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Book By: rashada anu


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Kim said,"Sounds great; I'll let the kids know our plans."
Kim grabbed her lap top and followed Micah inside. Micah kissed Kim and went to hop in the shower. Kim stopped off into the living room to let the kids know they were going to lunch find and everybody would have to find a homeless person to bring with them. Everybody went to get ready to go out for lunch. Kim was getting ready when Micah got out the shower. Micah teasingly said,"I was waiting for you to come get in the shower with me Baby." Kim laughed replying" If I would have got in the shower with you; we would have never made it to lunch."
Micah laughed,"Ah; Where did my adventurous girl go?" Kim replying with a wink,"She still here but you know she always got a plan up her sleeve." Micah laughed,"I hope my baby never runs out of adventurous plans." They laughed. Micah got ready as Kim went into the kitchen to get him something to drink. Kim returned to the bedroom with something to drink for Micah. He gave her a kiss and took his drink. Kim left the room to go and check to see if all the kids were ready to go. Everybody was ready waiting on Micah in the living room. Micah walked into the living room saying,"Ready let's go fam." They all headed towards the door to leave as Kim made sure everything was off. Kim headed out the door locking the house up.
When they were all in the car; Micah asked,"What we gonna have for lunch today everyone? Do yall want Mexican or Italian?" The kids replied,"Mexican" Kim agreed. Micah said ,"Mexican it is." Micah drove down to the boardwalk and parked the car in the nearest parking lot. They always went down to the oceanfront near the boardwalk for there was several homeless people there. They all got out the car. The kids went their way to find someone as Kim and Micah stuck together.
Micah and Kim has found a older lady that looked very lonely as if she was needing some love. Kim told the lady she would like to take her to lunch to lunch as a part of Kim's love for jesus. The lady agreed. Kim and Micah told the lady of their plan of taking one more to lunch . They let the lady have a choice at meeting them at the boardwalk at 12:00pm for lunch or she could walk with and choose someone to join them at lunch. The lady chose to walk with them and choose someone. The lady's name was Iris. They all walked around and found an older homeless man. Iris chose the man of which his name was Ben. They all headed to the Mexican restaurant where the kids are to meet them with their chosen lunch dates.
As they approached the restaurant Kim and Micah saw the kids waiting on them. They all went into the restaurant to be seated. After the waitress took everyone's order they would carry out their tradition thing at these luncheons of everybody introducing themselves and telling a little about themselves. Micah would start by telling his name and a little about himself. Kim and Micah come up with this idea at their first lunch of helping people so everybody could get to know eachother and have a nice lunch conversation. By the time everybody finished with introducing themselves the servers were bringing everybody's order. When everybody had their plate in front of them: Micah asked Ben to say the prayer before eating. Ben said a very nice prayer which had many in tears thanking god for this opportunity. Everybody was talking while eating sharing stories. It was an amazing lunch and experience for everyone. At the end of lunch everyone hugged eachother saying their goodbyes. Micah kept another one of their traditions in their lunches by giving each homeless person fifty dollars. They all said goodbye once again. Kim and Micah would look sad at the end of their lunches wishing they could take everybody home with them to live. This gave Kim an idea she would discuss with Micah later.
Micah, Kim and kids returned to the car to go home. As they returned home the kids asked for some money to go walk around the beach and boardwalk. Micah gave all the kids thirty dollars and off they went. Kim and Micah went inside to relax a bit after lunch. They found their cozy spot on the couch and cuddled up together. Micah had plans to go to the studio in a few hours to record some more music. Kim figured this was a good time to let Micah know of her plan. Kim started out saying,"Micah; I love helping people and taking them to lunch or dinner but I think I have a better way of helping people." Micah looking at Kim like oh no she's got one of them ideas again replied,"Okay let's hear your plan you have baby." Kim said, "What if we purchased an apartment complex for homeless people to live until they got jobs and enough to make it on their own again. It would have counselors to help them with their problems and employment counselors. I know if we could get it started then others would surely help and contribute. It would be a solution to the problem of homelessness not an emergency fix. So what you think,Baby?" Micah said in a playing voice,"Actually I think you have a great idea Baby. I like it very much so." Kim reached across and kissed Micah. She was happy he liked her idea as if he was agreeing they would do that. Kim replied,"So we can do this?" Micah joking said,"It's gonna take some planning but I think we could do this on one condition." Kim said in a laughing voice,"Oh the word condition; I feel a thing What you gonna do for me baby coming on." Micah laughed saying,"I can't even play with you anymore; you're starting to know me to well. So you want to hear the condition?" Kim laughing said,"I know it's gonna cost me something. Okay what is it?" Micah laughing said,"Hmmm It's gonna cost you twenty five of your little romantic plans and they better be good." Kim laughing said,"How did I know it was gonna be something to like that. That price is awful steep." Micah laughed,"Deal or no deal?" Kim laughed,"Being the price is so high; can we negotiate?" Micah said,"Twenty-five adventures or no deal." Kim laughed replying,"Inflation such a terrible thing; I guess we have a deal then. You drive a hard bargain Baby. Geesh! I'm glad I'm your wife and not a business manager you're dealing with." They laughed! Micah laughing said,"So When are you gonna start paying off?" Kim laughed,"No one gets paid before they deliver. You trying to get paid already and I haven't gotten anything on my end." Micah laughed,"Well it was worth a try." Micah said,"What do I get for today's good deed then?" Kim laughed,"You are hooked on them snacks to much. We need to cut down your sugar intake." Micah replied,"But I need my sugar baby and them snacks are so good." Micah teasingly said,"I was a good boy and ate all my lunch. Can I have a snack now?" Kim said,"How can I say no to those eyes? You're terribly spoiled." They laughed.
