in the fighting chair and sat there about three hours fighting that fish. Laughing at his determination to get that fish Kim was teasing him and egging him on. Micah finally got the fish in with a lot of work and strength. He was so proud of his catch. Kim's pole bent over and Kim worked with all her strength to reel the line in. With her puppy dog eyes she looked at Micah saying"I'm sorry baby I gave you such a hard time. You know I'm not as strong as My big man. Could sit with me in the fighting and help me; Please pretty Please." Chuckling Micah said,"Aye not so easy is it?" Teasing her he then said,"I think I'll let you have the glory of catching your fish all by yourself." Kim teasing back said,"Okay Baby I got you when it comes to snack time." Micah laughing said,"Always holding snack time over my head; just like a woman." Kim teasing back said,"I'll make snack time extra special next time if you help me." Teasing back Micah said,"I don't know if that fish is worth it because it's drain all my strength where I'll be to tired for snack time." They laughed and Micah sat in the fighting chair and Kim sat in his lap. They reeled the fish in together. After they got the fish in Micah said,"Snack time better be extra special for all the strength that fish took." Kim winked at him laughing saying,"I'll have to see what I can dream up." Micah teasing said,"It better be good." After they caught those two fish and had their strength drained Kim and Micah were ready go back to shore for a nap. They never realized how draining deep sea fishing could be. When they got back into shore They had their fish filleted and took them to the closest homeless shelter. As they got into the car to head back to the cottage; Micah suggested they grab some pizzas on the way back. They stopped and picked up their pizzas and headed back to the cottage. Kim was thinking how she could make their last night memorable in Jamaica. When they got to the cottage Kim said to Micah,"If you want a surprise; I'm gonna have to go on the internet for a few minutes and then go out for a bit. You can take a nap while I'm gone." Kim had a plan already. She went on the internet looking if she could rent like one of those Arabian like tents; then she would have to go buy a few pillows, some candles, wine and fruit. She was short for time so she would have to hurry. She found a place to rent the tent right down the street. On her way out the door she kissed Micah and told him she wouldn't be long.
Kim went out and bought the stuff she needed and rented the tent. It took her about an hour and half to do everything. As she returned home she snuck out back on the beach and set everything up. By the time she got done the the sun was starting to go down.
She went back inside and Micah was up waiting for her. Micah said,"What took you so long?" Kim said,"You will just have to wait and see." Micah teasing back said"Oh No; Miss Wait and see again." They laughed. Kim said,"I'm gonna go take a shower." Micah said,"I already took mine and been sitting here ready waiting for you." Kim said,"Baby be patient; I promise it will be worth it." Micah laughing said,"It better be worth it." Kim got her shower and put her robe on.
Walking out into the living room; Kim said,"Are you ready for your surprise now?" Micah said laughing"About time." Kim chuckling back said,"Good things come to those who wait. Give me ten minutes and come out on the beach" Kim went outside to the tent and lit the candles. She took her robe off where she had lingerie under it. Micah came into the tent very surprised saying,"You never cease to amaze me. Boy adventure must be your middle name." Kim laughed seductively saying,"You know that's what you like about me the most." Micah walked over and layed on the pillows saying,"So are you my Arabian Queen tonight?" Kim said,"I'm what ever you want me to me baby." Kim gave Micah his glass of wine saying "Here my Arabian Prince is your drink." Micah laughed saying,"I'm starting to like this role play thing." They laughed. Kim said,"Would my Arabian prince like some grapes." Micah replied, "Oh fruit my favorite." Teasing his lips Kim took a grape and outlined them with it and then placed it in his mouth. Micah then pulled her close to him and began to kiss her with a passion. As the passion burned in their kiss their hands found their way removing eachothers clothing. When their clothing was off they found their way becoming one again in their secret garden. Micah was on top of Kim molding his flesh to hers in the midst of their excitement. Their movement was as one together pleasing eachother. They had mastered their art of making love to a slow moving grind to last for hours. After lasting for hours their bodies began to quiver with ectasy when they peaked together. This time was way more intense that all they could do is lay there and catch their breath.
After laying and holding eachother; they got up packed their stuff up to get ready and leave in the morning to go home. When they were all packed up they layed down on the couch as Kim read a little bit of scripture and they watched a movie afterwards. As they were watching the movie they fell asleep in eachother's arms.
