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little miss trust issues

Book By: sarabelle

Tags: Suspense

hiii... sooo im not good at summaries, soo read the story and find out more about it ^~^" hope you'll like it

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Things had always been different, and a bit strange, in the house of the mcnellion family. Most of the mcnellion's were beloved friends and family of high society people, some were naturally popular and lived their lives to the fullest, happy to be wherever and talk as they very well pleased to. But if you were to ask Mr. and Mrs.Mcnellion about their only daughter, neterria, they would trudge on changing topics too swiftly for anyone to realise. not even their son, jasper, would talk about his younger sibling. And once they were all home, who would be surprised to find that they didnt even speak to each other. Not durring meals nor during their free time. The only time any of them talked was to decide who would bring neterria her food and who would stay to watch her.

As they were talking the lights in th house flickered and the AC switched on." Jasper... it is your turn, and you better feed it quickly" said Mrs.Mcnellion as she watched the lights tentiveliy, careful not to utter her own daughter's name for in fear she might come out her room. but what they didnt know was that she was already out, and as jasper got the food and began walking up the steps their was a strange sound coming from the top of the steps and he froze in his place then slowly crept up the rest of the steps. And what was it he found at the top of the steps? A doll that had the same features as his mom, with a twist of fear in his gut he carefully picked it up and walked to the end of his hall where his sister's room layed. As he approached he realized the door was open with dark shadows creeping out " netteria? " jasper asked as he carefully took one step into the room and nearly screamed as he layed eyes on all the dolls who all resembled family members. Holding back the scream, he walks over a desk and sets down the doll he had picked up in the hallway then looked around. As realization struck him he hurridely ran out the room and leaned over the stair banister to see that his sister was down stairs standing infront of his parents....

Jasper's P.O.V:

There was a reason as to why none of us ever talked about my sister.. She was the strangest one out of all of us you see. We, the mcnellions are a proud family, and a rather popular one i might add, we are bread to be beautiful and intelligent. But as for my sister, who was born from a scandall of my late mother terra, she is a bit odd. One might say she's not even human. Her hair, which would be a beautiful color of plum black on anyone else, is dark and ominous on her. Her light purple eyes, which might be considered those of an angel on a pretty blonde, are mysterious and clouded on her. and the pale complection she has along with her small frame would all be considered wondrous and perfect on somebody else, but when you look at her with all these features.. it only horrifies me more. As she is not a normal girl at all. And to show her to the world and let everyone see her, it would be disastious. Our family would be shunned and cast out of society in the blink of an eye. So we prefer to pretend she isnt here. Which includes never talking about her with others and never talking much about her amoungst ourselves except to decide who brings her some food. And now, to my utter horror, she was outside her room and down in the family room infront of my parents.. this was very bad..

Netteria's P.O.V:

i could tell they didnt like me.... humans dont generally like what they dont understand.. and they never could understand different. And that's what i was... different. If i had been anybody else they would have accepted me. They think me to be evil... When i was younger it wasnt like this. we could talk and hang out in the family room watching television together and laughing. Though even back then when they smiled at me it was strained and forced. I always knew i was different, but never to the extent to where even my own family shunned me. It was back in the first grade when all this had began. Back then my eyes were blue, that was te only thing that had changed. but i thought that was normal, many people have eyes in which they change colors you see, but the kids at school didnt like me like they did my elder brother jasper. He's been popular his entire life. Never having to, or wanting to step down from that high place. Not even to help me. No.. i was never treated kindly. not by those around me in school or in town and not by my family, though they treated me with care. It was the kind of care you used when being around a caged lion. The care they emmited was care for themselves.... and who could blame them. So as not to cause trouble or disdane in the Mcnellion family , being careful as always not to smudge their family name, they took me out of public school and started getting m private tutors. all of which taught me through a glass window so that i may not scare them. And as i stood their looking up at my father and my step mother i could hear my brother's footsteps up above by the stairwell. Surely he was thinking that i was going to hurt them, for he had probably found the dolls i had made to resemble family members, though he might think they'd be for sorcery or witchcraft, they are only for comfort when i am sad and lonely. They dont realise how awful it is to be locked away in a room by yourself for most of your life. I am 16 and not once since first grade have i been allowed to go out and see the world, or the sunlight for that matter. I turned to look up at my brother, who used to love me when we were children, and gave him a thin smile then looked back at our parents. They tooked utterly terrified and as i stared at them they only started looking worse and worse. " why.." i asked in a hushed whisper then spoke a bit louder so as they could hear me " Why do you fear me?" i looked from my mother to my father seeing the small ghostly shadow, as i always did, between them. { it is because your different} the voice in my head said. { they fear what they dont understand and if they fear you too much, if people were to find out about you, you'd be as good as dead. tied up and burned alive like they did in the old days} I didnt want to believe that.. i'd like to believe that they were only protecting me... but sadly, most of what that voice says is true. I looked my parents in the eyes searching for some kind of answer... but no. they would not answer me... they never did so with a swift turn i walked back to the stairwell and up the stairs, stopping infront of my brother to carefully take the food from him and whisper a solomn " thank you.." and walked back down the hall to my room...


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