Micah got up from the couch and pulled Kim up saying "Let's go then; Come with me so you can give me my snack." Micah led Kim towards the bedroom shutting the door behind them with an anticipation grin on his face. Kim noticed the grin laughing saying,"Ut Oh I'm in trouble." Micah started to kiss her removing her clothing. After his task of removing her clothes he picked her up and layed her on the bed. Quickly he removed his own clothes then bounced on to the bed next to Kim with fire in his eyes. Micah began to kiss Kim slowly as his hands caressed her body. The heat between Micah and Kim was different this time as he was taking control of what he desired. His eyes burned with passion of needing fulfillment of his desires. This aroused Kim seeing this side of him. Their lovemaking was more aggressive with a faster movement as the fire burned within both of them. As they entered their own little world together heightened by this new experience they peaked together quickly. Catching their breath; Kim and Micah just layed in eachother's arms. Their bodies had a relaxtion never experienced between them that they fell off to sleep together.
A couple hours Kim awakened from her nap. She realized the time and that Micah had to get to the studio. Awaking Micah with a gentle kiss: Kim whispered in his ear ,"Baby; get up you have to go to the studio." Micah headed straight to the bathroom thinking he needed a shower to wake up. Kim threw her robe on and headed to the kitchen to fix Micah something to eat before he was to leave the house. Thinking Micah could take them with him; Kim made him two meatball subs. By the time Kim finished cooking the stuff for the subs; Micah come rolling into the kitchen looking for a snack. Kim said ,"See how well I know ya baby; I made you a couple meatball subs." Micah replied,"My baby is so good to me." Kim with a teasing laugh replied,"Don't you forget how lucky you are either." They laughed. Kim wrapped the subs up and put them in a bag with two sodas for Micah. As Micah grabbed the bag; he kissed Kim bye and was out the door. He had just enough time to make it to the studio for when his session was scheduled.
After Micah left; Kim grabbed the lap top and headed out on the deck to work on her book. Kim was thinking to herself; she really needs to get this book done for it was promised to be ready for the publisher in a month. It was the third book in a series she was doing. This book was about half done. Her first second was due out on the shelves next week. The first book that Kim had given Micah a copy of was doing real well in the bookstores. Her agent had called her and told her a few people were looking at making a movie out of her first book. Kim was hoping they would make a mini series out of her books. The kids finally came home from hanging at the beach. Finding their way to the deck where Kim was; They let mommy know they were hungry. Taking the laptop with her inside; Kim headed for the kitchen to make the kids something for dinner as the kids went into the living room to play the game. Kim had the meatballs already made from making Micah's sub so all she had to do is heat the sauce up and throw it on the rolls with some cheese. When the subs were done Kim called the kids to eat in the diningroom. The kids came running like they were starving to death. Kim laughed joking with them saying,"Yall would think I starve yall to death the way you come running in here." They all replied,"But Ma: We're hungry!"
Kim thought to herself since the kids have their dinner now; she can go back out on the deck and work on her book. She liked working outside hearing the soothing sounds of the ocean as she wrote. Kim sat for a few moments listening enjoying the peace and beauty of the outside to get in the mood to write. Kim was lost in her world of her book again banging away at the keyboard as the words flowed. Working away Kim lost track of time writing into the early morning hours as the sun began to peak over the horizon. After Kim watched the sun come up, she decided she better go in and get some rest. Kim decided she would cook everybody breakfast first and put it in the frige for them to heat up. Walking into the bedroom, Kim thought to herself the bed looked pretty good right about now. Kim crawled into bed under the covers and fell fast to sleep.
After a long nite at the studio, Micah walked in ready for sleep. His first stop was the kitchen for something to eat. Looking in the fridge he saw the bagels Kim had prepared for breakfast. Micah grabbed one and heated it up in the microwave. Taking a soda from the fridge and his bagel into the bedroom he seen that Kim was sleeping. Micah sat his food on the nite stand and undressed for bed. Crawling into bed Micah flipped the television on to watch while he was eating his breakfast. Micah kissed Kim it startled her because she was in a deep sleep. She awakened to see Micah starring at her. Kim said,"How was your night Baby?" Micah said,"Great; got a lot of songs recorded. How was yours?" Kim replied,"Good; I got a lot done on my book. I just went to sleep about an hour ago." Micah said,"Thtat's great baby. I'm so tired." Kim said,"Ditto" Finishing up his breakfast; Micah crawled down in the bed cuddling up next to Kim falling asleep.
Around noon Kim awakened. The sun was shining bright into the room. Getting up quietly; Kim headed towards the kitchen to make some coffee. Kim looked out the kitchen window to see the kids out on the beach playing. Kim grabbed her coffee sipping on it like it was heaven. Then Kim began to dig through the refrigerator to see what she would make for lunch. Kim decided to make some homemade nachos for lunch. After preparing the nachos; Kim took the kids plates out on the deck calling them to come eat. Putting Micah's plate on a tray with a big glass of milk; Kim walk towards the bedroom to give Micah his lunch. Kim sat the tray next to Micah and gently awakened him with a kiss. Kim whispered in his ear,"Baby: I made you some lunch." After see the nachos Micah replied,"Thank you Baby; they look yummy." Kim left Micah to eat and grabbed her lap top to go out on the deck to write.