Before Kim and Micah knew it the alarm was going off to get ready to go to the airport. As Micah was getting their stuff to the rent a car: Kim was checking to make sure they didn't leave anything and everything was off in the cottage. When Micah had the car packed up and Kim had checked everything; they were off to drop the rent a car off first then get a limo to the airport. Kim and Micah were in the limo and Micah put up the drivers window inbetween them. Micah was teasing Kim saying "Oh such along time on a flight with no snack time; Maybe I can grab a snack before I get on the plane." Kim laughing said" Wasn't you're snack good enough last night?" Micah said,"Awh so good that I need another one." Kim joking back" Them snacks getting to good for you; maybe we need to cut back on them snacks. To Much sugar not good for you." Micah said,"What you talking about? You better not cut back my snacks." They laughed. Micah said,"Come on Baby come sit on this" Kim laughing said "You're to much! What did I do to you?" Micah laughed singing "Awh feels so good!" Kim said, "You're all to funny but I love you." Micah said,"Ditto; Now come give big daddy some love." Micah pulled Kim close to him kissing her as he unzipped her jeans and had them down to her knees before she knew it. He then unzipped his own jeans sliding them down taking them off. Sliding Kim's jeans the rest of the way off pulling her on top of him. Kim whispered in his ear," Oh just had to have your way!" Micah laughing whispering back,"Big daddy always get his way! Now give Big Daddy some love and I'm gonna make you sing this time." Kim laughing whispered back,"Oh Big Daddy taking charge now" Micah and Kim got lost in the moment again. Micah was so aroused with passion that it was getting Kim very hot. He was kissing Kim on her neck as he was grabbing her breast and caressing them with the fire in his hands. This aroused Kim in a different way then in their past love making. Kim just clung to Micah as if he were her last breath she was breathing in. As they held eachother so tight that I don't even think could have passed inbetween them. Moving so slow together with Kim's inner muscle grasping his throbbing groin. Both of them groaning in a softness of pleasure. The moment was so intense that they quickly peaked together. As they were dismayed at what they had just experienced; they just held eachother for a few minutes before getting dressed. To discover they had the perfect timing; the limo was pulling up to the airport departures for them to get out.
When they got out the limo Kim whispered in a teasing way to Micah,"You sure you can walk after that?" Micah laughed,"Now look who's being funny." They checked their big bags at the curb of departures. Grabbing their carryons in one hand and holding hands; they entered the airport. Kim and Micah went through security and walked to the gate to catch their flight. Micah and Kim found a seat for their flight had about thirty minutes before it would board. As Kim sat on Micah's lap he whispered in her ear"I love you so much Baby Gurl" Kim whispered back,"Ditto; God truly blessed me with an awesome husband." They just held eachother until the flight boarded. When they found and took their seats on the plane; Kim teased Micah saying "I know why you took that snack so you could sleep the whole flight home." Micah teased back"My Baby gurl is starting to know me to well that it's scary." Kim teased back saying "Nothing like preflying therapy to take away the fear of flying." Micah laughed teasing Kim back saying"Just snoar quietly baby so you don't wake me up." Kim laughed,"That was good. I can't even think of comeback that one." They laughed. Before they knew it the plane was taking off. Micah buried his head on Kim's shoulder and went to sleep. Seeing Micah fast to sleep made Kim realize a nap wasn't a bad idea. They both awoke to the sounds of the captain saying,"Prepare for landing." Kim and Micah had slept the whole flight. When the plane stopped Micah reached up and got their bags out of the overhead storage. They stood up in line patiently waiting to exit the plane. Micah and Kim found themselves glad to get off the plane and to be home. Kim's dad was at the airport waiting to take them home. They got in the car to go home.
As they pulled up the kids came running out glad to see them. The kids helped them carry the bags in. When they got in the house with the excitement of the kids the first words out their mouth was,"What did you get us from Jamaica." Kim and Micah took all the gifts out their bags they had brought for everybody and passed them out. After passing out the gifts Kim and Micah took their bags into their bedroom. Kim's dad and stepmom left and went home. Kim and Micah went to their room to put their stuff up and the gifts left over for Micah's granny and family.
After putting their stuff up they went into the livingroom to relax. Micah played the game with the kids while Kim worked on her writing. After Kim wrote a bit she went to take a shower. When Kim was done with her shower; she cooked dinner for everybody. Micah left the kids playing the game as he went to get his shower to wake him up a bit.
Kim was fixing spaghetti for dinner. Kim called to girls to set the table while she put all the food on the table for dinner calling to everybody come eat. Everybody sat at the table to say grace. After grace everybody dug into the food fixing their own plates. Micah,Kim and kids sat at the table talking respecting eachother giving everybody a chance to talk. It was like their family time of sharing things on their minds. After dinner the girls worked together in the kitchen to clean the dinner dishes as the boys went to go outside and shoot some hoops. When the girls were done they went outside to join in the game of basketball. They played for a couple of hours until it was too dark to play. They went into the house. As the kids sat down to play the game Kim and Micah went to take a shower.
