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Book By: rashada anu


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Kim looked at it and it looked a bit much but it was going to be worth it. Kim had planned that some of the profits from her book was going to go to buy the apartment complex for a solution to the problem of the homeless. Micah had agreed to help her with some of the profits with his album. They wanted to give back to those that are truly in need as god have to be. Mr. Hall told Kim that in twelve days she would have to be in New York for book signing. Kim agreed to be there. The kids were already planning that they would be there with mom. Thanking Mr. Hall and saying goodbye, Kim and the kids left his office.
Walking out to the car, the kids hoping their mom would allow to go to New York with her. Kim agreed to let them go. She tried to make them feel bad by asking who was going to take care of Micah and keep him company. They assured her he wouldn't care like they had forgotten all about him when New York was mentioned. The kids told Kim she could call granny to take care of Micah while they were gone. Kim pulled into the Mall parking lot where she planned to take the kids to have lunch with mom. They were going to do a little shopping and eat lunch together. Kim had to come up with something special for Micah for the evening. Doing some thinking, Kim came up with the perfect adventurous plan but it would take some planning and phone calls.
At the mall Kim would have to find something of like a cowgirl costume for her little adventure and she couldn't forget buying Micah a cowboy hat with some studded boxers. Kim hadn't decided if she was going to rent a mechanical bull or maybe rent a country club with a mechanical bull. If she rented a club, she decided it would definitely have to have an old timey jukebox. Ideas were swimming through Kim's head to make this romance adventure really special for Micah so that he would remember this one. She had decided this one was going to take careful planning and she would surprise him with it just before she went on her book tour.
The boys were asking Kim for some money to go shopping when they were pulling up at the mall. They were already planning to go off on their own while Kim shopped with the girls.
Giving the boys some money, Kim told them to meet her and the girls in the food section in three hours. Kim already had list of the things she would need for the little adventure she had planned for Micah. As usual the girls wanted a new pair of shoes being they had to have shoes match each one of their outfits. As they entered the mall the boys took off towards Tilly's. Kim and the girls went their way to look for what they wanted. Kim found the perfect pair of rhinestone studded boxers for Micah along with cowboy boots and hat. Kim got her short sexy cowgirl outfit with the boots and hat to match. Now that Kim had the outfits all she needed was the adventure place. While the girls were shopping, Kim was on the phone looking on the internet for a place to rent for her adventure. After searching for about an hour, Kim had found the perfect place with a mechanical bull and an ole timey jukebox. She got the number and called the place to rent it. Bargaining with the owner was hard but she finally got the place for a weekday night. Kim wanted to make this very special for Micah since being this was going to be the first time they would be apart for awhile. As Kim finished her call; the kids were coming to meet her in the food court. Kim and the kids decided to eat a Chik Filet. While they were eating; the kids and Kim were talking about her book tour and how they wanted to go with her to some of the places on her tour. Kim and the kids always enjoyed their talks while eating. They were always close and the kids would always be honest with her about their feelings. After eating; the kids wanted to go home. The kids and their friends were going to get together for a volleyball game on the beach. Walking to the entrance closest to the car; Kim and the kids were making their way home.