Kim was enjoying the sunny day with a slight breeze from the ocean. Sitting peacefully enjoying the heat from the sun and the sounds of the ocean getting in her mood to write. After sitting for about ten minutes the words started to flow. Typing away on her lap top Kim was once again lost in her story. A hour had went by when Kim was startled by the deck door opening. It was Micah all showered in his bathingsuit coming out to enjoy the weather. Micah and the kids went down to hang on the beach while Kim worked on her book. After about a hour Micah came up to Kim saying,"Baby; Come down on the beach with us." Kim replied,"Okay; let me go put my bathingsuit on." Kim went inside to get her suit on. A few minutes later Kim came out with her suit on with some beach towels and a sheet. Kim went down to where Micah and the kids were and spread out the sheet. Micah and the kids were in the water playing. When Micah saw Kim on the shore he got out the water and walked towards her with a mischievous grin. Kim saw the grin Micah had on his face and knew he was up to something. Micah came up to Kim and picked her up and carried her down into the water and dropped her in. Kim said,"I'm gonna get ya for that one." Micah said,"Awh Baby; You need to have some fun and I wanted you to come into the water with me to play." Kim said,"Oh: Is this how you get me back Mr. Flashy?" Micah said,"Oh baby; you neva gonna let me live that one down!" They laughed. Micah,Kim and kids played in the water for awhile. Micah and Kim got out of the water and went up on the shore to lay on the beach for awhile. As the sun began to set; Kim and Micah decided to go in and make dinner.
Kim and Micah thought they would spend some quality time making dinner together. They decided to make spaghetti with salad. Micah began to chop the vegatables for the salad as Kim started to prepare the stuff for the sauce. Micah would stop to come over to Kim and give her a kiss and sample the sauce she was working on. Kim inbetween preparing the sauce would go over and help Micah cut up the vegatables. Kim and Micah were playing veggie basketball. Kim would throw a veggie and try to make a shot to Micah's mouth. Micah would have to move and catch them with his mouth. Kim and Micah were laughing because Kim was filling the floor with veggies trying to make a shot. After putting the spaghetti noodles in the boiling water: Kim cleaned up the veggie mess off the floor. Micah was over tasting the sauce putting a little touch of his own spices in it. Kim and Micah went into the diningroom to set the table and placed the salad on it. Micah jokingly said to Kim,"You're lucky I don't believe in eating snacks before dinner. But there is lots of time left after dinner for snacks." Kim laughing said,"Sheesh; What is one to do with You? You're mind is always on snack time." Micah said,"Nothing like a snack before bed." Kim replied teasingly,"Well: Maybe if you're a good boy; You will get a snack before bed." Micah laughing replied,"Baby; Im always a good boy."
They laughed as they walked back into the kitchen. Micah said,"Hmmm Spaghetti smells good." Kim put the spaghetti into a big bowl with the sauce in a separate bowl. Kim and Micah carried the bowls into the diningroom. All they had to do is make the garlic bread. Micah buttered the bread as Kim sprinkled the garlic on it. Kim put the bread into the oven. As Kim took the bread out Micah went outside on the deck to call the kids in to eat.
They all sat down to eat with Micah leading saying the dinner prayer. The Kids would take turns telling things they wanted to share. Dinner was always family time for them to share their feelings and dreams. Micah and Kim always supported the kids on their dreams and told them to make them come true. After dinner the girls helped Kim with the dishes as Micah and the boys went to share some game time. When Kim and the girls had their task completed they joined the rest of the family in the livingroom. Micah and the boys were getting into the football game. The boys decided to let the girls join the game and they split up into teams; girls against the boys. The game became right competive since it was boys against the girls but the boys won by a few games. After their match; Kim and Micah went off to bed. Micah had studio time the next day so he wanted to get some rest being studio days were long ones.
As Kim and Micah were walking to the bedroom; Micah had one of them snack time grins on. Kim saw it and said laughing in a serious voice,"Oh Baby; I think I'm having one of them headache nights." Micah teasing back replied,"What you talking about Baby? You aren't allowed to have a headache night." Kim laughing said,"Oh Well; it was worth a try." They laughed. When they reached the inside of the room; Micah closed the door behind him locking it with a very devious look on his face. Kim seeing the look on Micah's face said,"Ut Oh; I'm in trouble now." Micah teasing back said,"Why don't you put something on sexy for Daddy and if you're good; I might just give you some loving." Kim laughed saying,"Wait a minute; How did things go from me holding the ace in the hole to you holding it?" Micah laughing said,"Baby you know you like snack time just as well as I do." Kim replying said,"Well if I put something on sexy what you gonna do for me? Seeing you want it in a bad way I would say this is one of the twenty-five adventures to pay off for our deal." Micah said,"Sheesh; You got me there. You drive a hard bargain as long as I like what I see." Kim said,"Deal!"
Micah went to hop into the shower while Kim dug through her Micah goody drawer looking for something pleasing to his eyes. Finally after digging for awhile looking for something she hadn't worn yet; she found the perfect red and black panty,bra and garter set with black stockings. After slipping her lingerie on Kim lit some candles and put some mood music on. By the time Kim was finished with everything; Micah come out the bathroom. Micah look at Kim laying on the bed laughing saying;"With that look on your face Baby; Maybe I'm the one in trouble here." Kim laughing replied,"You ask for it; You got it Baby." Micah surprised Kim with taking a running leap and landed on the bed almost bouncing her off of it. Kim laughing said,"Dag gone Baby talk about going for the gusto." They laughed. Micah replied, "Okay Baby all joking set aside; Now it's time to get down and serious." Kim laughing replied,"How am I suppose to be serious with a comment like that when you keep making me laugh?" Micah said,"Okay Baby; I'm done joking: time for my loving." Micah begin to kiss Kim as he meant it was time to be serious. As the kiss became passionate Micah and Kim's hands began to caress one another with a soft gentle touch. Micah began to remove Kim's lingerie placing gentle kisses throughout her body bringing her body to the pure sense of pleasure. Kim begin to place gentle kisses on Micah's neck working her way down his body awakening his senses to touch and then working her way back up to his lips when he was letting out small moans. When their lips once met again; Micah entered his secret garden finding his true heavenly pleasure. Kim's flower began to grasp Micah as a flower drinks water for nourishment. With their movements becoming one in a pleasing way with the fulfillment they had discover together unleashing a fountain of ectasy. Kim and Micah had found their way into a discovery of losing track of time but only experiencing pleasurable amount of lovemaking into the early morning hours upon meeting a uncontrollable body shaking experience leaving their bodies so relaxed that all they could is fall off to sleep.
