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Book By: Reed

Nicole Harrington 3/2/2002-7/20/2009

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She was beautiful- with brown curly hair, green eyes and she was a pro at making 'Chinese latter bracelets', she wore everyone she ever made. If you told her she was wrong she'd look at you with squinty eyes and quietly whisper to herself "i know i'm right", little did she know she was never too good at whispering. If you said she was six, she'd slap you in the stomach and tell you she was six and a half, with fingers, not really knowing how to make half of a finger. Her name was Nicole, but everyone called her Coley. "i dont like my name", she would complain to me- I hated her at first. Another girl in the family and all i wanted was a brother. "Well what do you want me to do about that? I didn't name you, talk to Mom and Dad-maybe they can name you ANNOYING, which you are!", and this would make her upset. When Coley was upset she didn't talk to you, which was a shame because this girl had alot of knowledge at a young age. She knew about the continents, the planets, her ABC's, and she'd even count up to a million if you gave her the time of day. She would tell on me, but not at first-she was smart and would wait for the perfect moment,like the dinner table, so she saw the gun shell fire away as my parents lit me up for being 'mean'. Coley was the least thing from 'mean'. I was sitting out in the yard one day talking to a few friends and she wanders over-wearing her 'Dora the Explorer' outfit, "whats on your shirt girl?", i would ask her with an attitude. She would smile, knowing your looking at her new clothes and would say,"its a monkey,his name is Boots- like my new clothes? Mommy bought them for me." My friends would become quiet waiting to see what hell i would bring her this time, all i could think of on the spot was, "Monkeys are gay.", Coley would turn white not believing what came out of my mouth, turn and run away. "Your so mean to her bro, shes just a little girl", i would think, "oh whatever, i'm so much better than that brat", but i'd tell them, "shes fine", and they would get over it. "You dont like your name?! But why baby, i named you that because i thought it was a beautiful name!", my mom would say after Coley kept complaining about being called NICOLE. "It sounds like a grandma name, like grams". My mom would throw ideas around like, "how about nikki?", i would jut in and tell her, "no my sister is not having a stripper name". Coley would then ask, "how much do strippers make?" and my mother would go ape shit. I sometimes was forced to walk to the bus stop, and pick Coley off the bus. She would always run off the bus smiling ready to give you a hug but one day she wasnt, this was the day Coley and I really clicked. She came off the bus, blue winter coat, and Dora the Explorer backpack-but she was crying. I leaned down to her and asked, "now why the hell are you crying?", she looked at me and went, "reed, this boy threw a snowball at me and it hit me in the face, the other boys thought it was funny so they all threw them too", i felt so bad for her i gave her a hug. After she blew snot into my shoulder i asked, "are these boys on your bus?" she nodded and told me they were the last stop-we got into the car and drove to that bus stop. A few minutes before the bus arrived i told Coley one order-aim for the biggest part of the kid, and she did. Coley and i made up an arsenal of snowballs and lit up the three kids that were picking on her. As we walked back to the car Coley grabbed my hand, something i never did with her and she just walked and talked and sang till we got in. As i cleared the front seat i told her, "dont tell mom im letting you sit in the front seat, and dont tell mom we beat up some other kids", she looked at me and said, "Reed, your my favorite brother", "Im your ONLY brother, NICOLE" i would reply and she would giggle. Nicole once ran a fever of 101.7, while Mom and Dad were out for the night. Given the chance of an open house i took the oportunity and let some friends come by. As we watched tv and smoked pot i heard Coley calling me and calling me, "Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed-i dont feel good", "REEEEEEEEEEEED", "REEEEEEEEEEEEEED", finally one of the girls went upstairs and checked on Coley. A half hour later with no return we all decided to head upstairs and check out what was going on. Coley had made my friend four latter bracelets, one for each liimb, and working on another one so she can wear it as a necklace. Coley had her year book out and was pointing to all the boys she liked, until we came in. When Coley was embarrassed she would hide her face and she burrowed deep in the blankets. My friend looked at me and said, "reed, shes got a high fever-we should do something", so me, my friend dave, crystal, becky, chase, ryan, and christina all pounced on her Dora the Explorer sheets and forced her to come out of hiding. We all sat on the bed, talked and made bracelets till she fell asleep-Coley was very good at entertaining, until she couldnt hold her own anymore. The next day Coley was still running a fever and it ran to 104-Coley was very sick. They thought she had Meningitis, small pox, cancer, everything all because she was so ill. Finally after a rough night in the hospital the fever went down and she was fast asleep. I went to the hospital the next morning with a bear i bought from the gift shop, i gave it to her and she asked, "whats its name?" i told her it was 'bear'. She didn't like that, she asked again, "whats its name?" and i thought and said, "Nicole, its name is Nicole", hoping she would just shut up. She looked at me and said, "i'm Nicole, and this bear is Nicole, i don't wanna be called Nicole anymore!". I looked at her and said fine, lets get you a nick name, and shot around a few ideas. Finally we came down to: string bean casserole or Coley, what do you think she picked?


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