Micah said,"Baby are you gonna take a shower with me?" Kim laughing said,"It depends what you have in mind." Micah shut the door and pulled Kim close to him saying,"I'm will just show you what I have in mind." Pulling Kim with him into the shower: Micah turned the water on. Micah began to kiss Kim with his hands roaming her body. Pushing her up against the back of the shower; he stood behind her as his member entered into her with a moaning of pleasure. His hand were caressing her breast as their bodies found the perfect rythmn of moving together. Kim turned her head to kiss Micah as their excitement grew as their bodies molded as one. As the water ran down on them and their bodies gaining a rythmn they found the sounds of their slow grooving song that eventually turned into a fast paced rap. The rap pace turned into a loud retro experience! As they found their highest note together ending their song in silence. Micah and Kim began to wash eachother finishing their shower. Getting out the shower they dried one another off putting their clothes on.
Walking into the livingroom they found the kids still playing the game battling eachother. Kim asked the kids to say their family prayer because they were getting ready for bed. Melissa picked the scripture they would hear and then they joined hands in a circle as each one of them took turns with a prayer of their own. After their prayer everybody went off to bed.
Sitting up in bed Micah worked on some songs as Kim worked on her writing. Getting ready to wrap up his albumn of new music Micah was working on his last song. At the completion of his albumn would mean that it was time for him to go on tour. Kim and Micah had talked about she would go to some places on the tour but she would split her time up with the whole family. Kim thought the time of Micah would be good so she can focus more on her writing and he could get back to what he enjoys doing in life. Kim was about half way through her book and needed to get it done. Micah finished up the last bit of his song with beats. He was happy with his work. Micah was gonna give his manager a call tomorrow morning to let him know he finished the albumn. Kim gave Micah a kiss to let him know she was very proud of him and his work. Kim said"Im so proud of you baby!" As they finished Micah picked up the word and read some scripture to Kim. While Micah was reading to Kim; she fell asleep in his arms. Micah's eyes started to get heavy and he fell off to asleep as well.
As the sun shined brightly through the bedroom window; it awakened Kim.
Walking slowly into the kitchen; Kim went to put a pot of coffee on while getting ready to cook breakfast for everyone. Kim prepared some breakfast steaks on bagels with cheese and eggs. The smell of food cooking woke the kids up. After preparing breakfast; Kim took a Micah his breakfast with his coffee.
Micah was happy to be woke up with food and coffee. He was excited about calling his manager with his new music. As Micah finished his breakfast off he carried his plate into the kitchen to find Kim cleaning up. He kissed her saying "Thank you for the breakfast baby." Kim said joking back "Anything for you flashy." Micah laughed replying,"You're never gonna let me live that down; are you?" They laughed. Kim said "I got to start your morning off with a laugh." Micah said,"Well I'm off to call my manager." Kim hadn't heard Micah's new music yet. He was gonna surprise her. It was about love and change in the world with a few songs about God leading the way. He was gonna wait till he finished his studio time and laid it all down on a cd before he let her know. He wanted to surpise her. Micah called his manager and let him know everything going on. After he called his manager he called up for some studio time. He got lucky and was gonna be able to get in the studio later that day. He called up his beat boy and he agreed to meet him at the studio. Micah walked into the livingroom to find Kim there working on her book.
Micah said to Kim,"Baby; I got some studio time later." Kim saw the the excitement in Micah's face. Kim replied"That's great and I know your gonna do great baby." Micah went off to get a shower before he had to go the studio. Kim grabbed her lap top and went out onto the deck to work on her book. As Kim got lost in writing her book she heard the sliding glasdoor open she looked up to see Micah coming out. Micah walked up to her to kiss her and say"Baby; Im on my way to the studio." Kim replied"Go get em baby" Micah was off to the studio as Kim continued to work on her book. After getting lost in her writing the sliding glass door opened once more to catch Kim's eye. It was Jade saying,"Mom; I'm hungry." Kim got up from her writing with her lap top in hand to go inside and cook some dinner for the kids.
Kim went to the freezer in the kitchen to pick something to cook for the kids for dinner. Kim had decided to make homemade barbecue chicken tenders with corn and baked potatoes. As she was finishing dinner she decided to make a plate for Micah and put it in the refrigerator for him to heat up to eat when he got home. Kim had the girls to set the table as she was preparing all the plates. As everyone came to the dining room to eat; Kim asked Russ to say the prayer before eating. While eating the kids shared the happenings of their day and their thoughts with their mom. Finishing up dinner Kim began to clear the table as the girls helped her clean up the dinner dishes.