Waking up at noon Kim realized how late Micah and her had slept. Kim woke Micah up knowing he had to be at the studio at two for his session. Micah kissed Kim on the forehead and went straight for the shower. Kim threw her robe on and headed into the kitchen to cook something for everbody. Kim listened to the answering machine finding her publisher had left a message her book was being shipped to bookstores today. Hearing that gave Kim the reality that if her book was a hit like the publisher said it would be that meant a book tour in the very near future. Kim looked at the kitchen window to find the kids were down on the beach playing and enjoying the beach. Looking in the refrigerator trying to find something to cook for a brunch; Kim decided to make breadfast burritos. She pulled out the turkey bacon,eggs,cheese,green pepper, and beef. Kim cut up some potatos and onions to make some hashbrowns. The time Kim finished preparing everything Micah came into the kitchen.
Micah said,"Yum I smell food cooking." Kim said,"Yes; you smell something to fill your belly with." Kim handed Micah his plate along with a cup of coffee. Micah smiling at what he saw kissed Kim saying,"Thank you Baby!" Micah went to sit in the diningroom to eat as Kim went out to the deck to call the kids in. The kids came running in to get their food. They sat at the table talking to Micah as they ate. Micah promised them tomorrow he would take them on for a game of hoops. As Miccah and the kids were enjoying their talk; Kim was in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes. After Micah and the kids were finished eating; they brought their plates into Kim to clean. When Micah brought his to Kim; He kissed her by and told her he was headed to the studio. Kim replied,"Love ya; get em on them songs." Micah teasingly said,"Ditto; be ready for a late nite snack." Kim laughed . Kim walked Micah to the front door with him kissing her goodbye showing his love of affection for her. As Micah got into the car he looked back to see Kim waving bye to him.
Kim shut the front door thinking to herself time to put some work in on her book. Walking to the bedroom; Kim grabbed her laptop and headed to her favorite place to write on the deck. As Kim was opening the door to the deck the kids hit her up to ask her for some money so they could go hangout on the boardwalk. Kim went to get her purse and gave each of the kids money to go hangout at the arcade. After seeing the kids off to have their fun making sure each of the had their cell fones; Kim headed to the deck again grabby the cd player to have some music while she was writing. Sitting for a bit listening to the waves and the peace of the ocean to get in her writing mode with a little R and B music in the background; Kim was ready to write.
While the words were flowing and Kim was pecking away at the keyboard; Kim heard a flock of birds fly over to go get their daily meal from the ocean. As she saw the birds head to the shore; she noticed some dolphins out playing in the water. Kim loved dolphins since they were such loving animals of peace. She headed down to the shore to get a closer look. Finding a spot to sit where the water wouldn't get her wet; Kim just sat there watching the dolphins playing with one another. After enjoying watching the dolphins playing; Kim went back to the deck to work on her book. Kim sat back down in her chair getting into her story again. Diligently Kim worked on her story in hopes that it would be completed soon. Kim worked for several hours on her book when she was startled by the kids walking up onto the porch saying ,"Mom; we're home." Kim grabbed her laptop and went in with the kids. Kim said to the kids: " Let's go do something to help some people in need today." The kids said,"Let's go" Kim and the kids enjoyed sharing and doing things for others. Kim said,"I think today we will go spread some love in an elderly home." The kids were excited. Kim said ,"Let's stop at the store and buy some flowers and some goodies to give them to let them know someone loves them." Kim and the kids piled into the car off with the hopes to make some people's day better. On the way to the elderly home; they were going to stop at the store to pick up some things to take with them.
Arriving at the elderly home; the kids and Kim were excited but wishing Micah could be there to share with them this experience. They grabbed their gifts and went in. They walked into the T.V. room where a majority of the people were. As they entered the room Kim went around giving everyone a hug along with the kids doing the same. They passed out a rose to each man & woman in the room along with the words we love you. Kim told a story with the kids giving a song afterwards. Everyone enjoyed everything! The atmosphere was filled with joy and love. At the end Kim and the kids passed out Hershey kisses telling everyone they are sweet and here's a kiss for you. Kim and the kids gave everyone a hug goodbye. Leaving the building Kim and the kids discussed how making someone's day a little better brought great joy. They all piled into the car. Thinking they could spend a little time together: Kim decided to take the kids to the mall for dinner and some shopping. Kim let the kids know of her plan and they were all for it.
Arriving at the mall the boys wanted to go their way so Kim gave them some money. The girls wanted to stay with Kim. Before the boys went their way they all agreed to meet at 7pm in the food section of the mall. The girls went to several of their favorite stores buying some jeans and shirts. Before Kim and the girls knew it the time had passed and it was 7pm. They headed towards the food court to find the boys. Finding the boys; Kim asked everybody what they wanted to eat. Everyone agreed on Chinese food. Kim and the kids stood in line getting their food. After they all got what they wanted; they all went to have a seat at the table they had found. Eating their food; they all shared in chatting of their personal family time as usual. When everybody finished eating they agreed to shop a couple more hours and meet at the car at 9pm. Kim bought Micah a few things and the girls got a pair of shoes along with some jewelry. Before Kim could realize it; she looked down at her watch to discover it was 8:57pm. She told the girls it was time to head to the car. Kim and girls reached the car to find the boys waiting for them. As they all piled into the car rain drops started to fall. Kim started the car and they took off. On the drive home the kids were excited telling each other what they got at the mall. Pulling up at the house; Kim was thinking she hadn't talk to Micah all day and began to miss him.