As they pulled up at the house; Kim saw Micah was home from the studio. Kim and the kids got out the car and Micah was at the front or to meet Kim. The kids went to put their things away that they had got at the mall and went into the living room to play the game. Micah said, "Baby, I've been trying to call you. Why didn't you call me?" Kim replied, "Sorry Baby; I was busy planning something special for you. " Micah said, "Well if you were planning one of them adventures; I understand." Kim laughed and said; "It's going to be real hot and special." Micah said, "Oh; I can't wait! When can I expect this special adventure? " Kim said, "I'm not telling! It's going to be a surprise. I'm going to have you mesmerized." Micah laughed," That sounds real hot! Can I have it now?" Kim replied seductively; "Good things come to those who wait." Micah said,"Oh, If you going to make me wait; It better be worth it." Kim said," It will be worth every bit worth the wait. I hate to change the subject but we must talk about my book tour and how we are going to work this. I talked to granny and she said she will come take care of you all when I'm not here. We need to discuss how we can see one another while I'm on tour." Micah said,"Even better yet; We need to discuss how we are going to see each other when we are both on tour." Kim tenderly said,"Our love will keep us Micah! "We will find time to see each other! We shouldn't worry." Micah said, "Baby; I love you." Kim said,"Ditto"
Kim and Micah joined the kids in the living room to play the game with them. Micah had mentioned he was hungry. Kim went to fix Micah a bite to eat while he played the game with the kids. Deciding something fast and easy; Kim decided to make Micah a taco salad. Kim finished making the salad and took it into Micah. While Micah was enjoying his salad, Kim took over playing the game with the kids. Micah finished eating and joined everybody in playing the game. They all enjoyed their family time playing the game since all of them were competitive in playing. Being that it was getting late, Kim let Micah and the kids know she was going to turn in for the night. Micah teasing her said, "Oh ; it's not bedtime until I've had my snack." Kim laughed with the reply," You are always thinking of snack time. What am I going to do with you?" Micah replied, " You just keep me supplied in snacks and I'm happy." Kim laughed with the reply, "We might have to watch giving you to many snacks; you may develop sugar diabetes." Micah replied," Well if that is the result of snack time; that is a well worth disease catching. Now do I get my snack time tonight baby? I've been a good boy that deserves a very well thought out snack." Kim replied, "Tonight will have to be a light snack night but later on in the week will have a huge snack on the menu." Micah said," Can't wait until you give me that huge snack. I know it's going to be good." Kim said, "Give me an hour to think of a small snack while you entertain the kids playing the game." Micah said,"Deal"
Kim had the ideal Micah and her could camp out on the beach. She grabbed the small tent with a few blankets, candles, music, stuff to get a fire going, stuff to make smores, a few drinks, and a few beach chairs. Kim prepared everything for their little adventure. When Kim went to go get Micah; she had found the kids had went off to bed and Micah was playing the game. She went into the living room sat on his lap saying, "I only had a hour but I came up with a little adventure for you." Micah said, "I'm ready." Kim said, "Follow me." Kim led Micah outside on the beach where she had everything set up. Micah lit the fire so they could make the smores. Kim poured the soda into wine glasses to add to the romance.
Kim and Micah sat together on the beach all cuddled up making smores feeding one another. Kim took a smore and smeared chocolate on Micah's face kissing it off. Excited with passion; Micah began kissing Kim as his hands began to roam the flesh exciting her. Micah stood up and picked Kim up to carry into the tent. Micah saw Kim had made a cozy place for them to lay with rose petals sprinkled on the blanket with 3 lanterns for light along with romantic music to set the mood. Micah laid Kim gently down onto the pallet she had made. He began to undress her softly with a burning passion within his eyes. He started to caress her breast as he placed gentle kisses on them. Kim begin to remove Micah's shirt as she felt the masculinity of his firm fit chest. She caressed Micah's chest as she placed gentle kisses along it. Micah and Kim began to enter their world of entwined passion as their hands roamed throughout one another's body. They entered a world of love showing their most intimate feelings for each other bringing their lovemaking to height neither one of them knew before. As Micah attached his stem to Kim's flower; they began with a slow movement towards the photosynthesis process of a flower blooming. Their bodies began to fuse together as one causing a blast of arrayent colors to form within their world. Holding each other so tightly; the sweat began to pour from their flesh as the fertilization process began producing a great harvest of flowers blooming in radiant colors. With completion of a perfectly harvest field within their lovemaking; they held each other breathlessly. It took several minutes for their bodies to cool down from the heat of their passion.