After cleaning up everything from dinner the girls joined the boys in the livingroom to play the game as Kim grabbed her laptop to continue to work on her book. Micah called to let Kim he would be home in a couple of hours and everything was going smoothly with recording his new albumn. It was around 11pm and Kim told the kids they need to get to bed because she had a family day planned tomorrow of going to help some people in need. They all said their prayer together and went off to bed.
Kim went off to her room to read a little scripture before bed. After reading the word a bit she said her prayers and got her night pj's on. Kim was fast asleep. Micah walked in the door around 2am heading to the bedroom to see Kim. He awakened Kim by kissing her on her forehead. Kim opened her eyes saying,"Did you eat baby?" He said,"No; I haven't even thought about food until you said something." Kim said,"I got you covered. I saved you a plate from dinner." Micah said,"I'm starving. Hope you made something good and filling." Kim said,"How's homemade barbecue chicken tenders sound with corn and stuffed baked potato with cheese and bacon." Micah said,"Sounds Yummy!" Kim teasing Micah said,"Since I thought about you; What you gonna do for me baby?" Micah teased Kim back saying,"Just like a woman; Nothing is ever free in life. Look who stuck them snacks now!" They laughed Kim got up and threw her robe on and said,"You relax Baby; I'll go heat up your food and bring your plate to you." Kim walked back in the room with a tray with his dinner on it with his drink. Kim walked over to Micah and sat the tray on his lap putting his pepsi on the nightstand. Micah said,"You are so good to me Baby!" Kim teasing said," Oh you can pay me back later" Micah said,"What am I gonna do with you? You're a mess!" Kim laughing said," That's why you married me." Kim said,"I know what you need Baby!" Micah laughed,"That phrase sounded like work to me or it had the sounds I know what Kim wants." Kim laughed. Kim said,"I've got a plan and I'll be back when it's ready to get you," Micah teasingly said,"Oh no another one of your surprises."
Kim walked out the room to follow through with what she had in mind. Kim grabbed the boombox for music with some candles heading out to the deck to set up things around the jacuzi. After setting up the music and candles; she went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of wine with two wine glasses. She took the wine and glasses out to the deck and placed them by the jacuzi. Now that everything was set for her plan: Kim headed back into the house to get Micah.
Kim walked into the bedroom with a big smile on her face. Micah laughing said,"I see that smile and that means trouble for me. My dear; What do you have up your sleeve?" Kim said,"Let me take your tray into the kitchen and I'll be back to get you to show you." Micah said,"Okay; I'm in you twisted my arm." Kim took the tray into the kitchen and placed the dirty dishes in the dish washer. She walked back into the bedroom with a joking voice trying to sound like Arnold Swatznigger"I'm back" Micah laughing said"Baby: You're Arnold impersonation need some work." Kim laughed replying,"But Baby: I did the best I could. Well come with me and see if my surprises are better then my impersonations" Micah took Kim by the hand and said,"Well lead the way Baby! Let's see what you have up your sleeve this time." Kim led Micah out to the deck where the jacuzi saying,"Well Baby; I thought a relaxing evening in the jacuzi would be good for you." Micah said,"You never cease to amaze me."
Micah took Kim in his arms saying,"You gonna undress me Baby?" Micah began to kiss Kim as his hands found their way inside her robe. Kim's hands found their way inside his pants caressing his manhood. The caressing of Micah's manhood excited him to where he took his own pants down so Kim's hands were able to move freely on his loins. Micah stopped kissing Kim for a second to take off his shirt. Kim's lips found their way placing gentle kisses upon his chest with her tongue swirling around his nipples teasing them. Working her way down: Kim was placing kisses down the straight line of Micahs abdomen until she reached his now hardened manhood. As Kim's mouth cover Micah's hardened loin she began to arouse him intensly with the rhythm of moving her mouth slowly up and down on him. As ectasy grew in Micah he picked Kim up and lowered himself with her into the jacuzi. Kissing Micah's stem found the entrance into Kim's flower in which it was embraced with muscle. As Kim's muscle grasped Micah's hardness he let out a moan of pleasure. Micah's excitement grew that he began to move in a pleasureable slow motion to cause Kim's flower to begin to bloom with petals through each motion of the stem causing Kim to moan in pleasure. Finding the perfect rhythm again: they were soaring through the clouds again in their own heaven. As their pace quickened: they found themselves lighting up as their own star in heaven burning with passion. Burning bright within one another they had reached the point of glowing where their bodies began to tremble in pleasure. Reaching that point of the pinnacle they let out moans to show they had reached the top together. After finishing their romantic encounter with one another; all they could do is hold eachother as the relaxing wave motion of the jacuzi waters brought them to a stillness they that had never known embracing the experience they had just shared. To break the stillness Micah said,"Ready to get out Baby?" Kim said,"Yeah; could you pass me my robe?" Micah got out sliding his pants on then helping Kim out and passing her robe to her. Kim slipped her robe on as Micah opened the sliding glass door for them. They went into the house; Micah stopping in the kitchen to grab a snack. Walking to the bedroom Kim was ready to hit the bed and go to sleep.