After Kim parked the car everybody piled out of the car with their bags. Everybody ran with bags in hand to the front door because of the rain. As they enter the house; the kids went off to their room to put their things away. Kim rummaged through her purse to find her cell phone. Finding her cell phone; Kim discovered it was on vibrate and Micah had tried to call her three times. Seeing that Micah had called; Kim figured she better call him right away and tell him where she had been all day. Kim hoped Micah wasn't upset because she had never missed his calls. Answering the call Kim could sense the irritation in Micah's voice. Kim explained everything to Micah about her phone being on vibrate and he was relieved. Micah told Kim he would be home in about an hour. They chatted for a few minutes but Kim made it short so Micah could get back to his recording. After getting off the phone with Micah: Kim headed to the shower. Kim took her shower and went to lay in the bed to work on her book a little. Working on her book; Kim was thinking she would have to make it up to Micah for worrying him and come up with a really good romantic encounter for him. Planning and plotting; she came up with an idea. She got up from the bed going to her lingerie drawer to get what she had just bought at the mall out. She decided that their encounter would be on the balcony that goes off from their room. Since it was raining she wouldn't be able to have candles but she could open the door and play the music loud enough from the room. Thinking she could light some candles in the room for light though. Kim got everything together so it would be ready when Micah comes home. As Kim was finishing up; she heard the front door open. Kim turned the lights off and was gonna play she was asleep.
When Micah came into the room; He turned the lights on. He saw Kim sleeping so he decided to take a shower. As Micah was in the shower; Kim got up and lit the candles and turned the music on. Micah came into the bedroom after taking his shower to see his surprise. Micah laughing said,"You are sneaky; Baby. You had me thinking you were asleep. I thought I was gonna have to wake you up." Kim replied,"I'm just full of suprises and that's what you like about me." Micah said,"So what do you have in store for my snack time now Baby?" Seductively replying Kim said," Wouldn't you like to know?" Kim then whispered in Micah's ear,"Follow me and you shall see." Grabbing a blanket and taking Micah by the hand; Kim led Micah out unto the balcony to the lounging chair. After getting comfortable on the chair; Kim begin to place gentle kisses on Micah's neck. Micah became excited by the thoughts of the adventure of making love to Kim on the balcony in the rain. Kim and Micah were facing each other entwined in a passionate kiss. Their hands were roaming one another's body finding the sensual spots to arouse each other. Removing each other's clothing while in their kiss the rain was falling upon their flesh. Micah caressed Kim's bosom as he found his way into his secret garden. Finding a new rhythm of slow digging grind; Micah was moving to the sound of each raindrop falling upon them. With the sound of the rain and the moaning coming from Kim and Micah; they were making their own song. The ectasy grew between them with the new movement. Finding the passion in their kiss growing as the rain was beginning to soak them. As they met their final destiny together in climax; they were breathless. Holding Micah in her arms; Kim thought that this kind of happiness could ever be found. Micah said,"Let's go inside before we get sick." After going back inside; They dried off with some towels. Kim and Micah crawled into bed to cuddle. Micah sang Kim to sleep.
The morning came quickly. Today Kim planned taking her lap top and hanging with Micah at the studio. Kim started with the morning routine of making breakfast for everybody and then waking everybody up. At breakfast Kim discussed her plans with the kids about going to the studio with Micah. After finishing breakfast Kim cleaned up and prepared to go to studio with Micah. The kids planned to hang with some friends at the beach. Finally Kim and Micah were able to be off to the studio. Kim packed a little bag to take with them knowing they would be there for awhile.
Arriving at the studio; Micah helped Kim out the car. Showing his happiness of Kim sharing in what he loves to do. Going into the studio Kim found a comfortable spot on the couch. Micah went into the booth with some stuff he had wrote. Adoring the sounds of Micah's music while he was recording: Kim just closed her eyes and heard the beats. Micah's voice was flowing like milk and honey. While Micah was singing; Kim was pecking away at the keyboard with her story. Micah sang for about an hour and the guys decided to take a break. Kim took her little bag with her to the bathroom for she had something up her sleeve. She put on her sexy lingerie along with her robe . Entering the studio; Kim gave Micah that seductive look of looky here Baby: Im ready. Micah seeing what Kim had on her mind began to smile like a kid in the candy shop. Walking towards Kim; Micah took her by the hand leading her to the couch on the way flipping on some music. Finding a comfortable position on the couch; Kim and Micah started to get lost in their own world of music and the making of it. As the beats of the music were to a soft RNB sound; the new music Micah was working on. Micah began to remove Kim's lingerie as he was placing kisses through her body along with his hands caressing her with extreme sensual emotion. Kim hands were exploring places within his body arousing his manhood as she removed his clothing. Micah's manhood found its way into a harvesting field with a grind moving to the music. As Kim and Micah found their rhythm together bringing extreme arousing feelings throughout their flesh; moans escaped their vocal cords. Their movement was bringing them to a place of a large beautiful field with many fragrant flowers allowing their bodies to be completely free in expressing the love they had for one another. As if each movement was picking a extravagant flower as they wisp through the field bringing them to a moment of gathering a full bouquet to a point of explosion making the petals float through the air. Meeting their explosion together; they were left without words and fully relaxed bodies. After resting for twenty minutes in a total bliss state; Kim and Micah decided to get up before the guys came back into the studio to record. They got dress and Kim told Micah she would go out and get them a bite to eat.
Kim left the studio to go get Micah and her a real made Italian pizza. While she was out she bought some drinks,snacks and a rose for Micah. Micah started back recording on his music.