After beautifully experiencing all of this in several dreams, Kim woke and realized something; She would rather have a better dream. She knew God has given her a chance to have everything her heart desired. But then she realized what good is it have everything she wanted and so many in the world are still suffering and not knowing his love. She wanted everybody to know the dreams God have given her and how beautiful true love can be with God in the middle and guiding your destiny. She would use her chance of having everything in the world her heart desired for the whole world be saved. She realized what is to have everything in the world if you don't have God and his love. Kim told thy Holy Father she would write story of her dreams and everything and to let people know it is better to have his love more than having the whole world. She would rather the whole world know a new love; the one comes from above. All her life Kim always trusted God for everything even through the hard times of trials. Kim wanted God's love in the world and not a world hate, hurt and suffering. She realized if the world was going be a better place for everybody they would have to be saved and find God's love for themselves but she would share her story to let people know he loves them so much and only wants a relationship with them. He wants us to find his love which so much that is better than material things and the things we find pleasurable to the flesh. Kim always shared when she had stuff with others and her dream was that there be no more hate,greed,murder,disrespect,gossip and all the things that take and give root to evil seed. The world be so much better if they read God's word and studied it themselves. All men have twisted his word and put their own ways in and that is why we have religion. I've realized religion divides man causes hate and wars. God became flesh so we could be united as One again. We all have blood running through our veins in which the creator(God) gave so that we may life. We are all brothers and sisters in this world no matter what our color,race and religion are. But if man could only realize religion is not of God. God is peace and love. Everybody knows his commandments and those are a set ground so there can be peace and love. But man has fallen into enemy's hand's with religion and forgotten the most important thing in all religions is God's love. Do you think he gave his life for us to take our lives or take others live. We take our life and others life through words and actions. Life is a precious gift given to every soul. Every person within earth has a given purpose and destiny but they never find the true meaning of life because they never seek God and his love first. We are too busy letting others suffer and hurting one another instead loving each other as god told us to do. God made each and every one of us unique for a reason. The reason being that we would we know we are so precious to him that there is not another person alike one another. Yet we sit and destroy each other by letting evil roots take seed and religion cause wars. To truly know love is to know God and everything he has done for us so we can all live together in peace and cherish one another. Man has put his own words and ideas into what God is and they are wrong. I found God's love and it never dies. If we are to become a better world maybe each and every one of us need to seek our creator and love so can see how precious we are to him and each other. Yet Man wanted his own glory and told lies about who God is really and made him of hate. There is not a hateful bone is God's entity. He loves us all as father loves his children and wants the best for us. When we fall down; don't you realize as a father punishes a child out of love so shall he punish us out of love so we don't destroy ourselves. Yet we constantly seek the things that destroy us and take away from our lives and it hurts him so to see this. The water falls from heaven is his tears for his children. When we hurt; God hurts so much and feels every bit of our pain. We were made for so much more then what world has become. We have the chance to find a world like heaven if we only choose God first and commune with him. But yet we destroy the world with our ways and the creatures in it. If we find God's we find beauty within everything in the world from the plants, animals, mountains, the sky, the stars and of course each other. Yet we are so busy being jealous of one another and not seeing the beauty in ourselves. Yet we are so busy worrying about what the other have and letting others die that are starving. Life is not material things It's finding God's love and learning to be happy with you and learning to love others for who they are. Life is so much more then what we are making of it. We have become so full of pride, jealousy, envy, sexual immorality and material things we have forgotten love. Yet we keep letting the world become a darker place instead of seeing the light. If we find the true God, commune with and everything about him then we know how special we are, others are and the world is. We find true love then the world would be a brighter place. So if I had a choice to write my story and have everything in the world I would give it up so the world could know God and live in peace as he meant for it to be. I pray every day everyone finds the truth and is saved. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. So God instead of having my dream and being full of myself; I wish for the world to be yours again and to love you and one another as we should. SO IF I COULD I HAVE ONE WISH IN THE WORLD I WOULD WISH THAT ALL SOULS BE SAVED AND WE COULD ALL LOVE GOD AND ONE ANOTHER, LIVE IN PEACE AND MAKE OUR WORLD A BETTER PLACE AS IT WAS MEANT FOR US TO LIVE. This is the end of my story only wanting to make the world a better place for us and our children to live.


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