Micah came into the bedroom to find Kim fast asleep. Sitting on the bed Micah grabbed the remote and flipped to T.V. on while he enjoyed his snack. As he flipped through the channels he found a soccer game on to watch. Micah loved soccer. When Micah finished his snack he curled up next to Kim as he watched the rest of the soccer game. Micah fell off to sleep.
Kim awakened early for she had to be at her publishers to approve the cover of her book. Her book was due to hit the shelves of the stores in a week. Knowing after her book hit the shelves there would be a very busy schedule of book signings. Kim cooked breakfast for everyone placing each plate for the family in the fridge so all they had to do was heat it up in the microwave when they got up. She grabbed her shower and got dressed to make her appointment at the publishers. Before leaving the house; she kissed Micah and let him know where she was going. Quietly Kim walked towards the door not to wake anyone.
Getting into the car Kim was imagining what her book cover would look like. She wanted it just perfect to match her story. She told the publisher she wanted the cover to have a boy angel and a girl angel in front of a tree hugging eachother as it was their goodbye to one another. Arriving in the parking lot: Kim was a bit nervous. She was thinking how her life had drastically changed for the better. Thinking to herself how good God had been to her. She was so amazed how he had brought so much good into her life and made the bad fade all away. Thanking God quietly as she got out the car. Kim often talked to God when she was alone as he if he was right there with her. Walking into the publishers office Kim was greeted by the receptionist directing her down the hall to Mr. Hall's office. Mr. Hall was very fond of Kim's book and had told her that it would be a big hit even movie potential.
When Kim entered Mr. Hall's office; he greeted her with the cover in his hand. It was if he was more excited about the cover then Kim. As Kim peered at the cover in amazement of the photography and graphics she said,"This is perfect Mr. Hall. It's totally beautiful and exactly what I wanted." Mr. Hall replied,"Fine ; It's the cover then for your book. That was easy. Since the cover is ready we can start printing right away. The book should be ready for the shelves next week" Kim said,"Great; I can't wait to get the first copy. Can you reserve the first thirty copies for me?" Mr. Hall said, "Sure" Kim said,"Guess I'm done here then. You have a great day Mr. Hall and God Bless you." As Kim was walking out the building she thought to herself how all her dreams were coming true. She thought how important it is to never give hope and to keep pressing towards your goals. By the time Kim has finished with her thoughs she was at her car. Kim got in the car and headed home.
Kim pulled up in front of the house thinking the family needs another venture of sharing time together helping someone in need. Walking in the Kim was gonna come up with a plan for the day. When Kim walked in she discovered the kids were already up playing the game but Micah wasn't in the livingroom meaning he was still in bed. Kim walked into the room to see he was still sleeping. Kim grabbed her laptop to work on her book. As Kim walked into the livingroom she asked the kids did they need anything. The kids let her know they had found their breakfast and already ate. Kim let the kids she would be on the deck working on her book if they needed anything.
As Kim would write; she would get lost in her story blocking out everything in the outside world. She would put some music on and lose track of time when writing becoming the character within her story. After a few hours of working on her book; she heard the sliding glass door opening to discover Micah walking towards her. Micah surprised Kim with a playful mood of plopping himself down into her lap giving her a goodmorning kiss. Micah gave Kim one of those I'm ready to play kisses. Kim said,"What shall we do today?" She knew what was on Micah's mind but she was gonna play with it a bit. Micah laughing replied,"I know what I want to do but the way you ask me that question tells me I'm not gonna get my way." Kim laughed replying "That's to scary! You starting to know me to well. All you ruined all my fun! I wanted to play with the mood you're in." Micah laughed ,"You're just a terrible mess! What am I gonna do with you." Micah said,"Okay: What does my baby have on the agenda for us today?" Kim asked,"You 're not going to the studio?" Micah replied,"Yeah ; later on!" Kim replied,"I was hoping we all could go out and help sumone in need today." Micah said,"Sounds like a plan to me! What did you have in mind?" Kim answered,"I was thinking we would all go out and find a homeless person to take to lunch." Micah said,"Sounds great" Micah said,"Let me grab my shower and we'll go." Kim said,"Soun


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