Returning to the studio with all the bags; Kim got out the car holding the rose for Micah in her hand. Kim almost dropped the pizza trying to juggle everything in two hands but she managed to catch it. Entering the studio ; Kim walked up to Micah and handed him the rose with a kiss on the cheek. Kim said,"Here's a rose for my true love." Micah smiled at Kim's words replying,"Awh; My Baby so sweet." Kim broke open the pizza box and gave Micah a slice of pizza knowing he was probably starving. After handing him a slice of pizza; she went to get his soda and open it. Kim said to Micah,"You're so spoiled." Micah teasing said,"But I give ya the guda guda that's why you spoil me." They laughed. Micah gave Kim a loving kiss to show he appreciated her. After Micah ate his food; he went back to working on his music while Kim went to working on her book again. Kim was once again lost in her writing panging away at the keys. Before she realized it; hours had passed by. Micah came out the booth placing his arms around Kim saying,"You ready to go home Baby? I'm spun." Kim replied,"Yeah; You look tired Baby. When we get home; I'll give you a little tender loving care." Micah laughing teasing Kim said, "Sounds good but like more work." Everybody packed up their stuff and got ready to leave the studio. Leaving the studio; Kim and Micah were hand in hand walking to the car. When they got to the car Micah opened the door for Kim and they got in. Micah was driving holding Kim's hand letting her know how much it meant to him to share some time in doing what he loves. Thinking to herself Kim just realized that in a relationship you must take out time to give and take. She just realized it's important in sharing in the things two people have a passion for.
Arriving at home, Kim and Micah got out the car and went in. As they entered the house the kids were sleeping since it was so late. They had been in the studio all day long. Micah said, "You still going to deliver on that tender loving care?" Kim laughed replying, "You're mind is always on snack time." Kim said," Let me take a shower and conjure up something." Micah teasing said, "Okay; only if you promise it's going to be good." Kim went to take her shower thinking what she could do to surprise Micah. Micah went into the living room to watch a game of soccer. Kim came up with a plan on the beach; it was sort of late to come up with something out of the ordinary but she came up with something. Finishing her shower and throwing on her robe; Kim went to join Micah in the living room. Kim sat on Micah's lap saying, "Baby; I came up with a plan and while you're taking a shower, I'll get everything ready." Micah replied smiling,"With that smile on your face, I know it's gonna be good." Micah was off to take his shower.
While Micah was in the shower, Kim was gathering the items for their adventure. She knew time was of the essence for what she had planned. Going through the checklist in her head, she grabbed a blanket, a CD player, some Cd's of slow jams of RNB, a couple of beers, two glasses, some baby oil, and few large candles. Kim placed all the items in a bag and headed through the sliding glass door to prepare everything down on the beach. Spreading the blanket out; Kim set up everything else she wanted it on and around the blanket. Having everything the way she wanted, she went back into the house to put on a sexy black dress and fixing her hair along with her make-up. Micah had finished his shower and came into the bedroom while Kim was finishing up her make-up. Micah was wandering what Kim had up her sleeve being the way he saw her dressed. Anxiously to see what Kim had planned, Micah just threw on some sexy boxers with sum shorts and a T-shirt. Micah grabbed Kim by the hand saying,"Let's go, Baby! Show me what you got planned for me." Kim laughed teasingly replied,"Really you should learn to be more patient." Kim picked up another blanket on the way leading Micah outside to the beach where she had everything set up.
Micah and Kim sat on the blanket. Turning on the jams, Kim whispered in Micah's ear,"Take off your shirt baby. Im gonna give a tender loving care massage." Micah slipped his shirt off in a hurry . Micah laughing replied, "Ready baby, Do your thing." Kim laughed and said,"To bad baby they don't have a guiness book of records section for taking your shirt off the fastest, you would be in it." They laughed Kim took the babyoil and pour a bit on Micah's back and working her way throughout his body massaging the tension out of it. After massaging the back of Micah, Kim told him to turn over to massage the front. Kim massaged the front of Micah removing the tension from the front of his body. When she had Micah totally relaxed, she placed sweet kisses throughout his body awakening his senses to pleasure. Micah was returning the favor caressing her with his hands as he became aroused. With the sounds of the music and of the ocean in the background, they were finding a new song to sing. Looking into one anothers eyes exchanging the deep love they had for one another. As Micah's manhood slipped into his secret garden, pleasureable sounds came from his lips. Micah and Kim found themselves moving softly to the sounds of the music and ocean. As their bodies were molded within the sand making their movement bring them more ecstasy. Under the stars along the shore, Kim and Micah had found another place of paradise of expressing their love for one another. With the sounds of the ocean, Kim and Micah felt as if they were floating upon the waves within their passion and movement reaching a point of climax with their bodies trembling as a rip tide is about to break upon the shore. Breathless and zoned, all they could is just lay there after what they had just experienced. The time passing being it was early morning, they got up and packed the things in the bag. After getting everything together, they went into the house.
Micah stopped in the kitchen digging through the refrigerator for a snack. Kim kissed Micah sweetly and went off into the bedroom to sleep. Finishing his snack and heading to the bedroom, Micah crawled into the bed with Kim. The warmth of cuddling up to Kim help Micah fall fast asleep.
The sounds from the living room of the kids playing the game awakened Kim. Kim got up throwing her robe on to check on the kids. Kim went into the living room asking the kids how they spent their time yesterday since she hadn't seen them. They assured her that they spent their time wisely by behaving to ease their mothers worries. Kim asked them were they hungry and offered to cook them something to eat. Kim went into the kitchen to cook a brunch. She decided to make breakfast burritos with fruit on the side. After preparing the meal; Kim called the kids to eat and took Micah a plate.
