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Book By: sabrynabrooks

The world has gone mad.
Three girls, each having escaped their once peaceful lives, now strive to find out what's hapenning in the lands that surround theirs.
Glade, a mere investigator in Cotnal, must remove the mask on the murderer who runs rampide throughout the city. Only, there's a secret hidden behind his methodes of killing and Glade strives to uncover it when her sister goes missing.
Lacy, the former queen of North Vesunte, has been thrown to the wolves by her uncle and now she must suffer the consequences and the question of how it had happened so quickly and why?
Bell, a simple mid-wife, has been accused of treason against the Dennal king. A loyal friend hands her some gold coins to help her run, but does Bell really want to be hunted?
Each of the three women has a problem, and each of them are sent of a chase to find out why it is happening to them. When they suddenly discover that each of their problems are the pieces to a puzzle they must quickly solve it before their lands become the means of death and destruction.
The clock is ticking.

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The woman hung suspended by the rafters, a thick chain threaded through the metal cuffs attached to her wrists and her bare feet only brushed the ground. Small rivulets of blood ran from her wrists down her arm from the chaffing of the handcuffs. Her mane of black hair swept down to her waist though great chunks were missing from where it had been haphazardly cut off because of the man's wild need to cause beauty to become imperfection as he believed man should be.

"We are all equals. There should be no one valued for vain reasons such as beauty like no other. We show beauty in ourselves, not by the amount of paint we wear on our faces or the muscle that bulges from our beneath our flesh. Those who believe they are perfect fail to see that they are uglier than those they claim to be so. You will learn that you are ugly. That you are no better than anyone else, not even the lowly scavenger." He had told her with conviction.

She had watched him with disinterest, her green eyes narrowed, and her arms going numb from being suspended for such a long time. She swallowed against her cottonmouth before looking into his cold, soulless brown eyes.

"I have never thought of myself as better than any other. I do believe that we are all beautiful in a way that most suits us rather than mere appearanceā€¦" She had begun to say before the man struck her.

The blow sent her swinging against her bindings and she gritted her teeth and glanced up to see more blood ooze from beneath the metal of the cuffs.

She spat blood from her mouth and glared at him spitefully. She longed to comfort her stinging jaw but that was out of the question for now.

"You do not understand!" He roared angrily, his hands tightening into fists at his side.
The small man's eyes bulged, their dark brown depths seeming to absorb all light, and his bald head gleamed in the dim lighting of the basement.

"Man is a hideous creation, an abomination and unworthy of being sheltered by God's holy light. We should be sent down to the flaming pits of Hell for how we have destroyed ourselves as God's favored to become vain and shallow creatures of no value! You flaunt your beauty to the world and so you say to God 'I have beauty, those without should go hungry and starve'. You believe that those with beauty have the right to anything those of us without beauty cannot have." His voice rose, nearly shouting his words of blasphemy at her.

She squinted as spittle splattered her face and she gritted her teeth.

"Yes!" she finally screamed at him. "I flaunt my body for those of you without anything worth looking at can be shamed into knowing that they are worthless!"

The man's brown eyes suddenly gleamed, a small smile tugged at his half upturned lips and she longed to wipe that look from her face.

"This is why you are here; to learn to be ugly, to be worthless as the gum at the bottom of a shoe is worthless to the owner."

She glared at him with such hatred that she saw him take an inconspicuous step back from her before reaching towards the silver table at his side.

She realized that the table had a spread of sharp utensils such as knives, forks, clamps and tongs. She felt the blood drain from her face as she also recalled his words; only now seeing their meaning.

"I am already worthless. I am humbled before you. There is no need to use such extreme methods to create imperfection when as you can see I am already one of the imperfect."
"No, Teresa." His voice had a soft, deadly quality to it and she blinked quickly to banish the tears of terror that stung her eyes.

"You have no yet become worthless, but soon you will." He told her in a rasp as he grabbed a sharp paring knife.

His eyes roamed over her naked body, her breasts standing at attention and he raised the knife to gesture towards her bodice.

"You will no longer be perfect; we will start with removing the breasts, for they symbolize femininity and beauty of the female anatomy." He set the paring knife down as though he had just realized how useless such a small knife would be for such a task.

He reached down and took into his fists a large butcher knife before beginning his advance; all the while holding onto a manic grin.


Authors Note; I would be pleased to accept any constructive criticism, any notice on grammar and punctuation and even just plain comments. I'd like to say that I've not had the time to review this myself because I'm too busy but don't fret; I'll have it done myself soon.

If you don't like it, go ahead and say so; just post why you don't like it.

I'd like to please all my readers and it doesn't help if you trash it without giving me anything to fix.

Please remember that this is a prologue; it's not over yet.


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