As Kim was walking back into the kitchen to clean up the dishes, the phone rang and she answered it. It was Kim's publisher letting her know the books were on the shelf and he would be scheduling a book tour to leave in a couple weeks. Being excited, Kim had to tell Micah and the kids. Kim knew two weeks was a little time to prepare everything before she went on tour to assure Micah and the kids were well taken care of. Time to call Micah's granny and ask a favor to give her tender loving care. Micah could not be thrilled about the news, because his tour dates won't for another month and Kim leaving in two weeks would mean losing the time he planned to spend with her. Kim promised the next two weeks she would spend all the time she could with Micah to make up for losing the two weeks. Micah had plans to be at the studio again today being that his album was only half finished. Kim decided she would start planning and getting everything together before her book tour. Micah went in to take his shower before heading to the studio.
Kim was figuring out how she was gonna make Micah feel better because he was looking a little sad about her news. They had not been apart since they were married and this was going to be new for the both of them. Thinking while she was on tour, she would have to come up with lots of ideas to let Micah know how much she missed him and to keep things strong between them. Kim was steadily making arrangements calling all the family to watch over Micah and the kids while she was gone. After doing all she could for now; she decided to work on her book some. Kim grabbed her laptop and headed out to her favorite place to write on the deck.
As usual Kim sat for several minutes to listen to the ocean and enjoy her surroundings to get her in her writing mode. Now being in her mode; Kim began to peck away at the keys once again getting lost in her story. Working away; Kim realized she better get her cell phone and have it close to her in case Micah tried to call. Kim went into the house and grabbed her cell phone then went back to working on her book. Before she knew the kids were interrupting her asking her for some dinner. She was totally lost in her book the time had passed her by. Kim stopped working to go and fix some dinner. While preparing some dinner; Kim decided she would take Micah a plate to the studio. She hadn't heard from him and she figured he was tied up into his music. Kim had made lumpia eggrolls and pancit for dinner. After getting a snack bag packed for Micah; Kim gave Micah a call to tell him she was on the way to the studio to bring him some food. He was happy to hear from her and had let her know he was really hungry. Knowing Kim had cooked; he tried to get out of her what she had cooked but she wouldn't tell. Kim told Micah it was a surprise. Kim let the kids know what she was going to take Micah some food and she might stay a little bit. Before leaving she gave the kids some money and told them they could go hang on the boardwalk but to take their phones with him.
Grabbing Micah's snack bag, Kim headed out the door. Kim stopped along the way to grab some desert and drinks to go along with the dinner she had made. She had picked up a chocolate cheesecake for all the guys. Pulling up at the studio; Kim grabbed everything and headed in.
Walking into the studio where Micah and the guys were at; Kim saw Micah was very glad to see her. Kim put out all the food on a table for the guys. Micah was very surpised to see what Kim had made. After fixing his place first; he went up to Kim kissing her and whispering in her ear thank you so much baby. Kim teasing replied to him; "Does this make up for leaving two weeks early on book tour?" Micah laughing said,"You aren't getting off that easy; Baby. It's going to take more than a good meal to make up for that." Kim laughed saying," Oh well; It was worth a try." Micah replied said,"Baby; you know it's going to take some real good snacks to make up for that one." Kim laughed,"Why do I get all the challenges in life? I guess I better start planning now." Micah teasing,"Let's go baby! You can start tonight." Kim replied,"You're going to get sugar diabetes from all them snacks. I guess I better go home and come up with a good snack for when you come tonight." Micah said,"Now that's what I'm talking about baby." Kim spent some quality time with Micah for about an hour and decided to go home and plan something good for him when he returned home. Kim gave Micah a sweet kiss and left.
Kim pulled outside the house thinking what she could come up with to make Micah's night special. After racking her brain for a bit; Kim came up with a brilliant idea. She started back up the car because she would have to go out and buy some water color paints. Kim thought the world of body art ought to be very interesting. She decided to go to Walmart's to get some water color paints. Walking down the arts and crafts section; Kim found the perfect paints and a wide long roll of white paper to create the art on. She thought to herself this is going to be messy so she decided to buy some paint tarps to. Going through the store; Kim picked up a few other items such as snacks and drinks. Heading for the checkout line; Kim hurried. She had a lot of planning to do for this little adventure. Walking to the car; Kim pushed the basket quickly. She put the groceries and things in the car and headed home.
Pulling up in front of the house; Kim parked the car and grabbed a few bags going into the house. As she walked through the door, she yelled for the kids to help her carry the rest of the stuff in. The kids helped her carry the stuff in. The kids were planning to an all night church function at the arts center. Kim had to hurry up and get them there. Waiting: the kids were ready to go. Kim and the kids headed out the door and into the car. Getting to the church; Kim gave the kids some money and kissed them goodbye.
Kim rushed home to plan her surprise for Micah. Thirty minutes later; she was walking through the front door. Kim decided the best place was the guest room. Taking all the supplies in there; Kim laid out the paint tarp with the white paper on top. Down on the paper; Kim laid out the paints. Kim went to find the boom box to take it into the room for the music. On the way; she grabbed seven large candles for the lighting. Finally, Kim had everything set up for the adventure she had planned.
Kim went to take a shower and find something to put on for Micah. Getting out of the shower; Kim did her hair and make- up. Finishing the touches on her hair; Kim put on a crème lingerie set with cream colored hose. She threw her robe on. While waiting on Micah; she decided to go into the living room and work on her book. A couple of hours had passed; Kim's cell phone rang. She answered it to find it was Micah saying he would be home shortly.
Seeing Micah was pulling up; Kim met him at the door. Micah walked and said ,"Baby; It's been a long day! I'm going to take a shower." Kim replied, "Okay sweetie! You need to relax a bit." Micah went to take his shower. In the meanwhile Kim was lighting the candles and putting on the music. Kim went to the kitchen to grab two coronas and two glasses. Walking into the guest room; she decided to stay in there so Micah would have to come looking for her.
About ten minutes had passed and Micah came into the room looking for Kim. Micah saw everything and was totally surprised. Micah said,"Hmmm What do we have here; Baby?" Kim said,"A nice surprise hoping to get me off the hook from going on tour early" Micah said,"What is it we're gonna do." Kim replied,"I thought we would explore the world of body art." Kim passed Micah his drink. Micah eyes were glowing as he gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. Micah said,"This looks messy but interesting." Kim picked up the red paint container and dipped her fingers in it drawing a heart on Micah's chest. Micah made a funny face feeling the paint go on as it tickled a bit. Kim then picked up the blue and wrote their names in the middle of the heart. Micah said,"Okay; You're not going to be the one to have all the fun." Micah picked up the purple and drew circles around Kim's breast, belly button and her secret flower. He put the purple down and picked up the blue. He then filled in the circles with the blue. Kim took the green and made little leaves all down Micah's arms. Micah took the pink and made roses all down Kim's arms. Kim took the white and made clouds down Micah's legs. Micah took the blue and started the first mark of a rainbow with continuing to pick up the other colors to finish the rainbow down Kim's legs. Kim picked up the yellow and made a big yellow smiley face on Micah's back drawing in the face with black. Micah picked up the red and make a big red heart on Kim's back. Kim started to make balloons down the back of Micah's legs in different colors.
Micah picked up the black and started making shapes all down the back of Kim's legs.
Micah reached over and pulled Kim unto him kissing her. The paint started to smear as their bodies pressed together with their hands caressing one another. As Kim and Micah were moving to the slow sounds of love music; their bodies were creating art onto the white paper that they were laying on. As they moved along the paper in their world of art creation the passion grew within them. Once again they had become lost in their own personal heaven expressing their love for one another. As Micah and Kim moved slowly to the sounds of music the paint was creating their moment onto the paper. As their hands began to caress one another; smearing the colors of the paint into a new color to paint their canvas. Rising within their heavens flowing through the clouds of intimacy reaching the top of no stopping in a parallel of stars they peaked together. Laying within one another's arms; they could hardly imagine what they just experienced. After resting for a bit; Kim and Micah went into the went into the kitchen to get a snack. Micah grabbed the cheese its along with a soda. Kim sat on the counter as Micah was pigging out on the crackers when Kim said, "Hey; Are you going to share with me?" Micah teasingly replied, "What are you going to do for me?" Kim laughing said,"I know what I won't do if you don't share. I can be greedy to." They laughed. Micah chewed up a cracker up on his tongue and said,"Here Baby, I'm sharing." Kim said,"Yucky, that is so groce." Micah laughed with a reply of ,"We share everything else; Baby." Kim laughed to say ,"Chewed up cracker is not something I want to share." Laughing Micah put a cracker in Kim's mouth. Kim laughed saying,"Here Baby; you want some chewed up cracker?" Micah laughed and said,"No; I think I'm going to have to pass." After eating their snacks; They decided to go take a shower to get the paint off of them.
Teasing Kim; Micah said,"Ready for round two baby?" Kim laughed replying ,"Round two aye? Are we in a boxing match tonight? Who's going to win and how many rounds are we going to go?" Micah said,"How many rounds do you think you can go; Baby?" Kim said,"If we go as may rounds as a whole boxing match; we both may be laying out on the floor dead because I don't think we could handle all that amount of pleasure in one night." Micah said,"Atleast we will die happy." They laughed.
Micah pulled Kim by the hand into the shower. After entering the shower; Micah picked up the washcloth and began to wash Kim's body softly with intent to arouse her along with placing soft kisses upon her neck. He worked his lips towards hers giving her a very passionate kiss. Within their kiss Micah entered his secret garden of heaven causing the flowers to bloom within Kim as if Micah was the water and Kim was the seed. Lost in the world of the water falling upon them, Kim and Micah were moving to the beat of the water falling. As their movement began to produce the garden to reach a full bloom they made sounds of pleasure. As Kim and Micah shared their love for one another in intimacy; the love grew stronger between them. This was not just sex but two people that had became best friends and lovers as if they were meant for each other. They had learned to love one another from the deepest part of their hearts and each day their love grew stronger. After their love making; Kim and Micah washed each other and finished their shower. Getting out of the shower Micah and Kim threw on their night clothes. They jumped into bed cuddling up to one another as they both fell fast to sleep.
Getting up early Kim and Micah had a full day planned. Micah was going into the studio while Kim had to go into her publishers. Kim was going to take the kids with her to check out her book along with a day out with mom. Kim made breakfast for everybody as everybody was getting ready to go out. After breakfast, Micah helped Kim clean up the dishes because they both were pressed for time. The kids were ready along with Kim heading out the door for their day out with mom. Micah kissed Kim and said,"I'll call you in a little while Baby. Have a great day with the kids." Micah was off to the studio to finish up his album. Kim and the kids piled into the car and were off to the publishers to check out her finished book.
Pulling up in the parking lot the kids and Kim had been discussing what was going to take place shortly in their lives because she would have to go on a book tour. Kim assured the kids that they would be able to go a few places with her but when school started they would have to be home. Kim parked the car and they all got out to go into the publishers.
Walking into the building together, Kim and the kids were excited the completed book cover. Kim checked in with the receptionist to let Mr. Hall know she was there. Kim and the kids waited a few minutes and Mr. Hall came out to take them to his office. Mr. Hall showed Kim the book completed. The pictures of the angels together in front of a tree on the cover were absolutely beautiful. The kids agreed. The books were already on the shelves. Mr. Hall wanted to discuss the book tour with Kim. He showed her the schedule he had made out so far. He had planned for Kim to start out in New York and then move her way to the east coast to California. Kim looked at


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